Glazer: KC Actress Gina Ninci & Comic Will C Dance With Stars

Well, we all have stories about the one that got away, right?

When I was traveling between LA and KC – running Stanford‘s and producing sports films – I met this killer, blue-eyed, 20 year-old blonde, Gina Ninci. My brother, Jack, brought her to my office. She was centerfold material, and seemed to be a very nice person.

Smashing looking!

So I invited her to go back to LA with me and she said, cool. She told me her name and said she had a new phone number and for me to call information and get it. And that she’d leave the next day with me for LA. So I called information but no Gina Mince.

A year later I learned it was Ninci, not Mince. But by then she was engaged, having a baby and so on. Damn! A year later she was single again. We dated, but too much water had traveled under the bridge. Besides she was a KU student living on campus. She was doing sports reporting for KU in hopes landing of a film or TV gig. She visited me in LA several times, then moved there in 1999 or 2000.

We’re still pals, and see each other once or twice or so a year in LA or Vegas or KC. Now she lives in San Diego.

But now I’m so proud of her.  After years of doing mostly commercials this year she hit some good ones and has landed a part in Clint Eastwood’s movie Hoover, staring Leo DiCaprio.  And last week Gina played a reporter in the TV movie, "Who Killed Chandra Levy?"

Gina also just did a pilot with Brian Austin(married to Megan Fox) and was on 90210. She landed a part on "The Wedding Band" with "Meet The Parents" star Terri Polo. She’s also in "Man Up" and the new Wonder Woman TV show.

So things are looking up for this KC gal.

She’s coming back home in June for a wedding – no, not mine. Ha. And she’s looking very good.


Another KC guy doing well all of a sudden is Will C. His real name is Will Clifton. Will was a comic at Stanford’s for about 10 years. And last year Will had a small part on "Family Jewels" with Kiss star Gene Simmons. This summer he will be a co lead in a new reality show called, "Rouge Society" dealing with people who rip us off on things like used cars. Should be funny.

Will will perform again at the club again this summer.

Hey, the guy had the guts to out and try for the big stuff without knowing anyone. Just like Gina. It’s tough work, so my hat’s off to them both.

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9 Responses to Glazer: KC Actress Gina Ninci & Comic Will C Dance With Stars

  1. smartman says:

    Me Too
    I met a young Jennifer Aniston about 20 years ago. Same deal. Call me. I’m in the book. I thought she said Anustun. That’s OK. I told her my name was Lake Scottsdale and that I was related to River Phoenix.

  2. harley says:

    last summer in vegas
    I was at the palms pool and laid out next to paris hilton and bought her a $15 drink.
    I was run into one time in a restuarnt by dick Clark and was ready to kick his ass
    until i saw he was an old man.
    I was in las vegas at the ceasars palace arena and walked past billy joel and
    elton john.
    I was once on a plane with John F Kennedy Jr. (luckily he wasn’t flying)
    I met Wayne Newton one time.
    I met Muhammed Ali at a wedding in louisville
    I shook hands with Bob Dole
    I met and talked with President Obama at his campaign appearance in kansas city.
    Now…who gives afuck…come on glaze…lets get to some good stuff….predict the hottie
    forecast for 2011 summer.

  3. KU Forever says:

    Jealous People
    Man who are these fools Craig? I know you dated Gina, she was at Stanfords a million times when I was there in the 90’s. These photos don’t do her justice, she is a dish. Boy some people really want to see you fall, so bad. You should take that as a compliment my friend. Best of luck to Gina and Will.

  4. Comed King says:

    Have seen Will at Club
    Will has gotten much better these past years. Saw him at OP was ok, saw him at your new club, much improved, when will he be there next?

  5. Doormat says:

    Gina Rocks
    Girl good going. Met you at Harry’s Bar and Tables ten years ago. You are such a pretty lady. You told me you were working towards an acting career, now its happening. Good for you Gina. All the best. Come home and visit us.

  6. maureen says:

    I’m Looks Better
    If shes a star, I should be a super star. You picked her over me. Please.

  7. Man Hater says:

    Yes! Cooooodos Gina
    See a hardworking lady can make it happen in Hollywood, without taking her clothes off, good for you Gina.

  8. Shamara says:

    Gina Oh No
    Are yo still seeing her Craig? Boy does that bring back the past. In a NOT good way. Guess she is ok. Still not married huh. Her not you.

  9. Craig Glazer says:

    Its a rough game in Hollywood
    It takes time to get far enough into it out there just to make ends meet. You never know how long if ever that will take to happen. So I am always excited for people like Gina or Will to get something good happening. I pull for my friends and KC people to get the big breaks, hope they both continue to do well.

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