Today: Joe Miller’s Post Record Day Take on New Vinyl Renaissance on 39th St.

Will vinyl records ever truly come back into vogue for the masses?

Maybe. Probably around the time iPods fall out of fashion. That said, a growing number of audiphiles – young and old – are dipping their toes (and wallets) in the retro record-buying waters. The latest vinyl store to splash down in what Tony likes to call KC Proper; Vinyl Renaissance on 39th Street in Midtown.

"I don’t like that Vinyl Renaissance at all," says journalist, author, scholar and vinyl collector Joe Miller. "First of all, it’s the most expensive record store for used records. I mean, just everything is (marked to) full value. You’re less likely to find a diamond in the rough there.

"And I think they’re a little snobby. It’s the old man’s record store. I mean, they’re polite enough, but it’s more like collecting records as a status thing as opposed to just doing it. You know at Love Garden they’re all very knowlegable, but it’s like on every level they’re $2 to $5 less than Vinyl Renaissance."

Not that Miller is short on suggestions…

"What I would like (Vinyl Renaissance) to do is start a charity program. So if someone buys an expensive turntable they can donate their 10 percent savings (on records) for a year to a poor person who can only afford a used turntable. Because if you can afford an $8,000 turntable, you don’t need a discount."

For the record, Miller’s Record Day vinyl binge buy included Akron / Family, a Phish limited run, hand-numbered 45 RPM and a 1963 Bob Dylan concert bootleg "that’s actually going to be released on CD."


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8 Responses to Today: Joe Miller’s Post Record Day Take on New Vinyl Renaissance on 39th St.

  1. smartman says:

    VR Take Two
    Au contraire, I’ve found the VR guys at both locations to be extremely helpful. They are not the cheapest but I’m willing to pay up for the value they bring in helping me locate hard to find vinyl as well as keeping me updated on used equipment that comes in the door. Over the years they’ve also given me some KILLER deals.

    Vinyl is a niche. It will never make a BIG comeback. It requires too much care and commitment for most people. Although it won’t break my heart if Peaches opens up again at 75th and Metcalf.

    Until you’ve had the opportunity to experience the same song on vinyl vs a cd, dat, digital file, etc you haven’t lived. It’s the difference between a stale Keystone and a fresh seasonal Boulevard Beer.

  2. jjskck says:

    The difference, of course… that it takes no additional effort or special equipment to enjoy a Boulevard over a Keystone.

    If the warm sound of vinyl were portable, playable in a car or on a handheld device, and as readily available as a digital recording, it would be a no-brainer.

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