OTC: Chiefs Grab Pitt WR Jonathan Baldwin In Shocking 1st Round Knockout


“I like the pick. I said there is no one in Kansas City more qualified to talk about (Jonathan Baldwin) than me because I’ve seen him more than any of you coming from Big East country.”
Danny Parkins, a Syracuse grad and the new mid-morning host on 610 AM
GH: Parkins did a good job in laying out his knowledge of Baldwin and then getting opposing viewpoints of the former Pitt wide receiver from different Pittsburgh sources. Read on.
“Of course Bill Hillgrove is going to like the pick! He’s the voice of the Panthers, Danny! You might as well of had the school mascot on to tell you about Jon Baldwin!”
Andrew Filliponi, post-game host for Pitt Panther football, in an interview with Danny Parkins, commenting on an earlier interview Parkins did with Hillgrove, 610 Sports
GH: Filliponi came out of the blocks firing in his interview. He destroyed Hillgrove’s credibility with these two opening sentences. 810’s Soren Petro also had the cheerleading Hillgrove on his Friday show. I immediately thought of Bob Davis being asked to evaluate a Kansas player. Not much objectivity when it comes to talking to the “voice” of any team. Hillgrove was a poor interview choice but at least Parkins balanced his show with the sarcastic and entertaining Filliponi. Read on.
“What happened (in the draft) was the Ravens passed on their pick and then the Chiefs did the same exact thing by taking Jon Baldwin. It was a waste of a selection. You’re getting a player that dogged it and didn’t try nearly the entire season, regressed as a junior, has tons of character issues and questions about his effort.”
Andrew Filliponi, 610 AM
GH: Whoa! Filliponi laid it on even thicker as his interview with Parkins progressed. He thinks Baldwin quit on his team last season and will do the same under Haley. It was not a pretty picture.
“The Chiefs biggest need was WR…They get an intriguing talent in Baldwin…and add the 6th pick in the 3rd round. I like the moves.”
Steven St. John, Twitter
GH: I too like the pick…or should I say liked the pick until I listened to Filliponi make the guy sound like Trezelle Jenkins in a Speedo.  
“My gut reaction to the pick: I’m glad they got an extra 3rd rounder via trade, since they just drafted a 3rd round talent with 1st pick.”
Nate Bukaty, Twitter
GH: A rare zinger from Nate Dog! Right between Pioli’s eyes!
“I couldn’t be more thrilled.”
Kevin Kietzman, on the Chiefs move down to get Baldwin and an extra pick, 610 AM
“They did the smart thing.”
Nick Wright, on the Chiefs’ first round, 610 AM
“I think (the Chiefs) reached a little bit (to get Baldwin with 26th pick). Everybody knows this is a big kid. A natural athlete with great receiving skills. He’s just not at the high level all of the time. He’s never going to be that explosive guy. He has all the tools to be very, very good starter. I think it’s going to take some motivating and some good coaching by Todd Haley and the rest of their staff.”
Russ Landy, GMJuniorNFLdraft.com
GH: Haley made his bones in Arizona as an offensive coordinator working with two of the greatest wideouts in the game and a HOF quarterback. Can he duplicate that effort here in Kansas City? It sure looks like he’s trying to accomplish just that.
“There is definitely some risk to this kid because of his propensity to lack intensity on each snap and his lack of passion.”
Russ Landy, on Baldwin, GMJuniorNFLdraft.com
GH: Uh, that kind of sounds like the “importer” we have on the other side of the field, doesn’t it?
“It’s a dream come true. I’m a very hard worker. I bring big-play ability to the Chiefs. I’ll give it everything I have, and I’ll do everything the Chiefs ask me to do.”
Jonathan Baldwin, on being the Chiefs’ first-round pick, Kansas City Star
GH: I am holding onto this quote, Jonathan. I hope you’re taping all the negative quotes to your locker and plan to prove then all wrong while wearing a Kansas City Chiefs’ jersey.
“He’s bigger than Dwayne (Bowe). They’re both big, strong guys that can run. Receivers in this league has kind of been transformed through the years to now. We’re seeing some guys of exceptional size, not what you’d generally picture a receiver as being a handful of years ago.”
Todd Haley, Kansas City Star
GH: Does anybody else think Scott Todd got tired of looking at diminutive Dexter McCluster, the Chiefs’ second-round pick in 2010, in street clothes on game day? I think Dexter will be a far bigger bust in the NFL than Baldwin.
“Because of how (moving down to draft Baldwin) played out, Pioli opened himself up to layers of second-guessing. If Baldwin flops and anyone in a group of Baylor defensive lineman Phil Taylor, Colorado cornerback Jimmy Smith, Wisconsin offensive lineman Gabe Carimi and a handful of others in positions the Chiefs need help turn out to be stars, then Pioli will be rightly criticized. For now, it is far too early to do that with anything other than a guess or false bravado. So, do you trust Pioli? The most recent body of evidence says you probably should.”
Sam Mellinger, columnist, Kansas City Star
GH: Mellinger hit on a bunch of good points in his Friday column but never nailed down a platform and took a solid stance on any of them. Don’t ask me if I trust Pioli – tell me whether or not I should! Sure there are second-guessers – but are you one of them? If so, what are you second guessing? I want clarity from my columnist’s voice, not a broad picture and more questions. Sam swung and missed on this column. It left me frustrated – a state of being I know well. #married
“I thought at least for the fans, it was wildly entertaining and unlike any of the first-round drafts in recent memory.”
Steve St. John, 810 AM
GH: I am not a draftnik but Thursday night was GREAT theatre. I started listening to ESPN radio’s coverage as I mowed the lawn but quickly headed inside once all hell started breaking loose – like when Aldon Smith went to the 49ers. Live TV is one of my favorite passions – and once things started going off script in the draft I was hooked until it ended about 10:30 PM.
"I had no idea. Amazing, amazing, amazing. I visited them … went to dinner with them. It was a good visit. When I left, I didn’t know they had that much interest in me.”
Aldon Smith, former Mizzou defensive end, on being the 49ers
GH: How about this Raytown kid living his dream? Great things can happen for you and the people you know. It just doesn’t happen to somebody else, somewhere else. All it takes is a lot of talent, work and then some more work.
"That struck a chord with me. I know bones usually take 4-to-6 weeks to heal. There’s a toughness aspect there that I was impressed with.”
Jim Harbaugh, rookie coach of the 49ers, on Aldon Smith coming back from a broken leg last season after missing only a few games, SFGate.com
GH: Yeah, I think that showed a measure of toughness in the Mizzou sackmaster.
“I thought (Blaine) Gabbert was a great value for the Jaguars. I don’t think he’s an elite quarterback prospect but he’s a good one.”
Russ Landy, GMJuniorNFLdraft.com
“Our intention is to have David (Garrard) as our quarterback and have Blaine (Gabbert) come in and push David. We’ll have fun. C’mon. That’s part of the deal. We all know you guys are going to have fun with it. … We’ll keep the focus on the team. We have two good young men who are going to be battling. They’re the right kind of guys. Very unselfish.”
Jack Del Rio, head coach of Jacksonville, Jacksonville.com
GH: This looks like a perfect scenario for Gabbert. He’s a young, raw talent with a huge upside and very little experience. Give him three years and he’ll repay you with 10 very productive ones.
“(The Bucs) have got a great young quarterback! Josh Freeman is the best kept secret in pro football!”
Jon Gruden, ESPN

GH: Listening to Gruden gush over every player selected and any player anyone mentioned got old fast for me. I wish I could have switched over to the NFL Network but my $180/month TWC bill doesn’t include that fly-by-night channel.
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10 Responses to OTC: Chiefs Grab Pitt WR Jonathan Baldwin In Shocking 1st Round Knockout

  1. harley says:

    good pick
    hope he works out….as far as other draft picks…i don’t know…
    its a crap shoot….if this guy comes to the table this season its
    one hell of a pick…they need
    receivers….and i think haley knows good receivers when he sees
    them having worked with the best in arizona when he was there…..

  2. John says:

    He was a late 2nd rounder and they picked him in the first. Bad pick.

    What Sportsline.com said.

    “He is a big-time player, but there are questions about his attitude. Some teams hated him. But he does fill a need. Grade: C”

    Also from CBS Sportsline.

    Baldwin to KC the head-scratcher of 1st round


  3. Arte says:

    That Mellilnger column read somthing like out of a high school newspaper. As I kept reading I expected he would give us the Webster’s definition of trust or some other trite trick used by beginners.

  4. smartman says:

    OOOPS We Did It Again
    Jonathan Baldwin will be a big enough bust to fit on Mt. Rushmore. You gotta look for steak in the first round, not bologna.

    Chuckie Gruden makes me sick. He’s so damn syrupy he needs to change his name to Uncle Jemimah I thought he was gonna offer to blow Blaine Gabbert during his “interview”.

    Harley, nobody takes you seriously when you’re all lower case.

  5. Kerouac says:

    Act 3 egoli & hailme stumbles & falls with a resounding FLOP
    baldwin is a poor man’s Calvin Johnson – and the latter was already a poor man’s Vincent Jackson. Only a couple ticks taller than bowe, 10 lbs. heavier & a wash/comparable in speed – both are more possession guys – ‘the need for speed’ goes unrequited.

    Deep threat?


    What this selection tells me is a) it was made by egoli for egoli, and b) to try to turn chicken s**t (ca$$el) into chicken salad – said will be as successful now as it was thence when casey printers echoed that sentiment in his failed stay kcindy.

    egoli and his hook-my-wagon to mutt & live by the/die by the horse that brung him into town desperate hail mary will go unrequited… as the end of the season when two legit NFL teams – OAK & BALT – emasculated KC; scottie, get ready to die 1000 more deaths.

    The #2 pick hudson is a smallish, undersized center who can run – not fast, but quickly… eg & ha are hoping he will be will shields ideally but more realistically casey wiegmann. Impact wise, me thinks what they got is les studdard, who was drafted by the Chiefs back in 1984, was named Mack Lee Hill Award winner – and then was waived the following year never to be heard from/of again KC.

    #3 choice LB houston is a guy who takes plays off… think chester mcglockton. Talent wise, think kendrell bell – version the Chiefs enjoyed here, rather PITTS Ken.

    An unmitigated disaster be the 2011 kcinderella result to date… they blew their wad last year against a schedule of rumkins… 2011 portends a paying back of the piper vs legit competition…. hide the women & children and cover your eyes.

  6. chuck says:

    Too early for even Nostradamus to tell…
    The Chiefs, imo, shoulda stolen Mark Ingram.

    Its great that every one is so “up” on their mock drafts. Even better that we are all blown by every wind and wet by every rain, the better for primogeniture pukes like Clark Hunt to have over the last several years, the lowest payroll in the NFL (Think Clark Glass).

    Who needs a running back? We have J Charles. Reggie Bush is as relevent on 3rd down as Kim Kardashian is at the Oscars.

    Morons. New Orleans probably with a few free agent moves, a great QB, killer recievers and an owner (in a town that was just fucked like Jenna Jamison with a hurricane) with some nerve, will win another Super Bowl with M Ingram.

    The Chiefs missed an opportunity to go 9 and 7, and will now be luckiy to make 7 and 9.

    Running backs are a big fuckin deal, no matter how many fantasy football league genius’ tell ya different.

    The draft is replete with receivers, and J Charles as good as he is, should be teamed with a bone crusher like Ingram for all the obvious reasons.

    I NEVER thought the Chiefs would take Ingram, but it woulda been nice.

    Kerouac wishes he was as close to the truth with regard to the NFL, as his namesake was to Alan Ginsberg’s butthole.

    But he ain’t. The Chargers are a better team than the Chiefs because of only one thing, Rivers.

    Vincent Jackson (Kerowhack’s Hero) hates AJ Smith, the Chargers and has more character issues than Lawrence Phillips.

    The Chargers have one more year to make the playoffs, then its over. They are a team in decline.

    Its Raiders and Cheifs after that for a decade.

  7. bschloz says:

    Western Division Champs 2010
    Johnny Baldwin–so what? Wide Receivers are suppose to be dicks.. show me one that isn’t insane. (not Wes Welker). When you go across the middle and catch 1st downs you get to be whoever you want to be.

    Didn’t watch the draft…. I still can’t find ESPN since TWC moved it from 1033? What channel is it now?

  8. chuck says:


  9. John says:

    From cbs sportsline.


    Kansas City Chiefs: C-

    As typical of a Scott Pioli-led draft, the Chiefs’ 2011 class featured a few highly productive, criminally underrated prospects in the middle rounds who will prove future NFL starters. Those players, former Florida State guard Rodney Hudson, Colorado cornerback Jalil Brown and Iowa quarterback Ricky Stanzi, helped to save a class that otherwise was very uncharacteristic of the Chiefs and Pioli. First-round wideout Jon Baldin (Pittsburgh) has undeniable talent, but isn’t as physical as his imposing size (6-4, 228 pounds) would indicate and he was a headache, at times, for the Pittsburgh coaching staff. Georgia’s Justin Houston, likewise, is a bit of a ‘tweener whose collegiate production was over-inflated by scheme. He also reportedly failed a drug test at the combine. The Chiefs were deservedly recognized as having a spectacular draft last year. This one, however, leaves me scratching my head.

  10. Kerouac says:

    “The Chiefs were deservedly recognized as having a spectacular draft last year.”

    – was scintillating as a sparkling piece of wet liver, same as that mirage kcindy, last seen being molested 31-10 and 30-7 to end their burst bubble coach reverted pumpkin season.

    Let us review the draft ‘spectaculars’ –

    The #1 pick was a DB who gave up more td passes than anyone in the secondary – to show he had his act down pat, #29 gave up more in the pro bowl (where he landed as an injury replacement and not on merit.) He played the Chargers twice in 2010 and still hasn’t located Antonio Gates yet. No spectacularity from this ‘best player in the entire 2010 draft’ according to rose-colored glasses wearing kc pundits; watching berry in 2010 made my sides hurt – spectacularly.

    #2 pick was ‘hyped as a ‘triple-threat RB, WR, KR who was going to ‘terrorize the NFL’ so went the warning kc fandumb. And then the season started (falling apart for him). After Mother Nature allowed him to out water-ski the Chargers 32nd NFL ranked special teams opening game, he spent more than a month on the sidelines… he finished with the same number of fumbles as scores (2) – both of which were 2x as many as the 0 number of shoes he didn’t blow out during the season, much to the chagrin those looking for some new PR schtick. Spectacular.

    The ‘other’ #2 pick was a DB and ‘the best return man in college football’ according many… all javier did at his specialty ‘kick returning’ in 2010 was to help (along with mclackluster) LOWER the kcindy average yards per return by 2 YARDS from what it had been in 2009. Maybe he was just pacing himself… probably. Spectacular.

    The first #3 pick was an OL who couldn’t manage to beat out an undersized 37 year old veteran, another 33 year old aging veteran on the downward slide, nor another FA same who was released outright by the IND Colts, who themselves needed OL help. asamohah got into one game as an injury replacement; otherwise, he used his 305 lbs. to anchor down the bench. Spectacular.

    The #3 pick was an OE who was often hurt in college… he also missed time for kcindy. Some say he had a better rookie season than Tony Gonzalez – in 2010, the NFL is filled with pass catching TEs so that isn’t saying much compared to the NFL Gonzalez started out in 13 years before (nor said considered is moeeki anything special when compared to the best TE in KC history Fred Arbanas, who in his rookie (shorter season) produced 29 469 6 16.2, to moeeki 47 556 3 11.8 in more games & the far more liberalized offensive rule-assisted NFL world today. For evidence, the NE Patriots had 2 NFL rookie TE’s: hernandez – 45 563 6 & gronkowski – 42 546 10. Now THAT’s spectacular.

    The #4 pick… was none. Spectacular.

    The #5 pick was a DB, who (when he wasn”t missing 4 games with injuries) got into 12… he tried but never really could manage to beat out the ‘not so quick draw’ jon mcgraw, a FA picked up off the scrap heap NFL street a few years earlier and who’s at his best on special teams – but not so much on defense. (everbody

    The other #5 pick (and last selectee) was hurt in pre-season and missed the entire year. But if he had the chance boy, well, lemme tell you… would have no doubt been spectacular. That he was injured in a (everybody in unison) ‘SPECTACULAR’ fashion was…well, spectacular, I guess. Spectacular.

    Well that’s it – your SPECTACULAR 2010 kcindy draft class.

    “This one, however, leaves me scratching my head.”

    – it will have you and others pulling your hair out by the time the (currently in limbo) 2011 season has concluded, if it ever it in fact begins.

    For kcindy, will no doubt be another spectacular year; I’m guessing about 5-11, no playoffs, the duffer fired & egoli right behind him aft the 2012 season…

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