OTC: NFL Lockout Suspended / NFL Draft Not Deep On Qbs


“I think the lockout may have come to an end today.”
Lester Munson, saying the judge worded the judgment so strongly that it will be difficult for the owners to get it turned around, ESPN
GH: Let’s hope so. I can’t think of a news item I have been less interested in than the NFL lockout. What the owners and players should realize is that we just want football. We don’t care who makes the money since it’s all coming out of our pockets.
“People don’t seem to be very interested in the (NFL) schedule or the draft at this point.”
Brian Baldinger, talking to Bob Fescoe and Josh Klingler, discussing the lack of fan interest in the lockout and therefore the NFL, 610 AM
“It’s a great day for everybody who loves football.”
DeMaurice Smith, executive director of NFLPA, on the judge’s decision to lift the lockout, ESPN
GH: With the draft starting Thursday, this almost looks like a marketing ploy by the NFL.
“This is the weakest quarterback class that I can remember. When I look over this quarterback class, I didn’t give any of them a first-round grade. I think the value of this quarterback class is in that second-tier group. I think you’ve got some potential starters in that group of the Trent Green/Matt Hasselbeck mold.”
Wes Bunting, National Football Post, 610 AM
“I think Cam Newton really has a good likelihood of not making it in the NFL.”
Russ Lande, GMJuniorNFLdraft.com
GH: Every big black college quarterback should send JaMarcus Russell a no thank you card. He has poisoned the minds of NFL GMs everywhere. It ain’t fair but it is what it is.
“(Blaine Gabbert) will be an okay pro. I think he can be a serviceable starting quarterback in the NFL. He can make all the throws and he’s physically talented. The biggest question I have is his overall feel in the pocket. He really gets fidgety under any kind of pressure and flushes himself out prematurely.”,
Wes Bunting, National Football Post, who predicts Gabbert will go as the third (Buffalo) or fifth (Arizona) overall pick, 610 AM
GH: I think Gabbert is three years away from being a great NFL quarterback. He is not a guy you can plug in and expect immediate success. But he has rare talent and an arm from the heavens. Josh Freeman floored me with how quickly he went from loser to winner. Gabbert has much of his same skill set and failings.
“I’m not as high on Daniel Thomas as a lot of other people are. He’s kind of a straight-up kind of runner. I don’t think he’s going to be a feature back. Probably a solid player.”
Don Banks, SI.com, on the former K-State running back, 810 AM
“Right now I have (K-State’s Daniel Thomas) going in the fourth round to Cincinnati. He most likely will end up going in the third. He ran a 4.6 so I think teams are going to be a little leery about taking him in early the draft.”
Russ Lande, GMJunior.com
GH: Daniel Thomas would look very, very good in Chiefs’ red. If he slips to the fourth round, I would love to see Pioli grab him. This guy’s 40 time has nothing to do with how tough a runner he is and will be in the NFL.
“If you love the Chiefs and you love the draft you should definitely come down.”
Soren Petro, who will be hosting a draft party at Arrowhead along with Mitch Holthus, 810 AM
GH: I know some guys dig draft parties but I can’t think of a place I’d rather be further away from than this room full of draftniks. Maybe a Rotisserie Baseball draft party?
“I think it’s easy journalism. I think it’s shoddy journalism to take shots at Bill Self for an incident like this. I don’t know how a coach is supposed to take responsibility for an incident like this.”
Bob Fescoe, on criticism people are leveling toward Bill Self for Thomas Robinson getting into a fight outside a Lawrence bar, 610 AM
GH: Fescoe is an unapologetic Kansas homer. But these comments are over the top for even his boosterish bravado. Self is the head coach. He is responsible for everything in his basketball program and he is paid over $3 million to take the heat and answer questions.
“I don’t want to start questioning Thomas Robinson’s character because Thomas Robinson probably has more character in his left finger than most of us have in our entire body! So I’m not going to question Thomas Robinson’s character!”
Bob Fescoe, 610 AM
GH: Why not? Because the guy’s mom died? Robinson was dumb enough to get into a fight with a bouncer at 2:00 AM and allegedly spit on the bouncer – a guy who was simply doing his job. T-Rob’s character is definitely in question here, no matter what color uniform he wears during hoops season.
“When you have multiple minute fractions, and I’ll call these minute. But when added up to everything else, it’s a pattern.”
Josh Klingler, on the embarrassing incidents that continue to haunt the KU basketball program, 610 AM
GH: Minute is in the eye of the beholder. KU fans says minute, Mizzou and K-State fans say it’s a pattern.
“Maybe it’s just a little ‘puckered butt’ when guys get on base.”
Jaime Bluma, on Rany Jazayerli’s report that Luke Hochevar pitches far worse with men on base than with the bases empty, 810 AM
GH: There are times when a “little puckered but”  can be an asset. Pitching in the bigs with the bases juiced is not one of them. Hoche may have a head problem to go with his ears problem.
GregHall24@yahoo.com and Twitter / greghall24
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14 Responses to OTC: NFL Lockout Suspended / NFL Draft Not Deep On Qbs

  1. % says:

    “The biggest question I have is his overall feel in the pocket. He really gets fidgety under any kind of pressure and flushes himself out prematurely.

  2. Kerouac says:

    Who exactly be that virtuous designee the current milli’$ vs billi$ sports strife?

    It’s hard to tell the saints from the sinners.

    I feel no sympathy for the players – NONE. I feel no sympathy for the NFL – NONE. I feel no sympathy the part & parcel NFL owners – NONE. It’s in that order I revile each, a separation so slim as to be next negligible. What I don’t abide today any more than in 1987, 1974, 1970 or 1968 (latter when a strike almost came to pass NFL) is the pervasive sense of entitlement league & work force.

    Made possible by your generous support of course… really no different than subsidizing PBS. As ‘Jeopardy’ announcer Don Pardo would say: “you zeroes don’t get a CD, DVD or even a lousy copy of our home game – not even a say so for your tithe$, gift$ & love offering$ to the NFL… you’re a COMPLETE L – O – S – E – R !”

    Blood from turnips – paradox is the bleeding can continue even aft the patient is dead.

    I recall shotguns at Arrowhead 1987, aggrieved ‘billy bob joe’ types like hackett & coffman et al – some guy named del rio assaulting a former Chief player twice his age (Otis Taylor) – irony that back in 1974, Taylor had gone on strike with the rest NFL players to help the very players like del rio who years later acted out – mob mentality on display.

    I also recall the MLB strike of 1994, and LA Dodger ‘scabs’ (striking players term for replacement players) being treated abominably to put it lightly… among them Mike Busch, who was the first ever replacement player promoted to an MLB team roster. Strikers such as eric karros, brett butler et al made me embarrassed to be a Dodgers fan… I’ve never forgiven them to this day, and never will.

    Ditto for the aforementioned strikers Kansas City 1987… those who mouthed “we are the game, and without us there is no game.”


    They are but a number doing their number, time the only true arbiter. And when time runs out, there is always another ‘replacement part’ take their place. I also distinctly remember fans acting entertained in ’87 during replacement games… with the passage more time, like the early days the AFL it is just a matter of time before the new names become household & the formers are forgotten.

    Let there be lockout, let there be strike, let there be Armegeddon – and let it bring every one of them: players, NFL & owners to their knees. And why not…nothing else has worked nor stemmed the tide future avarice ad nauseam…and the fans keep bending over.

    Take me out to the ballgame?

    I don’t care if they ever get back…

  3. CMac says:

    How Does Fescoe Still Have a Job?
    That guy is brutally bad. In addition to being a KU apologist (hey, I’m a KU fan but this stuff makes us look bad…why can’t he admit it?) he also loves to hear himself talk. Someone needs to tell him it’s okay to say “The Royals” instead of “The Kansas City Royals Baseball Organization” or “The Chiefs” instead of “The National Football League’s Kansas City Chiefs Organization.” Or better yet, maybe Entercom could just tell him to shut the fuck up permanently and fire his dumb ass…

  4. MoCrash says:

    Bring on the Draft!
    There’s too much money to be lost by jeopardizing the 2011 NFL season, so I’m in full draft mode.

    Just to stir the pot a little, here’s my list of picks for the Chiefs (Scott, take notice):
    Round 1 — Mike Pouncey, G, Florida: If he falls to 21, Pouncy’s got way too much upside to ignore, even if G is not currently the Chiefs’ greatest immediate need.
    Round 2 — Randall Cobb, WR, Kentucky: May go earlier in the 2nd round, but if he’s on the board he’ll give the Chiefs a downfield threat opposite Bowe.
    Round 3 — Donlay Moch, OLB, Nevada: I see a potential LaMarr Woodley type on the left side opposite Hali; a little bit of a project, can develop under Vrabel’s tutelage.
    Round 4 — Shareece Wright, CB, USC: Rangy, physical Cover 2 CB who can close and supports run.
    Round 5 (1) — Niles Paul, WR, Nebraska: Will drop due to alcohol issues, but has too much upside to resist. Long, fast and with hops.
    Round 5 (2) — Lee Ziemba, OT, Auburn: Projects as a RT, but is aggressive run blocker who needs to improve technique versus pass, but has size and intelligence to adjust.
    Round 6 — Chris Nield, NT, West Virgnia: Run-stuffing two-gap NT. Pursues well, but isn’t a pocket crusher, although good QB container.
    Round 7 — Josh Portis, QB, California (Pa.): Needs seasoning, but has the arm and agility to develop into a back-up capable of winning.

    What the Chiefs will do is anybody’s guess, but these are guys I like who I think may be available in those rounds. If I get one right, of course, I’ll be shocked.

  5. thelogabides says:

    Will they kill the golden goose?
    Don’t care. I quit giving a damn about baseball after the strike. Never looked back. Baseball was Americas pastime. Now it’s football. If the players and owners are to arrogant and/or stupid to fix this, they’ll be next. I love the NFL, and it will suck giving up on them and my fantasy leagues but make no mistake I will. Theirs still Rugby, MMA, hell I loved watching the Brigade. They’re taking us for granted thinking were so desperate for football we’ll put up with there shit, and unfortunately they’re probably right. But be advised once you break me I’m broke. Look to baseball and be warned.

  6. John says:

    NFL Lockout? Boring….
    I have a better question for Greg and anyone else who can answer.

    I was listing to KK

  7. Mike says:

    As for WW…
    no one is for sure. Hell, it’s been forever since he’s graced the boards at KCForum.net. Maybe he got railed on one too many times. But he spiced up a couple of talk shows with his call-ins, as well as add an entertaining flavor in the ‘Forum. Did he get promoted and move out of town?

  8. Nellie says:

    Poisoned minds…………….
    GH -Every big black college quarterback should send JaMarcus Russell a no thank you card. He has poisoned the minds of NFL GMs everywhere. It ain

  9. John says:

    Greg, you need to do some reporting. A OTC report, “What happend to Woverine Willie?”

  10. chuck says:

    RIP Wolverine Willy.
    Shot dead by Napolean Dynamite last summer with a shotgun.

    Don’t gimme that look! What would you have done???

  11. chuck says:

    Eat your ham Tina!!

  12. chuck says:

    BTW, Me and Greg are Cage fighters!!
    We are very close, I ran the Marathon too and broke the record. We do Marathons to train for our cage fighting. Sometimes Glazer travels with us. He brings comedians to tell us jokes while we run.

    If you were here, you check out these Pythons.

    Yep, tickets to the gun show!!

  13. Markus Aurelius says:

    Rich guys fighting with even richer guys while they
    both try to pretend to be poor. Give me a break! The players and owners both act as if they believe the fans are idiots. I could care less who “wins” between the players and owners as they’re all doing WAY better than the average joe college grad, let alone the average joe high school grad.

    What I have no doubt about is the fact that whatever settlement the two sides reach, it will not be a win for the fans. Higher ticket prices and exclusive television rights on high-priced cable/sat networks (rather than free OTA stations) is not a win for fans. Pedaling beer with sexual innuendo and mind-numbing movies during TV timeouts isn’t a win for fans. The NFL is all about profit – just like nearly every other corporate entity in the US – and could care less about how its profit motive impacts the fans, society, our culture, or America’s long-term well-being. The NFL is perfectly happy to provide a fiddle player for us all to mindlessly watch as Rome burns.

  14. Frank the Tank says:

    Most anti-climactic NFL draft ever. No superstars. No slam dunks. Bunch of overrated QBs. Black lockout cloud still in the air. Can’t trade players. Can’t sign free agents. Pure ugliness.

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