OTC: Royals Are The Yankees Of Minor Leagues


“The Royals have been a punch line for going on two decades. Now, boasting baseball’s best farm system, they intend to get the last laugh. … The Royals – dare we say it – are the Yankees of the minor leagues.”
Tim Keown, writer, ESPN the Magazine
“The Kansas City Royals are baseball’s version of a garage band with potential. … Disgruntled fans of the big league club, weary of the 90-plus-loss seasons, began following the farm system instead.”
Tim Keown, writer, ESPN the Magazine
GH: The Yankees of the minor leagues. Well, at least we’ve got that going for us this season. Plan your trips to Omaha and Northwest Arkansas now!
“I give the same speech they have been hearing for a long time. It all comes down to whether we can do it on the field.”
Dayton Moore, on his message to Royals fans and the community, ESPN the Magazine
GH: Moore’s speech has always been highlighted by one word – patience. And Royals fans have proven to be even more patient than a BYU student.
“Good luck selling patience…but that’s what Dayton Moore sells. He sells 2012 or 2013 and definitely 2014.”
Tim Keown, writer, ESPN the Magazine
GH: Keown must be new to this Royals beat. No one with any credibility would use the word “definitely” to describe the future success of the Royals. We all want to believe but most of us have used up our hope allocations and replaced it with resignation.
“The Royals are getting back to being a first-class model organization. They’ve done everything possible to make it easier for us to get through the tough times. … It’s going to be fun to be part of this.”
Mike Moustakas, ESPN the Magazine
GH: I would suggest the Royals have made it too easy on the youngsters in their organization. They continue to hide them on the farm, far away from the losing. Get those young arms and bats up here to find out if they truly are the answer to what has ailed this franchise for the past 25 years.  
“I’ve never seen so many left-handed pitchers in my life.”
Mike Moustakas, on the number of Royals’ lefties in Surprise this spring, ESPN the Magazine
GH: The Royals’ starting rotation has been called by some the worst starting five on the big league club since 1969. If you’ve never snared a souvenir ball at a Royals’ game, this might be your year if you get seats in the outfield bleachers.
“I will say that I’m incredibly excited to see (Alex) Gordon in live action this week, both because of his ridiculous numbers this month…and because more and more people who have seen him bat swear that his swing looks…different. Shorter to the ball, not selling out for power, willing to go the opposite way. Maybe it’s a mirage, but hell, March is a time for dreaming. Leave my dreams alone – as a Royals fan, they’re all I have.”
Rany Jazayerli, ranyontheroyals.com
GH: I do not recall a player in the Royals 42 years who was a more annual point of controversy than A-God. We all know he can play. He just can’t play when the season starts and the games count. Every spring we wish for this savior to ride from the dead to deliver us from evil. And every summer he smites us down once again. That said, I’m in. Let’s go, Alex!
“Hosmer is more game ready than Moustakas. Moustakas has far more holes (in his swing). Far more holes.”
Mike Boddicker, 810 AM
GH: Everybody I have read or heard LOVES Eric Hosmer. Kevin Seitzer is so giddy over the big lefty he can barely speak of his swing without giggling. I cannot wait for these two to bring KC our own version of the Bash Brothers.
“Hall of Fame third baseman and Kansas City icon George Brett is scheduled to attend the official rededication of the George Brett Bridge at 2 p.m. CT (Wednesday).  The bridge is located at Interstate 70 and Blue Ridge Cut-off in Kansas City , Mo. adjacent to the Truman Sports Complex and Kauffman Stadium.”
Royals Press Release    
GH: I remember when Brett was told he was being honored by having his name placed on this bridge that covers I-70 just north of the Truman Sports Complex. The Royals’ third baseman was less than impressed. “That’s a bridge?” he said. “I always thought it was a viaduct.”
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10 Responses to OTC: Royals Are The Yankees Of Minor Leagues

  1. smartman says:

    Dr. Will See You Now
    Patience and potential are words best used when making excuses for failure. As long as David Glass owns this team they will be a joke.

  2. MoCrash says:

    Worst SP since 1969?
    Since you were quoting Rany, maybe this observation should have been included: “I think the criticism is overstated, if for no other reason than it

  3. Rainbow Man says:

    serving minors
    That is encouraging but it does not matter. Gordon had great numbers with an aluminum bat too. I will still go to games… I will still support my team. But I want real wins in a real season against real big league teams.


    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH…How deep of a shit hole does a school have to be that a guy TURNS DOWN 2.2 MILLION DOLLARS to coach there????? This qualifies mu as the worst school ever…… No one is surprised idiots like “smartman”(who is not very smart and is alway wrong, yet she keeps on talking shit) and also no surprise it produced that other mu idiot harley / jojo / fuck face / moronboy “whatever….. it is a tie between the two mu NON grads about who is the dumbest mother fucker to ever post anywhere..


    $2,200,000 AND HE SAYS “NO…. MU SUCKS, EVERYONE KNOWS THAT!!!!!”””
    to which I say

    aint no karma about it, it is just a fact mu is a school for morons, and no respectable coach wants anything to do with that shit hole.

  5. MoCrash says:

    Given your syntax, punctuation, lack of typing skills and depth of your analysis — “(blank) sucks” is always a compelling insight — can I assume you are a Missouri grad disgruntled over wasting your parents’ money on a higher education program which was beyond your intellect? If I am mistaken and you are not an MU alumnus, then I have a suggestion as to a college which should rank lower.

    Now, crawl back in your hole and return the thread to the adults.

  6. No thanks, I think I will stay, butt fuck you very much says:

    Still laughing my ass offf at you stupid mu morons getting used and abused by everyone in sight. First you (consistant losers) lose in the first game of the NCAA (as usual) then your basketball coach punks you, and leaves you for ArKANSAS, NOW YOU CAN NOT BUY A COACH FOR 2.2 MILLION DOLLARS. …BWWWHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHHA!!!! YOU MU FUCKHEADS!!! SO FUNNY TO SEE YOU FUCKED OVER.

    Here is an idea for you, being you never have any, maybe, just maybe if you “do nothing mu morons” would learn to shut the fuck up when you have done nothing to talk about, then life might treat you fair….BUT….. as it is…… you mouthy pieces of shit deserve everything bad coming your way. Fuck you very much. Now get back to doing what you mu morons do best, go tell some more racist jokes, or toss out some cotton balls, or name an arena after Paige(or another cheater)
    …… as for your suggestion to me???? No thnaks, I think I will stay a while, just shove your own buillshit back down your throat.

  7. easy ed says:

    hey killer
    Always a pleasure to see that KU education displayed in public. Nothing much was expected of MU bball this season, it’s a young team. But…whoa boy, KU was going to win the whole thing, two times over. UNI and now VCU. That’s gotta hurt Mr. Entitlement. Killer, do you know what that means? Now why don’t you get back to what your school does best….Go 3-9 in the football season, launder dirty athletic directors and choke to double digit seeded teams. See you in the fall when Mizzou eats your football team for lunch…again

  8. smartman = easy ed = doucher says:

    easy to see.

    Hey doucher, you were wrong, man the fuck up, and shut the fuck up

  9. Killer says:

    Are you mu morons actually trying to say you had a better year in football than KU did in Basketball? 1) no KU fans here said, or predicted, KU would win the N.C. it was you idiots saying they would not, and samrtman GUARANTEED KU would not make the elite 8, well we did, and yet. easy ed is still flapping his lips.

    2) Most “experts predicted KU to come in 5th in the Big 12.

    3)If basketall was run like football, how many years would KU have played for the National Championship? You know how they pick#1 vs #2 at end to play in the football championship…..get it….huh? can you understand the concept? no?…ok…. That is understandbale, mu is for morons

    mu has NEVER done jack shit in anything, and they wont shut up, now mu is more fucked than ever, and still wont shut up. How many coaches will have to turn you down before you idiots are shamed into shutting up? No respectable caoch wants the BS of mu….. I am even embarrassed for you. It is so sad…but funny as shit, becasue you mu idiots deserve it.

  10. Harry Balczak says:

    MY Balls itch

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