Jack Goes Confidential: Crude and Raunchy ‘BRIDESMAIDS’—A BLAST!

Most comedies headlined by Saturday Night Live cast members might have made a good seven minute sketch.

But streched into a 2 hour-long movie they’ve often faded into a drawn-out abyss of failure with the laughs giving way to embarassingly long jibberish.
That’s NOT the case with BRIDESMAIDS!
Thanks to its producer Judd Apatow ( 40 Year Old Virgin, Knocked Up) this one doesn’t fall into the SNL trap.
The comedy’s opening scene alone is a wild and dirty romp between the sheets that had me craving a cigarette by the time it was over.

You’d swear it came straight from one of Craig Glazer’s fabled adventures……

BRIDESMAIDS is really not a wedding movie. It’s more of a female buddy movie about bridal party dynamics set against the backdrop of Maya Rudolph’s wedding which soon turns Kristen Wiig into the maid of DIS-honor.

To say that she totally unravels Rudolph’s big day is a major understatement.

Let’s just say that Wiig leads a group of colorful bridesmaids on a wild ride down the road to matrimony.

Unlike in THE HANGOVER, these bachelorette partying gals don’t even make it to Las Vegas. Their escapades at 35,000 feet gets them kicked off the plane in Casper, Wyoming and they have to take a bus back home.

So let’s just describe this movie as THE HANGOVER with a Sex Change!

Definitely not an A-list cast here, as director Paul Feig guides the ensemble of Wendi McLendon-Covery (Reno 11), Elli Kemper (The Office), Rose Byrne (Get Him To The Greek), Chris O’Dowd (Pirate Radio), Matt Lucas (Alice in Wonderland), Rebel Wilson (Ghost Rider), Michael Hitchcock (Best In Show)  ) and Jon Hamm (Mad Men) through a labyrinth pure cinematic debauchery.

It’s also nice to see the late Jill Clayburgh in her last role as Wiig’s mother.

But it’s plus-sized Melissa McCarthy from TV’s ‘Mike & Molly’ who steals the show. She’s got some of the best and funniest lines of the entire movie.

And what a way to introduce them all to the big screen!

Like in the borderline food poisoning scene which had our screening audience—BOTH male and female—rolling in the aisles (well sort of).

Kristen Wiig really spotlights her comic chops in BRIDESMAIDS, which she also co-wrote and co-produced. And leave it to over-the-top Judd Apatow to make sure that it didn’t turn into a girly movie—despite its title!

It’s raunchy, crude and VERY funny!

It’s BRIDESMAIDS, which Variety calls a FEMALE version of ‘Boys Gone Wild’—Opening to 3-1/2 out of 5, R-rated, sticky fingers.

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4 Responses to Jack Goes Confidential: Crude and Raunchy ‘BRIDESMAIDS’—A BLAST!

  1. jon says:

    Nucky insurance
    If I take my lady to see this flick are you guaranteeing that I’ll get some Glazer sex afterwards?

  2. jennie says:

    Don’t let me down
    Thanks Jack. It sounds like a riot. My friends and I can’t wait to see it. Hope it lives us to the hype.

  3. bschloz says:

    Looks funny
    Big Kristen Wiig fan here.
    Might be the funniest woman ever.

  4. bschloz says:

    Great Review
    This is some of funniest stuff I’ve seen since Something About Mary.–
    Great music.

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