Jack Goes Confidential: Jake Gyllenhaal Faces Time Reassignment in SOURCE CODE!

For those who’ve followed my reviews, you’ve probably come to realize I’m not the biggest sci-fi fan.

Which is not to say I can’t distinguish between a good one and a so-so sci-fi offering.

Matter of fact, the same goes for any genre. Be it a chick-flick, kids or fantasy movie, comedy or drama, it’s either good and interesting or just run-of-the-mill.
And that brings me to SOURCE CODE, this week’s new sci-fi action-thriller that I find interesting, entertaining and thought provoking.
What we’ve got here us a mind-twister in which an injured and decorated soldier, Jake Gyllenhaal, on leave from Afghanistan, finds himself in the body of an unknown man on a Chicago bound commuter train. Next the train suddenly explodes and kills all passengers aboard.
Here’s where it really gets dicey!
As things progress we find out that his actual being on the train is a secret military intelligence project which continually has Gyllenhaal reliving the last 8 minutes prior to the train’s bombing—and his life!
Think of it as THE TWILIGHT ZONE stuck in GROUNDHOG DAY.
A real brain-teaser as Gyllenhaal now relives the events on the train leading up to the massive explosion and hopefully identifies the bomber before his ultimate goal of detonating a ‘dirty bomb’
on downtown Chicago!
WHO? HOW?….and WHY?
You’ll find out as you enter the twists and turns of SOURCE CODE with Michelle Monaghan, Vera Farmiga and Jeffrey Wright.
Surprisingly the thriller was filmed in Montreal, Canada with a few second-unit, overhead scenes of the Windy City. But you’d never know it because of how well director Duncan Jones blends it all together as Jake Gyllenhaal experiences Time Reassignment in SOURCE CODE.
The sci-fi action-thriller raises 3-1/2 out of 5 intriguing fingers!

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  1. jon says:

    Source code
    Saw it last night. Agree its definitely above average science fiction.

  2. gene says:

    Groundhog Day?
    The reviews say they stole the Groundhog Day concept. How so?

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