Hearne: KanRocksas Feasts Off Lollapalooza, Misses Foo Fighters, Plays Name Game


About the music lineup for this summer’s KanRocksas Festival at the Kansas Speedway

Eminem and Muse are Friday and Saturday’s headliners, with Girl Talk, Flaming Lips, Perfect Circle, Kid Cudi, Black Keys, Primus and Arctic Monkeys backing the two-day camping fest lineup.

Any chance of rumored headliner acts the Foo Fighters and/or Red Hot Chili Peppers being added to the bill?

"No," Fritz says. "Eminem and Muse are the two headliners. I mean, there’s going to be another 15 bands announced, but nothing on that level."

A front page Kansas City Star story today missed the mark addressing a possible conflct Chicago’s Lollalpalooza.

"The overlap with Lollapalooza is not a concern, Fritz said, because his festival is targeting fans from Denver to St. Louis and Dallas to North Dakota," the Star reported.

Quite the opposite…

Fact is, KanRocksas is feeding off Lollalpalooza by luring it’s talent while the bands are in the area.

Headliners Eminem and Muse, as well as Girl Talk, A Perfect Circle and Arctic Monkeys all are Lollapalooza rebound acts. Acts that in at least four cases – were it not for KanRocksas – would likely play cool, summer night gigs in the Crossroads.

That brings us to KanRocksas somewhat controversial name…

Let me guess; a vintage Chris Fritz brainchild?

"I’m the one and only name guy – yeah – hey, I play a mean schmooze," Fritz says, quipping, "No, I paid an advertising agency to do it."

Were there any other name suggestions?

"Yeah, people did," Fritz says. ""They said, ‘That’s kind of a weird name.’ But then it grew on them.The idea is to be the first one on the Google page."

After all, what could be weirder – namewise – than say, Bonnaroo?

"There was some logic to it," Fritz says. "I like the name because I’ve said it 1,000 times already."

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14 Responses to Hearne: KanRocksas Feasts Off Lollapalooza, Misses Foo Fighters, Plays Name Game

  1. chuck says:

    That M&M guy looks pretty tough.

    He looks mad.

  2. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    Faceplant Fritz.
    This thing is going to be a snoozefest.

  3. bob says:

    ” would likely play cool, summer night gigs in the Crossroads.”

    And that is the crux of it. I’d be surprised if more than 25,000 showed up. With the exception of Eminem, most Wakarusas had bigger touring acts.

  4. Old says:

    Why all the hate….
    I just don’t understand all the negative comments about this festival. It is like anything else. You either like it or you don’t. I’m confident that it is going to be a big success. This has been in the works for a long time and was well thought out. In regards to ‘Young’s’ statement, I am in my 40’s and these are all bands that I listen too and same with most of my friends so don’t discount people in there 30’s and 40’s (and I’m sure there will even be people in there 50’s) out at this festival. I already have my tickets!

  5. Hearne Christopher says:

    Being a little presumptuous on who reads this blog, Mr. Young. Children? Old fuckers?

  6. Old says:

    I honestly go back and forth between the BUZZ, 98.9, The Fox etc. on the radio. Still love the oldies (going to see Nugent in July) but I’ve always enjoyed listening to new music and musicians. I’m honestly surprised when I go to a BUZZ concert how many people my age that I see there and when I go to an ‘oldies’ concert how many young people I see. I guess my point is, and I think it was yours, is that there are a lot of people bagging on this event. If you don’t like it, fine don’t go but at least cheer it on for something that could bring money and recognition to our area.

  7. official counter says:

    If we can just get half of the 150,000 people who show up at then Plaza lights ceremony each year to come to this , it will be a success.

  8. Old says:

    No like button
    But I am ‘liking’ Official Counter’s’ comment.

  9. gully says:

    I’m willing to take the under at 50,000, until they release bargain price one day tickets out if desperation, and they will.

  10. Hearne Christopher says:

    Agree. My guess is they structured the deal to break even in the 30,000 to 40,000 ticket sale range.

  11. Hearne Christopher says:

    Agree, again. Maybe not desperation, but at some point it becomes logical to offer fans a chance to pick which day’s bill they want to attend.

  12. Super Dave says:

    Hey Young
    Hey I might be an old fart, old fucker or an old moldy fucker but pay attention here bitch! I was rocking my ass off when you were still sucking on fudgesicles wearing a diaper full of shit.

    I happen to listen to Eminem and like his stuff as well most all the other so called new artists.

    So careful how you label us so called old fucks. We may have some years on us but still like to party and have a good time.

  13. Cliffy says:

    Young must not be so young if he remembers Sedalia 1973. What a trip that was.

    I recall Wolfman Jack being dropped in by helicopter to announce the Saturday night bands. I was so high/drunk I fell asleep during the Eagles. Leo Kottke was performing as I drove off the fairgrounds on Sunday morning. I really wanted to see him but I had to find a bathroom … every portajohn was overflowing. Naked girls and boys taking showers in the livestock barns … drugs being sold on the midway like they were concession stands … sleepy little Sedalia will never see anything like that again.

  14. Coach Ella says:

    To the Unkind
    For all of the people bashing this festival you should stop to think about how many music festivals actually make it to the Midwest. Wakarusa is great but now that it’s in Arkansas you have to be a true festival-head to make the trek. Since I have lived in KC I have gone to Lolla, coachella, & Wakarusa….each festival costs a lot of time and money, especially for transportation. If you know anything at all about these big festivals you will see that the Speedway venue is offering several perks unavailable at other festivals. The price is fair, but only if you like to hear different kinds of music.

    So what about the music? It’s got some real talent, and I agree that Kanrocksas is feeding off Lolla. Who cares? Just who should we expect to headline this show? I for one am thrilled that Kanrocksas wasn’t pigeonholed as a venue to only play crap old bands that nobody cares about anymore (i.e. The Eagles). This is fairly new music with some classic festival standbys (i.e. The Flaming Lips & The Black Keys). Tickets have sold at an alarming rate and will continue to do so. KC natives that are bashing this festival as a snoozefest should check Verizon’s summer band schedule and Starlight’s schedule and let me know how they stack up (Steely Dan vs Primus anyone?)

    Be happy this will create a nice weekend revenue stream for the city, deadbeats. If you are upset b/c you can’t get your 311 or Jackyl fix at this show, you never had enough money to attend the event anyway.

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