OTC: It’s Not Frank Martin’s Salary Miami Can’t Handle, It’s His Mouth


“The search for Miami’s new basketball coach has apparently been narrowed down to a few finalists, and one name missing from that list is Kansas State’s Frank Martin, the Miami Herald reported Saturday. … The Herald reported Saturday that some Miami trustees lobbied for Martin but there were no indications he has been interviewed.
Cole Manbeck, TheMercury.com
GH: The non-recruitment of Frank Martin by the University of Miami continues to be one of the oddest “non-stories” in college basketball this off-season. Read on.
“I love it here. I’ve never had any other options but to be at K-State this year. And I haven’t had any desire but to be at K-State this year.”
Frank Martin, in a story written by Doug Tucker of the AP
GH: Okay, that’s pretty clear. Frank wants to stay in Manhattan where he is happy and by the way, he’s never even had another option. Well, maybe not. Read on.
“I’ve had job opportunities here the last two years and I haven’t talked much about them. They’ve called, they’ve inquired. They throw numbers at me and I’ve said no thank you. And for major salary increases.”
Frank Martin, AP
GH: This quote from Martin is in the same Doug Tucker story where Martin claims to not have had any other options “this year.” But he’s had other in the past that he hasn’t chosen to discuss? So why talk about them now? Frank is playing a dangerous game with his employer. The same employer who took him from a high school salary to a multi-million dollar guaranteed contract. Read on.
“Everyone’s reporting that my salary is $1.55 million (annually). Actually, my salary is $1.1 million. If I stayed the length of the (five-year) contract and I collect every bonus on the contract, it will average out to $1.55. And you know what? There is a chance that the University of Miami never called because they think I make $1.5. There’s a chance just because it was released at $1.55 the University of Miami said, ‘We can’t call him. Why waste our time? We can’t pay him.’”
Frank Martin, AP
GH: This might be the craziest comment I have ever read from a coach who is supposedly happily employed and not looking to go elsewhere. Translation: “Hey MIAMI! I don’t make that much here at K-State and you could get me for a lot less than you think. PLEASE CALL ME!!!” When was the last time a successful coach campaigned this hard for a job that many believe to be far less than the one he has?
“I’ve had numerous friends call me, countless people in that community begging me to go back home. The one thing that’s unfair to the University of Miami is that all the media people, locally and nationally, are saying it’s not a good job. And that’s not right. But UM never called. So I have no idea.”
Frank Martin, AP
GH: Sure sounds like a guy who wants to go home – and I’m not talking about Manhattan.

“I’m never going to say I’m not listening to anybody. Someone might call and it might be an opportunity, a new challenge, something that intrigues me. It might be an (athletic director) that I’ve known my whole life and he says, ‘Frank, I need you.’ I’m never going to come out and say I’m not going to listen.”
Frank Martin, AP
GH: A “new challenge?” Something that intrigues me? How about winning the Big 12? How about finishing what you started? Frank is talking like he’s done all he can at K-State.

"(Miami) allegedly wants to keep budget at a reasonable level. So, unless a Board of Trustee Member steps up, Frank Martin ain’t happening."
Jorge Sedano, morning radio show host for WAXY-AM 790 The Ticket in Miami, Twitter
GH: So the word out of Miami (and Martin) sounds like they think Frank’s too expensive and the Canes have no interest in putting money into basketball. Not everyone thinks this is the stumbling block. Read on.
“To the best knowledge of multiple people in Miami, and to the dislike of many Miami supporters, Frank Martin has never been a candidate. It’s not money. It’s not facilities. It is over-sensitivity to FM’s coaching personality. A few well-placed folks do not agree with it. Some of it stems from Martin’s high school days. Much more recently, some important Miami folks attended Florida / K-state game this year. They were less-than-impressed / maybe even turned off at what they heard coming from the K-State bench.”
Curtis Kitchen, Twitter
GH: Frank’s bench rep is overlooked here in the Big 12 by most. It might be safe to say it is endeared by some K-Staters. But his volatile nature and F-bomb attacks on his players might just scare the bejesus out of a university president and athletic director who are looking to hire a new face for their basketball program. Clear here for a column KItchen has posted here on this topic at CollegeHoops.net.
“According to the Herald, Miami could make a hire as early as Monday or Tuesday, and it is likely the name will come from one of six finalists. The candidates for the Hurricanes’ head coaching position, according to the Herald, are: Alabama Birmingham’s Mike Davis, Murray State’s Billy Kennedy, Harvard’s Tommy Amaker, Richmond’s Chris Mooney. Two coaches who are also up for the job are former Oklahoma coach Jeff Capel and former Arkansas coach John Pelphrey. Both were fired from their schools after the 2010-11 season.”
Cole Manbeck, TheMercury.com
GH: When Miami does make its new hire and it is not Frank Martin, how will K-State fans react to his overt flirtations with the Canes? Will all be forgiven? The soap opera in the Flint Hills continues.

GregHall24@yahoo.com and Twitter / greghall24

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18 Responses to OTC: It’s Not Frank Martin’s Salary Miami Can’t Handle, It’s His Mouth

  1. EVG says:

    Guess you’re “STUCK” with us FM
    Sorry about that. This time last week I was in “panic mode” – but at this point I wouldn’t mind seeing him on the next train outta here.

    Pathetic pandering!

    Signed: Long-Time KSU Season Ticket Holder

  2. Wes says:

    Gosh Frank . . .
    didn’t you want to pick out the carpet for that shiny new office K-State is building you?

  3. % says:

    This story has been nothing but a local media creation since Haith was hired at Missouri. There hasn’t been any tangible substance to this story and yet the local media keeps insisting on banging the Martin-to-Miami drum based on some specious connections. And now this headbanging about Miami not even being interested in Martin strikes me as some ass covering by the local media that got it straight up wrong.

  4. JP says:

    What this quote means

  5. nick says:

    Where’s the Frank Martin love from Purple Nation NOW? I don’t hear it. With these newest quotes, there’s ZERO doubt that he DESPARATELY wants to coach Miami, and wants out of Manhattan.

    Greg, I’ve always thought Martin’s sideline demeanor as an embarrassment. ESPN was treating him a like circus side-show, creating a box in the lower corner, just for him, so we could all count how many F-bombs he dropped and how many times he threw a 4-year old a tantrum. Kinda funny that Miami University of all places doesn’t want to deal with that kind of behaviour.

  6. Monkeyhawk says:

    K-State is the worst….
    …place in the conference to recruit.

    How you get 17-18 year old big city kids to embrace Aggieville is probably one of the most challenging duties of a K-State coach.

    Sill, it’s obvious Miami isn’t going to take basketball seriously.

  7. The Independent Rage says:

    Long Tweet
    How does Kitchen get away with such a long tweet? I couldn’t do that.

  8. Rainbow Man says:

    The Canes are Sane
    They are interviewing the Harvard coach. It is pretty clear that with no AD, the academic administration is driving this hire. People forget that Miami is a top top top school. I think they view Martin like UMKC would view Myron Piggie. Martin needs more than an Elite 8 for redemption.

  9. Greg Hall says:

    GH: It was a collection of consecutive tweets by Kitchen that I strung together for one comment. NO ONE is greater than the 140 character rule of Twitterville.

  10. Greg Hall says:

    GH: It is unfair to leave the impression that ALL K-State fans tolerate or even enjoy Frank’s sideline act. Just as many NU fans find Bo Pelini’s homeless look and gum-chewing slack jaw embarrassing.

  11. nick says:

    “Reply From: Greg Hall
    12:56:32 PM – Tue. Apr 12. 2011

    GH: It is unfair to leave the impression that ALL K-State fans tolerate or even enjoy Frank’s sideline act. Just as many NU fans find Bo Pelini’s homeless look and gum-chewing slack jaw embarrassing.”

    OK. That’s fair.

    I’ve got 5+ family members, plus 5+ K-State friends and acquaintances who have been riding the Frank Martin/K-State Basketball bandwagon HARD the past few years. None of them seem bothered at all by Martin’s sideline behavior….and believe, I talk to them and jab them about it many times. In fact, they seem to kind of like the attention he brings to their school.

    I don’t blame them for liking Frank. And I don’t blame Cornhuskers riding the Pelini train. I know what’s like, as I cheered like hell for Mangino. When your team is winning, it’s kinda fun to have a seemingly off-his-rocker coach.

    But with Mangino it was all alleged behaviour behind the scenes. Pelini seems kinda punk-ish, but I mostly just think he’s an overly-competitive hothead. Martin just looks flat out pissed-off, crazy sometimes.

  12. bschloz says:

    Seriously, I wonder if Martin can produce a college degree. U.Miami (haha)
    Everyone knows KSU did a deal with the devil to bring Huggs to Manhattan.
    Martin was in right place at right time…don’t think he could get a job @ Rockhurst High.

  13. jjskck says:

    This hasn’t been a local media creation, %.

    All of these quotes have come from national interviews, where Martin has been going out of his way to say that Miami is not a bad job and that he doesn’t make as much as people think. Notice Martin isn’t talking to anyone around here.

    Martin sees a future without Jacob Pullen and he realizes his stock as a coach is as high as it’s going to get for quite some time.

  14. Pretwas says:

    mu, wtf? that loser coach they hired is the biggest joke in the country, how does mu ever expect to attract top rated talent like KU alwasy does when they always hire losers who lose lose lose, that is mu’s legacy…. LOSERS LOSERS LOSER THAT IS mu.

  15. Ptolemy says:

    Wasn’t it Greg Hall that observed after watching KU play MU from behind KU’s bench that Bill Self was every bit as abusive as Martin toward his players? Is it winning that softens the offense? One must wonder.

  16. smartman says:

    Kukla Frank and Olli
    I’m sure somebody at Miami had the good sense to consider the first Duke vs Miami game. Coach K mano y mano against The Frank Bomb. That’s like having JFK Jr suit up against Michael Moore at a celebrity dating auction. As an AD or a Chancellor you don’t need that image in anyone’s mind. It’s like parking a Ford Pinto next to a Maybach.

    Money can buy a lot of shit Frank, but it can’t buy class.

  17. Ptolemy says:

    If money can buy lots except class, why can’t Bill Self buy a better rug?

    And just an FYI…Michael Moore would probably win that dating auction, unless the winning bidder was a necrophiliac.

  18. Ptolemy says:

    Just Read the AP Article
    …on Frank and his U of M comments. Honestly, I don’t think you can read anything that anyone is speculating about Frank not being happy at KState or that he would jump to Miami no matter how happy he was at KState into his comments.

    Frank Martin is honest – sometimes painfully so, to his own detriment. Frank can be mostly led by a savvy reporter who is bored and out for trouble. I think that’s what happened here with Doug Tucker, who has been stung by Frank previously..

    When OSU came open a couple of years ago, do you think Bill Self gave the job no thought or consideration? Of course he did. But he said everything KU fans wanted to hear…”I love you Hawkee-wawkees…you’re my best fans and school…you are the greatest in the whole world of the NCAA. I would never leave you.” But privately, Bill hoped T Boone would call, and was overjoyed when he did.

    Frank just said what is on his mind. It’s kind of his thang. Part of why we like him so much.

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