Hearne: (Almost) All Hell to Break Loose in Westport This Weekend

There’s a storm cloud hovering over Westport and it’s poised to break loose this weekend…

The bar formerly known as Stanford & Sons, more recently Johnny Dare’s, plans to reopen Friday or Saturday as the Hell Bar Rock Lounge. The new biker bar’s sign went up yesterday with a pair of trident-packing, nude, silhouetted devil hotties.

Fancy that, a biker rock bar, conveniently located right next door to urban dance club America’s Pub.

Westport hasn’t had this much fun since it blasted country & western at the crowds of African American kids it was trying to rid itself of back in the 1990s. Most of Hell Bar’s business neighbors have reportedly signed off on its petition for motorcycle parking out front along Westport Road, and the club awaits approval from the city, sources say.

The last club to go into Westport’s historic Jim Bridger BuildingKarma – started out as a rock club like Johnny Dare’s but ended up going with the flow as an urban club before folding recently.

And with summer just around the corner, it should make for an entertaining business mix.

Stay tuned…

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4 Responses to Hearne: (Almost) All Hell to Break Loose in Westport This Weekend

  1. Mortal Human says:

    Needs help
    So….. is there a way to just sell part of my soul to the devil for Earthy success? or is it an “all or none” thing, cuz I really need to make something work, becasue for the last 10 years, nothing has worked for me, and it seems some have a lot of luck while other have none…..Betelgeuse, are you out there, wanna help?

  2. Matt says:

    Who’s at the switch down there!
    Brothers, Skanks and now Bikers. You can’t make it up. What a potpourri of misbehavior and disrespect. Is this another one of Nigro’s bright ideas? Word’s been circulating that the Afro Pub was on the way out and now the Bikers are coming in!

    Done! Gone! History!

  3. smartman says:

    Pussy Biker Bar
    The Cold Club, 7th and Central, KCK, Dewey and Wino. THAT was a REAL Biker Bar. Watched a guy get the shit beat outta him, flat out cold on his back on the sidewalk. Dude that whipped did have the class to roll him over on his stomach so he wouldn’t choke to death on his own blood. Antoinette’s up north is a pseudo biker bar. You can still get your balls ripped off if you look like you don’t belong. Knuckleheads was a biker bar before Frank SOLD-OUT. This is a pussy wanna be “98 percenter” biker bar.

  4. BarKeeper says:

    This joint will be chock full of leather-clad wannabes who are too bashful for places like the Toolshed….weekend warriors with a stack of credit cards Rolex’s and not a drop of true biker blood in the lot.
    But you gotta love these posers who blow in from Johnson County to show off their chrome and paint jobs though. Most of ’em haven’t been riding for more than a year, and should be on Honda 125’s or mopeds!
    If a fight breaks out, it’ll be the women, not these ball-less jaggs.

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