Glazer: Conan’s Grrrl Returns to Shawnee Mission East for Award

Sandhal Bergman is Kansas City’s only female Golden Globe winner…

She’ll be here May 6th to accept a lifetime achievement award from Shawnee Mission East, her high school. Bergman won the Golden Globe for Conan The Barbarian with Arnold Schwarzenegger in 1982. This is the second time Shawnee Mission East has given the award.
Sandhal moved to LA from New York in the late 70’s, after a Broadway career. She was in Pippin with Ben Vereen and All That Jazz. Bergman latter co starred in the film version of All That Jazz.

And Sandhal was one of the first "A List" movie stars to appear, well, naked. She did the "tits and ass" dance in All That Jazz with her top off. The film starred Roy Scheider and was directed by Bob Fosse, Sandhal’s mentor in New York.

Bergman spent most of her youth in Kansas City where she became a local star at Starlight Theater in the 70’s. She moved to New York after being selected by the Dean Martin show as a "golddigger" dancer. She would later star in many other films including "Red Sonja" again with Arnold and Brigitte Nielsen.

After a long relationship with film star Ray Liotta, Sandhal settled down and went back to the stage for 15 years doing off Broadway plays including Chicago in LA, Vegas and New York. I saw her in that play while it was in Los Angeles and let me tell you, the girl can dance and still looked great. Sandhal also was the dance choreographer for several of the Academy Awards shows in the late 80’s.
Today she still does stage and some TV, but mostly teaches dance and directs plays for high schools in Los Angeles where she lives. In fact right now she is directing Pippin for Hamilton High just outside Beverly Hills.

"The kids today are kinda asexual in it – girls acting like boys – unless they dress like a stripper and grind on them," Bergman says. "It’s a new world with all the cell phones and crap. The other day a teacher asked a student who just got a call on his cell phone, "What is that all about?" And he said, "Please, I have to take this" and just turned away from her – things have changed."
Sandhal says the kids are not as smart as we were and don’t care about much but who did what on Facebook or YouTube. 

"They have lost the art of speech, they don’t talk to each other," she says. "It’s all text messages now."
Yes, I dated Sandhal for a time in the ’90s right after I got out of prison – I’ve written about all that. We had a rough ending, but became great friends. I attended her wedding in LA back in the mid ’90’s. Her sister Nancy who went to East also lives in LA and works for Warner Brothers.
I remember seeing Bergman in the hall at East and she wouldn’t even look at me. I was a sophomore, she was a senior. Until I started dating the school’s hottest girl, Karen Abrams. I saw Sandhal a few years latter in LA when she and Olivia Newton John came to pick up my roommate for tennis match. Again she barely noticed me.

My cousin kinda fixed us up on a date after she broke up with Ray Liota.

See Sandhal, wasn’t I the better catch? Who needs all those hit films and million dollar paydays – not us. She dumped me after we dated for five months. Maybe because my film didn’t get made at the time. That’s Hollywood.

We’re friends now and I’ll go with her to the award ceremony here. It’s the ride off to the sunset with the bad guy.
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16 Responses to Glazer: Conan’s Grrrl Returns to Shawnee Mission East for Award

  1. John says:

    It would be interesting to see what she looks like now. She was kind of a looker in the 1980’s but I haven’t seen her in anything since the late ’80s. I wonder if time has been nice to her.

  2. mrbrown says:

    You guys are getting hammered
    New record store….KCK getting the Goole…you guys are getting hammered by the Star and other blogs anyone awake down there or are all of you waiting in line for the new Fiat?

  3. Bad Ass Jew, Berkowitz says:

    Sandhal Still Hot
    I was at the East reunion a couple years ago. Sandhal came to the event. By far the best thing there, looks wise. Yes time was kind to her. She still has short blonde hair and a tight body. I spoke to her briefly, she said that working out daily,diet and exercise kept her trim and young. She reminded me of a workout tape she did in the 90’s. I didn’t want to tell her that I bought it back then and was going to ask her to sign the thing but got cold feet. Nice lady though.

  4. Maureen says:

    LIke You are Any Better Glazer
    So she dumped you cause you weren’t a big enough star huh. I know how that feels Craig.

  5. Elle says:

    Sandhal was my idol
    I saw Conan as a kid on TV. Man this girl was the crazy sword swinging blonde that beat up on the men. Loved it. I got into dance and body building partly because of Sandhal. Glad to hear she is being honored, can the public come?

  6. KU Forever says:

    Did Bergman Go to KU?
    I thought she did? Did she?

  7. Pissed Off says:

    Looked up Recent photos
    Hey guys and girls, I looked up her recent stuff. There are photos from just a few years ago when she was starring in Chicago, the play and TV shows like, Walker Texas Ranger, yeah I’d do her, damn. How old is she now. I know that too, but a gentleman never tells.

  8. Hearne Christopher says:

    Wow, hammered, eh? You wouldn’t by chance happen to work at the Star, would you? Nah, course not.

  9. Monkey Man says:

    mrbrown Stop
    Mrbrown, what you talkin man? We want Sex talk with this tall older blonde hot momma and you tallkin fiat, damn you a boring MF. I want more details on the hook up with blonde and the Glaze man. You bummin my ride brown, reading me my dog? so for your white ass, shut the F Up! Got it geeker!

  10. black barbie says:

    Craig come on now, you had the best, me
    Oh so you want this older tall bitch huh? I am still just 22, my boobs are bigger cause I had a child, but thats over now. I get big money offers at the club for all kinds stuff babes. could have been yo, but no, you wanted to be an asshole. Hope you and johnny dare is happy going out with them white skank hos cause thats what they are HOS with a capital H. I work for my money sonny. Monkey man you got some bad rap for a black person, feel me bitch ass loser punk.

  11. Cool Tool says:

    Is This Westport?
    I wanted to talk about a Golden Globe Winner and I get Urban lingo from two morons. Good day.

  12. Norman says:

    A Nazi and a Jew
    Odd combo

  13. cowboy says:

    Bergman looks Very Good, How Old
    She looks good to me.

  14. AJ Finney says:

    Love Your Stories
    Good one, interesting. You’ve seen much my friend.

  15. Tisha says:

    Sonuds great to me BWTHDIK

  16. fsypwaj says:

    Xps6Yg btghaesxbaxy

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