Today: One Hit Wonder; Will KC’s American Idol Winner David Cook’s New CD Strike Gold?

Down but not out…

It’s been three long years since American Idol winner David Cook basked in the limelight of a new major label album. Let alone since he enjoyed the kind of next-big-thing media darling status that lead the suburb of Blue Springs to post signs declaring itself his home.

Some have said the 2008 Idol champ’s 15 Minutes were well past up.

Au contraire.

Cook’s second CD, "This Loud Morning" is slated for a June release. Which should tell the tale of whether Cook will transcend his current one hit wonder status and go on to greater glory.

In a recent Idol/Fox interview Cook apologized for the lengthy delay.

"After a year and a half, you know, we’re finally able to unveil a new album.." Cook says. "Thank you guys. I know this record has been, uh, it’s been a process for me. And you guys have been exceptionally patient."

The $64 million question locally: When and where will Cook’s tour splash down in KC?

Stay tuned.

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One Response to Today: One Hit Wonder; Will KC’s American Idol Winner David Cook’s New CD Strike Gold?

  1. smartman says:

    Please! Does anybody that matters in the music biz really care about this guy? He’s an insult to all the local bands and musicians, with real chops and blood sweat and beers talent that smoke his Blue Springs hillbilly bartending ass for breakfast.

    Feeling nostagic on Friday night and wanting to give my new turtable and Canton speakers a workout, I got out some old vinyl from Morningstar, The Secrets, Missouri, Blue Riddim, The Front, The Rainmakers and Donnie Miller.

    Don’t even get me started on everyone who came on the local scene too late for vinyl.

    David Cook is to local music what Mark Funkhouser was to local leadership. A fucking joke!

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