Glazer: ‘A List’ Comedy / Movie Star TJ Miller Headlines Stanford’s

Who’s the new young gun in comedy movies today?

TJ Miller, that’s who. Miller has starred and co starred in NINE STRAIGHT "A" MOVIES. Well, A by today’s standards. He was co lead in CLOVER-FIELD (cameraman and talking through the entire picture), THE GOODS (with Jeremy Piven), GET HIM TO THE GREEK, YOGI BEAR( Park Ranger), GULLIVER’S TRAVELS, HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON, SHES OUT OF YOUR LEAGUE, UNSTOPPABLE (WITH  DENZEL), and in August he’s co starring with KC’s Paul Rudd in MY IDIOT BROTHER.

There’s more…

He’s a regular on Chelsea Handler, the star of former TV series Carpoolers and he has a new Comedy Central Special being shot next month. Wow, that’s a mouthful.
I met the guy three years ago. According to TJ, Stanford’s was his first full week at a comedy club that mattered. He – God knows why- loved the club, the Glazers, Johnny Dare and Kansas City. Go figure.

He killed it on stage. Dare loved the guy and had him on every show that week. The rest is now soon to become comedy magic story time. Miller smoked it in Hollywood. Movie after movie, they love him. "I don’t know of any young actor/comic that has hit it so hard and fast in LA," said my agent Matt Blake at CAA.

Miller is the real deal.
He has everything, humor (of course), good looks, a removed brain tumor (for real), a porno actress gal pal, he’s handsome and is a kind and nice person. He’s a rare breed in this biz. Loyal as well.
It’s three years later, he’s well-to-do, has a "staff" handling him hourly, by phone, email, text and probably drums.

The kid’s become a star and now he’s back at Stanford’s.
TJ made it clear that he’s only doing comedy clubs here and there. He doesn’t need the dough and his film schedule is overloaded. But he took time out this week to come back to KC, where much of it all began for him a couple years back.
It’s nice to see a guy who really thinks I’m a mentor, a pal, a big brother….

Man, am I sick or what? Anyways, if you can come out and check out this still-rising comedy/film star, you’ll be glad you did.



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20 Responses to Glazer: ‘A List’ Comedy / Movie Star TJ Miller Headlines Stanford’s

  1. xxMillerTimexx says:

    Is this spam?

  2. harley says:

    gullivers travels?
    yogi bear?
    hardly A movies.
    Don’t pay this guy….bring in tony and have him read his posts off kcc and
    you’ll get a bigger audience and he’ll get bigger laughs.
    Who is this guy. If you put hearne on stage and he reads the crap he writes
    on his site….now that would be funny!

  3. bschloz says:

    Tough Crowd
    Come on guys…Glaze is telling us this guy has the goods…I have never seen him or heard of him but I’m now interested to find out about the guy.
    One thing I’m sure we can all agree on is- Craig knows comedy. Although I’m not sure he can whip this kid.
    Harley you going to Royals today? The ticket guy at the mall promised it was going to be 60 deg. today?

  4. Mas says:

    Cheesy Craig Strikes Again
    We can see right through this crap.

    This is like a bad press release I once wrote in Public Relations 101 at Ft Scott Community College. I got a D.

  5. Bruce McCulloch says:

    was the bomb in carpoolers yo!

  6. harley says:

    maybe old washed up comics like jj walker and his “tell all book” thats sure
    to be a blockbuster “A” movie starring darrel spanks and roberto hernandez
    gonzalez schwartz (changed his name to schwartz since hollywood is filled
    with jews!)….
    or gallagher…another old worn out comic playing county fairs
    vfw halls….

  7. Hearne Christopher says:

    And with those credentials you usher forth to criticize Craig? I’m gonna let you off easy this time, because obviously you’ve grown and improved. D+ on your comment.

  8. craig Glazer says:

    Are You Serious People?
    BECAUSE some of you like Harley are well, old and lame and out of it, this was effort to alert you to a new star, thats all. Lets see, Yogi Bear not an A movie? 90 Million budget? Hmmm…didn’t say it was good. Harley let the pros like me do this ok, you only show what a dumb shit you are when you comment to knock people who have gone further than you will in your entire pretend life…this kid pasted you when he was 25. He’s 29 now.

    Saw him this morning in Get Him to The Greek , funny stuff, one of his first roles but you could see his potential, He was the desk guy who got the H for Rock Star Russell Brand, in Vegas…then he did that indy film later uh,,,,oh yeah UNSTOPPABLE with that loser Danzel Washington…oh yeah, JJ Walker a what, has been….better that than a never was! The guys a legend, know what…so am I….Harley you do make this a fun site to read, you are like the evil Troll from the Billy Goat story…I’ll give you 50 bucks for your real name and photo.

  9. bschloz says:

    Bobby Slayton can’t come to Stanfords every week….
    LOL @ VFW halls….Glazer would kill it in Branson,no?

  10. Really? says:

    A legend?
    I’ve got nothing against you Glazer, but really? A legend?

  11. Unbeliever says:

    Your BS shines again, Glazer
    You didn’t watch shit, obviously only listened to a description of T.J.’s part. I watched that flick a couple of months ago & remember
    clearly that he scored the heroin for Jonah Hill.
    Do you ever have an original thought? You can’t even come up with an original title for you next ghost written book, “Comedy Confidential”? HMMMM. Wonder where I’ve heard something like that before? L.A. Confidential, maybe. Or perhaps even K.C. Confiential.
    You’re a legend in your own mind.

  12. craig glazer says:

    You know I promised and broke it, not to respond to your babble. Now I am lying about watching Get Him To the Greek? Wow you are a sick dog. Of course I saw it, its part of my biz to watch movies, especially hit films. It is on every day on Cable now. TJ was behind the counter, fattie(like you) asked if he could ring up H E R O I N,TJ complied with meet me out back, they went to get the H, TJ got stabbed, the next scene he was bleeding in fat boys car, the next scene they were at the ENTRANCE to the emergency room at the hospital where fattie left TJ…happy now. You got me to respond AGAIN. So now, since your attacks have gotten so silly, next thing will be I didn’t interview Ali(I’m in the film interviewing him) so lets call it a year, you write your dumb “Glazer lies, Glazer stinks, Glazer hairpiece rat stuff, whatever, I will continue to rule the town, bang five and more hot girls whenever I like, and produce product like Champions, flim, reality shows, great comedy shows and continue to do what I do….you bark as the caravan rolls by Harley pretend name guy…no more response from this STAR….but keep em coming, the readers like it….peace out you sick doggy, and yes Bobby Slayton is coming, you can see him for free, have your mom call and you get two tix, use her name…happy!

  13. craig glazer says:

    One of America’s first black TV stars, Good Times…a regular with Dean on many TV roasts with Bob Hope, Jimmy Stewart, Ali, Jack Benny and 50 more…a zillion other TV and film roles….Tonight Shows/Letterman, he is a household name and a LEGEND. Ranked by Time Magazine in the top 20 of all time..happy now?

  14. Really? says:

    I was refering to you
    You said ‘The guys a legend, know what…so am I….’ I was questioning you being a legend. No doubt JJ is.

  15. Bad Ass Jew, Berkowitz says:

    Harley Got Your Goat Craig
    For a smart guy you sure get upset about nothing Glazer. Harley is a wormy older man who wants to be YOU. Its been said before. He likely admires you Craig! You keep going for his insults. Of course we all know that Jimmy Walker was and is still a big name, maybe a legend OK. I’m sure you watched that film your friend was in, I’m sure he is a budding star and very funny. I’m confident your club, as usual will be filled this weekend. Brother you have nothing to prove. You forgot, we hear you on the radio every day almost. I listent to Dare to hear you and Johnny. Those phone calls he played slayed me. Very funny stuff old man. I mean that in the BOND sort of way, you know English tone.

    Harley you are a crazy and yes funny man. I see why the Glazer gets upset, but its funny how you push his buttons. Most of your insults are just that, no reality to them Harley you ought to try live comedy, really you seem good at it. By the way my sister took the kids to see Yogi Bear, they loved it, not my kind of film. I did see She’s Out of Your League, your boy was the best thing in that just ok film. He is funny.

  16. Monkey Man says:

    Bshlotz Are you a Lady or Dude?
    Like your posts girl or is it guy?

  17. chuck says:

    Glaze’s Brobdingnagian ego,
    in combination with his experiences, are what make his posts so interesting.

    WTF? I never fuckin met Elizabeth Taylor. Ran into Telly Savalas at an airport and had a beer with him, kinda…

    Tried to pick up Cliff Roberston’s girlfriend in the Rome airport, total failure.

    Glaze has dozens and dozens of dishy fun stories.

    You guys are threatened by him. Just my opinion, but hey…

  18. Cool Tool says:

    Agree with Chuck
    Let the big dog speak, fun shit.

  19. Pissed Off says:

    The Dude Knows People
    ya know he is on radio with every MOFO that is a star today, Lewis the Black,Chong,Lampinelli the bitch,Kevin Keeland,Cable Hick,Chelsea the ho,on and on…we need his bullshit so yeah Chuck is cool and kinda on the dime. I dont really like Glazer but he is a trip.

  20. Mas says:

    >Reply From: Hearne Christopher
    >09:57:25 AM – Thu. Mar 31. 2011

    >And with those credentials you usher forth to criticize Craig? I’m gonna let you off easy this time, because obviously you’ve grown and improved. D+ on your comment.

    The article seemed like an infomercial to me. I have to admit if I owned a comedy club I would probably try the same thing to hype up the show so I would make a profit. The first commenter seemed to nail it with the “Spam” comment. Not sure if you guys are aware that most people in my generation can read through exaggerations and promotions. But I do enjoy this site and Craig’s writings. Just not this piece.

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