Glazer: Chiefs Draft Looks Good on Paper, Tough Year Ahead

Well, give Chiefs GM Scott Piolli and Head Coach Todd Haley credit…

They drafter players in all areas of  the Chiefs most needed spots. As with any draft it will be a couple of seasons before we know if this was a good one – maybe a great one.

As we all know the Chiefs receiving group was non-existent.

Other than DBowe we have almost nobody. If The franchise, quarterback Matt Casell is to have any success he will need somebody to throw to. As we saw in the last two games, there really is nobody who counts. Bowe had his moments but by himself can’t get it done. Matt likes to throw the high hard ones so a six foot five wide-out could help in a big way. Jonathan Baldwin will be the new "project" to start with Bowe. You have to like the size of the guy. We haven’t had a really tall wide out, well, ever.

Should be interesting.

In the next four rounds the Chiefs addressed every other major need.

Offensive line, ours is already getting old. So Rodney Hudson may be the new center. Defensive line with Allen Balley out of Miami- he could be a great run stopper. And linebacker, with Justin Houston out of Georgia – clearly the team needs a starter to go with Tamba and DJ.

What this team also really needs is a back up quarterback.

I just don’t see them keeping Brody Croyle. He has no upside. The jury is in and he’s a bust. If Matt’s out we lose. It may be that they plan to go free agent with that position.

I liked the looks of this draft for the Chiefs.

It all sounds pretty good. I expect them to go out and buy a couple other guys. This defense is shaping up to be a good one. They also need a big back to get short yards, we don’t have that spot filled either.

And this year’s schedule is brutal.

Even with an improved team, winning more than say 7 or 8 games is not likely. So once again it’s a building season for KC. I feel, as most do, that 2012/13 has to be the real turn for this football team. If not, fans will want Haley gone. If this team can have a winning season with this year’s foes then we are likely there. At least to go postseason for a few years.

We all know the biggest question: Is Matt really the man?

Hey, he’s already got the name – "The Franchise" –  he just needs to live up to it now.
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17 Responses to Glazer: Chiefs Draft Looks Good on Paper, Tough Year Ahead

  1. ku forever says:

    Got A Quarterback In Late Rounds
    Glazer as you now know we did draft a quarterback from Iowa in the 7th round. He might be the answer to back up. Brody is horrible and needs to be cut. I doubt any team will take him, he did nothing in four years. A real stinker. This is a strong set of teams the Chiefs play this season. Opposite last year. I think we will win 7. Hoping for better.

  2. Kerouac says:

    G*****N, we just drafted 9 more Hall of Famers!
    … or something like that; it seems to me I’ve heard this song before, it’s from an old familiar score.

    I just (now) finished addressing another comment elsewhere this blog, but it bears repeating, said being a look back at the 2010 draft.

    “The Chiefs were deservedly recognized as having a spectacular draft last year.”

    – was scintillating as a sparkling piece of wet liver, same as that mirage kcindy, last seen being molested 31-10 and 30-7 to end their burst bubble coach reverted pumpkin season.

    Let us review the draft ‘spectaculars’ –

    The #1 pick was a DB who gave up more td passes than anyone in the secondary – to show he had his act down pat, #29 gave up more in the pro bowl (where he landed as an injury replacement and not on merit.) He played the Chargers twice in 2010 and still hasn’t located Antonio Gates yet. No spectacularity from this ‘best player in the entire 2010 draft’ according to rose-colored glasses wearing kc pundits; watching berry in 2010 made my sides hurt – spectacularly.

    #2 pick was ‘hyped as a ‘triple-threat RB, WR, KR who was going to ‘terrorize the NFL’ so went the warning kc fandumb. And then the season started (falling apart for him). After Mother Nature allowed him to out water-ski the Chargers 32nd NFL ranked special teams opening game, he spent more than a month on the sidelines… he finished with the same number of fumbles as scores (2) – both of which were 2x as many as the 0 number of shoes he didn’t blow out during the season, much to the chagrin those looking for some new PR schtick. Spectacular.

    The ‘other’ #2 pick was a DB and ‘the best return man in college football’ according many… all javier did at his specialty ‘kick returning’ in 2010 was to help (along with mclackluster) LOWER the kcindy average yards per return by 2 YARDS from what it had been in 2009. Maybe he was just pacing himself… probably. Spectacular.

    The first #3 pick was an OL who couldn’t manage to beat out an undersized 37 year old veteran, another 33 year old aging veteran on the downward slide, nor another FA same who was released outright by the IND Colts, who themselves needed OL help. asamohah got into one game as an injury replacement; otherwise, he used his 305 lbs. to anchor down the bench. Spectacular.

    The #3 pick was an OE who was often hurt in college… he also missed time for kcindy. Some say he had a better rookie season than Tony Gonzalez – in 2010, the NFL is filled with pass catching TEs so that isn’t saying much compared to the NFL Gonzalez started out in 13 years before (nor said considered is moeeki anything special when compared to the best TE in KC history Fred Arbanas, who in his rookie (shorter season) produced 29 469 6 16.2, to moeeki 47 556 3 11.8 in more games & the far more liberalized offensive rule-assisted NFL world today. For evidence, the NE Patriots had 2 NFL rookie TE’s: hernandez – 45 563 6 & gronkowski – 42 546 10. Now THAT’s spectacular.

    The #4 pick… was none. Spectacular.

    The #5 pick was a DB, who (when he wasn”t missing 4 games with injuries) got into 12… he tried but never really could manage to beat out the ‘not so quick draw’ jon mcgraw, a FA picked up off the scrap heap NFL street a few years earlier and who’s at his best on special teams – but not so much on defense.

    The other #5 pick (and last selectee) was hurt in pre-season and missed the entire year. But if he had the chance boy, well, lemme tell you… would have no doubt been spectacular. That he was injured in a (everybody in unison) ‘SPECTACULAR’ fashion was…well, spectacular, I guess. Spectacular.

    Well that’s it – your SPECTACULAR 2010 kcindy draft class.

    “This one, however, leaves me scratching my head.”

    – it will have you and others pulling your hair out by the time the (currently in limbo) 2011 season has concluded, if it ever it in fact begins.

    For kcindy, will no doubt be another spectacular year; I’m guessing about 5-11, no playoffs, the duffer fired & egoli right behind him aft the 2012 season…


    Now to the 2011 dradt/CG’s comments (can’t wait to hear the gnashing of teeth/wringing of hands post ‘this’ draft result, early 2012) –

    “We haven’t had a really tall wide out, well, ever.”

    – Otis Taylor was 6’3 (some sources even listed him at 6’4). Chris Burford was also listed 6’3, and both played back in the 1960’s. Later, lesser lights but taller still were 6’4 Robert West & 6’5 Stan Rome. Morris Stroud was a TE but worth still mentioning at 6’10 (actually, he was about 6’8 3/4 but then the #1 2011 baldwin is 6’4 1/4, not the as much 6’5 or even 6’6 some sources have listed him as.)

    Back in 1965, Hank Stram actually considered signing Wilt Chamberlain to play TE – a 7’1 1/8 red zone target, back before the term red zone was even in vogue. Didn’t happen. And who can forget Sean LaChapelle, 6’3 – 6’4. Harold Carmicheal’s the only ‘tree’ that really ever starred pro football any length of time, my recollection. Listed 6’8, closer to 6’7, but still.

    I also think Croyle is coming back, and that palko will be the one given his walking papers. Compare ca$$el’s last 3 games – any – vs BALT, OAK and pro bowl vs Croyle’s one in 2010 – no difference. Yet, Croyle had a great game in his only 2009 start vs BALT ‘IN’ Baltimore. But then, what do I know…merely called a spade a spade all season long reference kcindy, watching them go POOF no surprise to me.

  3. Kerouac says:

    baldwin wr – I agree with the NFL insiders who have stated that size-wise, speed wise & diva-wise, he is a bowe clone…
    hudson c/og – undersized, a younger version of wiegmann for the BALT’s & OAK’s et al to shove into the backfield…
    houston olb – another derrick johnson talent wise & otherwise; hey, it only took DJ half a decade to learn to play LB…
    bailey de – beetle’s brother will try & make kcindy fans forget about ty ‘inaction’ jackson; just try two aspirins instead…
    brown cb – another carr (kcindy’s best cb right now) – or maybe he can be if he plays up to his potential…
    stanzi qb – big with a weak arm & panics in the pocket – sounds like another ca$$el…
    miller olb – his potential is reminiscent of colin brown, egoli’s 2009 #5 pick… where’d he go anyway?
    powe nt – he may be po’ but he’s proud… unfortunately, not good enough to play in the NFL (think dock luckie)…
    bannon fb – the first kcindy player ever selected from Yale – and the first to be cut…

    Overall grade based on a combination of potential (A) and how I believe they’ll turn out (D) I give it a ‘C-‘ …no grading on the curve.

  4. Packers Nation says:

    Nice Breakdown Comments
    crazy good breakdown K. Love it.

  5. smartman says:

    Glazer Goes Bagdhad Bob on Chiefs
    With the possible exception of Rick Stanzi this draft has more jokes than a Friars Club Roast. The Chiefettes are gonna get seriously cornholed this season. The schedule’s not full of pussies like last year. It’s full frontal Blue Boy with well endowed, kielbasa packing men lookin’ to rip open some ripe virgin boy ass from sphincter to sphincter.

  6. chuck says:

    Nice breakdown comments.
    Now that we have Kerowhack’s breakdown comments on the NFL Draft, lets switch back to Paris Hilton, on site at the Hadron Collider.

    Hey Kerowhack, thanks for all the pearls your oracleness, why don’t you take a few, and tell us all about the Hall of Famers that AJ Smith picked this last weekend?

    First year Pro Bowl Rookies to a man.

    Or, the Raiders (You and Tony Ripe Botello, will probably win a bundle this year shorting the losing spread of the San Diego Chokers and the Oakland Orcs.)?

    The Chargers better draft well, their best reciever *burp* just landed his second DUI, hates AJ Smith and wants to take his talents to South Beach. Next in line is Legadu Nannee still recovering from his arrest and that pesky pepper spray shit that seems to come outta every cops belt when he sees Charger Blue.

    Shawne Merriman is still recovering from a Tile Tequila beat down (She does look like she can handle herself.).

    Corey Ligut can play, he better be able to, cause English looks like he is sleeping out there.

    They got a 5′ 9′ Corner back, well, he ain’t that fast.

    Here is the third pick—MOUTON, here is a quote from San Diego–“Scouts differ greatly in their opinions of Mouton, with some teams viewing him as a late-round prospect because he doesn’t have great timed speed or change-of-direction ability.”

    See, there ya go buddy, that whole SPEED AND CHANGE OF DIRECTION is no big deal if your working at, say, Taco Bell, there ya don’t have to dodge Eric fuckin berry when he is getting ready to alter your DNA with a shot to the ribs over the middle. AJ should make, next year, one of the VERY first things he looks for, SPEED AND CHANGE OF DIRECTION.

    Here is the last quote, ”
    Summary: There are things to like about this class, as Liuget is a terrific talent and each of the first six picks have a chance to make contributions right away. However, there’s too many selections that have limited ceilings to give anything above an average grade.

    Yeah, ole AJ is really farting through silk this year Kerowhack. No one even goes to their games, and thats when they kick ass. Now that they are in decline, it will be like selling tickets for Glazer’s Bar Mitzvah to Osama Bin Laden.

    The Dolts.

  7. Kerouac says:

    Where to begin & how much time/internet paper do we have? Well here, let’s start with this – Psst! chuckie cheese lowe – remove your lips the tap, step away from inebriation & into the embrace sobriety be football IQ, at minimum.

    Now that I’ve sobered you up & we’ve been properly re-introduced…

    – Shawne Merriman hasn’t been a Charger since he became a Buffalo Bill in 2010 (and this just in/make a note of it.: Lance Alworth has been traded to the Dallas Cowboys, since 1970.)

    – As for AJ Smith, his & Norv Turner’s talent evaluation drafting, free agents, trades have placed 7 SD Chargers in the Pro Bowl in the past two years… kcindy those same two previous years? Only 3… so would appear, AJ & Turner > > egoli & the duffer.

    – As for dinkle-berry, he has a better chance of covering a chalupa taco sauce than he does covering Gates on a pass pattern (or any NFL TE above average caliber talent; hell, 72 year old Freddie ‘One Eye’ Arbanas could still ghost to the post/score on dinkle, doubtless.)

    * Game 1 ~ Gates vs berry – 5 catches, 76 yards, 1 td / * Game 2 ~ Gates DNP/injury; not a problem though – Gates replacement averaged a whopping 13 yards per on his catches against the over-matched berry. * Pro Bowl? NFC TE’s caught 4 for 60 and a td on kcindy’s injury replacement S #29 – former Chief Tony Gonzalez beat dinkle for the td – OUCH!

    – And the coup de gras: what was that SD/kcindy score again? Oh snap – that’s right: SAN DIEGO SUPER-CHARGERS 31 – kcindy 0

    Anything else Kerouac can communicate, commiserate & eviscerate you about, schuck?

    : )

  8. chuck says:

    Kerowhack ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz
    Hey, the Chiefs draft was so good, just me talking about it killed Osama Bin Laden.

  9. Matt says:

    MUCH TOO NEGATIVE. Quite a bit of progress has been made with the new regime and a lot of young guys. Especially the focus and re-motivation of Bowe, DJ, Dorsey and the improved attitude of Waters. So you’re smart and all but give it a break.

  10. Matt says:

    Above was meant for Kerouac
    please note

  11. chuck says:

    Thats right Kerowhack
    Keeping in mind, that my takes on the NFL actually kill terrorists, you might want to set your sights a little lower. *brushes lint off of lapel*

  12. harley says:

    LAST YEARS draft wil prove to be ghood…takes time….
    this years draft will be good….takes time.
    You guys expect to get starters in every round…just doesnt happen…
    these picks take time…look at every good player in nfl…few if any made
    it big their first year in the league…
    stop being so negative. Its getting to be you’re all a bunch of crabby old

    CHIEFS…..remains to be seen how they do…they will win 9/10 games this year..
    as always the teams that appear to be good in the preseason end up having
    bad years…this year should be ture on that…if they play.


    and for you stupid fucking repubilican birthers….heres a quot3e from Pres. Obama..
    “sorry i was a little late in getting you that long form birth certificate….but i was
    fucking busy killing bin laden”…
    my bets….
    Royals hav e decent season….really hard to guage this team after one month…..
    they are 2 games over 500 after april…who would have guessed this…noone
    but the always right HARLEY.
    chiefs…if they play…should have good team….9 or 10 wins and into playoffs.

    OBAMA….winner by landslide in 2012….repubs have noone who can beat hi9m…
    he’ll have 1 billion dollars to spend in 3 months (no primary0 and that focuses
    on about 6 states….he’ll win bigger than he did in 2008…especially if the
    clown trump runs.

  13. Kerouac says:


    – and knowledgeable too, like that ‘Great I Am’ fella…


    – Kerouac? Negative? No… rather, truth untold is bought & sold as lies.

    “Quite a bit of progress has been made with the new regime and a lot of young guys.”

    – how ’bout smoke & mirrors? Beating up your little sister 10 times in a year isn’t anything to boast about. How’d they look the end of season aft all the ‘progression’? Playing teams wearing knickers stead of dresses, wrong side 0-31… 10-31…and 7-30.

    The weakest schedule in the NFL, subsequent gift a post season berth & a prayer gone unanswered to the tune the worst playoff loss since 1968 is ‘quite a bit of progress’? Compared to what?

    Was a worse beat down than ’06 vs IND & ’03 vs IND and exceeded only OAK’s 41-6 annihilation Chiefs ’68. BALT vs kcindy, thought I was watching the 2nd half of Superbowl 1 all over again. Let us speak of ‘progress’ aft the devastation be the 2011 season awaits, beckons kcindy. Even egoli recently admits: “we have a long LONG way to go.” Bobby Bare was 500 miles away from home… kcindy is light years.

    MIA fandom said the same thing aft they ‘progressed’ from 1-15 to 11-5…then whence they slipped to 7-9 and then repeated it again 2010, well [insert “yeah buts”, ‘ifs” and “almosts”, ad nauseam.] But kcindy will be a different case… sure, right… of course. Why? No good reason. MIA had parcells, but we have egoli. So, just… because. Negative spin or realistic, pick your poison.

    “So you’re smart and all”

    – yes… ‘spectacular’ even.

    “but give it a break.”

    – canst naught… mine will to power!

  14. Kerouac says:

    Of note, the only difference between osama & obama is one letter – forced to choose ‘tween the two, I’d pick O’Cedar; they make your life easier…

  15. chuck says:

    Kerowhack and Trump wanna see Osama’s death certificate.
    No comment on the Royals Harley, don’t follow baseball that much.

    Chiefs win 7 maybe 8 games.

    9 wins the division.

  16. Jim says:

    Hey Chuck……….
    ….neither does Harley.

    With you on the Chiefs. The schedule is murder.

  17. chuck says:


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