OTC: To Write Or Not To Write, Which Is Nobler?


“Split’s health is his business. If he wants information to go public, that’s fine. Otherwise, you’re a grade A jerk for taking Split’s most personal information public. Split has a right to privacy. You have no right violating it. You have a legal right, but no moral or ethical right. I don’t see how you can sleep at night. But I’m sure you don’t care.”
Scott, KCC Comments
GH: I was not surprised that my decision to report this unfortunate news about Paul Splittorff’s rapidly deteriorating health and his battle with cancer on two fronts painted me in the eyes of some as a heartless, sensationalistic ass. Did I weigh the personal repercussions and attacks to my professionalism before deciding to post this story? Not really. I understand that these are simply byproducts of being a reporter and a journalist.
“Really poor journalistic work here. And you can hide and say you’re not a ‘journalist’ since you’re blogging, but it’s a pretty unethical violation of Splitt’s privacy.”
Max, KCC Comments
GH: It is my opinion I did follow journalistic ethics in writing this story. Whether the subject of the story is pleased or not that the report is being made public is not part of the equation in deciding whether or not to tell the story. Does it matter that I like Splitt and have even shared some fun one-on-one conversations? No. Is it easy to write a story you know a well-liked and respected man will be unhappy reading? No.
“Greg, do you really consider yourself a ‘reporter.’ Because it really seems like you are just a blogger who gives no thought to journalistic ethics, much less morality. You post things just to get page views. You don’t really care what it is or who it might affect.”
Scott, KCC Comments
GH: I absolutely consider myself a reporter and I attempt to follow the rules of journalism I have learned and been taught. There is an old-fashioned belief out there that an Internet report, broadcast or column is somehow not journalism. This is a left-over byproduct of the days when the daily newspaper was considered the only real source for news. 10-15 years ago the radio and even television reporters were considered by many to be less credible simply because of their venue. The Internet is quickly becoming THE source for all news. The consumer, as always, must determine what is valid and what is BS.
“Journalism is mostly about giving out information that somebody doesn’t want out.”
Gerald, KCC Comments
GH: Not all journalism is about revealing hidden secrets or private information – just the kind that creates headlines. And why does it create headlines? Because secrets and information are what the public demands to know.
“Way to journalistically kick butt! Good cops and good reporters get criticized for doing their job well more than any profession I know.”
Doug, KCC email
“If this is true, then you are the most irresponsible heartless journalist alive.”
Craig S., KCC Comments
GH: The biggest concern I had in writing and posting this story is just that – is this true? Unfortunately, it is.
“Anyone at KU Med that gave you information should lose their license to practice (doctors and nurses) or be fired and no longer able to work in the medical field (any and all other employees. The last rights comment would almost have to come from someone at the hospital. I’d never, ever give that information out on one of my patients, but I’m willing to bet someone else did. I’ve never had a family give out that type of information. Last rights are given a lot in a lot of situations. Someone should be ashamed
justin, KCC Comments
GH: I spoke to no one affiliated with the KU Med Center or anyone in the healthcare field in gathering information for my story. What a reporter does is listen. People talk. The more I heard the more I listened and poked around. The genesis of this story came from a casual conversation I had with an acquaintance. No one contacted me with a hot tip.
“Wow! Amazing this was kept secret for so long. Voice problems aside he’s one of the most insightful baseball announcers I’ve listened to. Takes you way inside the game. Time for a miracle Lord. It ain’t over till it’s over.”
smartman, KCC Comments
GH: Agree. Kevin Kietzman mentioned on his show Monday that the medical professionals in and around Kansas City should be applauded for allowing Splitt to keep this private for two years. I’m not sure another city our size could hold a secret like this as well. Splitt’s condition took a turn for the worse over the weekend and that meant a lot more people became aware of his health issues. That created more sources for information than simply his caregivers.
“I’m glad Hall has this story. The more prayers and thoughts the better for Mr. Splittorff.”
nick, KCC Comments
GH: I was encouraged by the outpouring of good wishes toward Splitt and his family on the Internet, radio and television. People truly love this man and they want him to know it.
“Even if this is not a legal violation, it is a moral and ethical one. This wasn’t ok. Not everything one finds out about should be published.”
Scott, KCC Comments
GH: As heartless as it may seem, Splitt doesn’t get to choose what the public wants to know about him. He is a very public figure here in Kansas City. If your neighbor gets cancer and is dying, no one knows but those who know him. We all know Splitt. He was a Royal for 15 years. He was in our homes each night talking Royals baseball. It is an unfortunate side effect of being famous. Your private life is no longer private. You can’t expect people who loved you as a ball player and a broadcaster and allowed you to live a great life in these public professions will not want to feel for you and pray for you when you are in need.
“Do not cry for Paul Splittorff. He has lived an incredible life that the rest of us only dream of.”
Harley, KCC Comments
“This was not written for ratings it was written out of LOVE and RESPECT. I honor and respect the humility of Paul and his family not seeking attention and wanting privacy. However, the Lord works in mysterious ways.”
smartman, KCC Comments
“You gotta love Smartman.  The guy is not only funny but does such a good job of laying it out logically.  Just read your Split column and could not believe the condemners.  You do an excellent job laying back and allowing the discussions and I had no problem with the column.”
Joe, KCC email
GH: I think smartman might be the best writer on KCC.
“Strange, peculiar and bizarre to hear KK mention they were attempting to get GH on the air today to talk to him about this story. If only…”
Merle, KCC Comments
GH: Todd Leabo phoned me Monday afternoon after reading my story online and said Kevin wanted to know if I wanted to come on 810 to discuss it. I would have no problem talking with KK on his show, might be some pretty good radio. But I did not think I was the proper person to discuss Splitt’s health or the reasons he chose to hide this from the public. I was also contacted by a local TV station for the same purpose. I just did not want to appear to be using this story to promote my column or KCC. Writing and posting the story was legit. I did not think a media blitz discussing it was proper.
“Given that the source pretty clearly has to be KCC and that they weren’t credited, I fully expect KCC to go after the Star teeth first. Using you guys without sourcing or credit is bad, but referring to the "report" and then not saying where the report comes from is arguably worse.”
Gavin, KCC Comments
GH: I have zero interest in having myself or KCC credited as the original source for this story or those who chose not to mention me. I think a lot of that I-had-it-first talk is old stinkin’ thinkin’. I am only concerned about getting the story correct. The rest will take care of itself if you do that enough.
“Please. Everybody connected with the Royals already knew he was ill. That means everybody who covers the Royals knew it. Which they did. So, all the people who work with the people who cover the Royals knew this. And they decided to show the Splittorff family a little human decency and respect. Which they did. Which Hall didn’t.”
oco, KCC Comments
GH: I think we would all be stunned at how many people did not know the seriousness of Splitt’s issues. I heard a report Tuesday morning on KMBZ that said even the Royals were shocked to hear that Splitt was battling cancer.
“How bout we try to focus on the important thing here, Paul’s life and his accomplishments and the best wishes for his family.”
Cheshire, KCC Comments
GH: Amen.
GregHall24@yahoo.com and Twitter / greghall24
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36 Responses to OTC: To Write Or Not To Write, Which Is Nobler?

  1. DonkeyPunch says:

    Best Writer?
    GH sed:
    I think smartman might be the best writer on KCC

    Donkeypunch sez:
    Hey, I take offense to that 🙂

  2. Shawn says:

    Here’s whats to blame

    As an ex-Journalist, I saw nothing wrong with your original post about Splits condition. I would have written it myself and why I might have left out the hospital details, I assume that you verified them with at least a couple sources. Why your spelling may be bad, your Journalistic instincts are pretty good.

    The problem lies in the fact that is was reported on this website. KC Confidential is many things, but a bastion of Journalistic integrity it isn’t. You suffer from guilt by association…your the only reasons I read this website at all and quite frankly offer the only opinions and information that is accurate and not paid for.

  3. GB says:

    Here’s a follow up, Mr. Journalist
    Was Paul a tobacco chewer or smoker? I honestly don’t know one way or the other.Oral cancer is relatively rare for non-tobacco users and a lot of ballplayers chew.

  4. smartman says:

    Pauls Song
    I love Paul Splittorf….. and I want you to love Paul Splittorf too. And tonite when you get home and hit your knees….. ask God to love him.

  5. Cliffy says:

    All the indignation is indicative of the amount of respect this person commands. Put David Glass in Splittoff’s situation and do you think anyone gives a flip about privacy issues?

    I wholeheartedly agree with Shawn’s guilt by association comment. Writing on the same blog as Glazer and Hearne automatically lowers your credibility.

  6. Tim says:

    “why your spelling may be bad”…I think you mean WHILE”. Ex Journalist?

  7. Steve says:

    GH: As heartless as it may seem, Splitt doesn

  8. Media Observer says:

    The hypocrisy of getting scooped
    Careful consumers of media outlets

  9. Cliffy says:

    Have to disagree to an extent, Steve. If we had to rely on such inner-cirle confirmation on everything we would have missed out on some important news stories. I’m assuming Greg trusted what he heard in a “casual conversation” was true beyond a shadow of a doubt. Greg … did you tell this person you were going to use the information to go public?

  10. Mark says:

    will there be a follow-up story?
    Throat cancer? What’s the role of chewing tobacco?

  11. E says:

    Story fine/follow up not
    I just think writing the story then another post asking about the ethics in writing the first one is silly and looks like someone that is just trying to get more comments.

  12. Gavin says:

    allow me to clarify
    Greg, My comments about the Star not crediting you weren’t about who got the story first. I’m not sure I agree with you that running this story was the right thing to do (but I’m also not sure I disagree with you, either), but if it WAS the right thing to do, it was the irght thing for the Star to do it too.

    My criticism of the Star was that the headline read “Report: Paul Splittorff Battling Cancer” or something like that. The important part of the headline, to my way of thinking, was the word “Report.” The Star wasn’t reporting that Splitt had cancer, the Star was reporting that someone ELSE was reporting that Splitt had cancer. But they didn’t identify WHO (you and KCC) was doing that reporting. If this had been on ESPN.com or any number of other websites, I have no doubt that the story would have specifically said “ESPN’s Jayson Stark reported today that Paul Splittorff is suffering from oral and esophageal cancer.” In other words, they’d have identified the source of their report. But the original story, which disappeared pretty quickly from the Star’s website, only referenced the report in the headline and never credited you or identified a source. Pretty quickly after that things started to avalanche and that’s when the Royals finally admitted what was going on. Again, it wasn’t who got the story first and it’s really not even about you getting “credit” for the “scoop.” It was about the Star’s bad decisions on headlining, reporting and sourcing. It wasn’t necessarily “KCC=good” so much as “Star=bad.”

    As for the whole issue of Splitt’s status as a public figure and whether he can have a reasonable expectation of privacy, I agree. Splitt was/is a public figure. That, to me, makes the story legit and I can’t criticize you for writing it. Still, I feel a a little guilty for knowing something so intimate about a guy I’ve never met and who really doesn’t want me knowing this thing about him. I know, no one forced me to read the story and I know I’m complicit in this because if no one read stories like this, they would be less likely to be run in the first place. I’m just not convinced that the story needed to be run even if KCC had every legal and ethical reason to do it.

    Finally, my feelings are deeply wounded that I’m not considered the best writer on KCC. Can we at least agree that I’m a better writer than Harley?

  13. PonyExpress says:

    No Apologies
    Greg, you have nothing to feel bad about. You are just doing your job. I don’t care who your source is as long as it’s accurate. Paul should not have been a baseball player or announcer if he didn’t want a fan following

  14. GB says:

    The quote from the family statement in the Star says “oral” cancer. I don’t know if throat cancer is considered oral cancer, it may very well be.

  15. Stu says:

    Look at the case of Harmon Killebrew, who just passed away this morning. It was announced a few days ago that he was ending treatment for the same kind of cancer that Splitt has. Was it some third rate blogger hiding behind anonymous sources that “exposed” the story? No, it was Killebrew himself and his family who made the announcement. If Splitt had wanted to do the same thing, it would have been his decision, just as it was his decision to keep his condition private. He and his family were only forced into going public after this blog outed him. And you’ll note the Star, which everyone loves to bash, at least waited till there was an official statement from the Royals and the family before running anything. You think just because someone is a public figure, everyone has a right to know their medical condition. That might be true of the president or the governor, or some elected official since we put them in office. But all other public figures have the same rights to privacy about their medical condition as the rest of us.

  16. Gavin says:

    @Stu- not entirely correct
    Stu, I appreciate what you’re saying about the Star at least waiting for an announcement before reporting, but that’s absolutely not true. As I pointed out above, yesterday Bob Dutton had a short story on the website with the headline “Report: Royals Splittorff Battling Cancer.” They didn’t identify the source of the report and they didn’t have a statement from the club confirming the condition. They did have a statement from the team that really confirmed/denied nothing. That story got taken off the website within ten minutes after I read it and I don’t have a screenshot, but I saw it with my own two eyes. Eventually they got a statement from the club and THAT is the story they’re currently reporting, but that wasn’t where they started.

    Like what Greg did or not, but it’s clear he was the only one who reported it accurately from the beginning. I’d prefer it if he could name his sources, but I know he can’t and the Star also runs anonymously-sourced stories, so that isn’t a reason to complain anyway.

  17. Greg Hall says:

    GH: No. At the time I first heard there might be an issue with Splitt’s health beyond what we had been told, I had not confirmed anything. It was merely a kernel. There was nothing yet with which to go public.

  18. Greg Hall says:

    GH: I agree that it would make sense to identify the source of the report. I too think that is the right thing to do whether you are The Star, WSJ or KCC. I would like to mention that both KC sports radio stations, 810 and 610, credited me as the source of their reports on Monday. KK mentioned me by name and 610 linked to my story on their website. Impressive when you consider I am probably low on their holiday shopping lists.

  19. The Independent Rage says:

    A website seeking page views. Can’t have that!

  20. Curt says:

    Screw the Dumb Bastards Greg
    Screw’em Greg. Many of us grew up following the Royals, going out to Right Field GA getting in for $1.50 and drinking beers for $1.25, $1.10 if the Hamm’s guy came around. Games were not on TV, we had an emotional connection to our boys in Blue. Plus they were good, fun to watch. I know this may be hard for this younger generation of panty wearing pussies to fathom but Royals Stadium (yes kiddies that is what was called, still is in my house) was the place to be years ago. So yes we do care about about Splitt and we do respect his privacy and our hearts break for Splitt and his family. We don’t have a right to know but we have a need to know, we have seen many of our heros pass, Dick Howser, Quiz, Darrell Porter the list goes on. Maybe our prayers will help, maybe not but they cannot hurt. All of you hand wringing do-gooders might try it some time. So back off Greg and go fuel up your Smart cars and plug in your Chevy Volt’s and go to vegeterian resturant. Me I am gonna have a dog with kraut, and cold beer and pray for Splitt and his family

  21. Splitt Fan says:

    You did the right thing
    It is sports and KC related. It was not written gossipy nor in your usually mean-spirit / spitefull syle.
    imuho….. You did the right thing…..

    You di the right thing in the right way on the right web site, it is not like this place is the height of journalistic integrity, which is niether good or bad… it is what it is…… I read here for Hearne’ s stories info and try to ignore the blow hard(s), I usually read the sports headline….sometimes the rest …I read for the comments……… I read this place cuz this place has/IS unique kansas city shit……..

    You did the right thing posting the story,
    It was news to me, sad news, but I wanted to know juts the same.
    Thanks for the info

    The only person I NEVER want to hear this news about is Keith Richards… the fucking media has killed off and predicted Keith’s demise so many times… that AM SICK OF IT!!! Keith has kept on keeping on and no one ever said “sorry, that story was wrong”, they just laughed… those fkn mutherfkrs…. now if/when something happens I dont want them/anyone reporting it or sensationlizing it…. or wagging fingers or telling BS … fair fkg warning…. when “something happens” to Kieth…. the first reporter of that story will get ….. bad things. anyone who laughs or points fingers at “”chewing tabacco type of BS””, explainations….gets the same fate.

    go live your life and let others live theirs too….
    and when they go, respect the sick and dead….
    try to have some respect for men better than you…
    respect the men(women too) whom have done more than you…
    respect the humans whom have changed the world more than you, try to have some class

  22. Dave says:

    Oral cancer/chewing tobacco
    I know KK said yesterday that Split wasn’t a “chewer”. Even if he wasn’t, I hope the high school coaches and even college and pro coaches can omit that Split’s illness wasn’t caused by chew. Oral cancer in middle aged men isn’t too rare, actually. Even if you never chewed or smoked you can develop oral cancer, especially if you have bad oral hygeine. But I really hate seeing Hosmer with a huge dip in at 21. I chewed for about 10 years…just quit at the end of 2010 cold turkey. After you actually quit it you can’t believe you ever did it but while you’re doing it it’s hard to imagine life without it. I know it definitely affected my gumline and I just hope it doesn’t come back to get me in the future. I’m sure there are a lot of chewers reading this…decide to stop and just do it cold turkey once and for all. Believe me I never thought it could be done but it can.

  23. Ptolemy says:

    Smokeless Tobacco vs. Cancer
    For GB, from a 2004 Research study on the subject…

    Objective: Smokeless tobacco (ST) use remains a prevalent form of tobacco use among certain US populations. The
    purpose of this paper is to clarify its role in cancer development.

    Methods: Using data from a prospective cohort of the US population, we categorized 6779 subjects 45

  24. STFU says:

    There is nothing more worthless than zealots who grasp every tragedy to further thier personal agenda. These people dont care about the humans at the heart of the sadness, they ONLY care about thier personal agenda. ANYONE taking the opportunity to further their personal agenda should rot in hell.

    If you loesers want to do some good, dont post your stupid theories here…. go to washington and outlaw tabbacco, or go somehwere else and do something good. Pointing your fingers and spouting theories here does nothing.

  25. Rainbow Man says:

    Let’s Call Glass What He Really Is…..
    Hey I am going to say it. David Glass is the savior of baseball in Kansas City. I think without him… Our team would be somewhere else. Chew on that.

    I have a new respect for the Glass family, and I have been a very harsh critic in the past.

    I looked at the facts.

    They bought a team that was in complete limbo…. and have done an outstanding job with this organization… The stadium is always clean… there are always fun promos… the prices are pretty darned good… You don’t have to be rich to go to a game…. We have a team that will probably be above 500 in June…. They are moving their stars up at a big cost… to win. Now it is obvious they were very loyal to Splitt. Let’s call Glass what he really is… a pretty classy guy who has protected our team by owning it. No one else in KC would have stepped up. He did.

  26. MoCrash says:

    Correct on all accounts
    In the first two takes in particular, but throughout the post, Greg strikes a chord common among professional journalists (and I have 40 years between print and broadcast). The job demands telling hard truths, even if the subject and/or one’s audience doesn’t want to hear of it (and you really would prefer it not be so). That Greg approached Splittorff’s condition sympathetically puts lie to the notion of heartlessness. However, as a culture we should not want reporters withholding information which many, if not most, people would want to know about public figures — which Splitt chose to be by a career as a MLB player and (especially) broadcaster. There’s a reason freedom of the press was established as the first amendment.

    Well done, Greg. I’ll be on your ass soon over something, I’m sure, but you’re right this time.

    As for Splitt, hearing of his deteriorating health was saddening. My only Splitt moment was a sharing a table and having a nice chat in the media lounge before a Royals’ game many years ago. Seemed like a nice fellow, and I respected his work on the mound and the mike. My thoughts and prayers are with Splitt and his family, as should be those of so many Kansas Citians into whose life he brought pleasure and joy (sentiments which would shamefully remain unexpressed until too late if not for the light shed on this by Greg; it’s always better if a man knew he was appreciated while he’s still around to hear it).

  27. MoCrash says:

    @Rainbow Man
    Nobody ever said David Glass wasn’t a good businessman. When was the last time you were in a filthy, consumer-unfriendly Wal-Mart? But he’s owned the team long enough to have put a good product on the field, but parsimony and questionable hires have prevented that. While still one of the best entertainment values in the market, for both ambience and relative expense, the Royals have worn the patience of their fans — in some cases beyond the breaking point. (I’m not speaking for myself here; I just love local baseball teams, as imperfect as they may be.)

    As a skilled businessman, he knew the trending financial conditions of the MLB industry, but chose to take on the responsibility. There was the competing Miles Prentiss group bid on the table, which I believe was for more money, and a commitment to keep the franchise in KC. I’m sure his relationship with Ewing Kauffman had much to do with it for Glass, so taking over the Royals was more of a duty than a passion. But maybe over the years Glass has warmed to the idea of being a MLB owner, and maybe he now has a GM who possesses a higher degree of confidence from him than did previous ones, so there is reason for optimism.

  28. Java Man says:

    Dave 05:03:51 PM – Tue. May 17. 2011

    “I know KK said yesterday that Split wasn’t a “chewer”. Even if he wasn’t, I hope the high school coaches and even college and pro coaches can omit that Split’s illness wasn’t caused by chew.”

    Never let the facts get in the way of a sad story.

  29. Dave says:

    Of course there’s no correlation! Most of the ST users are probably dead by the time they’re 45. LOL okay but seriously why wouldn’t they look at the entire population, especially the age group where ST probably starts??? God knows I’m not trying to lecture anybody but if you chew you know it has a lot of other effects besides cancer that are undesirable. Everybody has the right to do what they want but once you get hooked on that shit you’re in for the long haul probably. If you chew you know what I mean. PLUS cigarettes are $5/pack now and chew can be had for $2 or so for the cheap stuff. Ah, husky mint:). I’d bet the # of chewers is going to go up even if the total tobacco users go down. I guess I just feel for those who either can’t quit or those who are just starting because they don’t know any better.

  30. chuck says:

    This discussion has very little to do with the rhetorical and conceptual ideas about our ever changing views on journalism and the media, and EVERYTHING to do, with our antiquated, fear based, horror of death, and compartmentalisation of same.

    Our inability to deal with death in an honest way, through the prism of this culture, with the supposed help of “religion” has we lemmings scurrying for cover when ever the uncomfortable discussion of death comes up.

    Don’t get me wrong, I think Stephen Hawking is whistling through the graveyard with false bravado (See this week’s comments from the guy who thinks he understands the origin of the universe.), but our culture’s constant association of death with negativity is ridiculous.

    Shuffling that mortal coil is the next thing that happens.

    Me thinks, we are far more upset about how this “Death In Our Faces” article lby Mr. Hall, make US FEEL.


    Split, do NOT rage agianst the night.

    Go gently,

    We love ya.

  31. chuck says:

    Before smartman tears me a new one,

    My favorite man of letters these last years, has been Christopher Hitchens. As he faces his end, his eloquence and humor, imo, are probably, what we all wish for ourselves, in terms of attitude, at our own end.

    His article in Vanity Fair this month, concerns his lost voice. Literally.

    As much as I admire the guy, and I do (His Iraq shit is nuts, but hey…), his thoughts are still, imo, a product, a BRILLIANT product, but no less, a product of a mistaken and faulty premise, thar pervades our culture.

    That premise is so fucked up, the dissconnect from that premise to real time events, in our own personal lives and that of our heors, like Split, is galactic.

    Throw out the fuckin baby with the bathwater, cause our paradigms are 180 out, imo.

  32. Ptolemy says:

    Well Stated Chuck!
    Issues like these ARE what shines a spotlight of truth on our own human fear of death and the unknown surrounding it. There’s the group that points to something the guy did in his life that “caused” him to die. There’s anothner group that urges us all to drop to our knees and pray for his immortal soul. Then there’s the group that wants to draw-and-quarter the messenger as some measure of revenge for the “affliction” of the quite natural process of ending human life. Then there’s the group that starts every day with a bacon sandwich, smokes, drinks, chews, and stays out til 4 am every nigh and lives to be 100 wondering what they did wrong.

    We’re all riding this merry-go-round together folks. Nobody’s getting off before their time.

  33. smartman says:

    Love You Chuck!
    Nice rants last week brother. Almost made we want to start drinking again!

    As for death, I’m not afraid to die, I’ve been there, done that and have the t-shirt and backstage pass to prove it. Bring it!

    I love how Steven Hawking has reduced the human condition down to us all being more sophisticated micro-processors that get tossed on the scrap heap of life like a used condom when the plug gets pulled.

    As long as my floppy drive still gets hard from some FLASH I’m partially good with that until I get the blue screen or die from an internal error. You must admit there are some similarities. Just can’t figure out if I’m a MAC or a PC.

    I can’t contemplate the meaning of life anymore without getting suicidal.

    Christopher Hitchens is the mother fucking bomb! When I first heard of his diagnosis I cried. His writings about his affliction are BRILLIANT. Although he is a non believer he is more human and dare I say Christian than most of us will ever be.

    Stay Calm, Carry On!

  34. harley says:

    Despite the hateful comments that are mentioned in every media about the owners…players..
    coaches…ushers I still love the team that represents this city.
    For the players who forsaked brighter lights and bigger paychecks to stay with our hometown team
    there are no greater people in my book. Many players have left. They wanted bigger rewards
    and bigger paychecks. Thats life.
    But splitt stuck with us. And he did something i loved so much…HE KICKED THE YANKEES
    ASS. And for us royals fans who thru good records and bad records…winning and losing still
    went to the ballpark splitt was the down to earth nice guy who always worked his ass off
    and stayed true to this team.
    While many people were absolutely beating down the glass family those of us who went to the
    stadium saw something different. They could have sent splitt packing and told him he wasn’t
    good enough to continue on tv. After all he never played for them. But to show respect for
    the man and what he meant to this team they continued to let him do something he loved..
    announcethe royals games. For that they should be commended.
    Splitt had the yankees number. He did incredible against them in the 4 series he
    was part of. and in kc history…nothing was as good as kicking yankee ass.
    I remember the night splitt was in Riivals and he looked rather weak. but when we realized
    who he was we all started chanting his name. He looked up smiled…walked to our table
    and we tlked with him about …yes…kicking the yankees ass!
    So this weekend i’m going to the ballpark. Despite their recent slide…they are still the royals..
    and they reperesent this town. Its not the Royals…its the “Kansas City Royals”.
    And I’m going to wear the jersey he signed long long time ago. The autograph he gave
    right after signing a ball for the man in the wheelchair right next to me. Splitt couldnt get
    close enough to the man (about 15 or 16 years old) so he climbed into the stands to do it.
    Splitt….bases loaded…bottom of the ninth…still many pitches to throw. Crowd still chanting
    for a final strike…..hang in there bud……

  35. Bad Ass Jew, Berkowitz says:

    Harley Good stuff, Cliffy You Are a Dick
    Harley once in a while you write some good things. This was that time. Cliffy, you are a hateful moran. Simple as that my friend. Oh yes you are not my friend.

  36. chuck says:

    Thanks for the kind words, and the pass on my affliction

    “Then there’s the group that wants to draw-and-quarter the messenger as some measure of revenge for the “affliction…”

    True that Ptolemy.

    The ‘Hero Culture’ will countenance actual death, or mention of same, ONLY, in heroic circumstance.

    Reverence and respect for death has more to do with ignorance and a lack of introspection, than it does with ceremony and religion. That ignorance and lack of introspection in turn, breeds ceremony, religion and even less introspection.

    Conditioned as we are, by our culture and surroundings, we are forgiven. We are not happier, nor will we be until there is more introspection, but we are forgiven, for sins, never committed, surely, by any God.

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