Royals Great, Paul Splittorff, In A Losing Battle With Cancer


Paul Splittorff spent his 15-year MLB career with the Kansas City Royals befuddling major league batters as a talented southpaw on the mound. The past two seasons he has done the same to Royals fans who have tuned in to Royals TV broadcasts on FoxSports. Splittorff was there for opening day in 2010 but his voice was gone. The longtime Royals’ analyst’s speech was slurred. He had people asking if he had suffered a stroke.
Splittorff quickly brushed off all questions about his health by saying he had simply caught a virus and that he expected his voice to recover soon. Fox removed him after the 2010 season opener but he returned to the broadcasts later last season. After returning, his voice seemed no better despite the layoff.
Splitt has been there for almost every Royals’ home game I’ve watched this season and sounded worse than ever. His speech issues again have sparked a number of rumors and questions as to what is affecting his speech. I have confirmed with people close to Splitt that he has been suffering from both throat cancer and melanoma now for some time and he appears to be close to death. He recently was administered Last Rites from his priest in his KU Medical Center hospital room. He is not expected to make it through the week.
Individuals at the Med Center have marveled at how head-on Splittorff has handled his cancer. He would take his chemo treatments and then rush out the door to cover the Royals. His charts at KU Med are covered with warnings to not bother him with autograph requests or to ask him for the typical requests all professional athletes receive. This didn’t stop at least one doctor from asking Splittorff if he could bring his sons by to meet him. And anyone who knows Splitt knows that he told the doctor. “Sure, that would be fine.”
I first saw Splitt pitch when he was breaking in with the Royals in Omaha in 1969. I was just starting high school and the Royals had just replaced the A’s as Kansas City’s expansion team. It seemed every time I went to Rosenblatt Stadium, Splittorff was the starting pitcher for the Omaha Royals. I was always disappointed. How could this skinny lefty from Morningside College be expected to make it in The Show? Obviously, I had an eye for talent even then.
I got to know Splitt a bit when I wrote for The Star and spent some time in the Royals’ press box. I don’t think you could find a more down-to-earth guy. He never acted like a former player by big-timing anyone. He was beyond humble, especially about his broadcasting. We sat and talked about my column – as he nervously picked away at flecks of dry skin on his hands and arms.
He took his broadcasting career very seriously. When he started broadcasting games for ESPN, he was in a word – awful. I wrote in a column how bad he was and we talked about that column a few times. Splitt told me he agreed 100% with how bad I thought he was during his early years. It made him work all the harder at his new craft.
Splitt eventually became very good as an analyst and a broadcaster. He was excellent at making a point. During the height of the Royals 100-loss seasons, Splitt was one of the few broadcasters associated with the Royals to criticize the club for their lack of direction and the deterioration of a once-proud franchise. He quickly became one of my favorite analysts because of his passion for the Royals and his fearlessness in speaking his mind.
While he has battled cancer, much of that fire and insight has dimmed from his work on Royals’ broadcasts. Only Splitt knows why he was determined to go on television when he might have been spending his last year doing something we all would find more life fulfilling. But as I stated, Splitt takes his job seriously. Going to work is what he finds life fulfilling. We need more guys like Splitt wearing Royals blue. We need more guys like Splitt period. and Twitter / greghall24
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  1. DonkeyPunch says:

    Thanks GH. I was having a nice day until this

  2. Brian says:

    So sad. Thanks for the info Greg.

  3. smartman says:

    Sad, Sadder, Saddest
    Wow! Amazing this was kept secret for so long. Voice problems aside he’s one of the most insightful baseball announcers I’ve listened to. Takes you way inside the game. Time for a miracle Lord. It ain’t over till it’s over.

  4. Jip says:

    Very sad. I grew up watching Splitt and the Royals on television. He was a great announcer and I loved his willingness to be honest even if it meant being negative toward the Royals. His basketball work was just as solid.

    The end of an era. I hope he realizes how much Kansas City loved him.

  5. bob says:

    How many HIPPA violations occured in the making of this stor

  6. justin says:

    Anyone at KU Med that gave you information should lose their license to practice (doctors and nurses) or be fired and no longer able to work in the medical field (any and all other employees).

  7. justin says:

    The more I think about it
    The last rights comment would almost ahve to come from someone at the hospital. I’d never, ever give that information out on one of my patients, but I’m willing to bet someone else did. I’ve never had a family give out that type of information. Last rights are given a lot in a lot of situations. Someone should be ashamed

  8. Craig Glazer says:

    Thank You Greg, Split Was Great, Is Great
    Greg, I had to listen to callers on 610 and 810 asking WHY IS THIS GUY ON TV, HE SUCKS, of course we all knew he was very ill. That was obvious. What a tough guy to come back and keep working through all this, knowing he is nearing the end. Like you I knew Split from the old Royals pep rallys and he used to come to Stanfords with Brett back in the early days. Paul was and is the model for being a good family man and has great pride and morals. He is a wonderful man I wish he and his family only the best. Thanks Greg for telling us all the truth. I am so sad to hear it though.

  9. Scott McKinney says:

    Greg Hall, you’re an asshole

  10. Craig Scholes says:

    If this is true, then you are the most irresponsible heartless journalist alive.

  11. craig glazer says:

    Come on People, Greg Meant No Harm
    I see why you are all upset, but Gret is doing his job. Reporting the news. I don’t think we are all shocked to hear Paul is in a very bad way. That was clear by watching him on TV lately. Yes its a tough pill. Don’t blame Greg though. He likes Split, as we all do, its very sad and depressing. Hall meant nothing other than the best for Paul. So concentrate on the issue not the guy telling you the information.

  12. LY says:

    Read the story
    All Greg says is that “people close to Split…” No indication that anyone at KU Med has violated any HIPAA provisions by sharing information.

  13. Craig Scholes says:

    If Greg meant no harm, he should have respected the privacy… Its not his, nor our business to know this information, unless Splitt wants to share.

  14. bob says:

    HIPPA violation
    “His charts at KU Med are covered with warnings to not bother him with autograph requests or to ask him for the typical requests all professional athletes receive.”

    Nobody is authorized to see his chart besides the medical staff.

  15. The Independent Rage says:

    Jumping to conclusions
    I’d personally want to know whom Greg’s sources were before I’d go around leveling allegations of HIPAA and confidentiality violations. But then again, that’s just me.

  16. Monkeyhawk says:

    It’s last “rites,”
    …not last rights.

  17. DonkeyPunch says:

    LOL at all you Cronies
    Hystercial you cronies and sheep are blaming Hall for this.

    Smartman, I read your wonderfully crafted comments regarding Rockfest ’11 and the minions who attend. I think same said minions have posted on this thread

  18. Scott McKinney says:

    Regardless of who Greg’s sources are, he published confidential medical information. Even if this is not a legal violation, it is a moral and ethical one. This wasn’t ok. Not everything one finds out about should be published.

  19. Gavin says:

    Here’s Hearne’s Chance to Bash the Star
    The only place I’ve seen this mentioned is here on KCC. The Star now has a story on its website that says “Report: Royals Spilttorff Has Cancer” or something like that. The point is, the article clearly means to refer to a “report” of some kind. usually when the Star runs something like that, they credit the source. They’d say something like “ESPN is reporting that Paul Splittorff has cancer.” But in this case? Not a word. No reference at all to where this “report” came from. Given that the source pretty clearly has to be KCC and that they weren’t credited, I fully expect KCC to go after the Star teeth first. Using you guys without sourcing or credit is bad, but referring to the “report” and then not saying where the report comes from is arguably worse.

    I’ve personally thought that Hearne’s jeremiad against the Star was pretty overblown, but now that they’re stealing from you? I think you should go after them as hard and fast as you can.

  20. Max says:

    Really poor journalistic work here. And you can hide and say you’re not a “journalist” since you’re blogging, but its a pretty unethical violation of Splitt’s privacy. If he wants the world to know he’s on his death bed, I’m sure his family will let everyone know when they all feel the time is right, but for you to rush to “get the story” is sleazy. But I clicked on the link, so I guess you win.

  21. Daniel says:

    This story is journalist trash on so many levels.

  22. nick says:

    Sad But Obvious
    I saw Splittorf on a post-game last week and my first thought was “oh my gosh, he looks near death!” I hadn’t seen him on TV for awhile and it was shocking to see what he looked like. So frail and weak looking. It was obvious he was dealing with something VERY serious. Honestly, I’m a little shocked the Royals network let him still do his job….especially without leveling with the public.

    Many times I couldn’t make out the words he was trying to say, and then to see him….well, it just breaks your heart. You wish he was with family and loved ones rather than trying to break down a game.

    Greg could have gotten his information from Splittorf’s family or friends. I’m glad Hall has this story. The more prayers and thoughts the better for Mr. Splittorf.

  23. Jeff Mallory says:

    I knew there was more to the story than Splitt or the Royals were letting on. We will keep him and his family in our prayers

  24. kctacoparty says:

    I don’t have a problem with this being reported even though the family wished it to remain private. By continuing to work in broadcasting and therefore in the public eye, it’s newsworthy and it explains why he was so clearly struggling in the booth. If he had stepped away from broadcasting and was not working on Royals’ broadcasts anymore, I think it would be different. Haven’t been to the Star’s site (go figure) but if it didn’t reference KCC as the source, it should grow a pair.

  25. red says:

    Seeing him on TV this season it was obvious he was very ill. Very sad to hear.

  26. Daniel says:

    Shame on you, kctacoparty, and anyone else who think’s it’s okay to violate a man’s privacy for the sake of your personal entertainment.

  27. Collin says:

    I’m so sad for Splitt and his family… sad that he’s been battling this horrible disease and sad that now his privacy has been violated. You can try to justify that you know Mr. Splittorff and have talked to him before and somehow that makes this ok… but really, this seems to be a horrible violation of a sick man’s privacy. Shame shame shame shame shame.

  28. William says:

    Get over yourself Daniel
    Nobody is “entertained” by this. Reports that someone is near death come out all the time. Nobody threw a fit when similar reports came out about Steinbrenner. We don’t even know who the sources are.

    Get off your Goddamn high horses.

  29. Blue Love says:

    His family didn’t want this out.
    “The family of Paul Splittorff has confirmed that he has been admitted to an area hospital and has received treatment for both oral cancer and melanoma. The family has also requested to please respect their privacy during this difficult time and to expect no further comments on his condition.”

    I’m pretty sure they are pissed that a 2nd rate local entertainment blog used information, most likely acquired by someone at KUMC illegally, to “break” the news that he is near death.

    Greg – I love you and enjoy the OTC and always have. You were wrong to do this to his family.

  30. nick says:

    Is it “shame, shame, shame” on Greg Hall for reporting a story or “shame, shame, shame” for the Royals network and apparently others in the media for letting a rapidly-deteriorating and dying man attempt to do his job…..when it was more and more evident that he couldn’t do his job and was dealing with a life/death issue?

    I honestly had to turn the channel when I saw him last week. It was very sad seeing him that way and I couldn’t understand him very well. It was my understanding last year that Splittorf was dealing with a vocal chord issue that caused him to talk funny. But when I saw his appearance last week, I KNEW something else was going on. But I guess us viewers were to pretend that he was doing his job well and presenting himself well. I appreciate the Royals Network allowing Paul to continue working, but when us veiwers don’t know the true story, we just get aggravated that we can’t understand the guy and, though we wish him the best and a speedy recovery, we also wish he wasn’t doing the broadcast. How bad was the Royals Network gonna let him get? I’m surprised the Royals Network doesn’t send a camera man with a micorophone in Splittorf’s room right now so Splittorf can try to re-cap tonight’s game.

    Listening to 610 and especially 810, it seems as if people in the media knew he was near the end but respected his privacy so didn’t say anything.
    I don’t know. It all seems a bit strange.

    Best wishes and prayers to Split and his family.

  31. Phil says:

    He wanted it private
    The fact that the family said in the Royals statement that there will be no further comment and

  32. cheshire says:

    Not focusing on the real issue here
    Will try to make this short as I’m getting the vapors from all the self-righteous, all knowing people who are making assumptions about how Greg got this info. The info didn’t have to come from any staff at KU Med.

    How bout we try to focus on the important thing here, Paul’s life and his accomplishments and the best wishes for his family.

  33. smartman says:

    Got your back on this one Gregger! Only dead men keep secrets. If there is any shame in this game it is on those who told Greg. If they don’t speak, Greg doesn’t write.
    Don’t kill the Mellinger.

    This was not written for ratings it was written out of LOVE and RESPECT.

    I honor and respect the humility of Paul and his family not seeking attention and wanting privacy.

    However,the Lord works in mysterious ways.

    We don’t have a right to KNOW but we do, if we choose, as compassionate human beings, have an OBLIGATION to care for and lift up our fellow man however we may choose to do that. Split is a class act and is much beloved in KC and beyond. Hopefully he and his family will accept and embrace the love and prayers being sent their way.

  34. olathecat says:

    Agree with this….
    “Nobody is “entertained” by this. Reports that someone is near death come out all the time. Nobody threw a fit when similar reports came out about Steinbrenner. We don’t even know who the sources are.

    Get off your Goddamn high horses.”

  35. Jim Fitzpatrick says:

    Here’s why this is legitimate, big news…
    In an interview with The Star’s Bill Reiter in 2009, Splittorff passed off the voice problem as “a viral infection.” That’s what he led the public to believe. With that, any contentions that this is a violation of his and his family’s right to privacy fall by the wayside, in my opinion.

  36. Jim Fitzpatrick says:

    I guess the link didn’t work…
    but you can go to The Star’s archives, type in “Paul Splittorff and virus,” and it’ll be the first story that pops up.

  37. Rainbow Man says:

    GH and Split
    GH wrote a nice piece here. I actually like Greg’s feature articles more than his blurby outtakes… which are also good. In fact… GH is the top sports writer in this city now. Seriously.

    Anyway… God bless Split. And we all tolerated the voice because it was Split… and he was as reliable as they come. God Bless him.

  38. Mike says:

    I’ve got Greg’s back on this one as well.
    It’s not as if Greg was a heat seeking missile hellbent on discovering what truly has been ailing Splitt all this time. More than likely it was a family friend, or someone close to him that relayed the information to Greg. And when people are reaching out to you as a reporter, you have a duty to flesh out the story to see if it’s legitimate.
    And Greg’s story wasn’t something sensationalistic, nor was it ‘entertainment’, as some of you sanctimonious assholes so crassly put it.
    I think Greg, through his experiences with Splitt, added a very human element into the story. It was a good, informative read, especially for someone like me, who thought that Splitt is perhaps one of the absolute best TV analysts we’ve ever had, and were lucky enough to have him as one of our own.
    I liked the ‘Don’t kill the Mellinger’ line in an earlier post. If it wasn’t Greg, someone else would have gotten this info, and they would have received confirmation and subsequently posted it. Most likely without the delicate human touch of experience to accompany it, either.

  39. radiomankc says:

    Broadcasters (eyes rolling)
    What’s really sad is about Splittorf, one of the neat guys in KC as everyone has known for years and years. The rest of it isn’t so important.

    Yes I saw similarities in the hatefulness about this post and the Rockfest /Smartman comments… no doubt from some of the same vulgarians who hang around sports talk and Gateway City Radio. Moreover getting riled over loss of privacy is broadcasters protesting a little bit too much.

  40. Merle Tagladucci says:

    Strange, peculiar and bizarre to hear KK mention they were attempting to get GH on the air today to talk to him about this story. If only.

  41. royalfan says:

    Don’t believe everything you read.
    I am a good friend of the family. While some of the information in the article is correct, much is not. He was not administered last rights. He did have a priest do annointing of the sick. Please pray for Splitt, don’t speculate.

  42. KCProud says:

    Last time on this site
    Sad piece of journalism giving out information that was not asked to be given out.

    Obviously you don’t know what ethics are.

  43. Splitt Fan says:

    Paul Splittorff A KC stud. I wish there were more like him.
    My prayers go to Paul and his family(all of KC), he a great man. I never met him, but I love him. I am always surprised what brings tears to my eyes, and this did. Everyone dies, but not everyone lives. PAUL LIVES A GREAT LIFE, HE IS A GREAT MAN I hope this story is wrong, but it adds up. 🙁 fk ….

    In retrospect I am glad Paul stayed on TV, no matter the fkg voice issues, he is a stud, HE GETS A PASS….


    I didnt know what was wrong, he said itwas avirus, nuff sed….. I didnt care, he was doing his broadcasting thing, he is a KC stud, who the fuck among us is worthy to judge a man like Splitt? He stayed on TV, like the STUD HE IS….what a stud… HE KEPT ON KEEPING ON….. IT IS ALL WE CAN DO…. AND HE DOES!!! FK YEAH!!!


    thx for the post, (I suppose) there is no sense killing the messenger…..

    fk ….just fk…I fking hate death….. fk

  44. Peter says:

    Shame on you
    It’s obvious from reading the family’s comments that if Greg had not “outed” him, neither Paul nor his family would have gone public with his condition today…or any day. They’re forced to deal not only with the pain of Paul’s condition, but now the added burden of knowing their private information has been made public. It was their right to keep it to themselves, but Greg has taken that away from them forever. Now if Greg himself comes on here and tells everyone that Paul or his family said it was OK for him to run with this, then that should put an end to this whole argument. But Paul and his family are entitled to their privacy, and for Greg to have violated it like this makes him no better than one of those trashy celebrity blogs that can’t wait to breathlessly announce that some movie star is gay, or had plastic surgery. It doesn’t matter if Splitt is a public figure or not. If he and his family wanted privacy, then nobody had the right to rob them of it.

  45. Fair Warning says:

    Sacrifice the first whom announces “something” happenened to
    Keith Richards …… DONT BE THAT PERSON….. FAIR WARNING … on that day, dont be that person.

  46. Greg Hall says:

    GH: Great discussion here by all over the moral obligation of a reporter on what is news and what is not…and whether or not some news is best left unreported. I hope to have time in Tuesday’s OTC column to address many of the above comments and my thought process in rdeciding to report the unfortunate news about Splitt’s health. See you then.

  47. Gerald Bostock says:

    This is journalism
    This is sad news about Paul Splittorff, but the comment above…”Sad piece of journalism giving out information that was not asked to be given out…” is misguided. Journalism is mostly about giving out information that somebody doesn’t want out.

  48. Scott McKinney says:

    Greg, do you really consider yourself a “reporter”. Because it really seems like you are just a blogger who gives no thought to journalistic ethics, much less morality. You post things just to get page views. You don’t really care what it is or who it might affect. You don’t care about privacy rights or the confidentiality of medical information. I’m really looking forward to your description of the very thoughtful process you undertook, analyzing all of the relevant ethical issues…which you did after reading the comments, so you could churn out a faux-ethics article. A public apology to his family, friends and fans would be the classy way to go. For some reason, I think there is zero chance you’ll do that.

  49. Rainbow Man says:

    The Catholic Sacrament of “Last Rites” was changed to “Annointing of the Sick” in 1972 through Vatican II. This Sacrament is often still referred to as Last Rites, but I know a few that received this long before the end. Although it can be administered in any situation of illness… It is most often administered in a pretty darned serious situation. So I understand the confusion there. I do not think anyone means any harm here. It is obvious that Splittorf is very seriously ill. People love this guy and there is conjecture etc… I do not think the reporters are trying to scoop anyone on this bad news… They are just conveying the seriousness of what they are hearing. I think we are all just shocked because he was working games up until just a few days ago. Tough dude. I think everyone means well here and to his close friends and family… We are with you. He stood out on the mound for years in front of 35,000 people. So we think we know him… but we know his loved ones know him best. Take care.

  50. Ptolemy says:

    You know, if this was a story about Glazer being photographed with a fattie or Hearne seen filling an SUV with gas, people would be all over how great the story is. But when the anonymous informant is spilling limas about someone beloved, “spark the torches and let’s get Hall!”

    If any of you have a beef on this, take it up with the informent. The reporter is not responsible for documenting what the Rat is squealing.

    My prayers are with you Splitt!

  51. Jip says:

    Don’t Kill the Messenger
    Most stories that aren’t rosy are published with the understanding that the subject doesn’t want it published. That’s journalism for you. It’s not always pretty. But judging by the reaction on the Internet today, the failing health of Paul Splittorff is of immense public interest in Kansas City. Greg Hall did his job here.

    If Bob Dutton had written the exact same story, no way would he have gotten the venom that Greg is getting.

    Let’s stop hating on Greg and keep praying for Splitt, please.

  52. harley says:

    i watched paul splitorff on the game several nights ago. He sounded horrible. The information he gave
    out will not affect the family or the mans health. He was telling people who have watched and admired this
    man that he’s in his final days.
    Greg told me something I had not heard. I tho0ught that splitt was doing better. that he was recovering.

    Most importantly….that cancer can kill anyone. Having lost my mom and countless friends and relatives
    to this plague I know first hand. I know of one friend who watched the games to see how splitt was doing.
    this friend has stage 4 pancreatic cancer. He watched how splitt heroically and with great wisdom and
    style fought this disease. I remember watching Gary Lezak in his battle against cancer and how the entire
    city watched him fight the disease…and I’m sure it gave many people needed passion and courage to fight
    their own battles. Splitt is nothing short of one of the classiest people to play in our city. He didn’t hide from
    letting people see his frailty…he didn’t shy away from the cameras even though he was fighting a tough battle.
    He never wanted to let people see him…he was out there…in front of millions of people.
    If anything…greg halls reporting was done with style and grace. This type of reporting is not new…its
    not something that anyone likes to hear…but it is a part of human life.
    Many of you missed the point. Hall didn’t do this to be the “first” to report this news…to get the
    “big” stoory…’s not pretty.
    Right now some memebers of our government are calling for huge cuts to cancer research.
    1 in 3 americans will get cancer. these “idiots” would rather giv e oil companies billions…rich corporate
    farms billions and waste billions on wars with no end…rather than getting that money directed to find
    cures for diseases like cancer.
    Do not cry for paul splittorf. He has lived an incredible life that the rest of us only dream of.
    May we all just stop for a moment and pray for our friend. I grew up with this man….watched his
    incredible talent…and watched as he was an inspiration to those fighting cancer right now.
    Hall…I give you a pass on this one. You did the right thing

  53. Cliffy says:

    Thanks for reporting this, Greg. You did nothing wrong.

    Tough guy to keep broadcasting right up to the end like that but if he truly wanted privacy he should have fought this dreadful disease out of the spotlight. Sad news. I’ll remember the man fondly.

  54. Stu says:

    RE: Don’t kill the messenger
    To Jip: If Bob Dutton had done this story he would not have relied on anonymous sources. He would have confirmed it with Paul and his family. That’s what a real reporter does.

  55. bob says:

    “To Jip: If Bob Dutton had done this story he would not have relied on anonymous sources. He would have confirmed it with Paul and his family. That’s what a real reporter does.”

    Exactly. The fact that Split or his family didn’t want this out leads me to believe there were some serious HIPPA violations involved in Greg getting this info. That’s illegal. Hopefully, Greg will address how he got this info in his column later today.

  56. Mike says:

    Remove the HIPPA talk from this conversation.

    Bob Dutton wouldn’t have been contacted about this because Bob Dutton hasn’t paid attention to Splitt since when?

    More than likely Greg was contacted by someone close to the family BECAUSE Greg has taken notice to Paul’s advancing struggles on-air, and wanted to fill him in as to why Splitt’s struggles returned. Greg was the only one who has paid attention at all. The rest of the KC media kind of swept anything Splitt-related under the rug. That’s the reason, I believe, that Greg was contacted by someone close to Paul.

    Personally, since his first affliction, I thought Splitt’s speech was rebounding nicely. Yeah, he had his hiccups, but I understood him, and he made his points, and all was good. But I did notice that his speech got a little worse off in the last few weeks. But I really didn’t think much about it beyond that.

  57. oh come on says:

    Please. Everybody connected with the Royals already knew he was ill. That means everybody who covers the Royals knew it. Which they did.

    So, all the people who work with the people who cover the Royals knew this.

    And they decided to show the Splittorff family a little human decency and respect. Which they did.

    Which Hall didn’t.

  58. Jip says:

    Stu: I have a feeling you have no idea what a “real reporter” does, since you’ve never been one.

    I remember the Wichita Eagle reporting a few years ago that Mark Mangino was in the ICU at Lawrence Memorial Hospital. Nobody cared how they got the story.

    The failing health of public figures has been news forever, with or without the cooperation of the subject. Do you think Hollywood celebrities get to dictate the news of their own personal lives? Ha!

    HIPPA violations, if they even happened, aren’t Greg’s concern.

    The only thing Greg did wrong here was report an extremely newsworthy item against the wishes of a man everybody loves and respects. It’s the crappy part of journalism, but sometimes it’s necessary.

  59. Stu says:

    JIp: Look at the case of Harmon Killebrew, who just passed away this morning. It was announced a few days ago that he was ending treatment for the same kind of cancer that Splitt has. Was it some third rate blogger hiding behind anonymous sources that “exposed” the story? No, it was Killebrew himself and his family who made the announcement. If Splitt had wanted to do the same thing, it would have been his decision, just as it was his decision to keep his condition private. He and his family were only forced into going public after this blog outed him. And you’ll note the Star, which everyone loves to bash, at least waited till there was an official statement from the Royals and the family before running anything. You think just because someone is a public figure, everyone has a right to know their medical condition. That might be true of the president or the governor, or some elected official since we put them in office. But all other public figures have the same rights to privacy about their medical condition as the rest of us.

  60. justin says:

    Whoa Nellie (just a clarification)
    The throat cancer doesn’t equate the melanoma. I know you didn’t say it does, just clearing it up in case people were to misunderstand. Cancer will indeed metastasize but it doesn’t change from one type of cancer to another. It’s still the cancer it was, just in different areas of the body.

  61. STFU says:

    shut up with your agenda, it saves no one
    You wanna be doctors can SHUT THE FUCK UP!!

    Let it lie, dont be pointing finger you clueless fucks!!
    Plenty of people live to be 100 chewing and smoking,
    I dont chew or smoke, I am not defending it BUT DO NOT


  62. radiomankc says:

    Gateway Excapee
    Something tells me that the previous post with all the epithets wasn’t written by Paul Splittorff. You should have learned from him.

  63. St Louis is for losers says:

    St Louis sucks ass
    Saint Louis is the lamest, dristiest most crime infested crap hole in the world, st louis is a trash heap. Fuck Saint Louis and fuck anyone who is from there.

  64. Scott Simon says:

    The benefits outweigh the negatives
    Having gone through this in 1988 when the late Dan Kelly was diagnosed with cancer, I know what Greg Hall went through before writing this story.

    The end result – the benefits outweigh the negatives. Readers were not blindsided with news that was too late. Thousands can now give Paul and his family support and encouragement.

    I’m amazed how Greg Hall and hospital staff are being attacked. No one did this in St. Louis from January to June 2002 when the late great Jack Buck was hospitalized for the variety of illnesses that led to his passing. The Buck family appreciated the kind gestures and thoughts.

    Paul Splitorff’s career, on the field and in broadcasting, was made possible by fans. It’s ok to let fans know what is happening. Greg Hall writes for readers, not for himself.

  65. chuck says:

    Waited, read it all–
    This discussion has very little to do with the rhetorical and conceptual ideas about our ever changing views on journalism and the media, and EVERYTHING to do, with our antiquated, fear based, horror of death, and compartmentalisation of same.

    Our inability to deal with death in an honest way, through the prism of this culture, with the supposed help of “religion” has we lemmings scurrying for cover when ever the uncomfortable discussion of death comes up.

    Don’t get me wrong, I think Stephen Hawking is whistling through the graveyard with false bravado (See this week’s comments from the guy who thinks he understands the origin of the universe.), but our culture’s constant association of death with negativity is ridiculous.

    Shuffling that mortal coil is the next thing that happens.

    Me thinks, we are far more upset about how this “Death In OUr Faces” articel lby Mr. Hall, make US FEEL.


    Split, do NOT rage agianst the night.

    Go gently,

    We love you.

  66. Craig Glazier is Queer for Greg Hall says:

    What would you expect from a less than average wanna be “Jou
    rnalist?” Pretending to be a Friend.

    Trust, respect, and honouring someones wishes are acts of friendship.

    When you found out from your Scumbag source that Paul’s chart requested not to be bothered, why would that exclude you?

    Greg, I will be the first of many to defecate your grave…

    You are Filthy Loser.

  67. Denny Trease says:

    Pray for Paul
    I worked hundreds of games with Splitt, and I can honestly say I have never met anyone more dedicated to being the best he could be, first as a player and later as a broadcaster. He’s pitched out of tight spots before, and maybe he can beat the odds this time. Either way, let’s pray for one of the good guys.

  68. Bernice Prediger says:

    I for one wish Splitt had retired when he became ill. I would prefer to remember the old Splitt. If his speech problems had not been aired on TV, there would not be all this speculation. I agree he has a right to his privacy, but these issues came to light when he was on TV, so I am glad his family let the information become public.

  69. Craig Glazier is Queer for Greg Hall says:

    Bernice pull your head out a little and breath in some fresh

    The Family only made a statement after this parasite broke the news.

    If you were Paul would you want to see this on TV or in a news paper right now? He can not even listen to the radio with out some reference to this blog.

    Splitt Owes the public nothing. We Owe him at the very least privacy and Dignity. It is easy to forget how much Paul gave to charity and KC. He is the Epitome of Class. You can not fake that for 40 years.

    This blogger with the sentence structure of a 3rd grade glue sniffer is an unethical leech. If you really read the article it is about Hall. Look at how many times he refers to himself…

  70. Bernice Prediger says:

    You misunderstood my post. When I said I wish he had retired when he started having trouble with his voice, I meant it because he would have kept his dignity. I have always held Splitt in high regard. I first met him at a mall and he had his picture taken with my daughter. He was very nice. He has done a great job and been a tremendous role model for all the kids. My heart goes out to him and his family.

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