OTC: KSU Fans Also Revel In KU Failures / New Paint At Mizzou?


“I’m a K-State grad. When Kansas gets beat Kansas State fans are smiling more than usual. … You never lose that.”
Gene Keady, former coach at Purdue, when asked by Shan Shariff about Kansas loss to VCU, 610 AM
GH: We dug deep into the psyche of Mizzou fans in yesterday’s OTC and their love for celebrating “Tiger Christmas” each spring when the Kansas basketball team loses to an inferior opponent in the NCAA tourney. Let us not forget the K-State fans who also revel in their rivals’ misfortunes. Even KSU old-timers like Keady still get wood from a Jayhawk catastrophe.
“Why can’t he find more players of high character? Why can’t Bill Self find those players?”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: No K-State grad in the local media takes more glee in a Kansas basketball defeat than KK. He fervently attempts to hide his hatred for the Crimson & Blue but losses like VCU are too delicious for him to stay silent. Kietzman played a mock promo for KU’s Final Four broadcasts that poked vicious fun at the Kansas team, fans and aura that surrounds Kansas basketball. While he tried to push the blame for the promo onto a faceless voiceover talent, this was pure KK. One thing you can say for Bob Fescoe that you’ll never say about Kietzman, Fescoe is too dumb to be fake.
“At this point it’s no longer a coincidence. It’s no longer bad luck.”
Nick Wright, on Kansas losing to inferior teams in the NCAA Tournament, 610 AM
GH: Wright has fallen into the same trap as a number of the local media types whenever Kansas gets bounced early – blame Bill Self and his inability to get his team up, ready or whatever. Read on.
“Maybe Bill Self shouldn’t worry about winning eight consecutive Big 12 Conference championships or losing more than two games in the conference if it allows you to be better prepared for the NCAA tournament. Maybe letting Josh Selby work through some of those conditions on the court this season would have helped him be better prepared for the off-season – when Tyrel and Brady couldn’t hit a freakin’ shot. We’re beginning to learn that going for those Big 12 championships and trying to win every game during the season can hurt you come post season.“
Nick Wright, 610 AM
GH: Wright’s solution to KU’s postseason woes is to start losing the Big 12 Conference and postseason tournament games and not win so many regular season games. All in hopes the Hawks go undefeated every March? Brilliant stuff.
“(Selby) never learned to make decent decisions all season! Late in the season he was still throwing ridiculous lob passes.”
Mark Carman, 610 AM
GH: It will be interesting to see if Carman gets Shariff’s slot in the midday rotation at 610 Sports. All signs point to another Syracuse grad from out of town getting the hire but Carman would be a guy I would listen to…but I listen to almost everybody.
“I wouldn’t say that even if I thought it.”
Gene Keady, when asked by Shan Shariff if he thought Bill Self had been outcoached by Shaka Smart in Kansas’ to VCU, 610 Sports
GH: Sounded to me a lot like that’s exactly what Keady thought.
“Who are you going to get now to replace Matt Painter (at Purdue)? To me, whichever school loses out here is in serious trouble.”
Bob Fescoe, as speculation on whether Painter leaves Purdue for Missouri or stays appears to be coming to a head today or Wednesday, 610 AM
GH: We should know something solid on Painter’s decision by late today or Wednesday. After much Twitter speculation Monday night that Painter had accepted the Mizzou job, we are still in limbo. If Mizzou doesn’t land him, it will be yet another letdown for a Tiger basketball program that desperately could use a new coat of paint.  
“No one’s been beaten up in the media more than me since the day I got hired here. … I give all my time to the media. I don’t tell you guys what to say. That’s your job. That’s not my job.”
Frank Martin, talking to Nick Wright, 610 AM
GH: Frank is always telling us what a punching bag he is for the media. Where are these media types located – Brazil? No coach in this area gets handled cuddlier than Franko. None. Just because Frank repeats something 12 times doesn’t make it so.
“We just tell people (the 2011 season) is coming and the baseball guys aren’t putting any limitations on what could happen this year.”
Toby Cook, Royals VP, talking to Bob Fescoe and Josh Klingler about the problems the Royals face marketing a team with such low expectations for this season, 610 AM
GH: Opening Day at The K is Thursday! I filled up my car this morning while dodging snowflakes and a north wind that howled like my neighbor’s beagle. I am not quite baseball ready this season so I’m heading to the pen to get loose in a hurry. I’ll be at The K today sampling some new menu items and documenting what I see, hear and taste for my OTC readers.
“Our season ticket renewals and just our general sales are better than they’ve been in years. 2011’s preseason sales have been the best we’ve seen in a long, long time.”
Toby Cook, 610 AM
GH: Kansas City Royals’ fans are the most loyal or less-demanding fans in maybe all of professional sports. The Royals will average 20K or more for 81 home games once again with the franchise admittedly storing their best players in the minors to start the season. People in KC just like baseball. Even bad baseball. When the sun warms and the grass turns emerald, Kansas City and the people of the heartland head to The K just as flies are drawn to a turd…and I’m one of them.
“There’s a rumor going around town that a guy who played baseball and football successfully is going to be here (for Opening Day).”
Toby Cook, 610 AM
GH: Bo Jackson, one of my all-time favorite Royals, will be back for Opening Day. Let’s not shower him with mini footballs this time.
“The main thing is we want a fair deal. It’s not about the money.”
Rudy Niswanger, Chiefs center, in an interview with Nick Wright about the NFL lockout, 610 AM
GH: What an incredible snooze these labor negotiations are for me and a lot of football fans. If the players thought the public was going to be as understanding and pro-player as Nick Wright, they badly misjudged the economics of today’s fan base…and their own importance to the success of the game.
"(Cam Newton is) very disingenuous — has a fake smile, comes off as very scripted and has a selfish, me-first makeup. Always knows where the cameras are and plays to them. Has an enormous ego with a sense of entitlement that continually invites trouble and makes him believe he is above the law — does not command respect from teammates and will always struggle to win a locker room . . . Lacks accountability, focus and trustworthiness — is not punctual, seeks shortcuts and sets a bad example. Immature and has had issues with authority. Not dependable."
Nolan Nawrocki, writer for Pro Football Weekly, on his evaluation of the former Auburn QB, csnne.com
GH: Not the best recommendation I’ve ever read for a job applicant.
GregHall24@yahoo.com and Twitter / greghall24
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20 Responses to OTC: KSU Fans Also Revel In KU Failures / New Paint At Mizzou?

  1. Gavin says:

    Royals Season Tickets
    Just a thought, but is part of the reason that the Royals have noticed an uptick in season ticket sales because this enables purchasers to also get in line for All-Star Game tickets? You may be right, Greg, about Kansas Citians loving baseball, even bad baseball, but I refuse to believe that this kind of surge is purely organic and would have happened without the All-Star Game.

  2. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    Shocking revelations by Hall!
    Fans revel in an arch rival’s loss! Holy shit! Someone call CNN! We have a scoop!

  3. bschloz says:

    “Has an enormous ego with a sense of entitlement that continually invites trouble and makes him believe he is above the law — does not command respect from teammates and will always struggle to win a locker room . . . Lacks accountability, focus and trustworthiness — is not punctual, seeks shortcuts and sets a bad example. Immature and has had issues with authority.”
    Sounds like Ben Rothlisberger – Vince Young…..another words a can’t miss 1st pick in NFL draft.

  4. Crockett says:

    Gene Keady was a good coach, but I’m not going to sweat him giving the business to Bill Self. He can cackle all he wants, but Bill Self, and now even Shaka Smart both have one more Final Four then Keady got in his entire career. KU and Self will get there again. This is not a jab at Keady, but more an illustration at just how tough this tournament is. Look at all of the talent Dean Smith had and he only brought it home twice. Coach K has had an amazing run of four in his career, but he has bowed out earlier than expected many times. You have to keep putting yourself in position and hopefully it happens when things break right.

  5. Crockett says:

    GH – you are right on Nick Wright totally reaching…
    So Nick Wright thinks it would be better for Self and KU to lose more games during the season, conference, and conference tourney….BRILLIANT!!!! I understand tinkering a little more here and there, but you better believe all of the other conference teams are trying to win their games too. They may have to tinker more out of necessity and survival, but Self coached this team very well.

    35 and 3 for a team that lost two NBA top 12 picks (Cole Aldrich and Xavier Henry) and their leader in Sherron Collins.

    Wright is really reaching. These wackos come out of the woodwork all the time. Selby was hurt and really struggled to come back to his style of game. Self was winning with the other guys and was right to play them. Selby will hopefully get healthy and people will see how good he can be.

  6. kctacoparty says:

    I would also prefer to hear more from Mark Carman on 610 and less of Fescoe/Wright or whoever else it has. Funny how 610’s sidekicks are far less annoying and (arguably) more talented than its “stars.”

  7. Johnny Utah says:

    so KSU goes from preseason No.2 and Big 12 favorite to choking so bad their star pouts about bailing on the NIT? then they regroup in order to lose to colorado for the third time and flame out in 2nd round of ncaas to a mediocre Wisconsin team.

    Missouri: did they make the tournament? I can’t recall. Actually, I can’t recall much of anything from Missouri this year. I know KU gave them their customary two beatdowns. and then their coach left for a middle of the pack SEC school. At least he upgraded programs.

  8. dp says:

    Wrong on Frank
    Frank started getting love last year midway through the season…Hall has no memory for back when Huggins left when EVERYONE in the media said he was a joke and only being kept around to keep Beasley and Walker from leaving. They called him a high school coach. The Star ran a front page story about him being investigated when he coached HS in Florida. He came under huge fire nationally for the Chris Merriweather situation last year. Hall doesn’t like him because he’s told reporters to shut up when they’ve asked some BS questions twice this year.

    I have mixed feelings when KU loses in the tournament. I feel bad for my friends that are real fans that actually went there and follow the basketball and football teams through thick and thin (not that there has been a lot of thin for the hoops teams). On the other hand I love it when they lose because all the bandwagon fans have to eat it. I knew a ton of ‘K-State football fans and KU basketball fans’ when I was at K-State. I know several other people that refer to ‘my Huskers’ in football and ‘my Hawks’ come basketball season. I was at Tanner’s on 119th when KU lost to Northern Iowa last year and it was awesome. I was with a group of 12 and the only one not rooting for KU. I find out later that TWO of the 11 people I’m with actually went to KU. And don’t give me the line “I grew up watching KU, so they’re my team, even though I went to Eastern Illinois or Emporia State or wherever”…no, you are front runner who loves KU because they are powers in hoops.

    The people dogging Self need to get a grip…who would you rather have?

  9. Bulldog Bob says:

    Who cares?
    So, let me get this straight, you have to go to the school in order to root for it? What do you care?

  10. harley says:

    1. I predicted KU would lose in elite 8…not make final 4….I WAS CORRECT
    2. I predicted KU would have that bad bad game eventually that they didn’t
    have all season…and what happend? KU HAD THEIR WORST GAME OF THE
    3. i predicted KU would eventaully lose in tournament to a team with big inside
    guys…and that their guards lacked the ability to make shots in tough situations…
    4. I said ku had problems with the press…and pointed it out after the MU game.
    tons of turnovers and ku guards were shaken up by pressure. VCU coach shaka
    must have read my post and watched the tape of that game and saw KU couldn’t
    handle a stiff press. KU only beat mu by 4 points and thats with mu have the
    worst shooting per cent of the year…..shaka read my post on KCC (yes…hearne
    important people do read this schlock site) and decided to follow my advice and
    now shakas about to get 2 million dollar coaching contract and not pay me a per cent.
    5. I said twin tatooed thugs were a problem for ku. Self didn’t listen to me. Their attitude
    hurt the team….their trash talk and bbguns and arrogance ruined this team. The twin
    thugs were throwing elbows…mouthing off to opponents…and this followed the
    downfall of the team in the tournament…I WAS CORRECT….SELF SHOULD HAVE READ
    6. iN early 2010 i warned ku fansto be weary of this perkuns scumbag. In 2009 i warned
    them of this scumbag under the table conman. I had seen what happened at mu and warned
    that these carpet baggers would ruin the ku good name. and they did…fbi/felonies/tax evasion/
    fights/arrogance/etc. took over at ku and has ruined the school and its image. Too late
    ku backers…ku is now considered the cesspool of sports in this area…and again I WAS
    8….AND WON TOURNAMENTS. I was ahead of my time…and now he’s gone to the hogs
    (thank god) and MU can move into a new era of basketball. His program was outdated and
    not attractive to top ranked recruits. I WAS CORRECT…..ALL THE OTHER ‘EXPERTS” FAILED
    8. now for my upcoming predictions for the future……..to all my fans/disciples and followers
    here’s the upcoming facts

    1. Michael Coleman gets lasik surgery. Did you see the yellow suit he wore on
    sunday nite on kctv 5? hE LOOKED TERRIBLE. Looked like 3 banana peels
    sewn together. Hideous. Did he buy that at harold peners buy 1 get 3 free
    suit sale. Even dan dan the tailor man couldn’t help this guys taste in clothes.
    He needs a new wardrobe or someone to pick out his clothes cause this
    guy is blind.
    2. BILL SELF: bill should team up with glazer and go see hair club for men
    and they both buy new hairpieces. Glazeers looks like a dead racoon pelt
    and selfs is kinda sliding off his head. Cant these 2 national celebrities do any
    3. Frank Boal and Jack hairy move into together in a hip bachelor pad on plaza.
    Frank can see better now and hairy can talk better so they are great wingmen
    for glazer as he hits the hotties in midtown. Boal and Jack start a reality series
    called the “odd couple” as they live their lives as 2 completely offbase sports

    good luck…had all of you followed and listened to me during thepast year you would not be
    depressed with the ku/kstate/and mu and cheifs and royals bad fortunes.
    Glazer said i could write for kcc but they don’t have the financial package i deserve to
    write for this site.
    Watch my posts closely…i am more correct and more informed that wright/glazer/hall/
    kk and petro…….I AM CORRECT….thanks to all my fans and disciples for the nice notes.

  11. The Independent Rage says:

    “Fake smile”?
    Don’t we all have one of those that we mix in with the real one? Oddball comment. Apparently he wants Newton to more of a grump.

    “Fescoe is too dumb to be fake.” I guess that’s one positive thing that can be said about Fescoe, even if in a back-handed fashion.

  12. Thx Johnny Utah says:

    copy/paste nuf sed…
    this webiste is unworthy of much effort, so I will just copy and paste these perfect word which I agree with 100%, nuf sed.

    “so KSU goes from preseason No.2 and Big 12 favorite to choking so bad their star pouts about bailing on the NIT? then they regroup in order to lose to colorado for the third time and flame out in 2nd round of ncaas to a mediocre Wisconsin team.

    Missouri: did they make the tournament? I can’t recall. Actually, I can’t recall much of anything from Missouri this year. I know KU gave them their customary two beatdowns. and then their coach left for a middle of the pack SEC school. At least he upgraded programs.”

  13. mu sux worse than ever says:

    mu is proven to be one F ugly bitch
    They offered that coach 2.2 MILLION DOLLARS?
    and he has to think about it?
    OUCH…. oh mu… that must burn……

  14. smartman says:

    Newton More Fig Than Isaac
    Cam Newton will make Ryan Leaf and Matt Leinart look like Johnny Unitas and Bart Starr.

    Toby Cook a Royals VP? He was to TV newsreaders what Amy Carter was to HOT Presidential daughters. The Royals organization has more weak links than a Chinese knock-off Tiffany bracelet.

    KU failure is all karma baby. It’s a reminder that there is a God and he is good. VCU wanted that game more. You can’t measure heart and those kids had it in spades. Plus Jesus through Shaka Smart a bone for looking like Nick Wright.

    Best steak in Las Vegas is at Carnivone at The Pallazo. It’s a Mario Battali joint. AWESOME!

    Tomorrow veal parm at Dan Tana’s in Hollywood.

    KK can run his KSU homer mouth all he wants. The Wildcats have seen their better days, kinda like Jon Gosling.

    Painter is more color by number than Picasso. Will make squat difference at MU. Big Mistake. You’ll be drinking lots of boilermakers
    next season in Columbia

  15. KCMonarch says:

    Going to Opening Day?
    Leave early and expect to sit in traffic around the sports complex. The Royals bullpen is more prepared for the baseball season than the I-70 / Blue Ridge Cutoff interchange.

  16. Rainbow Man says:

    sounds like a guy who has been around a while

  17. bschloz says:

    Didn’t think you were the karmic type…..good takes. They are about to make a documentary on this VCU team. I mean this little play-in team has freaking mowed down the comp. USC KO GT KO PUR KO Fla St.– KS –Butler?

    How bout Bobby & Pat Knight to Mizzou
    Robert still appears to have a good command of the game and It assures us he will not broadcast. Win Win

  18. Cool Tool says:

    Harley You Deserve A Post
    Hey Harley I just read your book on this comment site for the KU article by Greg Hall. You always spend about a third or more of it jumping the Glaze. It’s funny shit man. You do realize half your comments make you sound kinda insane though. Bill Self’s hair is fake? No shit. I didn’t know about Glaze, I’ve seen him a few times, his seemed real, kinda thick for his age though, very dark too. Frankly I don’t care.

    So Harley what is your take dude. Who wins the final four and why? I am curious to hear this now, not latter. You pick that and Cool Tool is on your wagon bro. Really. Get it done. Screw Greg,Glazer,Kk and Hearne.

  19. downtown davey says:

    Bring it Harley
    Yeah man heres your chance Harley. Pick the winners, that will shut down all those punks. Do it.


    smartman is always wrong, but still keep s yapping
    I may change my name, but I have NEVER pretended to be someone else and talk/post to myself like jojo is doing here. jojo or harley or whatever….. you are a sick motherfucker…. you are always wrong, and yet you keep talking, just like your side kick moron buddy smartman, he is always wrong too, but he keeps on talking……Hey, did you hear the news about your shit hole school?

    PAINTER TURNS DOWN moron university, says he wants nothing to do with cotton ball, racist idiot factory…..

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…How deep of a shit hole does a school have to be that a guy TURNS DOWN 2.2 MILLION DOLLARS to coach there????? This qualifies mu as the worst school ever…… No one is surprised idiots like “smartman”(who is not very smart and is alway wrong, yet she keeps on talking shit) and also no surprise it produced that other mu idiot harley / jojo / fuck face / moronboy “whatever….. it is a tie between the two mu NON grads about who is the dumbest mother fucker to ever post anywhere..


    $2,200,000 AND HE SAYS “NO…. MU SUCKS, EVERYONE KNOWS THAT!!!!!”””
    to which I say

    aint no karma about it, it is just a fact mu is a school for morons, and no respectable coach wants anything to do with that shit hole.

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