OTC: Is Frank Haith Coming & Frank Martin Going?


“If Missouri really hired Frank Haith, Mike Alden better have the explanation of the century.”
Pat Forde, of ESPN, on hearing Missouri will be naming Miami’s coach as their replacement for Mike Anderson, Twitter
GH: I went to bed thinking the Shaka Smart bidding between Mizzou and North Carolina State would be the story today. Instead, I woke to a funeral that has some guy named Frank Haith carrying Mike Alden’s casket all by himself down the Avenue of the Columns. Read on for the national media’s reaction.
“Mizzou hires Frank Haith. Rest of world giggles.Frank Haith is an anagram for worse hire than Quin Snyder. … I truly feel bad for Frank Haith. He doesn’t deserve today’s scorn. Mike Alden deserves every bit of it.”
Gregg Doyel, CBS Sports, Twitter
“Sorry Mizzou fans it was not a bad dream Frank Haith is really your coach. Frank Martin and Anthony Grant are the first 2 calls.”
Doug Gottlieb, Twitter
“It makes no sense. There’s just no way to explain it right now.”
Jason King, of YahooSports.com, talking with Bob Fescoe and Josh Klingler, 610 AM
“My initial reaction was – he can’t do that. The fans are going to kill him! You can’t go from Matt Painter to Frank Haith in four days. I don’t remember the last time I saw something this across the board negative from fan reaction.”
Gabe DeArmond, of PowerMizzou.com 810 AM
“Those are Gigli-type reviews.”
Danny Parkins, new midday host for 610 Sports, on the national media’s reaction to the Haith hiring, 610 AM
GH: Heard Parkins’s how on day one and I liked the Gigli reference (easily the worst movie I’ve seen in last decade). But Parkins needs to get some local pronunciations down – specifically Frank Martin’s surname. Parkins somehow screwed it up by repeatedly calling him ‘Marten’ with the emphasis on the wrong syllable. I know that sounds picky but it was annoying to hear ‘Marten’ over and over.
“As a KU fan, phew, Frank Haith is a home run. If I was a Missourah fan I would be livid.”
Bob Fescoe, Twitter
“In Mike Alden’s playland Frank Haith’s a good coach, MU’s in the Big 10, and there’s a tiny giraffe on a treadmill.”
Mick Shaffer, Twitter
“Well….I won’t be traveling to Columbia for that press conference….Sorry….My time is more valuable than that. … Wait a minute…On second thought, I think I need to be at this press conference…I owe it to myself to hear Alden’s explanation in person.”
Steven St. John, Twitter
“Mike Alden got dumped, went to the bar and tried to pull a cute one and got turned down so he went home with a fat chick. Alden didn’t even pull a big girl who was cute in the face. He got the nastiest one out the club to go home with it. He disgusts me.”
Carrington Harrison, of 610 Sports, Twitter
“This is either going to make people say, ‘Wow, Mike Alden is a genius or Mike Alden needs to go.’ Again, I’m just passing along fan reaction.”
Gabe DeArmond, 810 AM
“It is (Mike Alden’s) job is to look under every rock. His job is to look under every venue. His job is to find someone to lead that (MU basketball) program.”
Kevin Harlan, 810 AM
GH: Currently, Alden might be the most hated man in the state of Missouri since Quin Snyder left town. If there is a better drama that Mizzou athletics, David Simon must be writing it somewhere. As a matter of fact, The Wire’s creator could do worse than taking on Mizzou as his next project.
“Who’s that?”
Ricardo Ratliffe, current Mizzou player, upon hearing Haith would be the Tigers’ next coach, Twitter
GH: While the MU big man was unaware of Haith, some Tigers preached hope. Read on.
“There’s always two sides to a story. Don’t down the new coach. He may be a great hire. Time will tell.”
J.T . Tiller, former Mizzou player, Twitter
“Wow. Awfully Disappointed in the response that some Mizzou fans are giving.”
Kim English, current Mizzou player, on the harsh negative reaction from Tiger fans, Twitter
“Make no mistake, he is expected to make the (NCAA) tournament in year one. If (Haith) doesn’t make the NCAA tournament in year one, the reaction to this will be child’s play. This is the best team Frank Haith has ever coached. I’m fairly comfortable in saying that.”
Gabe DeArmond, 810 AM
“Your fans will love him. They will absolutely, positively love him. He’s a great guy. You won’t meet a better human being than Frank Haith. He’s a great recruiter and an unbelievable person.”
Josh Darrow, Miami radio color analyst at WQAM, in an interview with WHB’s Nate Bukaty and Steven St. John Monday morning, 810 AM
GH: Darrow admitted to being a “huge” Frank Haith fan so his opinions may be tinged with biase. But he made Haith sound like a great fit for any college basketball program. Read on.
“He has a phrase; ‘I hate cool. I love tough.’ I hope he uses that at his press conference. He’s a gritty hard-working grinding type of coach and he wants players who are the same way. He’s one of the most competitive guys who’s never satisfied that I’ve ever been around. You got a good man. I promise you.””
Josh Darrow, 810 AM
“To be honest, the Missouri fan base is a little skeptical right now.”
Nate Bukaty, responding to Darrow’s accolades for Haith, 810 AM
GH: Bukaty wins “understatement of the day” award for that one.
“Frank Martin is a Miami guy. The city, not the school. Would own recruiting there. Trust me, he’d CRAWL there.”
Gregg Doyel, on speculation that Martin may be interested in the Miami opening, Twitter
“Miami is Frank Martin`s `dream job,` D-1 source says.”
Adam Zagoria, Twitter
Miami is one of the WORST jobs in any BCS conference. No fans, no edge at home, marginal coverage and not a lot if $$.”
Adam Gold, Twitter
GH: Would Martin take a job as bad as the Miami job sounds? The question is how much does he hate living in Manhattan to living in Miami.
“Miami doesn’t care (about college basketball). I went online to the Miami board last night to see what they were saying and there hadn’t been a post on their basketball board since January 26th. I’m not making this up!”
Gabe DeArmond, 810 AM
GH: Martin would have to view the Miami job like Bill Snyder saw the K-State football job when he first came to Manhattan in 1989. But how do you recruit a fan base in Miami that doesn’t exist? I’m not sure a 30-win team would fill Miami’s little arena.
“I’d blame (Frank Haith’s leaving Miami) on the fans if they had any.”
Mike DeCourcy, 810 AM
GregHall24@yahoo.com and Twitter / greghall24
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33 Responses to OTC: Is Frank Haith Coming & Frank Martin Going?

  1. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    Mike Alden = EPIC FAIL
    Fire him now.

  2. JayBee says:

    Mike Alden just grabbed his jock, stuck his tounge out and gave Tiger fan the bird…ouch.

    M-I-Z! W-H-O?

    Who the hell is going to rush to a recruiting offer from MU with Skippy LaTango as head coach – YEAH, I know that is not his name, but no one else knows it either so WHAT DOES IT MATTER?

    If ever there was a reason to utter the infamous words of Tiger Hoop Fan – it would be now…because moving forward? It may very well be the TRUTH…

    “We are a football school…”

    DAMN – how ’bout them Royals?

  3. UNbiased says:

    unbiased 3rd party fair opinion
    You idiot fizzou heads, will you never learn?

    mu is the worst school in the country and should be kicked out of the Big 12. Pathetic jrBig12 school,l ike mu, with their continual stupid chocies only put a stain on an other wise fine conference. mu fans are the wrost fans anywherre, so many mu morons.

    mu fans please do us a favor and blow your brain out as opposed to constantly talking smack while acomplishing nothing. every mu fan is an idiot and should shut the fuck up. you mu idiots are ALWAYS wrong, yet you keep flapping your stupid lips. please shut the fuck up mu morons, you are losers and you have hired another loser coach, so pathetic.

  4. Gavin says:

    I was posting last week that I thought MU fans had nothing to be ashamed of in their failed pursuit of Matt Painter. If I was a Mizzou fan, I’d really want Alden swinging for the fences like he did and even after he failed to land Painter, I figured Alden would have a reasonable plan B in place and would get the right guy the next time. This is about the most wrong I’ve been since I had KU beating Ohio State in tonight’s championship game, which is to say WAY wrong.

    Hiring Haith has “panic” written all over it. That’s not to say that Haith can’t do well. He was the guy responsible for heading the recruitment of LaMarcus Aldredge to Texas, after all. Still, this looks bad. It appears that Alden was more concerned with getting anyone to take the job rather than get the right guy to take the job. I don’t know if Alden was thinking about trying to salvage this year’s recruiting class and seeing Ben McLemore pick KU over Mizzou pushed him over the edge, but I just don’t see how this hire is a good thing for Mizzou and I don’t see how they can spin it as a good thing.

    Now the latest buzz is that the Missouri Board of Curators might not even approve the deal. As bad as the decision to hire Haith may have been, I’m not sure there is any way that MU can not approve him. If they don’t approve the h iring, Haith might have a suit against MU for breach of contract since he left his job at Miami to take this one. But even if he doesn’t have a good breach of contract case, who would possibly consider this job after the board declined to hire Haith? And I would think that if they say no to Haith, they have to fire Alden and good luck finding a new coach when you don’t have an AD. yes, it can be done, but I have real doubts in this case.

    I imagine the following sentence has never been typed, uttered or even considered but it’s true: That school is in deep trouble if they don’t hire Frank Haith.

  5. Markus Aurelius says:

    Alden has earned the benefit of the doubt with his
    hires in football, basketball (CMA was hired when Alden didn’t even know if he had a job still), wrestling, baseball, volleyball, etc….

    Until Haith gives me reason to not like him, I’ll support him and the program 100%. Let’s show him what a great fan base he’s inherited instead of acting like spoiled, indignant babies that demand the reincarnation of John Wooden to magically show up at the entrance of Mizzou Arena.

  6. MARK X says:

    … bwahahahahaha ….. you just can’t make this shit up … I can’t stop laughing …

    Harlan’s quote is great … “(Mike Alden

  7. 10000 Doleacs says:

    Panic hire!

    On the bright side, you always have KU’s collapse in the NCAA tournament to look forward to.

    Good luck in the CBI or whatever tournament it is that’s a cut below the NIT.

  8. bob says:

    Alden’s secret ploy
    He just hired this guy so Martin would goto Miami.

  9. red says:

    In 3 years, I would bet haith will be viewed as a much better coach than martin, whether he is here or in miami, now that he is out of huggins’ players. Martin has done nothing on his own to indicate he will succeed anywhere (given that he is banned from going back to his miami high school league).

  10. John says:

    I was right.
    I was right last week. I knew MU wouldn’t get a big name.

    KK was on fire today and seemed to be saying what I did. MU think the men’s basketball job is bigger then what it really is. It’s not, it’s a C+ level job not the B+ level that MU fans think it is. Paitner didn’t leave because a school equal to MU was offering more money.

    No one wanted this job. Steve Alford didn’t want to touch it with a 10 foot poll.

    THis was a bad hire.

  11. luv it says:

    re: 10000 Doleacs
    Have you ever noticed that no matter how stupid mu is, no matter what their loser behavior is, no matter how bad they get played they ALWAYS spin it into something about KU, and usually they are wrong, as in the instance above, “always collapse”?…. uh, KU did not collaspse in 2008, We won the National Championship, try to use that grey matter in your head, it is called a brain.

    mu fans,
    at some point you are going to have to do
    something and not relate it to KU, try to grow up.

  12. JP says:

    KU gets the last laugh—–Again!!!!!
    One week ago, all these Mizzou and K-State fans were loving life. KU just lost to VCU and they were ecstatic. Now let’s see what their Karma has brought. Missouri has hired Frank Haith, a guy who could walk anonymously on his own campus, as their next head coach. They strike out with Painter, and Haith just fell in their lap. I almost feel bad for them, is this a sign Missouri has given up on basketball.

    Meanwhile, U of Miami has opened up and Frank Martin is the expected favorite. I don’t think he ends up leaving, but I’m sure K-State fan has stocked up on Tums and Prevacid for the upcoming days ahead. I predict Martin stays, but with a new, richer contract. However, if he was not happy with the administration as noted back in February,,, I’m just saying.

    Meanwhile, McLemore declares for KU and things appear back to normal. Everything calm at KU, lots of tension at K-State and MU. In other words: ORDER HAS BEEN RESTORED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. harley says:

    basketball is over…the small sport is over…the real sport is right arond the corner.
    The haith hire is still to be determined….remember…
    VCU WILL NEVER BEAT KU (spoken by ku fans)
    TURNER GILL IS A GREAT HIRE (spoken by ku fans)
    KU WILL WIn IT ALL THIS YEAR (spoken by harlan/kk/ku fans/jack hairy etc)
    so take these peoples wordsw for what they are…incorrect bull shit.

    They’re never right….the can’t even figure out why their own team isn’t winning the
    big games and in the end they lose to smaller schools.
    I pay no attention to these idiots….the book is still to be written on mu basketball…
    I’m sure someone has something good to say about haith….
    keep wishing ku fans…because MU FOOTBALL IS ON THE MOVE AGAIN WHILE
    lets see what happens because you ku fans are FULL OF SHIT AND YOU SHOW
    iF haith turns out bad…mu fans suffer….
    SEE YA AT ARROWHEAD KU PUSSIES….or will you not show up for the
    asskicking AGAIN THIS YEAR.

  14. HARLEY says:

    never right…always a day late…a dollar short. If you qouted my posts on here and found
    that i was more correct than the “experts” you ‘d know where to turn on important
    games and predictionsx
    Instead you dream up shit that is so crazy.
    No factual suport…no stats…no real world writings that are pertinent.
    You are wrong 90% of the time (giving you the benefite of the doubt)
    so shut up and go back to the platte county record.
    You are funnysometimes…but you like glazer know nothing about sports.

  15. smartman says:

    Don’t Be Haithin
    Who new MU would start offering double degrees in Comedy and Sports Mismanagement? WTF is up with this hire. Holy Shit, they could have done better sticking money in one of those claw machines at Chuck E. Cheese. Worst case you get a Mighty Morphin Power Ranger or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. Phone it in why dontcha Mike Alden?
    I guess it can’t get any worse, but what if it does? The Japanese have a country in full meltdown and they have a better handle on solutions than MU. This isn’t even throwing shit at the wall to see what sticks. This is just picking up shit.

  16. Sean says:

    My Mu christmas
    I remember last week how horrible I felt watching the team a lot of experts picked to go to and win this championship. It hurt to lose, because the expectations were high. The higher one dreams the longer the fall back to reality.

    Then I woke up to this hot mess. I have smiled all day. I remember people screaming(all caps) the mu was relevant and not a minor power in a BCS conference. Last week and this one should’ve put the fans with the most ridiculous fans back in their place.

    One thing about Haith, heath which ever. People say he is a “great” recruiter. A “great” recruiter lands a recruit and is not just in the running for the recruit. Best gets were 7 years ago? Just a little something to chew on.

  17. Facts says:

    Delusional nut job
    Why are mu fans always steering every story to wards KU? Even harley, the delusional nut job, wants to make this story about KU. sorry harley, time to face the factsand admit that mu is a stupid school always doing stupid things. No need to make shit up harley, no need to post false statements.

    If doucher harley would like to reference the articles and dates for his bs quotes then OK, it would mean something, but facts be known no KU fan here ever stated KU would win the National Title every year. No KU fans here guaranteed a win over VCU. Please harley, stick to the story of the day, and that is that your beloved mu is the dumdest fucking place on earth and they have no idea how to run either sports or provide an education, it is a fail fail school all around, making it perfect fro you and dumbman.(who lies to himself by saying smartman, but even he knows he is a dumbass)

  18. Hypacrite says:

    Same rules for both fans
    I find it very interesting. When KU lost to VCU and thier basketball world was in shambles, MU fans rejoiced. Some (stupidly) refered to it as Tiger Christmas. You beakers literally cried like pompus spoiled babies. We were called classless and every dirty name you could think of for dancing on the grave of your championship dreams.

    In the meantime liar Anderson bolts town, MU loses out on Painter, the program looks to be a mess, and then they make what appears to be a horrible hire. Do those wonderful red leggers respond with the class they pretend to have? No. I actually saw KU fans dancing around all giddy about the state of MU basketball.

    Now I ask you, what is the difference? How can one group be scum and the other group wonderful when both are celebrating the others misfortunes? Fact is red leggers are huge hypacrites. They can act any way they want, but the minute anyone act in kind, they throw a hissy fit. But it has pretty much been this way with this group since Quantril’s (retalitory) raids.

    By the way, I say this appears to be a horrible hire (and I tend to think it is) because it is way to early to tell. His resume is better then Frank Martins was before the KSU job. It is in some ways better then Roy Wiliams was…in some ways not, Heath played second fiddle to a legend, Heath to a good coach in Rick Barnes. Obviously Roy Boy did just fine in Larrytown. Martin has had success in Manhappiness. Point is the jury is out. By the way, dadgum good ol Roy was the 6th choice. It worked out well for the beakers. But the point still remains that 5 coaches turned them down. Only Painter turned MU down.

  19. Rainbow Man says:

    Bye Frank!!
    The national media Loves Frank Martin. If Miami pays enough… Martin is going home. The ACC is going to be a lot easier than the Big 12 and he will get huge press when he beats NC and Duke once a year. If they pay enough… Martin will go and Miami basketball will be prime time in two years.

  20. Stevo says:

    On a day like 4-4-2011…
    …even I’ll take the time to post here to make sure Mizzou fans know everyone is laughing at them!

    Back on OTC strike! Bring back the old format Greg!

    Stevo out

  21. Sean says:

    The ACC is easier?
    Ok now wait a minute the ACC is not easier than the Big 12…ever!

    Dear Hypocrite: Never compare this hire of Heath (misspelled on purpose) with Roy or FM and here is why: Both of these guys were assistant coaches and had never coached in the NCAA. Heath has been a head coach for 7 years. This “great” recruiter has gone through 2 recruiting class and still finishes last in the ACC. He has proven that this is who he is as a coach!

    Now do you see the difference?

  22. King says:

    BBBBBWWWWWHHHHAAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA mu is run by the dumbest bunch of stupidheads to ever step on a colleg campus. The only thing funnier than this coach choice is listening to the mu pussies whine and cry how life is so unfair. HAHAHAHAHAAHHAAHAHAHAHAHHAA FUCK YOU mu pussies, eat shit and die.

    Now all of you mu pussy / losers get down on your knees and lick the dust off of my boots, you are ALL less than zero scumbags. You deserve nothing but misery and a life of licking the soles of our shoes, you are all scum, you are all lower life froms, especailly that loser smartman and harley, those idiots have never predicted a thing right their enitre lives, yet claim they get it all….. what a couple of idiots……

    mu is the worst school of all time, and its fan the lowest losers and whiners…. I laugh my ass of at ammu idiots….. BWAAAHAHAHAHAHAAHHHAAHAHAHAAAHAAHAHA

  23. Get It Right says:

    btw- KU was not in shambles after the VCU game. The mu goofballs may have thought so, but KU won the BIG 12, tourny for the 8/15 times, KU won the regualr seaon title for the SEVENTH STRAIGHT YEAR, Ku had its 22nd straight NCAA invite, KU made it to the elite 8 ..AGAIN… KU won the Nationla Champioship juts 3 years agao, and KU is locked and loaded to kick ass again next year.

    mu goofs, please dont make things up to make your selves feel better, it will only make the pain worse later. A t first I gave props to VCU, until watching them play Butler and realizes they juts had one lucky game against KU, and then they did nothing but clunk ,clank, bonk off the rim. It is too bad KU had one off game while VCU got lucky…it made for a very boring Championship game last night. These lucky pointing teams are boring as hell when they are off. KU vs Uconn at least would have been fun to watch versus that snore fest last night…. oh well…… that is NCAA tournyand why they call it March Madness…. KU folks dont mind, we know we will be back next year, unlike mu who may have seen their last tourny (OF ANY KIND) for a long long long time……. poor mu, it is almost not even amusing to make fun of them.

  24. harley says:

    Mu continues to send first round draft choices to nfl…too bad these players leave
    early. My man blaine gabbert is projected to be #1 pick…wow…congrats.
    Next first round draft choice for mu will be sheldon richardson…who comes to
    already great mu defensive line.
    We’re psyched about our team…and potential for another good year.
    QB battle is shaping up..franklin is #1 in depth charts (that i read…maybe different
    ones out there) but this guy was one of the top 2 qb’s coming out of texas and you
    know they’re good in the lone star state.
    Oh yeah…lawrence is gay friendliest city in america and none oif them guys
    want to get tackled…well maybe they do if you know what i mean.
    ROYALS: Hungry….hard working…and while the “experts” who have been wrong
    so ofter this year they may not have the royals team down. I have been an avid
    critic of the royals organization but somethings happening. It may not be this
    year as these young players get planted but maybe this is the start of the
    real rebuilding that moore has been talking about. I hope it is. Great start…hope they
    keep it up because we have to wait til july/august to start talking football again.
    Pro scouts didnt even visit lawrence…was it a flyover. Now you “gay frienddliest”
    city residents and wanna be’s can shut up for another year while you take a beating
    by mu/texas schools/oklahoma/etc. Cupboard looks bare up there for turner…
    couldv be a long long winter….when does basektball start.
    OH…and I know you ku pussies don’t like manly sports like MMA or boxing…
    and you prefer lattes and coffe shops and listening to guitar music but MU
    grads are tearing up the MMA world. MikeChandler (big time MU wrestler) is storming
    up the MMA world and will hopefully be fighting for world championship soon.
    all that violence….well guys go drink some lattes and listen to old pearl jam music.
    NCAA FINALS: Even though it was a tough game and some poor shooting the Butler
    team showed class. The underdogs did well…the trash talking/low rent teams
    got kicked out earlier in the tournament.
    MU COACH HIRE: I think everyone’s learned to never judge any player/coach to
    early.. If i’m not mistaken frank martin was called to be fired and hung by fans
    all over the area early in the season. After turner gill lost to the worst team
    in america ku’s “loyal” fans called for his firing. In turners defense…he has nothing
    to wrok with and the ku fans need to get ready to take as ass kicking every
    november against mu.
    This new coach may not be the best on paper or right now…and its obviously
    caused serious concern with the players….but we’ll have to see.
    The same things were said about martin…maybe someone knows more than
    we do…i’m sure they do.
    But basektball is behind football (we saw that this last year during the league
    reorganizzations) in the midwest and across the nation so for us at mu we look forward to a winning season…
    and beating the shit out of ku again…again…again and again.
    Small schools are into basektball…butler/vcu/etc…
    oh by the way…hows that turner gill doing in lawence…more prayer meetings…even god
    can’t help that team….maybe one or two wins in 2011?

  25. 3 point hater says:

    NO RESPECT FOR donks who all in or 3point shoot, EVERYTIME
    These lucky ass, punk ass, bullshit schools hurt the NCAA tourney….. Teams that only shoot 3 pointers are full of shit, and boring. A bs lucky night from VCU knocks out a quality team like KU and leave crappy lucky teams and then you have that debacle of a game between Bulter and VCU…. it was the battle of mu ass clowns…. no real stars, juts lucky donks…….. and all of this leads to a shit boring game like last night where these Butler pieces of shit shoot shoot shoot NOTHING BUT 3 pointers..and miss miss miss… what a crock of shit.

    What is my solution? I have none. Keep the game as it is, but I will call out a “ALL IN” donkey player every time, and that iswhat Bulter and VCU are like, they are like a donkey poker player who goes all in every time, and gets lucky on the river…… sure they may make the final table, but they are pieces of shit….. A quality team/player does not feel bad about themsleves whne they dont win against donkeys….. donkeys are about luck ……. Butler and VCU are not as big of pieces of shit as mu, but they are just the next level up.

    no respect for all in donks.

  26. KING says:


    Besides most KU fans do not big talk about about football since Mangino left, we understand….KU fans are smater unlike you mu morons who talk big about everything, no matter what the out come is.

    KU fans understand we are weak at football, and we admit it……..give it a rest mu moron.

  27. turner gill says:

    By the basketball team!

  28. Sean says:

    Harley you seem to know a lot about gay friendly places in American, are you looking to move? I am sure San Francisco would have you! The only thing coming from mo you might want to leave you rainbow stripped stars and bars with your trailer in mo. On that note there are zoning regulations so you might want to check if your double wide meets the regulations.

    Have fun spitting you knowledge about all things and your bogus predictions on everything. Harley you need to go start your own sports show on 1510, since you know so much!! I am sure everyone will listen. And you can stay off of here!!(the most important)

  29. KING says:

    How many National Championship games…
    If NCAA basketball was played like NCAA football, with no playoff, no tourney, and the #1 ranked team played the #2 ranked team, how many years would KU basketball have played in the National Championship game? 5? 10? 15? 30? all of them? and without having to deal with some punk lucky 3 point shooting cinderella who loses in a blows out the next game…ah anyway…. it is funny how some fags rant on about and claim football is the top sport, but as usual the fags are wrong.

    It all depends on time of year about which sport is the top…… and again…. again….. again mu morons rooting and tootin about how their football team LOSES AGAIN to some no name shchool in some NO NAME bowl game just adds to the punchline of what a joke of what a shitty school mu really is. Time for a reality check mu, you got nothing, no football, no basketball no nuthin…. except scandal and cotton balls and Piage arena and players calling the coaches wife from prison…….come on mu, just admit it, you suck, you always have and you alwasy will……… still laughing my ass off about this coaching hire….. how stupid can you get?

  30. Jim says:

    English 101
    For God’s sake, would some please pass Harley a dictionary? Brutal. In regards to MU’s inflated image of their own football team, can we set the record straight? MU fans preceive their football program as this juggernaut that contends for a National Championship each year. They MIGHT want to actually win a Big 12 championship first. Beating the ISU’s, KU’s and CU’s of the world does NOT make your program great. You’ve been UT’s, NU’s and OU’s bitch for as long as the Big 12 has existed. Your fans continue to tout the number of NFL players the program turns out. That should be an EMBARRASSMENT, not an attribute! All those NFL players and you STILL can’t win the conference. Get over yourselves. Take your 8 to 10 wins a season, Cotton Bowl game and call it a day. In the end, you are just another program. You’ve never pissed a drop. Claiming your greatness makes you look dilusional and pathetic.

  31. JP says:

    To Get it Right and 3 Point Hater
    Thank you!!!!! That is the point I tried to make on a blog, but got shouted down. When these lucky cinderellas do win, it ends up hurting the quality of the product. When I turned on the Final Four game btw VCU and Butler, I saw a VCU player miss 2 free throws and almost threw the remote at the TV. Where the hell was this when they were playing the other teams. As for Butler, either it was midnight or their contract with Satan came due. They played like a pathetic mid major that had no business in the final game. KU and UConn, hell Florida and UConn would have been a much better and entertaining game.

    However, I wouldn’t change a thing. The NCAA tournament is a blessing and a curse. When the mid majors win early, while it is exciting and fun, it’s like the party you go to that ends up being fun. You then wake up and realize you have a hangover and a full day of work ahead. The mid-majors are ALL eventually exposed in the end. UConn played so bad last night that I can count around 25-30 teams that would have beaten them last night on the court. It’s the NCAA tournament. It’s a blessing and a curse.

  32. The Independent Rage says:

    This wasn’t just a terrible hire.
    For some of us Missouri fans, this was the last straw. I’m not going to toe the politically correct line like so many spineless (if not affable) Steven St. Johns (“I have faith in Haith” — WTF?) and say “OK, I was mad at first, but now it’s time to get behind this guy!” PUKE. This was a terrible hire. This dude was a 7-year loser at Miami. Rename that joint over in Columbia “Mediocrity University.” And I’m not too interested in hearing anymore about Miami being a tough job. That’s an excuse, not a justification for hiring someone. It wasn’t just this hire. For me, it’s been building for at least a few years now (if not 30). Life’s too short to go through life feeling like a snake bite victim in an endless loop. I’m done.

  33. Idea says:

    re The Independent Rage
    There is no point be miserable, pick a school and stick with it…..BUT if that school proves so fkn stupid then look around and pick a winner. There is nothing wrong with that. Dont be a puddle jumper, but it makes no sense to stick with a loser….. no matter is if is a loser stock, loser woman or loser school…..cut you loses and move on. I have no suggestions for you as far as school. but I will tell you I have officially dumped the Royals and will be a Dodger fan this year, I juts realy like Listening to Vin Scully….. and I have been a Laker fan for 25 years.,…. of course it is easy to love a winner. JUMP ON BOARD AND HAVE FUN, CUZ FUN IS A GOOD THING TO HAVE.

    If me exiting the Royals makes them win ever game for the rest of the year,,, awesome for them….but ihave a feeling the current 3-1 is more based on the Angels horrid bullpin than on the Royals being winner..



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