2011 Off The Couch NCAA Bracket Challenge Winners


The 2011 Off The Couch NCAA Bracket Challenge is complete! And it was almost as ugly as the championship game. Please read below for our top three winners. Please email me your mailing address so I can get you your gift certificates from Jardine’s Restaurant, Westport Flea Market, Waldo’s The Well and Stanford’s Comedy Club in The Legends at Village West.
1)      1) Joe Mathieu: 216 points, 40 correct and Ohio State / $100 Jardines
2)      2) Eli Waterman: 211 points, 34 correct and UConn / $50 Westport Flea Market
3)      3) Red: 209 points, 38 correct and North Carolina / $25 The Well
Marty Matthews missed out by a mere point (208) with UConn as his winner. Sorry Marty, maybe next year. Hope you’re not a Mizzou fan and this is adding more misery to your week.
I finished 61st with KU as my winner. Fairly typical for a Nebraska baller.
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  1. chuck says:

    So Harley’s real name is Joe Mathieu?

    Ok, weak attempt at humor.

    I need it, I am an MU fan.

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