Glazer: Here We Go Again, Another Royals Pain In The…

Well, Royals Fans that was fast.

Nice start, some hope even, then the losing streak. Yes, I’m afraid the jury is once again marching in with the verdict: Guilty. Some improvement but not enough to go above .500 or compete really.

Man, over in April – AGAIN!

The Royals have lost 8 out of the last 10 and are flying to the bottom of the division.

I must say there is some good news. Alex Gordon continues to become the player everyone had hoped for four years ago. He has shown no power, but his batting average stays in the mid .300’s and his defense has been outstanding. He needs more home runs and to get a bit better on timely hitting. But Alex may end up at around .300 with 80 RBI"s or so.

He’s the only player to watch on this team for an entire year.

Billy Butler is simply decent, a .300 hitter with no power and no timely hitting at all. Just above average. Jeff Francoeur is interesting, leading the poor hitting Royals with 5 homers and 19 RBIs. Not bad.

Problem is nobody else matters on offense.

These guys are not strong enough to carry this club, as proven by the fall to 12-12 from 10-4.

The pitching is simply not there. No starter that matters. Bruce Chen is the ace and he is maybe just over a .500 winning pitcher. Luke Hochevar looks to be a bust – maybe he becomes a long reliever here or somewhere else.

No other starter is worth talking about.

Defense is a major improvement. Yes.

All said, this is a fine Triple A ballclub. In the majors they will fight to finish 3rd or 4th.

I was a bit excited two weeks ago but that’s over – they just don’t have the talent.

Oh yeah, the farm system, right. We heard that about Butler,Gordon and Hochevar coming up. How’d that go?

It’s a nice stadium. Go get a tan. Feed the birds. Take the kids. As for anything to really cheer for??????

Call Bill Self.

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10 Responses to Glazer: Here We Go Again, Another Royals Pain In The…

  1. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    And, in other news….
    Water is wet.

  2. olathecat says:

    The sky is blue.

  3. TIAD says:

    Hearne drives a Fiat.

  4. CMac says:

    I think my “Captain Obvious” nickname for Craig might finally start catching on after this lame “story”…

  5. cowboy says:

    Good Breakdown
    Glazer yeah it was pretty obvious that the Royals were gonna tank again, but nice breakdown on why. I don’t agree with you on Gordon, I say he doesn’t hit .300 or drive in 80 runs. My belief is Royals finish last. Sorry

  6. Cool Tool says:

    I wouldn’t go watch those fools for free dogs, beer, or nothing. I am so done with these punks. Who goes out there anyways. For what?

  7. monkey man says:

    need more black players
    Whole team are Mexians

  8. ku forever says:

    royals suck
    no chance Royals

  9. Rody Rody Piper says:

    No More Royals Talk
    Greg and Craig, lets not talk about the Royals. Ever again. I hope people stop going to games at some point. What for?

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