Glazer: Jason Whitlock Looms Large in HBO Expose of College Sports

Whitlock Shows Up Big!

Yes, yes,yes! Former Star sports columnist Jason Whitlock was one of four on air guest this week on HBO’s prestigous Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel. Great show. About how EVERYONE IN COLLEGE SPORTS (the players) are cheating and getting paid to play!

All good players and all big schools.

HBO interviewed several recent players who moved on to the NFL or NBA who admit to taking under-the-table payments from boosters starting in high school.
Billy Packer, a big time sports anchor, was one of the other four guests. He said, yes it’s a runaway train. The boosters do "cash shakes" or  "money handshakes" with the student athletes and give them several hundred dollars each time. The players go to parties where – NOT HOOKERS – but college girls are there to be screwed by prospective players.

An Auburn defensive end who attended college in the mid 2000’s said he was taken to parties with these girls by players already on the team. And when asked, "Do you want to fuck any of these girls?"  the player said, sure and he did two of them. When asked if the coaches know about all this, he answered, "Unless they are blind,deaf, and dumb."
Two more former students said many of the same things.

One player said after a big win with four sacks he found FOUR GRAND in his car –  $1,000 per sack.

Whitlock was very good.

He looked sharp, rested, a bit lighter and well-dressed. His overall take was, "Pay the players, stop the fraud!" 

The panel agreed. Even Bill Self’s name came up. Not that he cheated or knew anything but that with his perks his salary is more like $5 million a year.

It’s clear that all the big programs cheat. And hard.

But you have to to compete, because if you’re Auburn, and if Ohio State pays, then you have to.

Looks kinda dumb now to put a few players on probation for selling their memorabilia, huh?
The biggest sting was this: "So do you go to classes?"

Player: "Not much, our grades are kinda set. The coach holds up two fingers and says School is No. 1, then holds up ONE finger and says, "Football is No. 2." 

Wow. So now we know there’s no schooling needed for that degree. Tutors? I don’t think so.

Another player said he wanted to go to certain classes to get his education and was told, "Man, that will interfere with practice. NO."
Bottom line: Great Show, all true, it’s a corrupt joke, And Whitlock was ON IT!  Come home Jason we miss you!
I’ll leave you with this:

You’re the starting quarterback at a big time program and have a date that night and no real job or money.

You have a rep to keep up. You need clothes, a car, money for the date, some jewelry – maybe a watch. And that’s just the way it is folks. The Auburn Defensive End went to the Pros in his Jr. year in 2006, got big bucks then was cut due to an injury in his second season. Today he is unemployed and has no degree. He’s got a couple kids and is so sorry he went down that road.

P.S. The school couldn’t care less about him now. Where are the girls, the money, the parties, the hoopla? All in his rear view mirror.

Nice job, Jason.

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6 Responses to Glazer: Jason Whitlock Looms Large in HBO Expose of College Sports

  1. Norman says:

    Saw It
    Shocking stuff. Great show, Whitlock was very good.

  2. smartman says:

    Whitlock Gets Bone With No Meat
    Toad the Fat Sprocket didn’t have a unique point of view. Hell, anybody that watches an hour a week of ESPN would have known what Smallie Bigz said. He’s no Wilbon or Adande and he’s light years away from being a Bernie Goldberg or Frank Deford who contribute to Real Sports periodically . He still lacks the depth and breadth of sports knowledge and history most serious sports journalists have. You can B.A. Homer for Big Poppa all you want but his KC nest is still full of shit. Onepac showed his true colors during his meltdown with Nick Wright. He’s an emotionally immature, lazy, arrogant, inarticulate, factually uninformed, overweight, unhealthy, mammas boy. He belongs in a Tyler Perry movie.

  3. John says:

    Whitlock didn’t say anything new.
    From what I got from the Real Sports round table, plus his podcast all he wants is football and men

  4. Packers Nation says:

    Which Way Is It Glazer
    You seem to be on both sides of the fence on this one Glazer. First you take Jason apart as being full of it with Nick Wright on that interview. You and Hearne have made it clear that Jason barely has income today. I for the most part agree. Yes I think he is pulling down skinny money right now. Your reasons are sound, depressed industry, too many guys doing it, Jason is not a household name, and he doesn’t grab the viewer or listener with his presence. All true. However in KC he did to a big extent, mostly his column. But now you are a cheerleader for the man. Which is it?

  5. Good Citizen says:

    Whitlock is Much Like You and Hearne
    Gentlemen, Whitlock is somewhat in the same boat as both Glazer and Hearne. A KC Star really of the 90’s and early 2000’s. I will give Glazer credit in some regards because he stays current and young by doing so much radio, the guy is good at it as well. I only started listening to 98.9 a bunch cause of his run-ins with Johnny Dare on air. My younger brother, turned me onto Dare a couple years back, now I listen daily, but my fav is when Glazer is on with his comic and Johnny.

    I don’t know how old the three of you guys are, but I assume you are close in age, 40’s-50’s. To this point nobody has really replaced Hearne at the Star or Jason for that matter. Time moves on, people come and go, Jason came and went, at least in KC. I hope he does well out west, he is a force when he gets his hands around something, like Peterson.

  6. J.P.Connolly Show says:

    Corrupt NCAA Gets missed here
    Most important was the HBO investigation. Corrupt sports in college and high school, Now proven, nobdoy cares I guess.

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