Glazer: Mind of Carlos Mencia Coming to KC May 26th

Carlos Mencia kept his word, yep…

About four years ago comedy sensation Mencia was getting ready to play the Midland. A few days out the show was not totally sold out. We spoke. Mencia had played Stanford‘s a ton in the 1990’s while his career was on the way up and we had become friends. So Carlos asked me to do him a favor and add him to my radio spots.

We did and he sold out.

Maybe we helped do that, you never really know. The guy was on fire with his new TV series, Mind Of Mencia. I went to the show, man – I was still married to Connie. She went with me. Great show. We met with Mencia and the guy was so nice. Took tons of photos and he said, "Stanford’s is my favorite club – I don’t do clubs anymore – but I promise I’ll come back and do yours one day, deal."  I said, "of course."
Well that day has come.

On Thursday May 26th live at Stanford & Sons at 7:45 pm, it’s Carlos Mencia!

That is so awesome of Carlos to do this. Carlos is doing a TV special this summer and decided he wanted to try out some new material. So he’ll try it out here and a couple other spots in the Midwest for a couple weeks.
Johnny Dare had Mencia on about a month ago. He asked Carlos, "So if you came back to KC would it be the Midland?"  And Mencia said, "I want to go back to one of my all-time favorite spots, Stanford & Sons – that’s the truth." 

Dare tried to joke him out of it, but Carlos was serious and said some nice things about us.

Today he and I have the same agent, Matt Blake at CAA. We all came up together in a way. I started using Carlos in the mid 90’s; he was already a big name stand-up with some credits. But then he blew up. This was back in the days of Pablo Francisco, Freddie Soto and Paul Rodriguez. Mencia became the big player by the early 2000’s along with George Lopez (who also played Stanford’s in Westport).
Carlos tried his hand in a couple movies including co starring with Ben Stiller in "The Heartbreak Kid" a couple years back. And he’s still on top of his game, so if you are a fan, get in early on the tickets they will go fast.

We will add a show if this one sells out before he gets to town.

I’d have to say next to Lewis Black, Mencia will be the biggest name for our Legends location so far. There have been many, but Mencia is almost exclusively a theater act.

We’re proud to have him come home. See you there!

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8 Responses to Glazer: Mind of Carlos Mencia Coming to KC May 26th

  1. smartman says:

    Great, the guy who has a reputation for ripping off other peoples material is coming to KCK, which La Rasa refers to as New Mexico City. Carlos is so hated by other comedians he couldn’t get one to shit in his mouth if he was starving to death. Better put taquitos on the menu and invite your boy Botello. The only thing better than uno worthless Mexican is dos. Maybe you should reprise your King of Sting role and hire INS guys to check IDs. You know the illegals from Argentine and Armourdale are gonna represent. Order extra Patron amigo. Hey Carlos, you know why Mexicans and Negroes don’t mate? Kid’s would be too damn lazy to steal!Ayayayayayaya Areeeeeba, Undelay, Undelay!

  2. Rocky Road says:

    Good One Glazer
    Can’t argue with this pick, Mencia is truly a big time current star of comedy. Its great you bring in guys like him,Black,Ralphie May,Chong and even Rob Schnieder. How do you make money on these guys, I know they must be very high priced. Is Lopez out of the question? I always thought Larry the Cable Guy might come do a night stand, I saw him twice in Westport and once in OP. How soon they forget. Nice to see Carlos didn’t. Have a good show with the guy.

  3. HARLEY says:

    more self promotion
    1. glaze actually wrote the rocky road comment
    2. smartman: calm down….he’s a comedian…al comedians steal from one another
    3. that 102.5 is great…comedy channel on fm…..i listen all the time….no nedd to
    go see a guy in person.

  4. ku forever says:

    Hey man you are on it brother. Rocky Road is the Glaze, love it. I’ve seen that name before though, not sure. Hey I listen to comedy radio here from time time. I would see some of my favorites though. Harley who is your favorite comic? Would you go see them?

  5. Hearne Christopher says:

    Did you notice my preview of the 102.5 in the PPM story? That number – for three weeks – is huge if it holds up.

  6. harley says:

    Hearne…get glaze his own show at nights
    on 102.5….would be huge…he could tell stories…have comics on live…
    preview shows…..i love that station….i don’t move my car dial on it
    ever….people look at me when i’m laughing so hard…
    lewis black did a bit about tsa’s at airport…i almost rear ended
    a car laughing so hard…
    then greg giraldi? guy who died did a piece that was hilarious…
    it beats the crappy music on the radio and fat rushs rants…..

  7. harley says:

    my favorite comic….don rickles….
    too old for the current generation…but my parents love him and he was the
    original in your face comedian. Saw him at vegas several times….the guy
    just has the funniest expresssions….and he’s a nice man.
    behind that is a guy named dave albrun….small time guy that played
    vegas rooms….never made it big…but he was funny…………………..
    and of course seinfeld….although he’s slowed his pace down a bit
    over the years and the show lags…
    all time best in person comic….shimmel….funny nasty…but he brought his
    real life epxeriences to the stage….saw him at improv last time….a really
    cool dude………………………..

    but now with this 102.5 i’ve heard so many funny guys theres too many to
    top local comedian…of course…glazer…he makes us all laugh.

  8. craig glazer says:

    Interesting comments
    Why I think its cool to have the new comedy channel, I don’t know how well they can promote stanfords due to no live on air DJ”s. Its all piped in from another city. Thats fine, but for me it’s energy is a big off due to the clear over and over rotation with little break between. That makes people listen for periods like ten,twenty minutes but than move to another channel. I feel anyways. It’s not music so it needs a host, yeah it would be wondeful for the station to have me do this, but again they are always arogant and ‘know best’ NOT. Stanfords may go on as an advertiser but without live interviews and they so far can’t do that, might just be another station saying ‘who is playing the club’ thats ok..but not all you want. Having said that, yeah overall the new channel is a great idea.

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