Starbeams: Taking Heat Off Fred Phelps, Sprint Ads @ The K & Max Floyd’s Advice

The moron – not Morman – preacher who burned the Qur’an in Florida is now officially responsible for the deaths of American troops in Afghanistan.  The only good news for locals is, he’s replaced the preacher in Topeka as the biggest loser in the nation. Whatever happened to the good old days when preachers would burn KISS and Led Zeppelin albums?


About last night’s UConn vs. Butler NCAA basketball championship.  Guess I’m the only person in the nation who’s bracket led to Baker vs Mid-American Nazarene University.


Overland Park based Sprint has asked the feds to block AT&T from buying T-Mobile.  They say it would make a duopoly – like Ma Bell – and make for an unfair competitive environment. Huh… And yet Sprint continues to buy billboards at Kauffman Stadium?


On Day Three of doing mornings on the all new 99.7 The Point I think back to when legendary KY morning man Max Floyd once told me that doing mornings makes you age quickly. And I believe him.  I’m having myself fitted for one of those really cool electric scooters they advertise on TV.


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6 Responses to Starbeams: Taking Heat Off Fred Phelps, Sprint Ads @ The K & Max Floyd’s Advice

  1. Super Dave says:

    What’s the Matter?
    What you hate going to work in the dark?

    Just don’t do as Max did a couple of times and try and take the garage door with you.

  2. MoCrash says:

    Baker vs. MNU?
    Considering that Baker and MidAmerica split their home-and-home series in games decided by under 10 points, one could make a plausible case that it would be more entertaining than the actual NCAA Division I Championship final. Of course, the Pioneers lost in the first round of what wasn’t an especially strong Heart of America Conference Tournament and the Wildcats didn’t even make the eight-team field, it’s unlikely either could have won four straight games to get to get to the Final Four.

    However, I don’t take your confession as a sign of weakness in your bracket. No, what concerns me is that you thought two teams which haven’t played in over a month would be in any kind of basketball shape come Monday night.

  3. max floyd says:

    Get out now!
    It’s not too late …leave now..walk out the door. At least that’s what I said every day to myself.
    but goodluck to you .

  4. thelogabides says:

    Preacher responsible?
    Typical Libtard. I’m pretty sure it was muslim savages who killed UN workers. I’m sure those same savages would riot if they heard or read your worthless blog. would you stop writing or doing your radio show if it would save a UN worker. When do we stop bending over for backwards for goat herders living on the other side of the world.

  5. mediaguru says:

    Not to worry
    The way Entercom has fucked up 99.7 for the past 3 years you probably won’t have to endure mornings very long. Next format on the frequency could be just months away.

  6. Super Dave says:

    Not to worry is so right
    Well I guess I must have really pissed off 99.7 yesterday. They kicked me off their facebook page. This was about the earthquake in Japan.

    I made a comment that 2.5 hrs. after the quake they reported it and ,posted a link to CNN on it. I said wow nice that you several hrs. later let us know this.

    They responded back if I wanted news to go to their sister station 98.1 or whatever it is now they have changed it so much.

    I replied back is 20 seconds of news and weather per hr. to much?

    For that statement I guess since I got no explanation they kicked me off.

    Least we see where their priorities are or maybe they couldn

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