OTC: Moving Gordon To First Is Another Move Backward For Royals’ Future


“I look at Alex Gordon as a delicate rose. I do not want to disturb or upset him. Maybe he’ll be just fine. I wouldn’t mess with him.”
Nick Wright, after Ned Yost decided to move Gordon from left field to first base to make room for Jarrod Dyson in center field, 610 AM

“My biggest fear now is that they are going to jack with Alex Gordon. Why would you mess with Alex Gordon as well as he’s hitting?”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: The move to place Gordon back in the infield is more than curious. I think it is ridiculous and an attempt by the Royals to grab a few meaningless wins here in April to improve their gate at their upcoming homestand.
“Now that (Gordon’s) hitting I think his defense is going to be fine no matter where he’s playing.”
Ryan Lefebvre, 610 AM
GH: Spoken like the company man Ryan has always been and mostly likely will always be. Is there any scenario where we see Gordon playing first base when this team is supposedly contending for the AL Central? No. The Royals have more first basemen than they have excuses. So why would you take time away from Gordon to get even more comfortable in left where he’s projected to be for the next 10 years? Unless they are showcasing him for trade bait, it is a desperate move by a desperate organization.
“Matt Treanor isn’t hitting well. I wonder if Ned wanted to put Gordon behind the plate.”
Carrington Harrison, of 610 Sports, Twitter
“I love Ned shaking up the lineup to get Getz and Kila out. KC needs to win one of these two games, period. I don’t care that it’s April.”
Danny Parkins, of 610 Sports, Twitter

GH: KC doesn’t NEED to win another game this season. They are not a contending team. They are a team in limbo awaiting the arrival of their future. I heard Toby Cook promoting this weekend’s games at The K on both 610 and 810 and he said the Royals were hoping a few wins in Cleveland combined with some good weather this weekend would bolster their walk-up attendance. I think Yost jacked with Gordon and his lineup in order to try and accomplish that for the Royals’ marketing team. It is simply more proof the Royals do not understand their own plan and refuse to work it.
“Beer prices going up at the K. Used to be 7.75 a week ago. Now 8. #wrongdirection.”
Mark Carman, of 610 Sports, Twitter
“Is (Melky) Cabrera as polished a left fielder as Gordon is? I’m not convinced Melky is a great center fielder, so I’m not convinced he’ll be able to easily transition to left field.”
Nick Wright, asking Mark Carman about the decision to move Cabrera to left to make room for rookie center fielder XX, 610 AM
GH: Who cares about Melky? He’s fun to watch this season but he doesn’t fit into any plans for the Royals beyond 2012. When are people going to realize this is a lost season and any wins are simply gravy? The Royals trying to win now will jeopardize Royals’ wins when it counts.
“I have a problem with some of the things (Ned Yost) says and does. I think he protects his players too much and he’s way too positive sometimes.”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM

GH: Yost’s pressers are worthless. He says almost nothing quotable and rarely gives any insight into his thinking. He better win because he is awful with the media.
“That’s why they only spent $36-million this year (on payroll). They didn’t expect to win. So how can you blame the manager?”
Jack Harry, responding to KK’s comment above, 810 AM
“If I was paid 50 dollars for every time I’ve been lied to in my role as a sportswriter, I would not be rich, but have a nice nest egg.”
Gary Bedore, Twitter
“At this point, (Alex Gordon) has sacrificed power for average. If he does that, when the Hosmer and Moustakas get up, let’s bat him number two…or leadoff. I’ll tell you this, when they win a championship Chris Getz will not be batting leadoff and Melky Cabrera will not be hitting second. … Good hitters bat one and two on real teams! That’s how you get a potent offense. I gotta believe he is getting pitches to hit because Billy Butler is hitting behind him. … I will caution you folks that right now the power is down. He’s going to have to start going over the fence if he’s going to be a middle-of-the-order guy.”
Soren Petro, 810 AM
GH: There are times I wish Petro was running the Royals. He often makes more sense when he talks baseball than Ned Yost and Dayton Moore combined.
“I know I have a good track record of playing well and hitting well. I’m not really bugged about the first 26 at bats. It’s the next 500 that matter.”
Mike Aviles, following his slow start at the plate with a torrid stretch in late April, Royals Radio
GH: Aviles is an interesting problem. He’s not supposed to be a part of the Royals’ future but he can hit and hit for power. His glove is below average but he is a guy you might need to keep an eye on.
“I would say Billy Butler would be voted the last guy on the team to take his shirt off at the pool. It would be a battle between him and Brayan Pena.”
Soren Petro, 810 AM

GH: That is a contest I would not like to witness. Who wins that same contest between the local radio media hunks? I’m guessing 810 has more upper-body beef going for them along with their higher ratings. Jake? Kurtis? Petro? Clear the pool!
“I hate the dopey baseball cap with the ear muffs on it. It’s not 10 degrees!”
Danny Clinkscale, on Escobar wearing a flapper during a recent home game with temps in mid 40s, 810 AM
GH: I used to hate playing baseball on cold, blustery days in March and April. I say anything that can help keep a guy warm is cool with me. Screw the fashion police.
“I’ve said that the last few months I’ve just been getting crushed by this guy (Kevin Kietzman) in the ratings and that’s fine. He’s doing something considerably better than me. That’s fine. But with a large audience also comes a large responsibility. You don’t just get to lie to people because it fits your agenda! And say that if the players get there way there won’t be a draft. For four years there was no union! There was still a draft! You just don’t get to ignore recent history! Come on now.”
Nick Wright, 610 AM
GH: I thought Nick said he was smart. Since when does a large audience carry with it the responsibility of not lying to that audience? Has Nick ever heard of politics?
“Sal Paolantonio called it a "virtual certainty" that the Panthers will select Cam Newton with the No. 1 overall pick.
Adam Schefter, of ESPN, Twitter
GH: I can’t think of another player as highly touted as the Auburn QB (who many expect to go in the top five) who was also expected by so many to fail in the NFL. If Newton becomes a star it will be a huge upset. I hope the guy proves many of us wrong but I’m in the I-don’t-think-he-makes-it camp.

“When you think of the NFL draft, you think of Mel (Kiper).”
Mike Greenburg, ESPN Radio
GH: Kiper is a polarizing figure. You either hate him or love him. I love him. He’s not only extremely knowledgeable and well-read, he is articulate, concise and opinionated. He is great on both radio and television. He is as much an expert on his subject as anyone in sports media.
“Our building is celebrating Reading Day, so there will be no homework for Thursday.”
One of our 7th grader’s teacher, Parent email

GH: Is this an example of how to teach the kids the definition of an oxymoron?
GregHall24@yahoo.com and Twitter / greghall24
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16 Responses to OTC: Moving Gordon To First Is Another Move Backward For Royals’ Future

  1. chuck says:

    Cam Newton = BUST
    Carolina will suck for years.

  2. Phaedrus says:

    Middle school teachers email parents to tell them if their kids will have homework?? At what age are kids required to take responsibility now…25?

  3. smartman says:

    Father, Son, Holy Yost
    For all that is good and holy DON’T go to the K during this upcoming homestand. It’s time to say NO MAS, just like Fox said NO MAAS. Comprehendo?

  4. Arte says:

    Mel Kiper Jr.
    Agree with you on Mel Kiper. Sat next to him at a K-State game once. And I was amazed how much he knew about the Wildcats current roster and even their history. I figured if he knew that about K-State, he knows every school and their players inside and out. The guy must live football 24/7.
    Also Greg–like so many others–really enjoyed your account of the Boston Marathon. I’m not a runner but I almost feel I was right there along fior the ride. I can still hear the screams of those girls from Wellesley and feel the pain in my legs. Good stuff.

  5. harley says:

    My analysis….the correct one.
    Early in the year i mentioned that the key for the royals would be how they handled a
    long losing streak. Now we know. This will affect them for the entire year.
    1. Yost must go ….not in october…now….don’t wait…these young kids have enthusiasm and
    hustle….moving these players likee he has is absolute insantiy. fire this guy right now.
    B ring in a winning coach who knows how to develop talent. I nthe losing streak we’ve seen
    what the team and coaches will do.. If yost continues this absurd musical chairs game he will kill
    any hope on this team. don’t mess with whats successful….make some minor changes…
    but don’t mess with whats worked (even though itks not much) and let these kids work out
    their problems. Obviously the pitcing coach needs to be schooled on how to pitch in
    stadiums on the road (much different than the k)….yost needs to not leave pitchers in
    “to see how they react to having off days”….because this is not an experiement.
    Fire yost now…let zomeone come down and work with the young talent (maybe frank white)
    frnks got more sense and knowledge than all the coaches and moore put together.
    This will be crucial in how this team progresses….but don’t let yost fuck tings up right now.

  6. smartman says:

    Jojo: you change positions more than a truck driver with hemorrhoids. It’s easier to find a lesbian in the Vienna Boys Choir than a winner on the Old Roy-als. The Old Roy-als are the equivalent of a Honda Civic at the Daytona 500. They may set the pace in the beginning but their not really in the race. Reality has caught up with them this year like it has in previous years. Ned Yost is not the problem at least not in the way Todd Haley is. He’s got nothing to work with. A-ROD makes more than the entire Old Roy-als team this year. That’s insane. David Glass is the problem. As long as people go to the K and support this team it will NEVER get better. Every dollar anyone spends on tickets, parking, food or merch is one more reason this team will suck like a Dyson vacuum cleaner on a roll of Charmin. We have no one to blame but ourselves. MLB will not let this team move. The other owners despise David Glass. Not because he’s a skinflint but because he’s not a baseball guy with a true passion for the game or for winning. We can run this prick out of town faster than the Funk hits his knees to go down on Gloria after a Brazilian. Stop the madness. Stay Away From The K!

  7. John says:

    Nick Wright, face for radio.
    I saw Nick Wright today at the Entercom building. GD he has a face for radio!!!!

    My question is, what nationality is he? That nose has Jewish maybe Greek written all over it. Could his shaved head hide a Garfunkel jew fro?

    Plus, Greg, what happend to Wolvarine Willie? It’s like he disapered and never came back. Does he live in the area? Does he even listen to sports talk anymore?

  8. MoCrash says:

    What’s with this losing is OK crap?
    Greg and other Royals fans who take the position that the team is supposed to lose this season have a ridiculous mindset. Just because a franchise is building for a future does not mean that the organization should accept losing in the present. Since the Royals’ entire 25-man roster is not going to turn over during the next couple of seasons, those players who are part of future plans have to embrace the concept that losing is unacceptable — and so must the rest of the organization, including the manager. I don’t disagree with those who question moving Gordon to first base, and to say the Royals “need” a win in Cleveland — as though it is an imperative for the franchise’s survival — are certainly overstating matters. However, any team and every competitor in any sport should always believe it needs to win — whether or not it has the means to do so, or whether the expectations don’t demand it, or whether it is hopelessly out of contention. There are no “meaningless” wins, and no meaning to taking the field if the objective is not to win.

    Losing breeds a loser’s mentality, and those who think you just write off whole seasons because the future appears brighter have bought whole hog into a loser’s mentality. While I don’t want Yost or Moore to do anything that would jeopardise that future for immediate, insufficient gain, should the Royals players and organization accept the belief that winning isn’t important they will fail dismally when better talent arrives and becomes infected with that culture of mediocrity.

  9. jim says:

    Harley = Clown
    Harley, if you think changing the manager, pitching coaches or anyone else in the Royals organization is going to result in more wins, you must be dumber than we all assumed. Baseball is about PLAYERS. Repeat, PLAYERS. The payroll is at $38MM for a reason! You don’t have to pay players that SUCK! They don’t have talent, you idiot! Pitching? Blows! HR hitters? Nope. Good defensively? Not really. So much for your, “I see fire and attitude in this team” comment at the beginning of the season. Once again, they stink. 20 years of this crap and people like you STILL believe it’s going to change. What a chump. Go back to picking on Glazer. What you know about baseball could be written on the tip of your miniscule weeny.

  10. harley says:

    JIM= low life/ignorant worthless piece of shit..
    who needs to learn to read first.
    Coach/managers don’t make a difference. You stupid ignorant loser. How many pro teams
    have turned their fortunes around when a new manager/coach took over. When new management
    came in that had experience in winning. I can’t beging to count the number of teams that were
    turned around merely by getting new managers/coaches. Its happened many many times in
    pro sports.
    There is talent on this team…but they need someone with a winning background…not yost.
    these guys have problems and the coach moves the entire team around. WTF is this about.
    However…as i mentioned from day 1…if the coach does what yost did during a losing streak it
    throws everything into chaos. Why move gordon? Butler can play first base…had a good year
    there last year…but if you check my previous posts I warned (correctly) that the first time this
    team hit a tough losing streak…and how it was handled by players and management and managers
    would affect the entire season.
    Chopping up the team and moveing everyone is notthe answer.
    And I mentioned yost….that how he handled these players would deetermine how the season
    would go.
    Now jim….go back to getting $5 at the corner sucking cock because you are a loser.
    of course it’s easy to write this comment now loser….its easy after the fact.
    Theres still time for this team to keep a decent season going…drawing 1.7 million to the
    park…..and yes..we all know the team salary numbers….but you work with what you have.
    Even the yanbkee and red sox scouts and reports say the royals are buidling a great
    team for the future. We may have to wait….but what have we got.
    So people like you who are losers in life need to have somepatience……its going to take
    time…and if you deon’t like it…don’t pay money to go to the K.
    You wont be missed. Now shut the fuck up.

  11. jim says:

    Harley….Landed Again! LMAO!
    Harley, go back and read my prediction when the Royals were 14-4. I said 70W-92L. You were in the “wait and see” mode. I didn’t need to wait and see. You are a thin skinned little girl. NOBODY can question the great and powerful Harley. Knows everything about everything. Cracks me up when you EXPLODE everytime someone challenges you. Patience?! Patience?! It’s been 25 fucking years, Harley! 25!! Yes, I’m the idiot that dares to think that it’s more of the same for the Royals this year. Nothing, I mean nothing, would indicate otherwise.

    Now, I gotta get back to the street corner. I still owe your mother $5.

  12. harley says:

    YOU STUPIDV IDIOT….any one can pull a number out of hat like you did. 70 wins…
    wow…now thats really going out on a limb….
    thanks…I do know eveyrthing…and when the royals were winning i said that there was a
    different feeling on this team than previous teams. And i said that this could be a good
    year….will they win rthe divsion? doubtful….but while idiots like you are clamoring about
    how bad they are….there might be something there that builds within the team.
    don’t go to the game…you won’t be missed. Don’t watch the games…they dopnt need you.
    Don’t care about the team…great then stfu.
    Don’t waste your time belly aching about the team…it probablyu interferes with your
    sleep time. Just forget about them and let the go do what they do.
    So jim…you ignorant stupid fool….don’t write any more a bout the royals…obviously
    it upsets you to even think about them . So forget about baseball all together and move
    on in your life. We don’t need low lifes always banging on the team…and glass doesn’t
    need your weekly paycheck of $100 to make money out at the k.
    Goodbye and good riddance. Now get back onj that street corner and make some
    more money. My mo just texted you…said she forgoe the $5.00 since you blew
    my dog while she was walking it down thestreet.

  13. Jim says:

    Tsk, Tsk Harley
    Damn! That was a dog? I had a 50/50 chance of figuring out which one was your mother and which one was the dog.

    BTW – I thought the idea of a prediction was the be RIGHT. Going out on a limb or being bold doesn’t earn you anything. I enjoy the Royals, but I’m realistic about their success. That doesn’t make me stupid or ignorant or a hater. I just don’t let homers like you blow smoke up my ass and tell me they are “different”. They don’t have any talent, Harley! Period!

  14. Markus Aurelius says:

    wow, someone punches Harley in the mouth and he
    whines like a baby. Toughen up buttercup.

  15. chuck says:

    Fellas – please–
    You are essentially arguing over a product sold by David Glass.

    The best way to predict a Royals outcome, is to look into the greedy, grasping mind of Mr. Glass, and try and figure out his profit motive.

    In other words, how much talent does he have to field, at what cost, to keep fans interested or fooled = how much profit he can bring in.

    Thats just how it is.

  16. JimmyD says:

    So Jim, are you trying to say…
    Harley’s mom has a penis? Not exactly shocking. For someone who’s “always” right, how was MU’s move to the Big Ten? So long looooosers!

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