Today: Dust Storm Closes Jardine’s; New Digs Debut Wednesday, New Menu Next Week

Think of it as a post-remodeling storm, pain-in-the-butt lull…

Jardine‘s jazz club and restaurant just off the Plaza will close tonight and reopen Wednesday in phoenix-like form.

"We sanded all the floors yesterday," says owner Beena Brandsgard. "And we have to close tonight because there’s so much dust everywhere. But the place looks great – it’s completely revamped."

Jazz crooner Kathleen Holeman’s show tonight has been canceled and will be rescheduled.

As for Jardine’s improvements and new look…

"It just looks more appealing and more fun," Brandsgard says. "We’ve moved the sound board to the back which does wonders for the sound and people can still hear themselves talk. And we have new Jardine’s signs and all kinds of new stuff. We have new outside lighting and all-new neon. refreshed all the paint and the steps look like the ones in movie theaters now."

Columnist insert: all the better to see myself falling down them in the future.

"Starting next week we have an all-new menu – it’s more accessible, more affordable," Brandsgard says. "And the new look is just hipper."

Erin McGrane and Jeff Freeling’s  "Victor & Penny" show will tip off the action tomorrow with Megan Birdsall in Jardine’s new digs. Followed by Stan Kessler’s "shamelessly self-promoted," ??? birthday on Friday .
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5 Responses to Today: Dust Storm Closes Jardine’s; New Digs Debut Wednesday, New Menu Next Week

  1. smartman says:

    Go Fish
    What the hell is Abe Vigoda doing in that picture with Beena and the two young girls?

  2. Rainbow Man says:

    what? another plug for jardine’s?
    I need to check out the new look…. I have succumbed to the constant plugs they get on KC Confidential.

  3. Hearne Christopher says:

    I agree. They’re on here every two or four months. More than the Chiefs, Royals and Craig Glazer’s grrrl friends combined!

  4. harley says:

    most boring place in kc….hardly stay awake….how many 90 year old singers
    can they have in one place….come on….lighten the place up…bring in
    some fresh vibrant talent or go the way of every other jazz club in kc…
    great for hearne…but he gets free food and booze to play this old outdated
    concepot up……
    could be a cool great place…but someones got to give it a serious fixing

  5. Rick in PV says:

    Screw you, Harley. Jardine’s is the flagship jazz club in town, and jazz is our town’s claim to fame. I look forward to seeing the changes.

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