Glazer: Time Traveling @ Shawnee Mission East w/ Conan Star

High School revisited…

How long’s it been since you walked the halls of your old high school? Time moves faster than we think it does. I graduated Shawnee Mission East in the 1970’s and didn’t fully realize it had been three decades since I’d been in my old haunt.

Thanks to my former girlfriend and friend Sandahl Bergman I got to relive my fun days of teenage drama one more time this past weekend.

Sandhal was in town for a special SME dinner and awards program honoring her as one of the all-time female film stars from this area. She graduated from East. In fact she went straight to Broadway and then Hollywood after senior year. No time for college, which she says would have been nice. She couldn’t pass up the big career, she explained in her speech to students, families and teachers at the special event.

Bergman won the Golden Globe Award in 1983 over stars like Molly Ringwald for her role in Conan with Arnold Schwarzenegger. She went on to a long career in film, stage and TV. Her movies included All That Jazz and Xanadu. Today she’s a director for the arts in LA, but says she’d like to retire and move back to KC.

During the event I had the chance to go up and down the hallways of East.

I traveled through my youthful past at the school. The event was held in the old cafeteria where I first met Sandahl many years ago. She wouldn’t talk to me back then because I was a sophomore and she was a senior. With her local stardom at Starlight, she was already the talk of the school.

During a break in the well done event, I skipped out to look around. Even with all the improvements, the school was pretty much the same with new paint and some new buildings. As I walked past the principal’s office to the front hallway I remembered the car I drove back then, the clothes I wore anf the people I used to hang with.

Kinda choked me up.

It seemed only like 10 years ago that I ran those hallways. I always liked high school and by my senior year I was a popular kid and had it all going my way. Remember how scary it was to graduate and not know what the hell was coming next?

I ended up at Arizona State and you know the rest of the story: King of Sting. Who knew?

I was glad I went back. If you haven’t been back to your high school, it’s something you might enjoy. It was a really a good trip because the head guy listens to Johnny Dare and knew about my book. He offered to put it in the East library. So I gave them two books and in they went. Of course I wanted them to be there, but it’s a process.

But the principle just went around that and said OK. I told him the book’s kinda racy and he laughed and said so are other books we have. My nephew, Jake Glazer, is a sophomore at East and has a 4.3 grade average and is going to the state tennis championship this weekend.

Jake got more A’s in one semester then I did all four years there.

And Jake’s never been in a speck of trouble – a great young man -nothing like I was, thank God.

His little brother Alex will be at East in one year as well. My book was dedicated to both of them.

A trip down memory lane can be a nice experience. Mine was. Who knows when I’ll be back again – maybe never. But Sandahl’s picture will be on the wall there. And maybe one day mine can join her’s there. If I stay out of trouble. Ha!
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16 Responses to Glazer: Time Traveling @ Shawnee Mission East w/ Conan Star

  1. Bad Ass Jew, Berkowitz says:

    Saw It All Again at Reunion
    Craig you could have walked through during our 20th reunion. That was the day you got indicted. So we all talked about you that night. We were given a tour of the school, so you would have seen it back then had you been, uh, available. Glad it all was fun for you again. It’s a trip.

  2. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    Glad you had a good time Craig, but….
    my 25th class reunion is in July and I’d rather pound my balls flat with a wooden mallet than go back there and associate with the redneck jerkoffs I went to school with.

  3. Henry The Sports Czar says:

    High School Sucked
    I never want to go back to that pit. I hated it, you are lucky you had a good experience. Most of us didn’t.

  4. Big Brother says:

    She looks amazing
    the girl still looks great. Hard to believe she is in her late 50’s. Saw her at my 40th reunion, man time has gone so damn fast.

  5. downtown davey says:

    Is That Her on the cover of the magazine?
    Saw her in All That Jazz years ago. What a body. She still looks very hot if the photos are recent. I assume that is her on the Esquire cover, nice.

  6. Tony Tubbs says:

    You Were An Asshole At High School
    Yeah you loved high school, got the girls, black leather jacket, tough little punk, that be you Glazer. You and your little gang of thugs. I remember your ass. You thought your shit didn’t stink. Always wanted to fuck you up. Wish I had. So now you got your book in the library. Guess that makes you happy. Teaching kids to be a thug like you. Really special asshole.

  7. Pissed Off says:

    Rip Off
    So this movie star went out with you in LA. Did she know you were an ex-con? Did she know you robbed people? You seem like a bright guy Glazer, why didn’t you apply that in college instead of becoming a hood? Guess you thought that was cool. At least they killled Woodbeck. Guess you got away, huh. So now you are famous? How is that fair? Some of us had to work for a living. Yeah I hear you on radio with your pal Dare. Two of a kind. Show off Mother fuckers. Try doing what I do everyday, construction. One talks and one is a Hollywood fag. Hey you guys are funny, I’ll give you that. But try the real world suckers.

  8. maureen says:

    I Think Glazer and Dare work Hard
    Mister Pissed off, boy and you are, these two men work hard every day just like you do sir. It’s a different kind of work, but trust me I know them both. You may not like them or you don’t understand them, but they give people lots of entertainment which these days we need. So get off their tails!

  9. chuck says:

    Nice story Glaze.
    Too short, give us a little more detail.

    Liked Tony Tubbs comment. Sounds like you got into his shit pretty heavy. He is still pissed off. Good thing you are so hard to find (cough!! cough!!). Maybe a good healthy rogering from Shane Diesel will get Tony in a happier place.

    Pissed Off, hey man, dude paid his debt etc. Turned his life around. America is all about redemption. I work construction, we are working class heros, Glaze is a raconteur. It is what it is. Life is NEVER about fair, at least thats what my experience has been.

    One thing does kinda bother me. Check out the size of that zit on her back. I gotta believe the photographer was way the fuck in his cups when he took that picture. If he is sober, he’s gotta mention it. “Hey sweetie, take a quick break here, I’m gonna call in a dozen or so Zulus with assegais to approach, contain and lance that Pike Peak Pustule of Puss on your back. Jeff!! bring up some pickle buckets, we’re gonna have some drainage.”

  10. mermaid says:

    It’s been a long time…
    Way to go Craig! Good job on getting the book in the library! I haven’t walked those halls in a long long time. I always think about it but these days you have to get passes etc. and I would feel silly saying I was reminiscing. One day I will have to do it. I always drive by and wonder why they can’t make it look better in the front. They have had the same silly sign since we went there. Of course you were there 15 yrs before me!

  11. smartman says:

    To pee or not to pee
    So who paid for this soiree? Was it privately funded with the school properly compensated for its’ use or was this a taxpayer funded boondoggle,pissing money away at a time when the SM District is in a cash crunch?

    Seems a tad bit strange to honor someone whose success was more due to organic talent than by any nuturing, mentoring or tutelage by the school; whose association with her was defined by provenance and not choice.

    I avoid my reunions like hot beer and wet toilet paper. I prefer to remember my classmates as they were and don’t want to know what they’ve become. I don’t wanna see a fat cheeleader or a balding, crippled athletic stud. Don’t need to shatter my pseudo reality and the fragile egosystem that sustains my psyche.

    Nice call on the zit Chuck! Nothing like the old days of busting one on the mirror so you could write your name in it. Tried to do an experiment in physics in high school to use a high speed camera to film a zit being popped and measure the speed of the goo blasting out. Never happened, couldn’t get a high speed camera.

  12. chuck says:

    I read once that when you sneeze,
    stuff blows outta your nose at 104 mph!

    Now I gotta work on a slider.

  13. harley says:

    SO WHAT…
    another good ole days story…who cares…you live in the past…sitting around thinking about
    what the old days were like. go outside and get some sun…
    Glaze..nice story about high school…but lets get back to the action now..
    when does woodside pool open…wheres all your hot chicks…whens the movie premiere…
    o lets turn the fire up and get out there nd get some good stories
    about the kc hotties.and whats up this summer..
    please…no more good old days stories….thanks.

  14. harley says:


  15. HARLEY says:

    glaze…when you turn 60 next year….
    we need to have one huge party.
    Bring iin all your old flames/hos/escorts/employees/girlfriend etdc….problem is wed
    have to rent out bartle hall to hold all those girls.
    Now…more sex and gossip stories

  16. Henry The Sports Czar says:

    It is gossip and sex Harley
    Harley it is what you wanted. I take it Glazer is friends with her cause they had, well, SEX, at some point, duhh. It was a party and Glazer’s past revisited is much more exciting then anyone I can think of, you included Harley, sorry. You are a gas though.

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