Glazer: Love On The Rocks Meets Love On The Run, Part Two

So there was this movie called "Bad Day at Black Rock"….

Reminds me of the day after My #1 read story the other day. Not pretty. All I could think was how much I wanted to kill Hearne Christopher. See, he has talked to me for months about writing about, "What it’s like dating six or seven girls at once." And I always just let it go. I thought to myself it would only cause pain and suffering for the girls.

So as you loyal readers and good friends know, a couple days back I gave in. A few hours later all hell broke loose.   I didn’t know Hearne was going to post all those photos of some – but not all – of the, uh, "ladies."  To be fair I used no names or descriptions, right? RIGHT?  No matter.

The lady who felt she was the lead girlfriend, the body builder- and she kinda was at the time – went WACKO.

She had not been listening to Johnny Dare, who’d had me re-tell the story on the Rock 98.9 FM. Dare had asked some very direct sex questions which I’d tried to avoid and answer with an abstract meaning. That failed. The young woman was told that I talked in the interview about her, drugs, hookers, strippers, on and on. Never using rubbers. When asked by Dare why I never wear them, I said, "It’s buyer beware."  Dare laughed but some listeners didn’t. He came back with, "So, no Jimmy protection, huh? " And I said, "Johnny, they’re all Americans." 
Now the body builder/salon owner lady was apparently told all of this by friends, as if I’d named her. I didn’t. And then she was told to read KC Confidential. Which she did.

Brother, did she…

So instantly – in KCC’s comments section – we went from dating for the past three months to, "I barely know Craig, I feel sorry for him. I drove him to this story, we’ve never had sex."

By the end of her comment, she sounded like she’d barely gone out with me and didn’t even know my last name.

Needless to say, she now tells me that she attends Royals games (can you imagine the boredom) with another younger man. I’m out like a bad habit….Oh well.
Next call I get is, "You lousy, big mouth son-of-a-bitch! I’ll call my lawyers on you, fucker. One photo of me on that site and it’s your God damn ass, got it GET IT? I have a reputation in this city – I know you don’t care – but MY MOM CARES."

I told her that I didn’t mean to include her, but she wasn’t listening – just yelling.

I think she was one of the ones in the comments section, too. She put her brother on the phone with me and he said he was a KCMO cop and not to drive in Missouri again ever. Or was he the former Green Beret?

Anyways, sometimes a simple "sorry" just doesn’t cut it. Know what I mean?
The Asian girl in the photo had just a week or two earlier asked to move in with me because her home life was horrible. I said, "Well, OK, but only for a short time." Than I asked her what about me dating other women and she said, "OK, she’d sleep in the guest room on those nights."

Yeah, right…

After the story came out, I never heard from her anymore outside of the comments section. I wonder if she could cook?
A couple of oldies-but-goodies called and asked, WHY THE HELL ISN’T MY PICTURE UP ON THE STORY? I’m better looking than those bitches any day.

Oh, God Damn.
By day’s end I wanted to crawl into a hole and watch replays of the games the Chiefs lost last year.

I got home. And thank God for Junior the puppy dog.

He still loved me, but he did crap on the floor right in front of me, while my cat Monkey threw up a few feet away on my newly shampooed carpet. Nice.
See, my fellow Kansas Citians and trusted loyal friends, I meant no harm.

I simply was laying out the word that "winning with the babes is not always winning."  They’re complaining little monsters at times with no regard for your mental health – none. So what if they give you sexual pleasure? You can get some of the same thing from Oklahoma Joe’s. And Oklahoma Joe’s won’t call you up later either.

OK, the visual of their naked butts is a plus, I’ll give them that.

Large and nice breasts are not so evil… but I’m getting off the subject.
Yep, even my Dad, Stan, heard about my story at the dog park. He walks his dog with many others daily. He called and asked me, "What the fuck did you write, Craig?  Two women looked at me and asked if I was your daddy. I said yes. And they just shook their heads and moved on. I hope it wasn’t drug related, God Damn You." 

I told dad it wasn’t a drug story. Told him it was about dating multiple girls at once. And he didn’t see the big wow or point and said he’d call back. That was two days ago and I haven’t heard back since.
Look, it’s man’s desire – in fact our goal – to have as many nice-looking women as we can – as often as we can. But most of us can’t get away with that for very long. It’s just the facts of life.

Sorry if a couple women don’t like that – tough.

No, I don’t pay them. And no, they aren’t hookers. If you think you can do it – and maybe .0000l percent of you can – good luck! Try it anyway you can, brother. Then call me. By the way, try never knowing who is on the phone when you answer it. And then you have to go into a defensive story because it was the wrong girl and she goes, "WTF?"

Like I said, it was a very long, long day.
Yet every cloud has a silver lining.

One of my former girlfriends – in fact the one who I took out New Year’s Eve – called. She thanked me for getting her a lawyer on her civil suit. Said she was gonna settle for just under a hundred grand.Then she thanked me over and over for advising her to sue her landlord for leaving a nail in front of her apartment that cut her foot open and caused her major suffering and job loss.

So I finally felt a little better.

She hadn’t heard me on Dare or read the story. She went on to say she hadn’t stopped thinking of me for months. She’s blonde, 5’10’, big-busted and 28 years-old. What was I thinking? Why did I dump this hot girl?  Moron, me! 

"Yeah, Craig and I want to do something nice for you with this money.I really do. I get the dough in like six weeks, however the injury cost me my job and I can’t work. I barely can walk, so I was wondering, my dad asked me to ask you, Craig, do you know what a bridge loan is? I mean just for a month or so. I’ll pay you back…"

At least I know two things now. A ton of people read KC Confidential and Johnny Dare has a HUGE AUDIENCE.

I’m thinking of moving to Rio….

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68 Responses to Glazer: Love On The Rocks Meets Love On The Run, Part Two

  1. bschloz says:

    How many
    times have you had to change the locks? lol@ Stan…that is great..I can only imagine what Stan’s Bullpen looked like back in the day.
    I mean who gets called to the principal and suspended from the “Bally’s” for hittin on the ladies?
    I remember eating that Flower Pot Bread and looking at all those Hot waitresses at Stanford’s— man they were waay out of my league.

  2. mermaid says:

    Glazer you better get my picture off this site now. I don’t won’t anything to do with your sleaze stories. I wasn’t even with YOU in this picture I was with my boyfriend. Get it off now .

  3. mermaid says:

    Glazer you better move to Rio because if my picture is not off this sleazy stupid gossipy site which has turned into your stupid “I can make up and say whatever I want” site about your life then your life is going from bad to it couldn’t get any WORSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. chuck says:

    Mermaid, lighten up, jeeze…
    This ain’t Page 6 at the New York Times.

    You don’t have a sex tape (We all wish), your not doing blow with Lindsey, you ain’t a “Goddess”, and no one has seen ya with Gary Bussey.

    No big deal.

  5. mermaid says:

    Off with your head too!
    Shut up Chuck or I’ll hunt you down and make you have a bad day too!

  6. WildaBeest says:

    Mermaid, your lawyer will tell you to shut up now.
    Making threats is stupid. Many know who you are and where you work, so now if ANYTHING happens to Craig, or now Chuck, you are the obvious suspect, and you will be bankrupted or worse trying to defend yourself even if you did not do anything.

    Your picture was on Craig’s facebook, and you never asked him to remove it. And, even if he had, it is still “out there” for clever IT people to find and post, anywhere they like.

    This is why Facebook is dangerous and stupid. YOU put yourself and your reputation at risk long ago.

    So I’d suggest you back off. You would not prevail even if you did sue. You might try a polite request.
    But the boys are right, there are no names, there are no photo captions, and there is no proven link between Craig and you, any more than there is the guy in the background. The only identifiable character in that photo is Craig Glazer. As confirmable on his Facebook page.

    Chill, Mermaid. This will blow over. Unless you go all postal. And then you WOULD be identified and exposed. And prosecuted.

  7. mermaid says:

    Mind your own business!
    Hey wildabeest or whoever you are I am friends with Hearne and Craig so mind your own damn business. I will say and do whatever I want whenever I want. Who the hell do you think you are? If I don’t want my picture on here then I will do whatever needs to be done to get it down which I did. So from now on don’t ever talk to me like that. And if you have a problem with that then take it up with Craig because I am sure he will beat you to a pulp.

  8. chuck says:

    Step right up ladies and gentlemen!!
    Get your tickets here for the Mermaid Bi-Poller Coaster!!


    I’m goin to the “Mattresses”.

    Mermaid needs to take her “grumpy” shoes off and lay down for a nap.

    I could use a nap myself.

    “This morning I got up and shot an elephant in my pajamas…”

  9. smartman says:

    Assanova Staring Craig Glazer
    The world is full of stupid women like Monica Lewinsky and Rielle Hunter who think THEY are THE ONE. They live in a world of white picket fences, unicorns, rainbows and Xanax with a Stolli chaser. You seem to be a magnet for those types. They are typically needy whackjob headcases. Bangin that much psycho-cooch with no rubbers is just insane man, like playin’ Russian Roulette with a Glock. As for Spermaid, you get what you play for toots. Making threats on this blog puts you in the too dumb to live category. Sometimes you get burned in those kleig-lights of fame. Doesn’t matter what your relationships with Craig and Hearne are like. You said it and that crap is digitally encoded for the ages.

  10. harley says:

    I used to date a female fitness model so I know who the body builder/salon owner is. she is sharp and you
    really need to be careful with this one. She has some pumped up freinds who might be paying
    you a visit. Being a pimp can have its problems and its beat downs. We don’t want anythkng to
    happen to you glaze so be careful walking to your car at night. who else could give us such
    stories. Hopefully you’ll not end up hurt by some very very strong guys.
    H_______ is a business owner and very sharp…don’t mess with the wrong people.
    Also…mermaid…calm down…heard you were on so its obvious you’re not
    reall picky who you date. Have some fun…lighten up….glazer had you photo on this site
    already and everyone knows who you are….so smilee….
    and glaze…you continue to amaze everyone (all 200 readers and commenters to this site)…
    with your stories. Banging these hos without a ruber isn’t smart. who knows where the
    mermaid and the body builder have been. Obviously you arent the only onee getting the
    poon so be careful or you’ll end up in bad shape.
    As far as stan…. If not for the people at bally he might not be around
    walking his dog in the park. The player he messed with was gonna take him out for
    a real beating…i know….tia and the gang saved your dad from a brutal beating.
    They planned to get him but luckily some people stepped in to prevent it.
    And where were the pics with the black woman taken…i hope thats not at your place..
    that looks worse than my frat house room in college.
    Keep plugging…loving the stories…we want more pics and stories……
    love ya…

  11. halrey says:

    The blond in the lead photo…
    cute but a little zoftig as you jews say. She’s not up to your standards….when you said you
    had a body builder running after you that proved you were the king of sting(er).
    body builders are hot.. is hot…why feature a step downer….come on….wherer there’s
    smoke there’s fire…..lets hear more.
    I once dated a fitness body builder…all she ate was chicken breasts…and powdered
    drinks….no fat…just real nice legs….low caloric intake daily….a great ab set…
    and when i applied the tan it made me wanna do her right there and then.
    If you guys want to see some hot girls and some of glazers stable…come out
    to the southern bodybuilding cmpetition next saturday the 16th.
    glazer probbly has about 2 or 3 girls entered…..and they’ll be spray tanned up
    to the max….can’t wait……..

  12. harley says:

    mermaid…calm down…
    you’re up at 2:30 in the morning on this site….calm down…everything will be
    okay…..get some sleep….relax…all of this is for adults fun and enjoyment….

  13. D says:

    For once…
    …I do agree with Harley here. Well, maybe I’ve agreed with him before, but I’ve never cared to read a 5,000 word blog-post comment. Calm it down a notch. It’s okay.

    But mermaid, I don’t know who you are, but if those pics are you, and if it’s anywhere near accurate…hon, you’re smokin’.
    Who cares if you’ve been affiliated with Craig. Damn woman, that’s a fine pic.

    And Craig, another fine post. I think many folks got the point of your original column, but it was good that you reinforced it here. And I also laughed at Stan’s reaction. That was freaking funny.

  14. harley says:

    shes on earlier postof news years eve party…..she’s was hot in early days
    when she was running with the “guys” ….now she (like the rest ofus) has
    aged and neeeding some loving….see her on…
    nice girl…..she’s white….

  15. mermaid says:

    Not on Match.Com
    Harley I was on for about 1 month. Bodybuilder is on there herself right now. I met some quality guys on the site – a few doctors and I even went out with a judge from Independence. I am not on there now and if I am I deleted the account a long time ago so I will have to look into why my profile would still be on there. Anyway there are a lot of losers but there are a lot of guys who are professional and maybe just divorced who would rather do that then go to bars. Many people like myself are not drinkers and I don’t want to meet bar fly guys. So your view on that is severely distorted.

  16. harley says:

    lets go out for a date Mermaid.
    would love to see yur tanlines (lol). I was on there over 4 years ago….met some nice girls…
    most were mooches looking for a sponsor…
    i bailed out….i’d had enough of them….watned someone with brains…
    hope you find your true love someday…..

  17. theKCeye says:

    Should have quit while you were ahead Craig
    Part 2 did nothing but prove Part 1 (and 2) were written for the sole purpose of feeding your disgustingly huge ego. It’s entertaining, but posting personal pictures and then saying, “Sorry — wasn’t my intention to hurt your feelings”, just proves how fucking clueless you are Craig.

    I’ve got a buddy who’s been running the same game you claim to run since our high school days, and he’s not even halfway famous (as you so desperately want us to believe you are). If anything, you’re underachieving.

  18. craig glazer says:

    I don’t post the photos or choose them
    As I have stated Hearne not only edits but picks the photos for all artilces. He has lots of mine, clearly. Mermaid is a good friend and I did not want her photo up with the story. Hearne doesn’t think this stuff is bad, so he thinks they like it, Most don’t. Like I said, I know its fun for some commmentors to act like all these girls are loose, but most of them are really kinda nice girls. Yes Barbie is a dancer and a bit wild, but the rest are normal, well the Asian was out there a bit, but the rest….Hearned does photos and he did take Mermaids down when asked.

  19. Block Employees says:

    WE Love You Craig
    My man, we forward your posts around the office at Block and Company. Heard you are pals with David. No we don’t send it to him. This last one on dating all the woman. OMG, the entire office was talking about it all week. Most girls want to cut your penis off, the men ALL defend you. We all kinda like it. Boy it sure brought out some weird comments. Great work, we love ya.

  20. black barbie says:

    How You Like Me NOw Whtie Boys
    Bet you all want some. I gave Craig lots. But he too mean.

  21. MU Fan says:

    Stan Glazer is Dad of Year
    STan you are the best. Funny guy.

  22. Pistol Pete says:

    Black Barbie For My Money
    Sorry Mermaid, I haven’t seen your body lately but this black barbie is just too sexy. Craig call her stupid. She’s prettier than the body builder.,

  23. Matt says:

    3-4 max…any more loses lustre
    I’ve done the multiple pussy game over the years but have found that over 3-4 at a time just gets too ridiculous. The best concept is to date a couple and also do a couple more around the apartment complex. Lots of guys have played the game at this level if they have game.

    First Craig lets his narcissistic nature overwhelm his life then he brings it here complaining. He’s also some sort of masochist to enjoy inflicting so much BS on himself. Oh well, it’s his life and it’s interesting to read about it.

    As for the girls? Mommy probably told them so.

  24. John John says:

    Love It
    Glazer you are such a fun trip. Why do all these people go so nuts on you. Readers enjoy the fun ride thats all. Have to admitt love the hate comments Craig, so much fun, really. YOu go my friend. P.S. hear you on Dare and sometimes Mix, you and Dare should have a talk show on 98.9 later in the day or early evening, it would kill, I mean kill. You two are the funniest thing on radio anywhere. Really.

  25. downtown davey says:

    I agree with John, John
    I agree with John, john

  26. KU Forever says:

    Radio Needs You Glaze
    Capitol idea, you and dare, YES..something new, but something developed, great concept John. These photos of Black Barbie are so awesome no wonder Dare talks about her, you should take her back Craig.

  27. Kellys man says:

    Nigro Ran From Me
    Well Not So Bad Nigro, saw me in Westport and took off. Called the cops on me, brave move Nigro. I’ll see you again. Give you another shot.

  28. Monkey Man says:

    We Have Turned Glazer into a Sex Symbol
    This site and his stories have made this man a middle aged, at best, sex symbol. Some other guy even said that on another artilce. I kinda agree. The guy gets lots more comments on his sex stories cause we encourge it. Hey I’m a black guy, I like it so he stays off our ass in Westport stories, hah. Sides that Barbie is a looker, want to go see her at work, I’ll buy her something. Damn.

  29. Packers Nation says:

    I Wish he would do more sports
    Greg Hall is great, but Craig ain’t bad on sports even though some of you bitch about his stuff on the NFL. He is on it. Craig you have me as a sports fan, don’t need girls on girls stories all the time.

  30. Emi says:

    I don’t hate you Craig
    I am doing fine, giving my marriage a third chance. Just to let you and others know I don’t strip anymore. Yes I have flown to Vegas and worked some bigtime rooms for l,000 a day. However there is no sex involved. To be honest I am now a loyal wife. We all make mistakes. i am trying to fix mine. Hey I am still a young person at 27. You were always nice to me Craig and I think you are a good person for the most part, really I do. You just like well built, wild women, nobody can fault you for that. I don’t. Hope you one day find a good woman. I really do. Take care. See you at Woodside this summer.

  31. Chicago Tony says:

    Pleas Mermaid The Photo, Please
    Hearne beg Mermaid for that photo, I’ll bet she is a beauty. Mermaid some of us are gentleman.

  32. Doormat says:

    Take The Fiat Out
    Hearne you and Glaze should put a kcconfidential sign on the side of your new Fiat and drive around the plaza looking for girls. Huh?

  33. Henry The Sports Czar says:

    Crazy Man
    You are a daisy

  34. Karl says:

    Cold Bitches
    cold, cold, cold.

  35. Free Bird says:

    More Radio Information
    hearne have more information on local radio. Loved the KMBZ stuff. Greg only covers sports. How about the rest?

  36. John Ozggood says:

    More Restaurant News
    Yeah more on local restaurants opening and closing would be nice. Love the sex though.

  37. Cool Tool says:

    Yeah Photos of Mermaid
    Bring it, new photos. You bet. Mermaid

  38. Shamara says:

    thanks for the no photo
    never put my pictures up Craig.

  39. Monkey Man says:

    More Black Girls
    Any more hot black girls?

  40. Former friend of Mermaid says:

    Here you go: Mermaid’s photos
    Here you go, chicago Tony and Harley and the boyz–
    Debbie McLaughlin Mandry aka Mermaid

  41. chuck says:

    There should be a vote, for the best comment in KCC History

    Here is my nominee, I have not quit laughing at this comment for 3 days.

    “Don’t Want to Write for the White People and His Hair
    Black Barbie 11:29:12 AM – Wed. Apr 6. 2011

    I don’t want to write nothing for you people, less you pay me somethin. Craig hair never comes off, I pulled on it when he was sleeping to see. I think its in permanant he spends lots of his money on the hair, I have a weave and it does come off. I wish he would buy me what he uses, it looks and and real too. It really do. You pay me some good cash and I will write for you all. And give you some good pictures. Call and let me know ok.”

    Blaze one and read this out loud.

    Seriously, I mean seriously Herne, if you had this chick writing for KCConfidential, you could double your add revenues in 30 days.

    She is a can’t miss deal.

  42. chuck says:

    She is a female Tracy Jordan.
    God, there are SO many funny things in that comment. Jeeze…

  43. chuck says:

    It doesn’t hurt that she looks like a movie star either.
    Just sayin..

  44. HARLEY says:

    very nice looking…probably get lots of looks at the woodside retirement home but
    i wonder why she’s attracted to such older guys.
    would rather see the body builder bcause she’s hot with own business
    was having dinner last night at kona and saw many beautfiul
    women….some friends of my girlfriend hit on them and they
    left within an hour ……
    waiting for more gossip from the king of sting.

  45. Mermaid's other boyfriend says:

    More Mermaid. Different guy, bu same facial hair as Craig.

    Hey, guys–thought you’d get a kick out of this. I thought Debbie Mandry loved me for ME. But now that I see Glazer has the same hair fuzz as me, I’m feeling “not so special”!!

  46. harley says:

    emi….good luck
    hope you find your way out of the strip clubs. Hope your third try on your marriage
    works out.
    I’ve alwasy wondered how a man would allow his wife to work the strip clubs
    knowing the nasty guys pawing them…having sex with them….and all the
    gross things guys seem to do to the strippers at those clubs.
    How does your husband got over the fact that you’re rubbing agsinst
    some nasty people and kissing them etc.
    I’ve never known a real stripper to be able to ask them how a husb ande
    or boyfriend can keep his sanity knowing what his partner is doing.
    Is it just the money. Is it a trun on..
    maybe glaze has some insight into ths…i know i couldnt’ do it….
    good luck…hope thiings work out…..

  47. harley says:

    come on people…stop cutting the poor girl down on kcc
    she just doesnt want her photo on this site…do you b lame her…
    with guys like tony reading this site she’s probably afraid to leave
    the house.
    lighten up…..leave the girls alone….if you want to see her…
    call glaze and see if she’s available…let them remain anonymous
    and keep theiir names off the site….i never metniion names even though
    i probably have met almost everyone…..
    other wise leave them alone
    mermaid deserves some privacy…..but i’m sure shoes hot..
    if she needs some company she can always reach me
    at 816 867 5309….ask for harley!

    congrat to hearne….your site is exploding…now follow what i suggested
    and you’ll get right u-p there with google/facebook…..

  48. bschloz says:

    Strippers Hate Quarters
    Just workin my thru Nursing School…
    Harley Chuck..Smartman– Hearne should feed you guys Free Burgers for life.

    @Chuck…can you imagine the cinematic beauty of BB in bed with The Glaze that hair a tug and the shit actually comes off in 1 piece?

  49. harleuy says:

    glaze…wake up….kick bb or whoever yo udid last nite out of the rack…
    we want mpore funny shit….
    bschloz….love the hair piece comment but stop stepping on my jokes and lines…
    not fair…
    body builder you competing next saturday?

  50. chuck says:

    bschloz–I can’t stop laughing.
    ‘Craig hair never come off, I pulled on it when he was sleeping to see.” The fly on the wall died laughing.

    I had a comment on the weight lifter chick, but I am too old to defend myself anymore, and I don’t want my ass kicked.

    “Craig hair, never come off…”

  51. chuck says:

    This is killin me too.
    How You Like Me NOw Whtie Boys
    black barbie 04:32:54 PM – Sat. Apr 9. 2011

    Bet you all want some. I gave Craig lots. But he too mean.


  52. Holli says:

    Love Mermaid
    Hello all!
    I was going to leave this alone, but just wanted to say “Mermaid” is a friend, gorgeous woman and great person! I am the Figure competitor and business owner (Not a body builder) .So Craig, you did not leave “details” as you said out of your post. Not only did you throw a lot of your friends and girlfriends under the bus, you insulted all women, as if we are all stupid and you are the player.
    The fact is that most, not all, but mostly you were the on being played. You gave them money… took them to nice dinners, possibly gave them gifts ect.
    I however made it very clear what our relationship was. Never wanted anything form you and bought you a gift for your Birthday as well as took you to dinner on my dime. That’s true friendship. Mermaid has been a wonderful friend to you too, how could you hurt her this way?
    Craig you are a good guy, you just hide behind this hard shell. i know “It’s just comedy” that is why I let the 98.9 thing go on, but this was just plain mean and insulting to all women. I wish you well and promised to give you a Cd of the song that reminds me of you.

    Hope you enjoy! Best and warm wishes from your friend, Holli

    Harley, I am not in this weeks competition. My next one is in May “Battle of the bodies” in Tulsa.

    song :

  53. Hearne Christopher says:

    Now why didn’t I think of that?

  54. Hearne Christopher says:

    I’ll get right on it, CT. Soon as I get thru begging her not to kill me.

  55. harley says:

    womn? Did they use him for money…gifts….was he actually the one pursuing
    them…..all of us want to know glaze’s side of this story.
    If he did….he wasnt the first guy to be taken by a woman…and he v3won’t
    be the last………
    seems that a couple of the women( mermaid/hilli) in this controversey appear to be
    straight shooters….honest and upfront women with some style and class.
    Glaze…stick to women like that….it will save you lots of headaches.

  56. Hootie says:

    Code Names
    Glazer give them all code names and you won’t get burned.

  57. Pistol Pete says:

    That won’t work
    Hootie they will still know who they are and tell each other so it seems.

  58. KU Hater says:

    Where’s Maria
    Maria no stories, no comment on this photo of you? What gives?

  59. downtown davey says:

    Glazer You Need A Men’s Sex Site
    Hey woman all have their advisors. Why not Glazer for men. I love it.

  60. maureen says:

    No Photos Please
    Craig you are now my hero, thank you for the NO PHOTOS. Your other girlfriends just want attention. I don’t. To be honest I think you are a decent guy just being funny and saying what you think. You pretty much told me that you have problems with long term relationships. I know cause we did. I did nothing wrong. We never were committed to each other, but you seemed to think you somehow owned me when you wanted to see me. Thats not fair either. Be that as it may, our city would be much more boring without you Glazer. You are truly awesome for being a guy in his 50’s and living life the way you do, I agree. Maybe its time you settle down though for your own sake. All the best old friend.

  61. Kellys man says:

    Will Be In Westport This weekend Nigro/Glazer
    Ok one more chance I will be same place same time Friday Nigro. Either we make up or else. Please don’t send cops after me. I want to straighten this all out between us. Is that fair?

  62. Gordon Gecko says:

    Great Idea for Comedy
    glazer why not have black Barbie guest star at the club. she would draw.

  63. Robertoe says:

    Maria’s reticence
    I’ve gotten to know Maria some since the KCC Jardines xmas party. She might be young but she’s got too much panache to get involved in this attention grabbing devolving gender fracas. I think its a real hoot that the young KU college gal is outclassing the rest of this band of horndog misfits. 🙂

  64. harley says:

    woodside pal….you’re wrong…
    talked with two friends of mine…work out and swim at woodside.
    They say the older guys there stare at them…its creepy they say.
    They want nothing to do with the old guys…they want the younger
    upscale guys who hang at the pool. Jusst what they are saying.
    I havent been to woodside in probably 4 or 5 years…i know e veryone
    I made the statement based on what the young hotties told me…not on
    my own personal observations.
    I had many many many great suntanning days with the older guys
    at woodside…too many to mention…they are fun fun people…
    Its just the reputation woodside is getting in the young community..
    not from me….so when i go down there again this summer i’ll
    report back on what i see …just the buzz on the street thats getting
    lots of talk tyime….
    I’m sure its getting younger crowd…and i’m sure the older guys are
    frothing at the mouth when they see these young hotties at the pool.
    Sorry to misrepresent myself…should have attributyed that comment
    to the hotties.
    I in no way used that to insult many of my old and dear friends…..

  65. harley says:

    HOLLY….my ex is going to enter that contest…
    Kelly Roberts…competes in ariz//calif/ area …..moved there last april….
    she’s been into it for just over a year…..her daughter is geting into the
    figure competition also….she’s only 17 but she’s going to be big time…
    I may go down there for that…not sur4e if i’ll be having to go out of town
    for a seminar that weekend…if not…good luck….

  66. Hearne Christopher says:

    She’s trying to make it through KU and her dating life. She’ll be back.

  67. Hearne Christopher says:

    Good point.

  68. harley says:

    what about
    old gus…the car maker……doc young…..frankie…….sam…….christian…
    i remember the guy with the cast on his leg forverv..(can’t remember his full name)…
    now that was a party crowd….i’ll come down…
    can’t wait….just a few more weeks and let ‘er rip…
    heard phil is gone…he clamped down on the drinking……

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