Glazer: No NFL Season? No Effing Way! Here’s Why.

No Football? No Way!

Read my lips: It can’t happen. In this miserable economy with one of, if not THE biggest escapes for men (and some woman) the NFL is badly needed. It used to be about folks backing their home team. Not now.

It’s the fun,enjoyment and that $100 bet that matters on Sunday, Monday, Thursday and even some Saturdays in the world of today’s NFL. We would all be so damn depressed. I think it’s so important that behind the scenes the White House would get involved. If they haven’t already. Even Obama needs the NFL for relief of stress.

If he wants to get re-elected.

Yes, for 3-9 hours on any given Sunday a guy can leave his problems at the door. Just sit back and get into one to three games. Yes from noon until nearly midnight it’s NFL action on Sunday.

Hey, what’s even nicer is you get to come home Monday to Monday Night Football and that makes Mondays bearable.
For us Kansas City Chiefs fans, we now have a team that looks like, well, a team.

Most of us believe the Chiefs are on their way to being a playoff club every year.

We hope.

So this makes the entire strike an NO GO for us. Hell, without the Chiefs we have uh, nothing.

Well, KU basketball maybe. Our other local teams suck or are close to being awful. The Missouri Tigers football team is good, not great.

So that’s it. We don’t have to get into the phony Royals yet.

With a poor economy, few smiles on peoples faces, the NFL has never been so needed. The sport is by far the No. 1 entertainment on the planet now – at least here in the U.S.A. Players salaries will continue to climb, with no more true movie stars and few TV stars and no music mavens. It’s the NFL players who are best known and talked about. A distant second is NBA and college football and hoops.

Baseball, I don’t know what keeps that up at all.

Nobody remembers who even won the World Series anymore. Nor do they much care.
And if you think NFL money is crazy now, just wait. In the next 10 years quarterbacks will be making $50-$100 million a year.

They are the superstars of today.

If the worst happens – and I say it won’t – and there’s no NFL season, here’s what they’ll do to cover the time and escape:

College Football games will be played on Sunday and Monday Night. Simple as that.
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21 Responses to Glazer: No NFL Season? No Effing Way! Here’s Why.

  1. CMac says:

    Thank you, Captain Obvious.

  2. Doog says:

    Nice home page graphic….
    First, how about using the updated NFL logo that’s been around, for, oh..say, five years now.

    Second, (BCS) level college football isn’t playing on Monday night for in-conference games. Do you know how many alumni and season ticket holders that would burn that have already shelled out a lot of bucks to be in a college stadium on a Saturday?
    (And I’m not talking about those ‘made-for-TV’ Labor-Day weekend neutral-site non-conf. matchups. I’m talking about game dates on-campus, non-conf., and especially in-conference games. You think there would be more than a few pissed off folks if Texas-OU were moved to a Monday night? Or a mid-level SEC game?

    Some might even be pissed at the thought of moving a college gameday to a Sunday. Because then there’s no Saturday night to go out and have fun. Although I could see a scenario where some big college games could get moved to Sunday for that reason. But there’d have to be an extra kick-back ($$$$) to the participating schools for doing so, and the schools would have to be incredibly benevolent to their season-ticket holders for moving a game on short notice as well. Colleges need a happy donor base, unlike the pros.

    But decisions like that will have to be made weeks in advance. It can’t be spur of the moment.

    Also, the NFL won’t miss one game due to the lockout. Why? Players don’t want to miss a game check, but more importantly, the owners don’t want to give the networks a comp (read: free) year of broadcasting games. Show me someone who’s okay with the TV networks getting a free year of showing games, and I’ll tell you that person in no way is an NFL owner.

  3. Doog says:

    One more thing…
    I highly doubt QB salaries are going to range in the $50M-$100M a year category. What’s Peyton or Brady making right now…$20 million? $22M?? And that’s just the list salary on the contract. It’s not guaranteed they’ll see that through. (See: The Donovan McNabb Washington contract circa 2010.)

    High ticket prices have translated into empty seats at stadiums, Arrowhead included. The NFL, in future years, will have to confront how they work their pricing model. The Chiefs seemingly have lowered some of the higher-dollar, anemic-demand tickets from last year, especially in the club level.

    It’s catching up to baseball even as we speak. Albert Pujols wants to re-set the market for premiere players, but the Cardinals have balked at his salary demand so far. 10 years ago, the Cards would have rubber-stamped that without question. Now, teams have to be a little more balanced at how they allocate dollars, because baseball is seeing another year of attendance dips. Larger market teams overshot their market on price. which signifies that in sports, we now see pricing levels in which there’s buyer resistance.

    Baseball teams have had to lower prices on tickets due to lack of demand, and I see the same thing beginning in the NFL. The days of across-the-board hikes in prices is over…also are the days where we see player(s) get record contracts every year.

  4. ku forever says:

    I think Glazers right on higher salary
    Football is the opium of the people right now, what you must consider is TV contract money will go higher so yes the big names salary in creases. If at the top of his game Cruise got 20 million a movie or more twice a year so yeah football can give 50 a year.

  5. party Pal says:

    College Football on Sunday
    Interesting. No its not obvious either. Never thought of that one. But likely they will play

  6. monkey Man says:

    The Black People Will Cause more crime
    Us blacks would just have more reason to rob your stupid asses.

  7. downtown davey says:

    You Got It
    We have to have the NFL guys. I need to see those cheerleaders on Sunday

  8. smartman says:

    Madame Glazer
    You’ve obviously had a sex change. Your new name should be Miss Informed.

  9. Cliffy says:

    “Most of us believe the Chiefs are on their way to being a playoff club every year. We hope.”

    God you’re a terrible writer.

  10. chuck says:

    I’m Glaze fan, but doog is dead on…
    The surest bet, the surest win, is Monkey Man.

    Who with room temp IQ, would bet against this?

    “The Black People Will Cause more crime
    monkey Man 03:41:49 PM – Tue. Apr 26. 2011
    Us blacks would just have more reason to rob your stupid asses.”

    Monkey Man Chcek List:

    1) Noon, get outta bed. CHECK!

    2) Yell down to my moms to make my mutha fuckin eggs. CHECK!

    3) Go to mail box and look for a check. CHECK!

    4) Roast one. CHECK!

    5) Go look for job. (Who the fuck am I shittin?) NO CHECK!

    6) Get on Kcconfidential and complain about Jews. Did that yesterday. NO CHECK!

    7) Look at mah twitta for flash mob info. CHECK!

    8) Go wash car. Don’t have one. NO CHECK!

    9) Mow Lawn for moms. (I’m too high.) NO CHECK

    10) Wow! What a day! Hit the sack! CHECK!

  11. thelogabides says:

    There will be a season.
    Of that I have no doubt. Too much money at stake, plus the crowds must have their bread and circus. The trick for them is to not piss off the crowds so much that they don’t care anymore. Look to baseball to see your doom. Football wasn’t always the national darling. It used to be Baseball.

  12. Hearne Christopher says:

    One word; content!

  13. craig glazer says:

    Likely you are all the same guy. So you say I can’t write huh. My book says I am pretty decent huh. So do my scripts, huh. Oh yeah so do all the people LIKE YOU who love to comment on my articles, huh. Cliffy/jojo/Harley go home your mom is calling.

  14. Cool Tool says:

    Glazer I love your work
    Hey don’t think we are all haters. I agree with what you wrote. There won’t be a strike. I don’t think would put college football on Monday night though. I’d love it myself.

  15. Rainbow Man says:

    Glazer Nails….. Doog Fails
    1. If the NFL is idle… College will be all over Sunday and Monday. If ABC says ” Hey Bama… Wanna play Sunday night for an extra 3 Million… we got Michigan Ohio State Saturday night…. ” Bama says…”Where do we sign?” Upper class white college alumini have the money and time to travel to games any day of the week. Believe me… the colleges will play when TV says they will play.
    2. Lower paid players will resent higher paid players if there is no season. It will linger for years after.
    3. It will hurt the draft eventually. Some college players will just plan on not going to the NFL. They won’t even try.
    4. If College plays Sunday… More college teams will get air time… They will love it.
    5. The mafia makes way too much money on the NFL. Trust me… they will fix this.

  16. Cliffy says:

    Harley? Sorry, no. I’ll tell you what, Glazer. You are the thinnest skinned “celebrity” I have EVER run across. You just can’t keep from replying to me, can you?

    Here’s the deal. I come here to read smartman, chuck, bschloz, Rainbow Man, Hall and any number of “creative” contributors. You come across as a tired old man trying to be young. You are a parody of yourself.

  17. craig glazer says:

    Try To Be?
    I don’t try I am. Yeah those photos make it clear I am so old and ugly. Those woman must be paid to be there huh? Hey like I said if you don’t like me or what I write, don’t read it.

  18. cowboy says:

    College to Replace NFL
    Glazer, I’ve heard and read a zillion stories on the lock out. YOU ARE THE FIRST TO MENTION NCAA COLLEGE TO REPLACE NFL games. Brilliant. The NFL will play but if they didn’t I think you got something. I get a kick out of the comment saying you wrote the obvious. Well the college game replacement was nothing short of brilliant Glazer. Tip of the hat for that. As for the the guys who call you names, well you got to let that go. Comes with the territory Glazer.

  19. Cliffy says:

    Yeah, those photos. You mean the one in which you’re copping a smooch from Maria and look like a pedophile? Or the others where you look like Burt Reynolds’ character in Boogie Nights? I’ve seen those.

  20. harley says:

    couldnet get on the site with the name jojo…switched to harley…couldnt you
    figure it out.
    Glazer is right…nfl is tops…we’ve got the royals til august/sept….hopefully they
    paly good ball…
    as far a cliffy’s complaints against glazer…come on cliffy….thats old…get a
    new monologue…
    get some fresh material….and dony copy my stuff.

  21. Cliffy says:

    Harley ….
    I could not copy your stuff unless my computer had a Grammer and Spelling un-check feature.

    @Hearne …. One word; Filler!

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