Glazer: Osama bin Laden Killing Asserts US World Dominance


Not since Adolf Hitler has the death of one man been so well received by this nation...

Osama bin Laden is dead, and we’re all smiling as we should be at this news.

Once again the United States demonstrated, "Don’t jack with Us! We will get you in the end."  And we did just that. Yes, it makes us all proud. Kinda weird, cheering for someone to get his head blown off. But Osama earned it. A real maniac that wanted all Americans, Christians, Jews and Israelis dead or destroyed.

Well, he got his and good.

As the details come in,  it sounds like this would make a good movie, doesn’t it?  Heroes all over the place on this one. Including President Obama. You can bet this will likely insure his re-election. Unless our economy falls off the map, he’s in for four more years. I think he’s done a very good job in a tough situation.

That said, I’m not sure I agree with the way we handled the dead body of Osama bin Laden. 


It’s already started; the conspiracy theories abound.

He never existed and ee was killed years ago  or that it wasn’t Osama, and on and on. All because his body is gone. Buried at sea by us! Yes, we have his DNA, we have photo’s, we have video, but the body is gone. Proof positive of his death has been destroyed (or has it?)

I understand why.

If bin Laden’s body came back to the United States, it could have triggered a terrorist attack here. Yet most Americans wanted him "unveiled" back here in the states. Then buried at sea or in a hole somewhere. Next to Hitler, Osama was the worst enemy America has faced in a century or more.

The most important issue here is simple: The US rules the world in most respects.

Our money is backed with military might second to none.

The United States can go anywhere anytime and destroy an enemy. Let’s say China or Russia wanted to come here to find an enemy of theirs. Good luck. We would never allow that. If this nation was ever faced with NO OIL or NO GOLD, as a last resort we would take it from whomever we had to.

Right now the middle east is in revolt. Likely we’ll control that as well. With Israel standing by to back us, no nation can handle our power, ANYWHERE. This action, killing mass murderer Osama bin Laden, is a proud moment for our Armed Forces, CIA, FBI and law enforcement in this country.

In the end, black, white or brown – we stand together ready to defend our right to be free. As someone who has been on both sides of the fence with law enforcement groups, they have proven to be unbeatable in the end.

We all are reminded of the respect we should have for those who give their lives for our freedom. God Bless America.
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23 Responses to Glazer: Osama bin Laden Killing Asserts US World Dominance

  1. chuck says:

    Wish it were true Glaze.
    America is an empire in decline. Not an irreversable decline, but a decline.

    Our economy is the engine that drives the American dream. That power suffused prismatically throughout the American realm results in American hegemony and American exceptionalism, imo.

    As our economy falters, the cracks in the foundation go unrepaired. The roof springs leaks.

    1 outta every 6 Americans is on Govt. assistance of some kind.

    1% of the populaiton owns 34.5% of American wealth.

    Our political process, the 2 party system and capitalism is ossified and foundering on the polarization and intransigence of the Right and the Left. Discourse consists of ad hominem insults, “the sky is falling” threats and acrimony, with a heavy dose of entitlement.

    The cancer of multiculturalism is at the basis of this metastisation.

    Those folks left in the middle, confounded by a diminishing lack of prospects in the face of our “Global Economy” (Thats code for you just got outsourced and ain’t GE a great company!!!), are, as they find themselves on the downside of advantage wondering why China, who is taking our model of Mercantilism, is allowed to kick our ass, in the face of unambiguated economic hostility.

    Americans will see dramatic cuts in Military spending, concomitant with the now foreseeable reduction of conflict in Afghanistan. In Iraq, we have spent ten years defeating Suni secular forces, to help install a Shia dominated Theocracy in Iran. The irony, the bloody fucking irony of de facto effort, by our country, to realize the dreams of the Ayatollah Khomeini, and make Iran the most powerful country in the mid east is an American chimera, bought with American blood, through American stupidity. Plaxico fuckin Burress isn’t this stupid.

    Apparatchiks from both sides of the American political spectrum will tell us they have the answers, but they don’t. American policy is now as ad hoc as our effort in Kansas City to fight crime.

    Glad I am, that this particular effort (Killing the fuckhead Bin Laden) was pre-emptive and harken back to those halcyon days, when we held the mandate of heaven.

    New guidons of the Anerican dream, held dear through the “American Century”, are now subverted by both ends of the 4rth estates bell curve, who hold sway over opinion, money, policy and power in America.

    We, now as a nation, lack the political will to suffer and strive for anyone other than our own selfinsh causes.

    IMO, there will be no American renaissance, but an American requiem.

    Glaze, I hope your right and I am wrong.

  2. harley says:

    without his gutsy call we probably would have missed getting bin laden.
    He and the military and the entire seals unit are incredible.
    Bush gave up on bin laden…didn’t think about him…dissolved the group that
    was put together to hunt him down…
    we can reclaim that mantle of greateness…but the republicans have4 grounded this
    nation down to no action at all.….they have no way to get us back again.
    Obama took over the nation during the start of the worst recession ever…and he
    didn’t create it……he has brought this nation back from the brink of disaster.
    Its not a done program…much remains to be done…but he has done an incredible
    GOD BLESS PRESIDENT OBAMA……god bless america!

  3. barak obama says:

    sorry donald trump and the rest of you low life republican birthers and wing nuts.
    Sorry I was a little late in getting you my long form birth certificate….
    Good day.

  4. chuck says:

    prima facie
    I rest my case.

  5. mermaid says:

    Burial at sea?
    The guy hasn’t been seen in 11 yrs and we dump the body in less than 24 hrs against Islamic beliefs? Were supposed to swallow this story with a vague video of the compound and DNA which they already had from a family member years ago? The Pakistani’s aren’t even buying this story! They have a video of the guy who lived next door to the compound and he said he walks by it everyday and that it’s all BS. I think Bin Laden died years ago of kidney failure. I can’t wait to see what the White House feeds us today. Like I said earlier America called out the first picture so I’m sure they have been doctoring up a new one for today’s release. I want to see video of the whole thing going down before I believe anything. This new picture isn’t going to convince me either- anyone can make a picture.

  6. chuck says:

    Mermaid, at the keyboard in her Pelican Briefs
    and a tin foil hat.

    No doubt, Mermaid, as a ranking member of the Illuminati, has keen insight into the machinations of teh NSA and Navy Seal Teams. Thanks for that incisive revelation.

    This cinched it for me, Mermaid, “Like I said earlier America called out the first picture so I’m sure they have been doctoring up a new one for today’s release”.


    There we all were, led like sheep towards another fabricated story by insiduous powers behind the “Throne”. I have read that humanity is actually under control of evil shape shifting reptiles who control us with voices we hear when the micro wave is on.

    I think the floride in my drinking water will eventually motivate me to move to Haiti and join the fuckin tom tom macoute, where we will reveal the 7th seal.

    Hey Mermaid, turn off “Paranormal Activity” and get back to the “Real Housewives of _________ where ya belong.

    I’m gonna go mow the grassy knoll.

  7. Orphan of the Road says:

    Remember The Wolf’s words from Pulp Fiction
    (Midtown Miscreant’s blog says it better)
    Let’s not start blowing ourselves just yet.

    In a few more years the USA will no longer be the economic #1.

    bin Laden was largely irrelevant. Terrorism needs no central leader when you got people who will stuff C4 up their ass for a mission.

    It is a solemn moment, perhaps providing some closure to the families of those murdered on Sept. 11.

  8. Orphan of the Road says:

    Winner winner chicken dinner
    KUDOS chuck

  9. Westport Patron says:

    Ding Dong The Witch is dead
    Yes America is the top dog, our economy will returnt, big time. This looney toons ending only speeds that up

  10. harley says:

    chuck….you are one funny dude
    your post to mermaid (she’s not a rocket scientist obviously) was hilarious.
    get hearne to giv e you your own stories….very funny….evenon a tough tuesday
    i laughed my ass off.

  11. navy brat says:

    Go Navy
    Seals, Yes sir. Top of the Hill!

  12. mermaid says:

    Chuck and Harley…
    You two are a barrel of laughs. Ha ha. I’m not the only one doubting. I just want more proof. I want video. Sorry just don’t believe everything the government tells us.

  13. smartman says:

    Area 51
    All due respect Craig but your geopolitical worldview and analysis is more wrong than infant sodomy. Too bad President Obama killed the economy before bin Laden and some of our key political relationships in the Middle East. The Russians and Chinese will now get allocations of oil previously destined for the US. The Pakistani nukes are up for grabs.

    Sarah Palin should send you a thank you letter. You’ve just made her foreign policy pronouncements seem plausible.

    Osama is safely ensconced at Area 51. He’s no Luca Braci.

  14. Jim says:

    Reps VS Dems
    If any of you PolySci brainiacs thinks there is a nickel’s worth of difference between a republican and a democrat, you are fooling yourselves. Blaming the “other” party is EXACTLY what keeps these idiots in power. 20, 30 or 40 years of being elected to the same office creates apathy, power and greed. The difference between Nancy Pilosi and John Boehner is that one wears pants and has a dick and the other is John Boehner. Wake up, sheep!

  15. JayBee says:

    Chuck owes me a new keyboard…
    …because I just spit diet coke all over this one from laughing!

    This is f-ing hilarious: “I’m gonna go mow the grassy knoll.”

    Thanks for the laugh sir…nice one!

  16. chuck says:

    Mermaid is my inspiration.

  17. bschloz says:

    Nice Kill
    Trump and Mermaid want to see the body I’m good with that.
    I have a framed poster in my home office of the 3 fireman at ground 0 hoisting the American Flag. I stare at it every day as it hangs on the wall directly in front of my monitor. I will never be able to conceptualize the act of horror fright this madman orchestrated In NYC, Wash D.C. and Penn. USA USA USA

    Long run we’re all dead…Privatize the gains socialize the losses blah blah blah

  18. mermaid says:

    What could be worse..
    I don’t see how any pictures or video could be any worse than seeing bodies flying out of the sky during 911 or hearing them landing in the video. Am I right? Obama is playing us for fools.

  19. bschloz says:

    really good post up top… I must admit I had to hit the Wiktionary more than a couple of times.

    “Plaxico fuckin Burress isn’t this stupid.” I vote 10 karma points for that line **********

  20. Merle Tagladucci says:

    That smartman feller seems to be incapable of not talking out his ass. Just typing to type. Mumbo jumbo jibber jabberin’ sumbitch. Say something funny or say something smart. Pick one and go for it.

  21. mermaid says:

    Bschloz really?
    Nothing against you but how old are you- 18? I can’t believe I just watched a stupid rap about the economy. WOW way to get intellectual. Where’s Harley when you need him- he wouldn’t stand for it!

  22. bschloz says:

    Go ahead and call Harley……everyone knows I’m a big fan and disciple of the one known as “The Blogfather”
    Just please don’t call your Lawyer.

  23. bschloz says:

    RT Bar
    Guys walks into bar; asks for Bin Laden special. Bartender says: “What’s that?” . . . 2 shots and a splash of water.

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