Starbeams: Crown Center Day Care, Tammy Faye Rescues Scout & Incarcerated @ The K


Someone splashed a bucket of paint all over the back of the Kansas City Scout statue overlooking downtown. Even with the vandalism, the statue isn’t as ugly as the painted cows display that came through town in 2001.  It was actually somewhat refreshing to see area taggers going abstract for a change.

A $15 million Legoland Discovery Center will open in spring 2012 in conjunction with a $15 million Sea Life aquarium at Crown Center.  The giant Legoland will reportedly create a two- to three-hour indoor experience for children ages 3 to 10.  Area parents are already calling it DAYCARE LAND.

Crime is so rampant and prisons so crowded in Syria that sports stadiums there are being converted.  If you’ve been a Royals fan for the past 20 years, you know how that feels.

Workers have now removed the paint that was thrown on the tail end of the KC SCOUT.  It took a full day to remove the paint. Thankfully, the guy who was in charge of removing Tammy Faye’s makeup still lives in town.
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  1. BarKeeper says:

    Vandals and the Scout
    Glad you are refreshed by the Scout being vandalized. I hope you live in KC so you can share the several thousand bucks it will eventually cost to put the statue back in correct condition. What a blithering honking goose!
    Your heroes, the “area taggers” need to be caned in a public place when caught.

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