Glazer: Rockfest to Rule KC Concert Roost Over Aggie’s (Politically) Dead Body


Maybe that goofy Aggie Stackhaus actually helped Johnny Dare and 98.9 FM’s Rockfest more than anyone would have imagined….

With all the publicity last year over the mud and rain b.s. it focused a lot of attention on the event in the media. In fact, the mayor even came out and backed 98.9 and Dare. He made it clear that Rockfest stays where it is, no matter what Aggie thinks! She wanted it moved due to all the mud damage.

Yeah sure, Aggie. Let’s see if the new mayor reappoints you to the park board.

Meanwhile, Dare has named the porta potty area "Aggie Ville."

Good one. Wonder if he’ll have Aggie on stage, top off or top on? Yikes!

Rock 98.9 FM program director Bob Edwards has put together an exciting line-up again. Fifteen bands, two stages, more than 50,000 fans, no matter what! And this year there will likely be no rain. In fact, it will be a cooler day and evening than in the past. Which may be a good thing. It can get pretty hot out there, so a temp dip should make it more comfortable.

The Main Stage has seven bands including, Halestorm (the chick in this group is major league hot and talented, I have met her twice at the station and she’s worth the trip), Hinder, Sevendust, Alter Bridge, Papa Roach, Stone Sour, and ending the night, DISTURBED

The second stage has Evalyn Awake, New Medicine, Art of Dying, Crossfade, Red Line Chemistry, 10 Years, All That Remains and Zack Wilde with BLACK LABEL SOCIETY. …Edwards has once again delivered the A team at one event.

As always the show will sell out with over 55,000 tickets available this year. Miore than 50,000 have been sold, but you can still buy tickets at the gate until they are gone. The Rock also keeps this a kinda low dough event with all beverages (including beer) and food priced at just 5 bucks.

Dare will have his usual sidekicks there. Including the girls from the show on HBO CAT HOUSE and Bunny Love (met her on the show today, very cute). And of course, porn star Ron Jeremy with plenty of other Hollywood and West Coast names dropping by.

Rockfest has grown over the years to become one of the biggest outdoor, one-day events anywhere in the nation. It’s gotten so huge Rockfest made the cover of the KC Star’s Preview this week.

KCK will try and get in the game later this year at Kanrocksas with EMINEM and MUSE at the Kansas Speedway. But in my opinion Rockfest is set up better for this type of festival event. The NASCAR track forces the fans to kinda stay away from the stage and makes it hard to walk around. That’s easy at Rockfest.

Yep, you can belly right up to the stage and see the bands and boobies all day and all night. 

Rockfest kicks off the KC Summer in a big way.

I usually bring some hotties who seem to get lost in the crowd….hmmmmm….see ya there!
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41 Responses to Glazer: Rockfest to Rule KC Concert Roost Over Aggie’s (Politically) Dead Body

  1. HoneyBaked says:

    Is this ad been paid for my 98.9?
    So does 98.9 pay for these ads?

    And Glazer, why are you shitting on an event being held at The Legends? Don’t you own the comedy club out there? Are you retarded?

  2. Cocaine Is A Hell of a Drug says:

    “It’s gotten so huge Rockfest made the cover of the KC Star’s Preview this week.”

    Holy $*&^$*!!!! That is HUGE! WWWOOOOOWWWWW!!!!!!

    I didn’t know it was that huge. I had to check the paper, because surely he didn’t mean THE cover the KC Star Preview. Guess what? It is TRUE!

    Whooooa Nelly! UN-BELIEVE-ABLE.

    A few weeks ago The Star Preview featured a story on the Toy and Minature Museum of Kansas City. Congratulations to the KC Rock Fest: You are now at the same level as that museum.

    Big fricken’ time!


  3. KU Forever says:

    Dare Is A Winner, So are You glaze
    Like I said you bring out the haters son! I didn’t see where Craig put the show at Legends down. He said Dare’s was better suited, thats not the same as a “don’t go to Legends” anyways, need your Royals update. Like the girls in the photo. I think you and Dare are gonna be just fine.

  4. Westport Patron says:

    Love this concert Johnny
    Mr. Dare thank you sir. We love the show every year. Westport is packed just after it ends. Yes.

  5. smartman says:

    Like all things in life Rock-Fest follows the 80/20 rule. 8 out of 10 people there will be the dregs of society. People that take more than they give. People that create more problems than they solve. Not exactly the kind of folks whose DNA you want populating the planet. Wonder how many kids will be duck-taped up in their soon to be foreclosed on double wide trailers tomorrow so mommy or daddy can get some culture and maybe a new STD. But hey somebody’s gotta go to public school, jail and prison, drink cheap beer, keep lowlife lawyers, abortion doctors, parole officers, buy here pay here carlots and tattoo artists busy. It’s the circle of lowlife and tomorrow is their get high and where holey jeans day. Weather’s gonna be a little on the cold side so many may get stranded at home trying to figure out whether it’s OK to layer Motley Crue over Ozzy. Sure to be some fat chicks in halter tops who smell of titty and back fat sweat. Johnny Dare is their king and that’s all they know. Ignorance many be bliss but don’t confuse that with REAL happiness.

    And when it all is over they’ll have to find another place. Their lifetime is running out it seems that they will lose the race.

  6. bschloz says:

    Peripheral vision
    Go Rockfest!
    Craig…I like that picture…making out with two hotties and looks like you’re eyeballing a 3rd one hoping she doesn’t get away.
    Have a good weekend ya’ll. Stay out of Mud, Mulch!

  7. Uninformed again says:

    You’re an idiot
    ‘KCK will try and get in the game later this year at Kanrocksas with EMINEM and MUSE at the Kansas Speedway. But in my opinion Rockfest is set up better for this type of festival event. The NASCAR track forces the fans to kinda stay away from the stage and makes it hard to walk around. That’s easy at Rockfest. ,
    Be informed before you write your columns. The 3 stages and all of the seating are going to be in the infield at the speedway. They already pointed out that you could fit the entire sports complex inside of there and not even touch the tracks.

  8. xxMillerTimexx says:

    Cocaine Is A Hell of a Drug
    That take was funny. I salute you!

  9. badassjew says:

    Glazer sure is stupid so is Johnny
    Yeah they are stupid, Glazer knows nothing of promotions and marketing, and Dare plays to RedNecks. Gentleman, they are two of the most powerful media people in KC! Ever. Both of them likely could buy and sell you. They both have national books,tv,movies on and on. Do You? This is a great event for Kansas City. Let your jealous bone take a break boys.

  10. BillyWhit says:

    Too many hotties Glaze
    I notice when Hearne puts these girly photos up with you. You catch twice the shit. You sure have screwed some nice puss.

  11. Uninformed again says:

    @ badassjew
    I never said anything derogatory against Rockfest and I agree it is a great event for KC. So is Kanrocksas and my point was that he wrote something that wasn’t true. That’s just bad, lazy journalism

  12. Super Dongman says:

    Super Dongman???
    “Super Dongman” lives…

  13. Monkey Man says:

    NO big BLACK concerts why
    Where is JZ or some big urban concert in KC. It would sell out. We that bad?

  14. downtown davey says:

    Dare and Glazer too big of Ego’s
    Both these guys think they are big deals. No offense. Dare fakes out the I’m with you, while he flys over seas, hangs with big stars, it’s ok, but man you ain’t a regular guy anymore. Glazer is over the top as well. Again, both men are talented in their own way, but hey you guys are kinda full of yourselves. With that said, Dare bring a concert back to Downtown, like you did a couple years ago with the birthday bash. Hey I still enjoy your show. But you aren’t a regular guy no mo.

  15. black barbie says:

    I love Dare
    I want to date Johnny, he’s handsome and understands a beautiful black lady, like me. CRAIG don’t. He’s too busy being in love with himself. Johnny is nice to me on radio. Craig never knew what he had.

  16. smartman says:

    Sing It With Me
    Sing to the tune of On Top of Old Smokey.

    On top of Black Barbie all covered with jizz. She’s tuggin’ on Craigs rug to see what it is.

    What the fuck Black Barbie. That’s what Glazer said. Why are you tuggin the rug on my head?

    Barbie said hey fuck you. I’ll date Johnny Dare. At least I’ll know that he’s sportin’ real hair.

    Craig said hey Barbie, time for you to leave. And it’s not a toupee, it’s an Apollo weave.

    The moral of the story. It must now be said. Don’t look like Craig Glazer. If you want some good head.

  17. chuck says:

    Jesus that was funny.
    Glaze can probably take a joke. 🙂

    I was sitting at the dinner table with my 12 year old daughter on Wed night (She pisses me off when she sits there and smokes right there in front of her kids.) and she said she was going.

    Kids these days. Here she is, pregnant in her third tri-mester, and heading off to Rockfest.

    I said, “Rubyjane, what if your water breaks early?” She said, “Dad, just prepare this time, get that ble plastic tarp outta the work van, and throw it across the pool table so it don’t fuck up the green, I’ll make it home in the truck.”

    Now thats a smart girl.

    I asked her if this one was her uncle’s (Got three crosseyed kids already in the immediate family.) and she said, “Nope, uncle Bodean was trying to ‘get on her’, but she screamed out, that he was crushin his smokes in his pocket and escaped.”

    Bet them youngins had a time at that there Rockfest!

  18. chuck says:

    By the way Black Barbie-
    If your ready for the big time, I am single.

    61 years old, short, bald, pot belly with anger and alchohol issues. I really mellow out after a few pops.

    Don’t fuck around, I won’t be here long. *winks and shoots finger gun at monitor*

  19. harley says:

    Glaze…you’re stillfull of hot air.
    the biggest outdoor event in the country? wtf glaze…get out of kansas city….other cities have events
    that draw 100,000 or more in a day in l.a…dallas…chicago…n.y…even jackson mississippi…
    new orleans…come on glaze stop blowing this white trash event out of proportion.
    and stop sucking johnnys ______….he’s big in this small shack town…but outside noone really
    cares….even wsith all your hype…if you stepped into any bar that didnt have hos and skanks..
    noone whould know who you were
    We like you because you have funny stories…but your heads become so big.
    Go to rock fest…hang out with those losers with no teeth and the smell of dirt….then when
    youdeciedv you want som classy people to hang with come on out to joco where we all
    have jobs.
    glaze….pleasexstop the b.s…..its gettingold….wheres the ftiness model and when does
    mermaid come out again…at lewast those 2 seem to be cool chicks to put notches in your

  20. Hearne Christopher says:

    That is funny

  21. bschloz says:

    Smartman Chuck Harley not necessarily in that order.

  22. Craig Glazer says:

    Great Show Again
    Rockfest which as I write this is still rolling, had even more people than past years, so it seems. with that many its hard to tell. Yes it is one of the biggest one day, music events in the country that is not a stadium event. Yes like it or not(some of you) Dare, and we often fight like cats and dogs, is a household name in this city. All that re-said, and with all the usual ‘we love you Glazer, BUT…’ I think its nice 98.9 gives our city a nice big concert outside every year to kick off the summer…last I checked there are almost no outdoor concerts for the upper crust, oh yeah Jazzooooo….I used to go to that one, anyways enjoy the summer gang.

  23. smartman says:

    Another View
    A Saturday event at Penn Valley Park in which some 55,000 rock-hungry bodies mixed, melded and mosh-pitted together in a blasting, hard-rock music frenzy? And where wobbly patrons, full of liquid courage, hooted hour upon hour, raised their rock fists into the air, threw up and, inebriated beyond standing, needed to be dragged off the grass?Oh yes, there was plenty of that.It was cold. It was windy. Pot smoke mingled with cigarette smoke.

  24. chuck says:

    Did they shut down the New York State Freeway?
    I did the brown acid.

  25. smartman says:

    I Apologize
    To all the veterans of WWI for allowing the assembly of human excrement called Rockfest to to soil the grounds of your Memorial. Your sacrifice to keep communists, fascists and anarchists out of the country was never able to destroy the seeds of this domestic enemy. They despise your honor, code and integity but gladly defecate and vomit on the free land that you fought to defend. They wipe their asses with the blanket of freedom you wove.They are the children of the Vast Wasteland that Newton Minow predicted.

    Kill ’em all and let them rot in hell like the feral pigs they are.

  26. bschloz says:

    Big World
    Text I received from a business friend at 8:30 pm …
    Blk label tonight !!!!!!!!

    For the record this came from 35 year old kid married with 2 kids, — owns his own business …just bought a house cashola etc. etc…
    –I think the WWI Vets are cool with this gig once a year!

  27. Puppy Love says:

    Smartman Take a Pill
    Dude how old are you smartchump? My lord, get some medical help. Soon. Went to Rock Fest. Had a ball, a bit chilly but all those hot bods made it just warm enough. Bands were great. I’ll be there next year. I am 29 years old and still love Hard Rock. Love Dare.

  28. Drug Fest says:

    Smell the Weed!
    Great Pot all over, cops didn’t care. Very cool. Fantastic time. Thank you 98.9. Fuck Smartman.

  29. Lucky says:

    Got Lucky at the Fest
    I scored a girl that was an 8. YES! So screw Dare,Glazer,Hearne,smartman and Harley. I am the shit, not you guys.

  30. chuck says:

    Jesus kid.

    “I scored a girl that was an 8.”


    I get the biological, chemical, irreversible, implacable urge to fuck good lookin girls (That same judgement, is metaphysically subjective, thank god, and I apologize to Mermaid and her minions for the bare faced facts to follow.). BTW, I am six miles south of a bottle of Sky fuckin voKka, so philisphilcal argumets should be taken with a block of salt.

    Objectification of woemen is, imo, a two edged sword that insures continuation fo the species, wihile confusing and angering teh objecto of our purporte d affections. Damn– iI am drunk.

    If ther is no “Lucky”, chemical (Hey, romance is chemical, and we are all subject tp ot’s vississitudes–especially my hero Glaze..) aggression, in the way of an appproach- “May I have this dance?” is negayted, and we are do do birds.

    Phernomes—chemical—programming—it is Instinct– (The concept of instinct is falacious, and stupid, —think about it—Birds fly Notrh in summer and south in Winter–and because we put a name on it–actually a sound, we think- as a group, after studiying bioligy–tahat we undersand it–ridiculous!! Names on phenonmemon, are just names. Confucsious said–If I coud atart the world agian, I would begin with the re anming of names. Names—are concepts–yeah– ia ma drunk)

    Back to “Lucky”. God bless him and his objectification of weomen. Mermaid– you are very beautiful, and guys like you—and , when gusy first meet you (Unless they ar e at a Ga Ga concert–fuck you, I love the gays–) they imagine, they are in be d with you.

    Who fuckin cares??

    We men, are all “lucky”, no diss, some, are more sophisticated, Fuckn Glaze is the man—and think about it–once agoin drundk on my ass–GLAZE LOVES THE GIRLS!!

    We all love you girls, and sometimes we atre like “lucky” and don’t express ourselvdes so well.

    I have befoer i go sto sleep- good andbad news–

    Everythign you think you know, may god strike me blind and deadd—IS WRONG!!

    The world is nothing but thought.

    Ideas, transfered through memory, which is thought.

    The concepts, and ideas that you live by, are imagined and in fact, a construct of our minds.

    Our minds, which are phenominally based, are in fact, not what we are.

    Forgive me please for my impudence.

    We see, this world, this fake world, this made up concept of this world, in pronouns.

    “I” is a lie.

    Death and destruction of our fake world, is founded in pronouns.



    I know you guys are gonn a have a laugh.

    I am laughing too.

    Every 7 years, every cell in your body is replaced. Look it up.

    So lemme ask you somthing muter fucker—(Tip of the hat to Pete towsnd)—“WHO ARE YOU???


    So cock sure, in your insouciant bullshit day to day ad hoc horseshit.

    Lets review—-What the fuck atre you?

    Fuck you, youre wrong—

    Dont get me wrong–I have tried so fuckin hard since 1987 to figrue this shit out.

    I have failed.

    I don’t know.

    I do know–for the most part, with few wxceptions, you are wrong.

    Pisses me off.

    Love this blog, love Glaze, Smartman, Bschloz, Mermaid, Black Barbie (A whole lot), love all you guys. Big time smooches. Drunks as helll going to bed.

    You are wrong, one more time. ther is NO SUCH THING AS TIME!!

    Question your base beliefs.

    They aare conceptual.

    There is only change, unless you choose to drift on the surface of what really is.

    I love you, sorry I am so drunk.

  31. chuck says:

    The skin cells, the bone cells, the cells
    in your face, the cells in your brain, the entire package, that you think is you, WAS NOT THERE 7 YEARS AGO.

    Sorry–got another beer.

    Look it up fuck head.

    What the fuck are we??

    Wet by every rain, and blown by every wind, our minds, trick us into pain.

    Identity (I know Smartman, genius that he is, is gonna kill me, don’t care, I know Harley is gonna eat my lunch. love him any way, Mermaid, and, all you guys are gonna kill me, I know, fuck it…I am telling the truth, and i love you guys.)

    Seriously, dont you think it is weird tath the whole fuckin world goes crazy when somebody dies???

    Its stupid. The whole fuckin black, draped coffin bullshit—are you fuckin kidden me???

    WHO THE FUCK LIVES FOREVER?? Not to mention, as previosly mentioned the word “Who” is the genisis of lthe worlds problems. Pronouns can kill.

    Everybody dies. Get the fuck over it. For a perfect explanation of death, as occidentals (Americans) see it, read Becker’s “Denial of Death”.

    Not morbid at all, a clinical explanation of our (Body identification) of death. Ironically, he died at 51 after this last tome. Fuck Freud, Becker has Western motivation of action, on a minute to minute basis.

    B ecker—is a tool that expalins why we don’t understand shit.

    He is a tool that does not work. A great explanation of a tool that does not work.

    IMO, we tend to discount the thought processes of ancient figures, because of our transcendental, physicall accomplishments.

    Think, imo, about having NOTHING TO DO, but thinking about life and death. Not to mention, your mom and dad justr got fuckin thrown to the lions.

    Sophistication, in terms of technology, and the eclectic accomplishments available in our libraryies, are not there.

    What is there, in the face of violence, adversity, and , with the availability of time, is retrospection.

    Self realiziation. Looking inward to another life, that is spiritual.

    FUCK YOU! Yeah, I said Spiritual.

    But not like you think.

    Ephemeral, not ecclesiastical, ehterial, subjective.

    My hero is Ramana.

    You will not die.

    You were never born.

    Pronouns kill us all.


  32. chuck says:

    I am sofukin drunk–or i would never
    have the nerve to tell u this.

    Make fun of me, its cool.

    You will NOT DIE!

    There is no “you”.

    Its a good thing.

    Well, its a gtood thing in “My” opinion.


    Fuck pronouns!!!

    Its gonna be ok, ya know why?—You have ALWAYS BEEN HERE!!

    Gregorian calender is a concept.

    Everything you think you know, is a concept, an idea you wer taught.

    Our minds will trick us.

    Leaves of grass and all that shit…

    “Our” and “us”, kills us.

    St. Paul waits outside the wall s of Damascus.

    A Kcconfidential epiphany.

    God i am drunkk.

  33. chuck says:

    one more time.
    With the exception of the cells in your teeth, which regenerate more slowly, NOT FUCKING ONE CELL IN YOUR BODY EXISTED IN 2004.

    Who are you?

    What are you?

  34. chuck says:

    Too much I know…
    One more time, research this deal extensivley, when you are not drunk, like i am.


    So who the fuck are we?

    Think for a minute, about standing on the ground outside in your front yard.

    I know, fuckheads, you think, in your mind, you are standing on top of the world. Not true. Think about yourself, upside down, held to the earth by gravity, on the bottom.

    Fuck you Smartman, I love you, go ahead…

    The ideas that we have, imo, are totally identity based. What the fuick mutherfucker, we name our godfish!!

    We name everything.

    We are programmed to seperate by identification.

    One more time, fuck you smartman (He is gonna kill me.).

    Everything is conceptual. Every idea, every thing we do, every thought we have, is filtered through our identity.

    Fuck those pronouns.

    I love you guys, Bscloz, Smartman, Mermaid, Barbie, Hearne, Glaze, Tracy, GHall,–I am an unabashed lover of this blog.

  35. chuck says:

    Up early for surgery.
    Ignorance is not bliss.

    Paul is not dead.

    Charlie, charlie can surf his fuckin ass off.

    I live way too close to Zona Rosa.

    Off to work.

  36. chuck says:

    Now I am really late, long day…
    but, if I am talking to you—-

    There is the person I think I am, talking to you, the person I think you are, and, the person you think you are, listening to the person you think I am.

    Zona Rosa.

  37. bschloz says:

    This is awesome shit—-I mean PayPal awesome!
    Best if read in Foster Brooks voice.
    Smartman and Harley sure to give you professional pass….its Kerouac sitting back in the weeds waiting to pounce.

  38. Green Bay Forever says:

    Chuck You were Smashed
    Chuck, hope it was not a long night.

  39. Pissed Off says:

    Chuck Has ‘Glaze” For a Hero’
    So you are a Glazer fan huh. You must be drunk.

  40. Henry The Sports Czar says:

    Chuck Stop
    Chuck get help!

  41. chuck says:

    Time for a little hair of the dog.
    Just home, need a beer. 🙂

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