Glazer: This Year’s KC Royals, Deja Pew All Over Again?

Royals manager Ned Yost was on with 610 Sports Nick Wright just before the season started…

And Nick asked Yost, "What should Royals fans expect this year? Should we just look for day to day improvements? Is this a rebuilding year? Again?"  The Royals manager came right to the point. "No, just wait until the All-Star break. Then you’ll see a team on the rise weekly. Mark it down. This is the year we begin the championship march." 


The guy’s saying the Royals will be a winner this season. Maybe – who knows? – Yost knows something.

Then again, we’ve been misled before! What did President Bush say? Fool me once – won’t get fooled again!
OK, OK, OK, I get it. We have no pitching to speak of, no ace, no player anyone’s ever heard of north of downtown KC. And yes, that includes Billy Butler and Soria, Nobody knows any of ’em. Yet!  Nine games in, the Royals are 6 and 3. But we’ve seen this before time and again. With the Zack Attack team two years back. In first for a minute, out of the race by May.

Lets face it, Zack Greinke is also basically unknown and unproven.

Yes, he won the Cy Young, but outside of diehard fans, nobody’s heard of him.

Now Greinke‘s injured and really has little to show for that one good year with a horrible team.

Uh, he does have a nice contract. Zack hated it here so much he moved to MILWAUKEE. Think about it. Yep, that baseball mecca and hot spot of wild times, Milwaukee. The media hub with the vaunted baseball history. Right.

Suck-ville USA.

Zack had ZERO hope for the immediate future of this ball club. NONE. Meaning last place for years to come, or close to it, people.
The good news is for once Alex Gordon and Billy Butler are hitting together and decent. Both well over .300. No power at all though – three homers between them. The rest of the line up is doing OK. The biggest offensive problem so far is not so much from future power hitting star Ka’aihue. His .176 batting average is nothing to smile about.

He comes up with runners in scoring position and does, uh, nothing.

Yep, one homer, five RBIs – not much magic yet.
Maybe the best thing that’s happened so far was that the only real star on the team, Soria, gave up a billion runs in game six, with the Royals leading. He blew their win streak and chance to have a 2 game first place lead early. It was enough for these young guys to fall apart but they didn’t. And since then they’ve won 2 out of 3. Good job.

Pitching stinks as usual – no starter that matters.

The ace, Luke Hochevar – if you want to call him an ace – has an ERA of 5.30 so far. Soria is rolling with a 6.75. Yes, it’s very early. Clearly there are some things to like right now with this young ball club. The newly acquired vets have been decent, Cabrera, Treanor and Francoeur.
So what’s the future?

Hey, these guys could stay in this til June.

Maybe finish third – the division is so weak. Still no stars. Jury still out on Alex Gordon. Butler has a chance to be a somebody. That’s about it right now.

Again it’s a nice place to take the family for a tan.

Winning? We’ll see. Right now it’s a pipe dream. But hey, like many of you, I’ll be watching til I just can’t stand it anymore.

Hope springs eternal.
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15 Responses to Glazer: This Year’s KC Royals, Deja Pew All Over Again?

  1. harley says:

    glaze…stick to stroking your own weiner…
    if you’ve gotten out of the sack with your hotties to watch the royals
    you’ll notice some exctiement and hustling not seen in years.
    I said after the second game of the season that this team is
    ready to do some big things…but it may take time…but right now
    they have some awesome hitting and guys begging to come up from
    the minors that will be big name stars.
    Have some faith…big home stand coming up….the crowds should be
    big and the royals are going to fool some people.
    go out…see them in person…see these guys play because they
    are future stars…not just me talkking but big league scouts who
    say this team is starting to come together.

  2. bschloz says:

    This ought to pull well over 9 comments…
    FIAT more exciting than Royals.
    Come’on Glaze pleeeaazze listen to JOJO
    More Toothbrush stories ….BB the first date….Mermaid pics..

    I miss Tony…in kind of a fucked up way.

  3. Butler Boy says:

    Lets Hear About Our Team Please
    I get it, you want Glazer to just do sex stories. I think he is not going to do the Playboy Magazine stuff daily. Good for you Glazer. I want to hear more about the Royals right now myself. You can get back to your sex antics later. I don’t agree with you on Butler being unkown. He is already considered one of the American Leagues best hitters. Zack did have a couple good seasons before the Cy Young. it wasn’t his only good year. Yes the team was awful so he got no attention, and I agree is one of the most forgettable Cy Young winners, espeically if he does nothing from here forward. But the Royals have had other nobody Cy Young losers like the Davis boys back in the early 90’s.

    Harley you just repeated what the guy wrote after you said he knew little on sports. Does that include you?

  4. Hard To BE A Fan says:

    I won’t watch til they show me they are a real pro team. I’ve seen this before as you wrote. Every year its look at the farm team. What bullcrappy.

  5. Markus Aurelius says:

    wow – this is what I’d expect from Nick Wright if he ever
    wrote down his uninformed comments…..

    “The good news is for once Alex Gordon and Billy Butler are hitting together and decent. Both well over .300. No power at all though – three homers between them.”

    No power?? How about some basic math. At nine games in, we’ve completed 1/18th of the season. Thus, Gordon and Butler’s 3 homers translates into 54 home runs over the course of the season, or appx. 27 home runs for Gordon and 27 for Butler. That’s more power than we’ve had from 2 players combined in the last 25 years. Balboni still holds the Royals single season home run record with 36 homers. The power we’re getting out of those 2 thus far is just fine.

    Guess you also forgot that Soria started the season last year with a blown save. He then went on to dominate the rest of the season. He’ll be fine too.

  6. Jim says:

    What’s the number, Harley?
    Throwdown for Mr. Prediction with the massacred diction. Impress us again with your stunningly accurate predictions. How many wins will the Royals have this year? If they are “doing things not seen in years”, they must be better. Right? The ONLY measure of of a team getting better is wins and loses. Period! Blind and ignorant fans are the ones that throw out bullshit like, “They really hustle.” Only hustle going on in KC is the one where David Glass lines his already sizable pockets with YOUR money.

    What’s the number, oh wise one?

  7. Thelogabides says:

    You forgot glass still owns kaufmart. Keep funding bentonville though I’m sure that will workout.

  8. harley says:

    hey jim…you’re exactly right…’re 100% right
    i’ve been right on with predictions incuding chiefs…ku bball…mu football…
    and the royals…….read my second game analysis of the team and see if
    it doesn’t match whats happened so far this season….it does.
    For big buffoons like yourself let me make this statement…
    and if you read my story you’ll see what i say.
    There are some inherent things that make this team different.
    competition at positions…options for the managers….and players
    hungry to get into the bigs.
    For buffoons like you i will say this….the royals need to play 500 ball this
    year. If they can achi9eve that they have moved up the ladder. Can they do it?
    I don’t know…but they have some pieces that make that doable.
    Problem is starting pitching as everyone knows…we shoulde know at the end
    of april how this will play out. but offensively i think this team can score runs
    and they are learning how to manufacture runs (sac flies etc.)….stolen bases…
    key hits and most importantly coming from behind.
    For this year…500 ball is great and i will predict they will be close.
    But a good april could be key.
    Get back with me at end of april and i will make my forecast. The jury is still out with
    pitching….but theres a logjam of players that can play on this team….
    Yost has to work them like a magician because this could be the first year of
    a major upswing for the team talentwise and with talent that will stay in kc.
    Attendance..i’m saying 1.8 million-2.1 million…depends on the economy and gas prices…
    but if going into june/july they’re playing close to 500 ball you’ll see big crowds…
    hopefully glass makes money…because if he didn’t he wouldnt keep the team
    here…and what would kc be without the royals….lost you buffoon.
    And jim…you stupid buffoon… my writings because as always Harley
    is right. Noone.picked ku to lose in the elite 8 escept….HARLEY…

  9. KU Forever says:

    Harley Did Petro give you a mention?
    Is that for real Harley? What name did he use for you.Gottya. Give me your number again, your phone number. Why do you hate KU? Did you flunk out of MU? You attack others for errors in their comments yet you have more misspelled words than anyone JOJO.

  10. harley says:

    1. PETRO didnt give me a mention…everyone else does because i’m controversial and
    right….and i was right about ku losing in the elite 8…see my comments before the
    ncaa turney occurred…i said ku hadn’t had that real bad game and it was due…so
    don’t try to change the fact that i was right.
    2. I don’t hate ku. As my fans/readers and disciples know i want ku to win and cheer
    for them to win e very game except when they play mu. I have celebrated many ku
    wins and believe self is the best coach in college bball…and may eventually go to the
    nba…..and i’ve spoken with him se veral times including av 30 mintue conversation
    …..i was going to ku….dec died to go to mu instead…no big deal.
    3. Ddint flunk out of mu…actually got thru in 4 years….actually worked for norm stewart
    so I have some background in sports besides watching sports on tv.
    4. i don’t attack for grammar or spelling because god knows my posts are horrible but
    I write them so fast and have other things going on that i don’t spellcheck…get your
    points correct…i never say anything about mispeallings or grammer…knwo what i mean?
    5. actuallyu started as jojo…computer on here wouldn t let it be used so i
    switched to harley no big deal…bt whether i go by jojjo or harley…one thing is
    certain..i have been right on with predictions and posts than almost anyone in the
    media in this town……………remember…HARLEY IS RIGHT.

  11. Jim says:

    Harley = Cop-Out
    A prediction is a prediction, Harley. You want to wait until the end of April? There’s 18 freaking games between now and then! If the Royals are 0-18 or 18-0 in that time span, could that POSSIBLY impact your prediction? Jesus! You’re a joke.

  12. HARLEY says:

    okay jim…..get ready for an education
    in april yost will see whos in and out in the season. He’s going to examine the
    team at the end of the first month and see what shakes out.
    I’m not a manager of major league baseball but this is the same strategy
    used by tommy lasorda during his years as manager so I’m going with
    him on this deal.
    during april the royals play a variety of teams which will enable them to evaluate
    their own division and non division teams they will face later in the season.
    As you know (or don’t know) baseball is hard to pick. See the red sox…but
    according to stats, april stats tell us one thing…especially with the royals..
    who will be here in june/july and who will be here in september.
    With so many potential big league players down in the minors who could be
    called up quickly…it makes it really tough to say how the royals will do.
    I’m assuming that some starters won’t be starting come june/july……
    theres justso much talent waiting in the wings for there not to be
    a major shift in personel.
    Even at the end of april I can’t make a reasonable guess…but basedon what
    the other Non-epxerts” predict it will be a tough year for the royals.
    100 plus losses maybe…but sit back and evaluate what the team looks like..
    what the division looks like and what non division play looks like.
    If you asked me in the first of march would ku make it to the final four
    I probably would have said yes. But after my analysis of the team…my
    analysis of the big 12 competition….watching who the other teams
    ku would have to play in the tournament (which as you know went haywire)
    i came to the conclusion that there was little difference in teams that
    were going to be #1 seeds and those that were #8/9. And lo and behold what
    happended….two cinderella teams made the final four. And i looked at ku’s
    previous games…saw some swerious holes and saw that they had not had
    what i term that “kicked ass” game…where they just get their asses kicked
    in a game. Every team has one…and the law of averages says a team will have
    one eventually. I losses to kstate and texas I devised my eventual belief that KU
    would have that bad game. They lost to kstate because pullam had 38 points
    (a once in 5 year occurence if that offten) aned that the texas loss was attrbutable
    to the emotional roller coaster of the robinson events.
    See that they were emotionally ready for the tournament…i analyzed their weaknesses
    and realized they were due for that really bad game…poor shooting/free throws/
    and some bad luck. And I also saw that they were tiring out quicker in games.
    All this led to make my prediction that they would lose4 in the final 8/elite 8…
    three good games…the fourth one which would have been big sending them to
    the final four with a team taht had weak guard play and if they weere guarded
    closely the guard play would fall apart…assists would decline and they wouldnt have
    so many points in thepaint and would freeze up in their outside shooting.
    and on top of that i looked at the competition they had played…noone really good
    over the season as the tournament started. So there they were…ready to win it
    all…and harley comes out and says no no….thye win 3 hgames in the tourney and get
    that “kicked ass” game and if you watched the game…they froze…freakjed out…
    knowing this was their best opprotunity to win it all…. what happens….they get
    jerked by a hot vcu outside shooting tema that was able to handle ku’s inside game.
    give me somecredit…its verifiedvon this site….I was right on.
    Sorry…i know the loss hurt many of my friends and ku fans but I analyzed the
    ku team and knew they would not make it to the final four.
    so hold off…i will give my accredited predictionon the royals soon.
    I love baseball and hope they do well…this town needs it especially if theres
    a football strike.
    The same analysisthat i make in sports i use in my businesses and you’d
    be surprised at what i’ve been able to accomplish in thebiz world.
    thanks…will offer my views as they develop and thanksw for mentioning
    me in your posts.

  13. KU Forever says:

    Harley Hold It Down My Man
    Harley don’t write a God Damn book for an answer ok? Most people won’t read all that jargen. Unless you have photos of broads and Glazer sex tales. Harley you do make some valid and good points, just edit alright. Get right to the point like I just did.

  14. bschloz says:

    I just read that last post Karaoke style to Billy Joel’s The Piano man…very cool!

  15. Jim says:

    Harley=Hungry Fish
    One cast and BAM! You hit the hook! Easy and fun to pick on guy’s with thin skin and an inflated sense of self-worth. Your KU prediction was really bold, buddy! I have another one for you. KU won’t make the Final Four next year or the year after that. Is that based upon any sort of talent evaluation, the strength of the Big 12 or any of the other teams in the tournament? Nope! It’s simple odds. The chances they WON’T make it are FAR greater than the chances they will. You put 68 of the best teams in the country in one tournament and the odds you make it to the last four are pretty long. Ask OSU or Pitt or North carolina, et all.

    Since you refuse to, he’s the prediction…..Royals: 71 wins vs 91 losses. Analyze that! Now, get back to your biz of selling Cabbage Patch dolls on EBay from your mom’s basement.

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