Today: Panhandler Jerry Mazer Alive & Kicking in Tony Bennett Land?

The search for the cold, dead body of illustrious kc panhandler Jerry Mazer just got a lot more complicated.

Yes, it’s April Fool’s Day, but no, this isn’t a spoof.

Reports from multiple sources that Mazer – infamous for his Plaza presence outside Barnes & Noble and "Can I get a down payment on a cheeseburger?" parlance – died last year have to date proved unconfirmable.

With all that’s truly known being that Mazer – who forced the city and the Plaza to their knees by getting a no panhandling ordinance tossed – disappeared from the local scene last fall. Followed by a flurry of rumors he had died. But a check with Kansas City’s Department of Records found no evidence of a death certificate.


Was Mazer hanging with other famous locals who’d recently flown KC’s mortal coil coop? Tony DiPardo, Mike Murphy & Bill Grigsby, to name three. Or was he lying on his bed of pain somewhere or lost at sea somewhere on the Mighty Missouri?

The outlook appeared bleak but the search was still on…

And as of an email received last night, it still is.

"Jerry is fine," emails Andrew Walker. "He is in san fran. He got tired of the weather here in kc and having cancer he didn’t want to get sick here. I’m his son of sorts and he is the most kind hearted person in the world. If it weren’t for him I would of starved as a child and had no roof over my head. And you can print that."

An email request back to Walker for further clarification remains unanswered at this time. And again, it is April Fool’s Day, so the jury is still out, so let’s hold off on the dancing in the streets  for a bit.

Is Mazer coming back? Is the cheeseburger-buying biz better on the Left Coast?  Does he really have a family and was a responsible parent? Stay tuned…

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11 Responses to Today: Panhandler Jerry Mazer Alive & Kicking in Tony Bennett Land?

  1. chuck says:

    I was on the Plaza last nightat 1 AM with
    Barnardo, Francisco, Marcellus and Horatio and we ALL SAW HIM!

    Only Horatio spoke to Jerry, he (Jerry) was eating a hamburger with worms in it.

  2. Hearne says:

    First you report he’s dead. (Yes, I know you just said sources were telling you that but no one here is stupid — you give your sources a public forum, you attach your name to it).

    Now you report he’s alive.

    Which one is it? (Seriously)

  3. smartman says:

    Mazer Still Down But Not Out
    I’m assuming now it’s a down payment for duck confit, foie gras and a nice chardonay with an arugula infused rasberry sorbet.

  4. Hearne Christopher says:

    Seriously? It’s exactly as reported. A mystery where several sources are saying he bit the dust but thus far there’s been no proof. Read much?

  5. Hollister says:

    who cares?
    Seriously, I have been reading stories about this guy since Hearne Christopher had a column in the KC Star. He has been covered far beyond the public’s level of interest in him. There are surely thousands of interesting people in KC. Time to find some new subjects.

  6. Harry Balczak says:

    Isn’t there something more interesting going on in KC
    Than a freaking bum who used to panhandle on the Plaza? NOBODY CARES !!! Report on something worthwhile or take this site down.

  7. bschloz says:

    Not For Sure..
    But I heard—-he lives and is running a very successful EBAY business on the lower level of The Ranchmart Shopping Center parking garage.

  8. Gerry Mazer says:

    Hearne’s Next Assignment:
    This is the perfect opportunity for Hearne to hop in his new Fiat (when it gets here), drive to San Francisco, and interview Mazer first-hand.

  9. Norm Riley says:

    Jerry Mazer is thought to be a bum by so many!!
    I, personally don’t have a problem with Jerry Mazer. About 7 to maybe 10 years ago, I used to run across him more often – especially in the Westport area. It’s just that I also know, know of or run into a lot of folks here in Kansas City that truly HATE Mr. Mazer with a passion. He always sort of reminds me of maybe a circus dwarf. I’ve also heard he’s a wife-beater. Anyone able to shed any light on that?

  10. Hearne Christopher says:

    Yes sir, Mr. – what is it? – Ball sack? And how’s the anger management therapy working out for ya?

  11. Karen says:

    You guys just don’t get it
    Jerry is fascinating to Hearne Christopher. That’s all that matters. And because it’s his blog, he gets to write about this fascinating (to him) “mystery” without really knowing a damn thing. In other words, typical Hearne Christopher.

    Oh, and you don’t like it? Well, watch him get all hissy-fit mad, and stomp his foot and hold his breath until he turns blue.

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