Sounds Good: The Civil Wars@The Bottleneck; Ghosty@The Replay; Interpol@Beaumont Club

For those of you that missed Nathaniel Rateliff at the Bottleneck a few weeks ago, slap yourself in the mouth… now

Go ahead, I’ll wait. 

You know you messed up.  (Read the review down below somewhere, then think about why you don’t own any throwing knives).     

The fifty of us that did go to that desolate Friday night show were treated to stripped down songs with raw emotion spilling off the stage and splashing onto our shoes. 

I know, gross right?

A similarly intimate show might be brewing Friday at the same iconic venue..

Friday, April 22nd

The Civil Wars at the Bottleneck in Lawrence

This boy-girl duo has only been around for a couple years, but they have certainly catapulted themselves to relative success with appearances on The Tonight Show, play on VH1, and a feature on NPR’s "A Prairie Home Companion." 

Their February 2011 release "Barton Hollow" actually hit No. 1 on the Billboard Digital Albums chart in its first week.

  The band’s mix of southern folk and soulful vocals has earned the duo a bevvy of sold out shows at venues across the country.  


Saturday, April 23rd

Ghosty at the Replay Lounge in Lawrence

Local favs Ghosty have probably played at the Replay like fifty times (at least), but it seems like it’s been a little while since whenever the last time was.  I mean, wasn’t it ages ago that Flaming Lips’ wacko Wayne Coyne was in love with the Ghosty and contributed on one of their albums?  But fear not, these guys are still good, and they always bring out their Lawrence faithful, especially at a dirt pit like the Replay. 

 Sunday, April 24th

Interpol at the Beaumont Club in KC

Interpol has been around awhile, opening in the past for the likes of a little band called U2 as well as The Cure.  Their latest release, 2010’s self titled effort, was completed just before the departure of their long-time bassist.  But this didn’t stop Interpol. 


They picked up a few different bass players to fill in and continued touring.  Pandora‘s first three plays after Interpol were the Strokes, Modest Mouse, and Radiohead, if that tells you anything.  Should be a great show for these guys at a relatively small venue like the Beaumont. 

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