Glazer: Could It Be Magic? Royals Tantalize

Well, it’s finally happening…

The Royals, for the first time since the George Brett Era, look like a good team. This is by far the best team we’ve seen since all the BS about young teams, rebuild teams and on and on began 20 years ago.

Why? Simple:

Billy Butler and more important, Alex Gordon.

Their one-two punch reminds me of what two timely, solid hitters can do to take a team from nowhere to first place.

Yes, the Royals are in first.

Yes, it’s very early. However there’s something going on here. A young, fired up, defense, great-looking bullpen and Gordon showed up. Finally!
The Royals are still on nobody’s radar. Nobody.

They have come out hard before – maybe twice in 30 years – only to fall apart fast. This time looks much different. First off, since Brett/McRae or Brett/Otis or Brett/somebody, this ball club has had no real offense.

Look out, they might just have solved all that.
Alex Gordon leads the majors in hits: 22, Gordon has a 10 game hitting streak, best in the league. Alex has 11 RBIs and is hitting a near league-leading .373. Guess what? Butler is hitting .373 with 9 RBIs. Gordon also was 3 for 4 Saturday – a rare feat for him – with 2 RBIs, and when the Royals had 2 outs.

Gordon has, up to this point, been one of the teams all-time no shows.

Not since Clint Hurdle has a player had the kind of hype Alex got when he came up four years ago. He did nothing each year. Billy Butler has been a good hitter with no help and remains unknown in the league until now.

If these two continue anywhere near this level, the Royals are a contender.

I know it’s early and that’s hard to believe, but if a couple other players help, two outstanding middle of the lineup guys can carry you.

If you have pitching!

Now that’s the bigger question. Looks like maybe we do. Bullpen boys, wow! Tim Collins 2.25 ERA  and brought it at 100 MPH! Jeremy Jeffress 1.35 ERA and last but maybe the best – with NO RUNS GIVEN UP – Aaron Crow; ERA .000. Yes, Soria has struggled but he should be all right. Starters also have looked good.
Hey, every once in a lifetime even the last place team has a crazy good season – this could be ours.

I’m actually watching games and thinking about going out live, well maybe. I like what I see. 10 and 4 first place sounds so nice. Different.

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12 Responses to Glazer: Could It Be Magic? Royals Tantalize

  1. Baseball boy says:

    They Will Blow It
    Wish this was all going to continue. I say no way.

  2. smartman says:

    Save Second Base
    When you meet a girl for the first time she knows in about 2 minutes whether or not she’s gonna let you bang her. Girls get laid when they want to. Guys get laid when they can. The Old Roy-als win when they can, not when they want to or need to. These guys have less staying power than Harley with an 8-Ball Boner in Black Barbies poop-chute. They are not built for fall ball. We’ve seen this before. They’ll fade like a pair of WalMart slacks after two washings.

    This organization is a joke. Forget all the hype about players in the pipeline. They’re like the smiley faces at WalMart that lead you to believe the prices are low when you can get the same crap at Family Dollar or Dollar General for much less.

    You and all the other idiot drum beaters sound like Marge Schott when she said Hitler had some good ideas when history and the facts prove otherwise.

    Watching the Royals is like watching a Thai teen snuff film. Yeah, there’s lots of hot sexy action at first but we all know what happens in the end.

  3. bschloz says:

    Batting in The Clean Up Spot $Family Dollar
    Most of what Smartman said…I think
    At least wait until they until the travel to NY BOS TB BALT one time.
    I went to Kauffman about 4 or 5 times last year…younger nice looking fans hungry for a bonafide team.
    As for me– I’d rather go mall walking than to watch baseball.
    I think it was the Sosa’s and McGuires’s–Strikes– Roger Clemens…that did me in.
    Maybe baseball peaked in like 1968 with brothers Frank and Brook’s Robinson.

  4. Monkeyhawk says:

    Are the Rolyz this good or the Mariner that bad?
    Either way I like watching KC play ball. I like more running, back-to-back-to-back base hits, not waiting around for an Earl Weaver home run.

    Not sure if they can keep it up or if it will succeed, but other teams are seeing a different kind of baseball than most AL squads.

    Dunno about starting pitchers but since most of ’em are new they’ll probably do well first time through the schedule.

  5. Rainbow Man says:

    This is different. These guys look they have a few beers together in the club house. They are feeding off of each other. They are a pretty fun cast of characters. It will scare other teams… and piss some off too. If they keep doing this I expect the benches to empty several times this year.

  6. Rainbow Man says:

    don’t let sweeney anywhere near this team
    Sweeney is symbolic of everything that has been WRONG with the Royals. I do not want to hear any inspirational talks from this guy. Wearing his religion on his sleeve, drinking milk and eating cookies, getting hurt all of the time. Whatever.

  7. harley says:

    again…you’re late to the party…and you were wrong in the start…
    thats not goo for a guy who’s a supposed sports expeert.
    You just repeated my post after the royals third game that i put
    on your story where you blasted the royals.
    Again….guys like you and kk/jack hairy/frank hole/sowrong petro
    etc. got it wrong from opening day.
    i saw and analyzed this team and came out in the start with glowing
    analysis that was correct from day 3. I looked at what i observed on the
    field and in the dugout long before anyone gave these young
    guys credit. With just 36 million dollar salaries this team will make
    some huge money for glass and his son.
    The key will be when this team hits a tough stretch of losees…how will they
    react. If they dig in and work thru it…they could be okay. But kif they
    hit bottom when the weather turns hot and bats turn hot it will be
    interesting to see how this young team reacts to this tough time.
    I will be anlyzing yosts performance which up til now has been supsect.
    His choices of pitchers out of the bullpe n has been shaky at best
    and i predic t that he will have to settle in with 2 middle relivers before
    we hit the middle of may and the key june/july games.
    Soria needs some warm weather…thats where he shines.
    And look for some more incredible defensive plays from the middle
    infielders…the roya.s have really built this area up.
    So again…HARLEY IS RIGHT…WAS RIGHT…and hopefully the royals
    will continue to play good ball thru the endo f the month…
    I said this is a young agressive and focused team and it showed
    inmy analysis about the dugout and how well these players got
    If you need more expert commentary on this team…stay tuned
    becuse the guys who are the so called “experts” have been
    wrong again…and will continue to show how far off they are.
    Thanks to all my readrs/fans/disciples for giving me the credit
    of being right again when everyone elsze was fucking wrong.

  8. Royals Fan says:

    Nice to Nice Things
    Good story. For once some nice words on my baseball club. I have been loyal for twenty years. Yes its hard, but maybe this is the year we break through. Go Royals.

  9. Markus Aurelius says:

    good grief – smartman’s comments belie his moniker. Perhaps
    he ought to use intellectuallylazyvulgarcluelessaboutsportsman instead.

  10. jimmyd says:

    Markus Aurelius
    Couldn’t have said it better, but I’ll try: stupidman

  11. Super Dave says:

    Screw The Royals
    They suck and will burn the fans just as they always have.

    How Greg do in Boston Marathon now thats worth talking about over the Royals.

  12. Jim says:

    Call It!
    Harley, shut the fuck up and make a prediction for the season. I want you on the RECORD with wins and losses. All you do is talk and proclaim your greatness and accuracy. Put your money where your extra large mouth is, Brother!

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