OTC: Tyler Gabbert Transfers Out Of Mizzou


“University of Missouri redshirt freshman quarterback Tyler Gabbert has decided to leave the football program, to pursue other playing opportunities, as announced today by Head Coach Gary Pinkel. Gabbert came to Mizzou as part of the 2010 recruiting class, and enrolled a semester early at MU.  He took part in the last two spring camps, and redshirted during the 2010 season.”
Chad Moller, Missouri Assistant AD, press release
GH: Maybe not a bombshell but at least a tremor through Pinkel’s football program. Just days after former Mizzou QB,  Blaine Gabbert, is drafted 10th overall by Jacksonville, his younger brother drops out of what many thought were a highly competitive starting QB battle at Mizzou between him and James Franklin. Read on.
“One thing I’ve learned, people who are very jealous and insecure about themselves talk down about people on twitter. Sweet life!!”
Blaine Gabbert, Twitter
GH: Just a guess here but I’m pretty sure big brother Blaine was commenting about some of the snaky tweets regarding Tyler’s departure. Read on.
“Um….guess that clears up that QB battle.”
Doug Stewart, of WHB 810, Twitter
If ya can’t beat ‘em…transfer ‘em.”
Curtis Kitchen, Twitter
GH: What Blaine and Tyler need to understand is that the media and fans can and will turn on you, depending on how much you can help or hurt their team. I don’t have a problem with a college athlete changing is mind and transferring. Coaches and schools do it to the athletes all the time so why shouldn’t the athlete be able to do what he/she thinks best for them? But getting dissed publicly is part of the process of big-time college sports.
“We wish Tyler the best and will do everything we can to assist him going forward. He’s worked very hard in our program this past year, and we thank him for his efforts.  Tyler is a high quality person and an outstanding football player.”
Gary Pinkel, press release
GH: I would love to know what Pinkel really thinks. Just a month ago Tyler was elevated to share the number-one QB spot on the MU depth chart. Now he’s gone. Something happened here and I don’t think it was just Tyler’s poor spring-game performance.
“Just four days ago I talked to Tyler Gabbert and he sounded ecstatic about competing for Mizzou‘s QB job.”
Dave Matter, Columbia Tribune columnist, Twitter
GH: So what happened in those four days? There is a story here and I’m guessing it will be difficult to cover up.
"There are other factors that went into this decision that we’re not going to discuss with the press."
Chuck Gabbert, Tyler’s and Blaine’s dad, from Dave matter on Twitter
GH: The Internet has a way of making these “other factors” public.
"Missouri is heavily recruiting two quarterbacks in the 2012 class. Gunner Kiel was named this morning as the top quarterback in the class and the No. 19 overall player in the Rivals100. Maty Mauk is also highly sought after and has had Missouri high on his list.”
Gabe DeArmond, PowerMizzou.com
GH: Could it simply be that the competition heat got too hot for the younger Gabbert? I think it might be that he was “approached” to take his talents elsewhere. Like Louisville.
“Possible destination for T. Gabbert: keep in mind old Neb OC and new Louisville QB coach Shawn Watson had both Gabberts saying yes to Huskers.”
Blair Kerkhoff, Twitter
GH: Watson just arrived at Louisville from Lincoln and he might not have liked what he saw at QB. I’m guessing getting word to Tyler that he would sure look good in Cardinal red was not to difficult.
“Tyler Gabbert transferring? Wow…that sure caught me by surprise. Nebraska was better off without him I guess.”
Sean Callahan, Nebraska-based sports writer, Twitter
GH: Just because a kid transfers from one school doesn’t mean he would have been a mistake recruit at Nebraska or Louisville or Arkansas. I think Tyler has a big-time arm and a future as a college starter. I know I’ll root for him wherever he lands.
“True story: I went to summer camp with Joakim Noah. At 5 years old, he was not nearly as astute at throwing elbows and poking eyes.”
Jeff Passan, of YahooSports.com, Twitter
GH: Passan’s tweet spawned a follow-up tweet from a fellow ex-Kansas City Star reporter, DeAnn Smith. Read on.
“True story: I sat in kindergarten with Willie Roaf. He ‘borrowed’ my Chips A Hoy cookies. Tallest kid in class but string bean."
DeAnn Smith, formerly of The Star, Twitter
GH: DeAnn’s cookies may have developed a hankering for sweets in that “string bean” and future HOF NFL lineman. Anybody else have some before-they-were-famous stories to tell?
GregHall24@yahoo.com and Twitter / greghall24
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5 Responses to OTC: Tyler Gabbert Transfers Out Of Mizzou

  1. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    Gabbert didn’t want to risk not beating out Franklin
    Plain and simple. Bottom line is that MU is loaded at the quarterback position as has some of the top high school qb’s in the nation on it’s radar. Good luck to Tyler Gabbert, I hope it all works out for him.

  2. smartman says:

    Grab Gab and Go
    Would hate to be Tyler. Big brother left big shoes to fill. Lots of competition at the QB spot. He’s not exactly Eli to Blaine’s Peyton. Will be interesting to see KK’s take on this as well as the truth.

  3. MoCrash says:

    A Before Memory
    I have an indelible memory of high school senior Shaquille O’Neal on the dance floor, mirror ball overhead, at a New Year’s Eve party in Kerrville, Texas. He was about 6-10 then and was shaking it with the skinny Gillingham sisters of Poth, Texas, 6-5 Heidi and 6-3 Gretchen. I’ve never seen so many arms and legs akimbo. He was a big, fun-loving galoot back then, and I frankly haven’t noticed any change in him through the years.

  4. harley says:

    Franklin kid was one of the best qb’s out of texas…he runs and throws the ball like noone ever
    seen in missouri. He will kick ku’s ass for years to come.
    Tyler felt he was entitled to the qb postion because his brother played there. blaine proclaimed his
    brother the #1 qb at mu and it pissed off the coaches….he’s nowhere near his brother
    but he’ll find somewhere to do well….
    MU is on a recruiting hot streak right now….they are going after 2 of the best wide receivers in the
    nation and possibly stealing them from other high profile programs.
    Pinkel is on a roll……and they will need a special plane to bring all the players hes getting from
    texas over the next 2 years plus some big names from florida and california.

  5. Merle Tagladucci says:

    “Will be interesting to see KK’s take on this as well as the truth.”

    No. No it won’t.

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