OTC: CBS’ Gary Parrish Links Frank Martin To Miami


“If (Miami) will finally commit to seriously funding its basketball program, Miami can, in the span of a week, go from losing a coach who never had a winning record in the ACC to landing a coach who has done nothing but win in the Big 12. Yes, Miami can have Kansas State’s Frank Martin. All Miami has to do is secure the funds and make the call.”
Gary Parrish, college columnist, CBSsports.com
GH: The rumors and speculation around Martin leaving KSU for Miami have been swirling ever since Mike Alden made his odd choice of plucking Frank Haith from the Hurricanes. Martin didn’t squash these rumors with his interview with Tim Brando. Parrish’s column today adds even more heat to this growing flame. Read on.
"He’d walk on coals to get there. That’s his home."
An unnamed source told CBSSports.com
GH: I admonished the local media outlets earlier this week for Brando grabbing the interview every local outlet should have been after – asking Martin to refute the Miami rumors. I heard from at least one member of the local media that they tried to get Martin but they were told he would not allow any questions about the Miami rumors. They were not happy to find he did just that on Brando’s national show.
“Why do you go on Tim Brando if you don’t want that out there?”
Soren Petro, on Martin’s interview with Brando where he stated he could never say never about leaving K-State, 810 AM
GH: Petro’s take is that Martin is using the national media to let Miami know he is interested.
“Am I the only one that thinks this absolutely smacks of information being put out there so Miami will call?”
Soren Petro, 810 AM
GH: No you are not.
“Multiple sources told CBSSports.com that the Miami native, though happy in Manhattan, wouldn’t pass on the opportunity to return to his hometown if Miami wanted him and committed to being a program that can realistically expect to compete in the top half of the ACC — meaning Miami would have to pay Martin and his assistants competitive salaries and increase its basketball budget. Whether Miami is interested in doing that remains unclear. But all things even close to equal, Martin would definitely leave Kansas State for Miami. Anybody telling you otherwise should not be believed.”
Gary Parrish, college columnist, CBSsports.com
“Miami can’t match K-State’s offer! I think this is a non-story.”
Kevin Kietzman, to a caller earlier this week asking about the possibility of Frank Martin taking the Miami job, 810 AM
GH: This nonstory is starting to spout some legs. Kietzman would be wrong to allow his K-State allegiances to interfere with his reporting. KK should be one of the best sources as to what’s happening in Manhattan, not one of the quietest.
“Miami can use a natural lure to make a home-run hire just like Arkansas did with Mike Anderson. It’s a rare opportunity in this era of mostly difficult coaching searches. My advice is not to waste it.”
Gary Parrish, college columnist, CBSsports.com
GH: It is wild that Mike Anderson’s decision to go back to Arkansas may also cost K-State their coach. Who saw any of this coming a month ago?
“Now that Jacob Pullen’s out, is the juice not quite what it was? If you’re K-State and Miami comes calling, does Frank Martin warrant being a $2-million coach?”
Soren Petro, 810 AM
GH: Good question. Does K-State have the cash or the desire to pay their basketball coach $2-million a year or more? They very likely may have to. It also wouldn’t hurt if they could import an ocean, a beach and move Cuba to within a helicopter ride.

“It looks like the early front-runner (for the Miami job) is none other than Kansas State coach and one-time Miami cheater Frank Martin. Just before Martin won a third (Florida high school) state title for Miami High in 1998, New Times published an investigation into his shenanigans. Martin – along with current Miami Heat star Udonis Haslem – were eventually stripped of their championship. … But Miami will likely have to match the $1.2 million yearly salary the 2010 conference coach of the year currently gets at K-State. With Martin’s shady record, it ain’t worth it.”
Michael Miller, writer, Miami News Times
GH: Okay, so it sounds like not everyone in Miami is all that excited for Martin to come home.

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10 Responses to OTC: CBS’ Gary Parrish Links Frank Martin To Miami

  1. Ptolemy says:

    A story doesn’t “grow legs” simply because reporters and columnists speculate. There been nothing presented beyond circumstantial evidence to indicate that Martin is taking, or even thinking about, the Miami job. He will talk to Brando before the local guys because a national show will do more for his program than talking to Mad Jack Harry and his handful of followers.

    Frank could go to Miami. He could go to Vegas. Hell, he’d even go to Alaska-Anchorage if they ponied up the money.

    KStaters are nowhere near as unrealistic and thin-skinned as are Kansas fans, so don’t look for the Purple Nation to feed any press-fueled fury on this issue.

  2. khelm9 says:

    KStaters are nowhere near as unrealistic and thin-skinned as are Kansas fans, so don’t look for the Purple Nation to feed any press-fueled fury on this issue.

    Now this is hilarious. Grapes DEFINE thin skinned and unrealistic. it’s obvious Martin wants the Miami job. He is basically begging for them to contact him.



  3. smartman says:

    Beans and Franks
    I would be very happy to pay the moving costs for this beaner, spic, rican, dago wanna be to head to Miami. He’s a cunt. Tough guy yelling at kids and pasty white out of shape media types. He’s more lucky than good and his 15 minute clock is winding down. We all know Frank’s not good at clock management. Take the money and run Frank. Buy a Ferrari, hell, buy two. Some gang banger wanna be’s from La Emme will cap your ass after you give ’em the stare. RIP you looking up at Bill Self’s balls greaseball loser. Oh by the way, it’s better to be respected you no fucking integrity lower than whaleshit on the bottom of the ocean waste of DNA.

  4. JP says:

    If the money is close
    Frank Martin will be announced as the new coach at Miami. I am convinced that the Brando interview was no accident. It was Martin’s way of letting them know that he is out there. Petro is exactly right on his instincts. KK is in total denial. This is Bob Huggins Part II beginning to take shape. The fact that Martin has been noticably silent on this matter is what is telling. The money just needs to be close to K-State money, Frank Martin is a Miami (city) guy and if the money is close, he is going home.

  5. khelm9 says:

    Good God, smartman. I actually feel sorry for Frank now after reading that bloodbath. Maybe you need to invest in a heavybag to take out a little aggression.

  6. Mark X says:

    Why wounld Martin go to Miami …?
    Geez, I don’t know …

    A) more money? … do you REALLY think Miami can’t / won’t out bid K-State
    B) location … Miami in January vs. Manhattan in January?
    C) exposure … media market – Miami #15 , Manhattan – bwahahaha, are you kidding?
    D) home ? … ask Roy Williams
    E) recruiting? …he’d never have to leave the state
    F) conference …although Miami is a football school, it’s in a basketball conference …Duke, UNC every year?
    G) all of the above

    Of course he’s going to Miami …

  7. Embarrasing says:

    What the hell Smartman. What a fucking disgusting racist rant.

  8. smartman says:

    Smartman Found Not Guilty of Racism
    It might seem racist to some but it wasn’t disgusting. It was funny as hell. If I wanted to play the race card I could have gone into the whole family thing.

    Frank won the hoops lotto. He should still be coaching in high school and being a meathead monitor during lunch in the cafeteria. I’m sick of guys like Frank Martin talking out of both sides of their mouth. He’s no more committed to KSU than Bill is to Hillary. KSU gave Frank a shot most other schools wouldn’t have. They made him rich. Unless he’s an idiot, which he may be, his family is damn close to being set.

    He acts likes he’s a Rock Star. He’s David Cook, not Mick Jagger.

    Go to Miami Frank. Nothing like lowered expectations. You don’t have the balls to stay and fight the good fight at KSU ’cause you’ll always be Bill Self’s bitch. No REAL ballers want to go to KSU, No REAL ballers wanna go to THE U, it’s a football school. and no REAL ballers wanna hoop for an emotionally unstable Sargeant Carter wanna be. REAL ballers wanna play for a leader who can make them better players and better men and get them to the next level. That ain’t you is it Frank? Money can buy lots of things but it can’t buy class, respect or integrity. It’s not personal Frank, it’s business. Capiche?

  9. Ptolemy says:

    There’s No Story
    Unless Miami contacts Frank.

    They haven’t – so there is no story.

  10. chuck says:

    More scandal in College Hoops!!!!!!!

    INDIANAPOLIS–Butler’s run in the NCAA Men’s Basketball National Championship Game may be tarnished after reports surfaced today that all 13 players on the roster are being given good educations in an effort to help them find good jobs after they leave the school. “It’s important to remember that right now these are only allegations — allegations that we are looking into,” said NCAA president James Isch. “But, obviously, if true, this would be very disappointing. The NCAA has certain expectations and standards. It’s not fair for players at one school to be given good educations while athletes at other member schools receive basic, remedial instruction that is worth essentially nothing.” According to documents seized from the school’s registrar’s office, Butler players have received an education worth $38,616 per year totaling more than $150,000 over a four-year career.

    Compare that to player at a school like Kentucky, where tuition is set at $4,051 — but with an actual value far below that.

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