OTC: Nick Wright Nails Chiefs Draft W/ 5 of 9 Correct Picks


“Some people think I’m arrogant and this probably isn’t going to help.”
Nick Wright, after he predicting 5 of the Chiefs’ 9 draft picks correctly prior to the draft, 610 AM
GH: I heard Wright play an audio clip Monday from one of last week’s shows where he impressively nailed five of the Chiefs picks. He named Baldwin, Hudson, Houston, Stanzi and Powe. He didn’t just list a bunch of names as possible Chiefs’ picks, Wright went round by round and named all five of these players. He didn’t get them all in exactly the correct round but who cares? If 610 Sports hasn’t put together a promo add highlighting Nick’s picks, what the hell are they waiting for? The kid needs all the help he can get when it comes to sports credibility and this kind of pub can only help.
“I’ll send out a tweet Gabe and try and help you out (collecting Twitter followers).”
Nick Wright, to the Chiefs’ fifth-round pick, Gabe Miller, a DE out of Oregon State, 610 AM
GH: I chuckled when I heard Wright tell this new Chief he would help him out, with a tweet to his followers. I missed Wright’s tweet. He is the only member of the Kansas City media who has chosen to block me from his tweets. Some guys have thicker skin than others. Wright’s appears to be onion-skin depth.
“I don’t want a tight end from Yale. I’m just gonna assume he’s not athletic enough. There, I said it. I’ve never seen him.”
Nick Wright, 610 AM
GH: Sounds like Nick might be a tad prejudice when it comes to white skill players in the NFL. Shocker.
“Why do people get physically angry when an athlete makes it clear where he stands politically? I don’t think athletes should be held to any different standards than you and me when it comes to talking about the events of the day.”
Nick Wright, 610 AM
“This was by far the most efficient we’ve been (in the war room). …We were a well-oiled machine this year.”
Todd Haley, in an interview with Soren Petro, 810 AM
GH: Haley’s interview with Petro was one of the few times I have heard the Chiefs’ head coach so animated, friendly and just plain fun on the radio. Could Haley be maturing into the head coach we hoped he would become both on the sideline and off? Year three awaits with some of those answers.
“As soon as I got drafted Larry Fitzgerald text me and said, ‘You’re gonna love Coach Haley,’ and things of that nature.”
Jonathan Baldwin, in an interview with Steven St. John and Nate Bukaty, 810 AM
“I’m a big playmaker. I make a lot of spectacular catches. … Get ready for some big plays and expect a lot out of the Chiefs next season.”
Jonathan Baldwin, 810 AM
GH: Baldwin sounded confident but not cocky – despite how that quote reads. He did not sound at all like the locker-room cancer some Pitt insiders have portrayed him to be. But he has yet to sweat, so we will see what we will see.
“I’m excited to play for the Hunt family and the rest of their coaching staff.”
Jonathan Baldwin, 810 AM
GH: Score one for Baldwin over Dwayne Bowe. Baldwin already knows the Chiefs are owned by the Hunts and not “The Clarks.”
“(Dwayne Bowe’s) a great receiver. I’ll be sitting around him and soaking up as much information as I can.”
Jonathan Baldwin, 810 AM
GH: Not sure Baldwin will need to bring more than a mini-sponge for that soaking.
“These guys in college football, they think they’re playing hard. They’re not. They have no idea what hard work is until they get into a pro minicamp.”
Herm Edwards, 810 AM
GH: I occasionally speak to high school and college students and my message is the same as Herm’s – school is easy, work is hard. A failing grade at work affects more than your parent’s grumpiness. Try telling your wife and kids you’ve been canned.
“Collin Klein is a great runner. Better than Michael Bishop probably.”
Stan Weber, on the Kansas State QB, 810 AM
GH: Klein may have brought some clarity to the muddled position of quarterback for the Cats. After throwing for 358 yards and five touchdowns in a 25-of-37 performance in the KSU spring game, fans are clamoring for more of this 6’5, 230-pound junior. Weber’s praise of him being a better runner than the revered Bishop is telling. The question all of K-State Nation is asking is Klein this good or the Cats’ defense this bad? A nine-game Big 12 schedule will definitely provide those answers this fall.
“I don’t know a lot about Kansas State but a lot of people think this could be the year Kansas State turns the corner. … Something that’s more consistent week to week and can play with the big boys.”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: That corner has been long anticipated since Bill Snyder’s return as the Cats’ head coach but it’s proved to be a harder right turn than expected. Read on.
“K-State is more in the category where they’re going to have to do all the little things right to make any strides toward the top.”
Stan Weber, with a bit more modest opinion of K-State’s football chances this season in the Big 12, 810 AM
GH: Weber mentioned a 3-6 Big 12 record is a real possibility for K-State this season. KK responded by saying K-State fans would be very unhappy with such a paltry showing. What are KSU’s “easy” Big 12 games? Kansas for one but it is in Lawrence. Iowa State at home in the season finale is another but these teams are fairly equal in talent. After those two, I don’t see a conference game where KSU will be favored. Baylor at home is an opportunity for a third conference win but far from a given. While K-State may be improved, their chances for a bowl will be just as daunting as the past few years. The leaner Big 12 will be a struggle for the teams up North not named Missouri.
“So ESPN 2 will air Oklahoma State vs. Iowa State at 9 pm on a Friday night in November? Yeah, that’s going to pull a high rating. #sarcasm.”
Sean Callahan, Nebraska-based sportswriter, Twitter
GH: The Big 12 is sending the warm-weather-loving Cowboys to Ames in late November? I already like both the wind-chill and points to favor the Clones by -12 in this one.
"All the Big Ten schools are AAU members. I doubt that our application would’ve been accepted had we not been a member of the organization.”
Harvey Perlman, Nebraska Chancellor, last summer when Nebraska was invited to join the Big 10, ESPN.com
GH: Last week Nebraska lost its AAU status and will now embarrassingly be the lone member of the Big 10 without this prestigious academic distinction.
In the short-term, (it’s) an embarrassment.”
Harvey Perlman, on NU losing its AAU status, ESPN.com
GH: And possibly the long term for those Huskers seeking a diploma from what will now be considered the densest school in the Big 10 – and we’re not talking about the cheerleaders’ thighs.
“I think somebody is probably going to have to die. I didn’t say that I agreed with it but I think that’s what it’s going to take.”
Danny Clinkscale, on the ongoing debate on Kevin Kietzman’s show about extending the screen in front of the front-row seats at Kauffman Stadium to beyond the on-field dugouts, 810 AM
GH: I took a tour of the remodeled stadium back when I worked at The Star. The first thing I noticed was that the screen ended abruptly after the Crown seats. I asked the Royals then how they could protect these fans from foul balls. No one seemed concerned. After two serious incidents already this season, KK has brought this subject to the fore and isn’t letting it die. Read on.
“It’s insane, Danny! People don’t watch the game like they used to (with the prevalent use of cell phones at sporting events). Three feet behind where Ned Yost sits you’re not protected!”
Kevin Kietzman, on the lack of a screen for fans seated behind the dugouts at The 810 AM
GH: Kietzman is dead right on this…but I got real tired real fast of hearing this as the topic of conversation segment after segment the last two days. Protecting the fans at The K is important, it just makes for boring radio.
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11 Responses to OTC: Nick Wright Nails Chiefs Draft W/ 5 of 9 Correct Picks

  1. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    LOL @NU!
    That move to the Big 10 looks worse by the day. Wait until the Big XII conference ups the ante with ESPN and FOX getting into a bidding war for the Tier 1 tv rights. FOX is set to make a major move into college football and is ready to pony up with some big time cheddar. They’ve already shown how serious they are by their monster payout for the Big 12’s tier 2 tv rights. Meanwhile, NU is jerking itself off in the Big 10, still not getting the equal payout as all the other member schools. And probably won’t for awhile. And now the AAU kicks them right in the balls. Enjoy the Big 10, you red and white striped overall wearing dicknobs!

  2. smartman says:

    My neighbors 16 year old kid got 7 of the 9 picks correct. He’s a young version of Mel Kiper. The kid is a genius when it comes to D1 and NFL players. He will be a GM someday. Nick needs more than credibility to raise his sinking ship. He is still painful to listen to. I think he’s gotten worse since he started. He’s got the face for radio but he doesn’t have the game.

  3. craig glazer says:

    Cool Call
    Nick was on it brother. Give him props, good calls

  4. Matchy says:

    I don’t mind him but can’t stand the constant race-baiting. Yesterday he called out Luke Scott for being a birther and said he’s “probably, no absolutely is a racist.”

    Shit gets old- if I wanted that crap I’d listen to Shanin and Parks.

  5. axel says:

    LOL @ Guy Who Says What Others Think
    Is that Mike DeArmond? he usually gets all liquored up and writes dumb shit like this about MU football ….”Wait until the Big XII conference ups the ante with ESPN and FOX getting into a bidding war for the Tier 1 tv rights” …with what? Iowa St. vs Baylor in primetime…. or maybe Kansas v Texas Tech in november…sure be to be a showdown of sub .500 teams. Face it goober, you don’t have the firepower for t1 rights now that the BIG RED has taken their millions of fans OUTSIDE nebraska with them. You Cinderallas enjoy the ball while it lasts ….because midnight will soon strike…….poof….your conference is circling the drain and you are in the mountain west holding on for dear life.

  6. P says:

    so Nebraska doesn’t have a Med school on campus….who cares.

    BTW, “guy who says what other’s think’, have fun upping the ante on dick with the amount of leverage the Big 12 has in that 13 year contract they just signed. That contract is good news for OU and A&M and basically, that’s about it.

  7. Cliffy says:

    I suspected as much …
    A Lincoln columnist insinuates it was Texas that got nU kicked out of the AAU (http://journalstar.com/news/local/govt-and-politics/article_44b35ea6-d1c0-5080-b916-20dae3bd8a60.html). Who’s the boogeyman going to be in the B10 when things aren’t going nebraska’s way?

  8. Harry Balczak says:

    Birthers are Racists
    Come on wake up to reality.

  9. harley says:

    1. boring column greg….need more controversey…maybe go hang with glaze for
    a week and you’ll find somethig good to write bout.
    2. Weber don’t know shit.. more wrong than kietzman…right..k state turns the corner
    into a dead end street. Can we shut this guy up…more dumb commentators /non experts
    are not needed in this town.
    3. baldwin is a kid…what 21 years old…give him a break…i’m sure you were not too
    worldly when you graduated from c ollege…because you’re not too worldly now.
    4. Been to 1000 baseball games…the chane of being injured by a ball is less than the
    chance of keing killed in a car accident….doestn happen much…so why does
    clinkhead bring it up….freak accident….rarely happens…maybe clinkscale should wear
    a army helmet to the game…he’s already weird anyway.
    5. kk…lets put up glass around the entire seating on first and third base sides….
    like in hockey…..sounds great…….idiot!
    6. greg…get something interesting…you’re running out of jokes and the qoutes
    by these goons on tv and radio arent even maiing sense..
    and as always…harley is right….royals break 4 game win streak with a
    screwed up call in the outfield …….wow….now we need to win 7 straight…

  10. PB says:

    Good Point…
    …Greg on KK. On the rare occasions where he makes a solid point, he beats it into the ground or strays so far off-course to some extreme that he loses me and any semblance of agreement that I may have had with his original thought. He ends up coming across as just another in the long line of media hacks, bloggers and social network users who feel that the only way to be heard is to scream (or type) the loudest. Extreme thought…find it at a media outlet near you.

  11. Kerouac says:

    Even a blind GM every now & again…
    2009 – jackson… magee… washington… brown… lawrence… williams…o’connell… succop… well, ‘two out of three’ may not be bad to borrow from Meatloaf, but, 1out of 8 scottie?

    2010? ‘Result” did not equal “hype”, he merely exchanged seven bad cards that he dealt himself the year before for seven more ’10 (with the added benefit a sissy-mary schedule + a cake-walk regular season leading to a post season reality check/annihilation.)

    2011? Remains to be seen.

    I’m reminded of Science Officer Mr. Spock, who offered the cautionary “you may find that ‘wanting’ is not as much as ‘having’… which is to say guessing a draft choice or nine ahead of time isn’t nearly impressive or psychic as Nostradamus-ing where they’ll be/which ones if any became an NFL player (or still is a year or more hence.)

    Sort of like my/other folks knowing/saying ahead of time kcinderella was not a legit NFL playoff team & was going to get exposed as the fraud they were once they played legit NFL teams (any) not named St. Mary’s of the Plains. As draft day 2009 arrived, ty ‘inaction’ jackson was also projected by many folks as being our likely #1 pick… egoli correctly guessed this too – three years later, so what?

    2011 draft, I predict they’ll realize just one starter from it this year – the #1over-drafted wr – and then only because outside of bowe, ANY wr they chose in this year’s draft would be an upgrade over what they ended with last season. The #2 will have to hope for a veteran’s retirement if he is to start, the #3 & #4 will do well to get in situationally, the #5 will NEVER be an NFL starter (excepting being a temporary injury replacement perhaps) and #5, #6 and #7 will be among the developmental 8, career backups or waived out of the league before opening day regular season.

    Let’s meet back here between opening day and the years hence & see for whom the bell has tolled…

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