Hearne: No Fooling, Plaza ‘Falloon Rises Tonight, Complete With Patio

There’s just no quit to rumors about the Plaza’s Granfalloon sports bar…

Yes, it did get its teet in a financial wringer two years ago via its here today, gone tomorrow Granfalloon North. And rumors that its vaunted Plaza local could take a hit were not entirely unfounded. However it made it through the storm and has signed a new lease.

As for its recent closing, not a problem. It actually is for remodeling, not one of those faux remodelings or plumbing repairs area bars and restaurants often use to hide their liquor license wrist slappings.

That said, when someone said they were concerned about the closing I popped by for a check. Remodeling, all right.

When will it reopen, I asked a worker? "Supposed to be tomorrow, " he said sarcastically.

Guess what? They made it!

"We’re having a soft opening right niow for friends and families," a staffer said around 6:30 p.m. today. "And after 9 p.m. we’re open to the public."

Just in time for the Chiefs draft, Royals Renaissance and Sporting Kansas City pre new stadium nosedive. With a rather smallish outside patio that you can kinda see in the photo.

Oh yeah. Might wanna update the voicemail or drop a clue or two on the Web site, falloonies.

Meanwhile, at the site of Granfalloon North’s fleeting flameout, BrewTop Pub is alive and well with tonight’s Royals game blazing away.

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2 Responses to Hearne: No Fooling, Plaza ‘Falloon Rises Tonight, Complete With Patio

  1. chuck says:

    Does Tim still own the place?

  2. brian says:

    pre new stadium nosedive?

    as in the team losing, or the stadium?

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