Sounds Good: Tuneyards@Jackpot Saloon; Chuck Meade@Knucklehaeds; Of Montreal@Liberty Hall

Friday, May 6th 

Tuneyards and Here We Go Magic at the Jackpot Saloon in Lawrence 

I love seeing bands that I’ve never heard (or really even heard of) before, but that come highly recommended by others in the know.  This show is one of these.  Unfortunately, I’m already committed to something else, so please go and drink one for me. 

Tuneyards is an interesting project of Merrill Garbus that incorporates impromptu drum loops, ukulele, and other odd instrumentation.  She is touring on her recently release album, whokill, which has received critical praise including an 8.8 rating and “best new music” stamp from Pitchfork.  

Don’t take it from me- take it from Thom Yorke, lead singer of Radiohead.  After seeing Here We Go Magic in the summer of 2010 at the Glastonbury Festival in England he tagged them as his “favorite act of the festival.”  If it’s good enough for Thom, it’s good enough for me. 


MerleJam featuring Chuck Meade and others at Knuckleheads in KC 

Former Lawrence resident Chuck Meade of BR5-49 fame is lending his considerable country chops to this show, proceeds of which go to heart transplant patients and their families.  The show starts early at 6:30 and also features Outlaw Jim and the Whiskey Benders, the Lone jack Band, and others.  

Meade is also playing Saturday night at the Bottleneck, which will likely turn into a sort of homecoming party as it usually does. 



Saturday, May 7th

 Of Montreal at Liberty Hall in Lawrence 

Of Montreal are known for their elaborate costumes, theatrical performances, and eclectic music sensibilities.  Part psychedelic, part pop, part glam, this Athens, Georgia band has a reputation for their odd and anything-goes live shows.  Certainly, Of Montreal are nothing if not adventurous, and their purposeful weirdness can sometimes get in the way of the vast musical concepts that are played out on stage. 

But then again, sometimes it works perfectly.
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  2. chuck says:

    The above comment, could be Unity Village
    “Word of the Day”, which is actually permission for alien forces from Zandar to invade.

    Remember, Dick Van Dyke was a big “Word of the Day” guy. Very cool.

    More likely it is, the clarion call of Janissaries, high as fuck on hash, storming the walls in Constantinople in 1453.

    It was a fuckin Tuesday. Of course.

    Janissary, is a stolen Christian boy, brain washed into fighting for the Taliban like fucks all over the world.

    Lets all hope, they are as dumb as the Shoe Bomber.

    Mermaid, weigh in.

  3. smartman says:

    Ethel Mermaid
    C’mon Chuck you know Mermaid is at her WOMENSA meeting this weekend.

  4. chuck says:

    . Perfect…

  5. chuck says:

    Dinner, new Restaurant!!!
    Great night ahead. 🙂

  6. bschloz says:

    Turn Right On Colbern
    Unity Village …link whores they are

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