OTC: VCU Takes KU’s Trash Talk & Turns It Into Nylon


Kansas forward Marcus Morris hangs his head in the waning moments of the Jayhawks' loss to Virginia Commonwealth on Sunday, March 27, 2011 at the Alamodome in San Antonio.“The Jayhawks had developed a reputation as college basketball’s bad boys by getting into a pregame shoving match with Richmond and trash-talking with the Spiders in the tunnel the day before their 20-point victory in the Sweet 16.”
Jason King, columnist, YahooSports.com
GH: The Spiders and VCU both call Richmond home. Let’s assume the Spiders were the ones who informed VCU’s Jamie Skeen that the Morris twins were “buttholes on the court.” Read on.
“They’re NBA talent, as everybody already knows. I respect both of them. I came in the game thinking that they were not so cool on the court and I thought they were some buttholes on the court — that’s what everybody told me, at least — but when I got on the court I found out they were really cool.”
Jamie Skeen, who led VCU with 26 points and 10 boards against KU, in his postgame presser, CBSsports.com
GH: Skeen was the best player on the floor Sunday. He drilled three after three to help build VCU’s first-half lead to 18. Was his effort fueled by the twins’ verbal swagger? Hell yeah. Kansas likes to talk and it usually works like it did against Richmond. VCU acted like the trash talking was nectar for their jump shots.
“(The Morris twins) were like, ‘Y’all had a good little run, but now it’s time to go home.’ … The media must’ve gotten to them. They must’ve thought it was already theirs. They were pretty confident. Maybe too confident.”
Ed Nixon, VCU’s 6’4 forward, prior to the game, YahooSports.com
GH: KU’s early 6-0 lead may have given the Jayhawks a false sense of security – that this game was just Richmond II. But I find it hard to believe any team takes an Elite Eight opponent lightly – especially with Kansas’ history of upset losses in the tourney.
“Been following KU hoops for 22 years. Seen this so many times, starting with UTEP in 92.”
Blair Kerkhoff, Twitter
“Kansas has earned a reputation as a woofing team. They need to understand the effect that has on the zebras.”
Seth Davis, CBS analyst, prior to Kansas’ game against VCU, CBS, Twitter
GH: The referees didn’t decide this game but Kansas’ propensity for trash talking may have given VCU the edge they needed to take on a giant like Kansas. How do Kansas fans feel about their team’s reputation evolving from choir boys to gangstas? I think they’re fine with it until they lose – as most fan bases outside of Oakland would be.
“I would bet that Bill (Self) does not like that kind of stuff.”
Fran Fraschilla, 810 AM
GH: I disagree. Self’s teams at Illinois were physical and intimidating. I think he’s been frustrated that his Kansas teams for the most part have been in his word, “soft.” He brought the MoBros in from Philly to add some street to KU’s cred. I don’t think it’s a bad thing but I do think it is a different thing for Kansas basketball. Jason Sutherland now plays for Kansas – and he has a twin.
“This was probably the best game they played, ever. It’s probably their best game ever as a school tonight. We let them beat us. We let them.”
Markieff Morris, YahooSports.com
GH: While Markieff’s words are possibly very true, they ring hollow and desperate after getting run out of the gym by the fourth-place team in the Colonial League. There is a time to talk trash and a time to eat humble pie. Markieff need to speak after that loss with a fork in his hand.
“It wouldn’t surprise me at all if they both stayed.”
Kevin Harlan, on the Morris twins returning to Kansas for their senior year, 810 AM
GH: Almost every expert who has an ear to the KU program is quietly predicting the MoBros will be back for their Senior Night at Kansas. Man, I sure hope that is true. That would make next basketball season one fun ride all over again. Could they win 40?
“We (Kansas) are monsters, we not built to be playing these Ant sized program! Had we played Notre Dame we would won by 15.”
Russell Robinson, former KU guard, Twitter
GH: KU plays and crushes plenty of ant-sized programs in December. What they need to understand is that every program is a giant come March.
“I thought Kansas played a panic game (Sunday), which is very unlike most of Bill’s teams. I felt like they were rattled. All the pressure was on Kansas’ back and they showed that pressure.”
Fran Fraschilla, 810 AM
GH: The early missed free throws were very telling of a team feeling pressure. And as it often is, it became contagious. Brady’s and Tyrel’s shots were coming up short – another sign of pressure when shots are of short-armed. It is not enough to talk trash, you have to also walk trash. KU tip-toed when they should have struck the Heisman pose.
“KU couldn’t feel worse.. lost game twice…first half… got right back ..lost it again..talked bravely bout not being tight then CHOKED BIG.”
Danny Clinkscale, Twitter
GH: KU’s second-half comeback was fantastic and familiar. We have all seen it so many times in Big 12 games. I was sure they would pull away and ease my frustration. Instead, VCU regrouped and somehow staggered back off the ropes and went Rocky on Clubber Lang.
“KU has the fourth most efficient offense in nation. VCU has the 106th ranked defense. VCU in Final Four is biggest upset in NCAA history?!”
Jay Bilas, Twitter
GH: Un-fricking-believable!
“Even more impressive about VCUs performance is that, if there are 15,000 fans here, 14,000 of them are cheering for KU. And I’m being generous.”
Jason King, YahooSports.com, Twitter
GH: VCU’s Skeen said after the game that the crowd got so loud during KU’s comeback he was scared – and unable to even hear the plays that were being called. Hawk fans did their part.
“Remember when everybody said VCU shouldn’t be in the tournament? I think they can tell everybody to shut the hell up now.”
Charles Barkley, CBS
“Regardless of what this says about Mizzou fans, VCU’s win goes a long way toward healing the wounds from (Mike) Anderson’s departure.”
Bill Reiter, FoxSports, Twitter
GH: The other story to every Kansas NCAA Tournament loss is the reaction it receives from Mizzou fans. It made their day if not year. Read on.
“This day is known to Mizzou fans as Tiger Christmas.”
Carrington Harrison, of 610 Sports, Twitter
GH: Tiger Christmas most often falls in March, just before Easter.
“VCU bookstore reaching out to UNI, Bucknell and UNI for feel on # of operators for anticipated calls from state of MO. … To quote a friend from last yr, ’there aren’t enough Ha Ha’s to describe my
level of hahaness’ ”
Mike Kelly, Mizzou play-by-play voice, Twitter
GH: Even the voice of Mizzou gets in his shots on Jayhawk Nation. There is very little love involved between these schools. The term “very little” being proton size.
“Sorry, kansas… maybe next year… or never. … Hope President Obama learned his lesson… NEVER bet on kansas to win anything, ever.”
TJ Moe, Mizzou wide receiver, Twitter
“It’s sad that mu fans will NEVER feel what heartbreak is like.”
Bob Fescoe, Twitter
GH: Fescoe might want to check his Mizzou history book. If there is a school that knows heartbreak, it’s Mizzou – which is why they revel with such gluttony when Kansas knows that familiar pain.
“One thing I want to bring up is how many KU fans do you know who listen to a Missouri postgame show?”
Caller, responding to a Mizzou fan who gleefully called into John Doolittle’s postgame show stating he took more joy from a Kansas loss than a Mizzou win, Jayhawk Radio Network
GH: The innate hatred Kansas and Missouri share for each other is one of the great things about living in Kansas City. There may be another town somewhere where two rival schools share so much yet despise everything about the other – but no town where it is more pronounce or more fun. It defines us and nourishes our love for sports.
“I rib KU and fans a lot….but not today. It sucks to lose when you have it all in front of you.”
Doug Stewart, of 810 AM, Twitter
GH: We’ve all been there with our own teams. Well said.
“A track record of tight under-performing uber talented teams has to be on Self. Bucknell, Bradley, UNI and VCU. This FF was gift wrapped.”
Chris Hamblin, formerly of 610 Sports, Twitter
“More Self abuse at KU. Bracket was a free piece of ass to the Final Four, and they jacked off before the date.”
Uncle Dick, KCK email
GH: Coach Self gets paid $3.1 million to win these kind of mismatches – and to take the abuse when he doesn’t.
 “Crow: actually, it tastes like chicken. Are they serving it at the VCU banquet?! Leftovers make good sandwiches, too.”
Jay Bilas, who vociferously argued against the NCAA committee including VCU in the tourney, Twitter
“ ‘Anybody can beat anybody’ is clearly not true. Do you really think just anybody can do what VCU or Butler did? No way. Extraordinary.”
Jay Bilas, Twitter
GH: I have to agree. These are both talented and well-coached teams that did not play nearly as well in February as they have in March. Could Nebraska, Iowa State or Oklahoma State done the same? Never.
“Hopefully, this doesn’t define us as a group.”
Tyrel Reed, Kansas City Star
GH: Here is the bad news about college basketball – it will.
“If you didn’t enjoy these four games, you don’t like sports.”
Charles Barkley, on the Elite Eight games, CBS
GH: Kansas’ loss is crushing to their devote fans but the rest of the country cheered every VCU basket. Butler and VCU is why this tournament is the greatest three weeks in sports. It just so happens that sometimes it is your team that has to play the part of the victim. But to fail as often as Kansas has in March means they have to succeed even more than most the rest of the season.
“We’re not done yet.:
Shaka Smart, after VCU’s upset win that put them into the Final Four, YahooSports.com
GH: VCU could not possibly have more miracles in their ball bag, could they? We will all be watching to see if Shaka can become a household name.
“Anyone else think Shaka Smart looks like Jason Wright of 610?”
Mitch Holthus, Twitter
GH: Maybe Nick Wright isn’t quite as well known as he told Ink Mag he is.
“Mizzou has a HUGE list (of coaches), KC Star reaching to connect (Purdie’s) Painter. Killing it in recruiting, well paid, @home = not leaving.”
Doug Gottlieb, Twitter
GH: Gottlieb was wrong about Anderson and Tiger Nation hopes he’s just as wrong about Painter. Read on.
“I think if Missouri were to get Matt Painter it would be a home run. As they used to say about Bear Bryant – he can take his and beat yours and take yours and beat his. I think he’s phenomenal!”
Fran Fraschilla, 810 AM
GH: Let the rumors fly!
GregHall24@yahoo.com and Twitter / greghall24
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36 Responses to OTC: VCU Takes KU’s Trash Talk & Turns It Into Nylon

  1. 10000Doleacs says:

    If Mizzou gets Matt Painter, then Rick Barnes may no longer hold the undisputed conference title of “great recruiter, horrible game coach.”

  2. smartman says:

    Look no further than March Madness for the only reason there needs to be a tournament/playoff system in college football. Imagine the possibilities!

  3. JP says:

    Another Self implosion
    This is getting ridiculous. It’s not bad enough to lose, but to some directional school or some piddly Colonial School. But if it’s March, and Bill Self is behind the bench, it’s called typical. Everyone in the media defends Self, yet he was three pointer away from going down to Davidson in ’08. I pin this loss directly on him. If the NBA calls, maybe he should listen this time. KU underachieved in a major way.

    Happy Tiger Christmas!!!! This shows how pathetic MU fans are, that their biggest joy is the loss of another team. No wonder the bouncing balls never go Missourah’s way. (See Tyus Edney, 5th Down, etc.) Simply pathetic!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Cliffy says:

    All fan bases have a difficult time seeing the shortcomings of a team — especially when it is winning most of it’s games. kU won a lot of close games in which they did not look very good against mediocre competition. It finally caught up with them. Bottom line for me … I had a difficult time seeing national championship possibilities for a team having to rely on players like Tyrell Reed and Brady Morningstar.

    Sorry JP. I’m a Mizzou fan and I enjoyed the hell out of the game. That’s kinda what this rivalry is all about, isn’t it? (Don’t tell me you weren’t rooting for Iowa in the Insight Bowl.)

  5. easy ed says:

    where’s killer?
    Hey killer, where are you? How does that crow taste, and you can wash it down with a slice of humble pie, you POS. Last year’s Northern Iowa is this year’s VCU? Whatsamatter killer? Ain’t so bad now are ya? And yes, I’m a “pathetic Mizzou fan”. Would rather be that than an “entitled KU fan” who isn’t entitled to squat. Choke, squawk gayhawk.

  6. jjskck says:

    Insight Bowl?
    KU grad here. I wasn’t rooting for Iowa in the Insight Bowl.

    Why? Because the Insight Bowl is meaningless except for the two teams playing in it.

    There were no KU “I hope Mizzou loses” watch parties. No bombardment of the Iowa bookstore looking for Hawkeye t-shirts.

    That’s what the rivalry is about on your end, not ours.

    And ed, nothing says “class” like gay jokes. Nice work.

  7. jjskck says:

    All fan bases have a difficult time seeing the shortcomings of a team — especially when it is winning most of it’s games. kU won a lot of close games in which they did not look very good against mediocre competition. It finally caught up with them. Bottom line for me … I had a difficult time seeing national championship possibilities for a team having to rely on players like Tyrell Reed and Brady Morningstar.

    Cliffy – It’s only fair that I address the part of your comment that I agree with. This is spot-on, and guard play was every KU fan’s biggest fear. We just didn’t think it would be a problem against VCU.

  8. JP says:

    Hey Cliffy
    Sorry to disappoint you, but I saw maybe 4-5 plays of the Missori-Iowa game, and my wife and I watched a movie. Missouri’s loss didn’t affect me one way or the other. I certainly didn’t rub it in, considering my team’s shortcomings. I try not to let sports affect me one way or the other, unless it’s my team. This was a pathetic loss, no 2 ways about it. But life will go on.

  9. harley says:

    go to glazers column to see how i predicted this loss for ku
    the sports experts were way off…i was right on.

  10. CMac says:

    I’ll take 35 wins, conference title, conference tourney title and an elite 8 run any time. MU and KSU fans would sell their souls for a season like this no matter how it ended.

  11. Hop says:

    “That’s what the rivalry is about on your end, not ours” These are my favorite types of quotes I see from beaker fan, like you are so far above the rivalry and its all on our end. (perhaps this kind of arrogance is why we get so much glee out of the seemingly anuual beaker tourney choking….no?)Ok I’ll play along…..I see the Muck Fizzou shirts, the Turner Gill quotes about how beating Mizzou is the top priority at KU, etc….so I am very confused as to how it is different on your end. But apparently since you are so far above this pathetic and classlessness that us sad and pathetic Missourians are guilty of, please enlighten me and help me ascertain what the rivalry is about on your end.

  12. easy ed says:

    where’s killer?
    Sorry, the gayhawk crack was directedly squarely at killer. Figured he’d enjoy it. And get it. Killer? Where are you?

  13. P says:

    MU Fans…
    take more pride in an opponents loss than their own wins. It’s just the way it is.

  14. bschloz says:

    Harley…I didn’t see any calls for VCU over Hawks? I mean with KU down 2 at 14 minutes were you calling VCU?
    Sure KU shoots 50% from the line and God knows what from the arc 2-21?….what killed them was the pressure? Go fucking figure?
    Don’t no one be talking shit about the Morri Twins..They have come a long ways. I hope they come back and hang #21 and #22 up in Allen.

    KU FF’s 1940, 1952, 1953, 1957, 1971, 1974, 1986, 1988, 1991, 1993, 2002, 2003, 2008

    NCAA Tournament champions
    1952, 1988, 2008

  15. jjskck says:

    Simply put, Mizzou matters…when we’re playing them. Yes, we absolutely want to beat you.

    But otherwise, we don’t put all of our damn energy into hoping you’ll lose. That’s the difference. We’re more concerned about our own team, not what’s happening with yours. We’re sure as hell not going to crash one of your opponents’ bookstore’s servers trying to buy up gear after they beat you.

    (I personally think the Muck Fizzou shirts are lame, but they’re worn by students and similar in theme to what Mizzou students wear. I don’t begrudge 19-year-olds the right to wear something tasteless.)

  16. shecky says:

    Forget about Painter
    It ain’t going to happen. Why in the hell would he be interested in what is at best a lateral move, leaving his alma mater in the process? He’s working Purdue for more money, plain and simple. It makes no sense at all, but of course it’s all Dearmond is writing about.

  17. Killer says:

    right here muther fucker
    I am right here you unworthy, worthless piece of shit.
    It has become obvious that this web site is unworthy of my comments, but beings you asked……

    I stand behind my team, and its 2011 run to the elite 8. It may seem like choking to losers, but a team has to be in that position to start with…….. that means making it beyond the first round……. There are 64 teams(or whatever) in this tourney and 63 go home heartbroken, 63 teams “choke”….. of course this concept is not something most “other” (coachless) teams around this area would understand.

    When YOUR team loses in the first round it gives you time to forget how pathetic your team is……… yet you idiots still run your mouths AS IF YOU DID SOMETHING OTHER THAN LOSE IN THE FIRST ROUND…… LMAO….

    THE MIGHTY KANSAS JAYHAWKS HAD A GREAT SEASON. WE WON OUR 7TH STRAIGHT BIG 12 TITLE. WE WON THE 2011 BIG 12 TORUNY (8/15 NOW) WE WENT TO THE ELITE 8 but we did not win against a hot shooting team.

    I NEVER COMPLAIN ABOUT REFS, (I leave that to you loser schools to do) I wont complian aboput refs today, or how some “odd” calls stopped the momentum….oh well…it is part of the game…you have to beat the refs too …we did not…… our loss was about making just 2 three point shots and missing too many free throws and usually easy baskets….. oh well…… Am I proud of my Kansas Jayhawks??, you bet your ass I am…… would I expect most reader or the authors of this website to understand that? nope… I understand how things work on this web site….. it makes me chuckle…. I guess you have to be from a winning sports school to “get it”

    I AM RIGHT HERE MOTHEFUCKER!!! STANDING BEHIND MY WINNING (35-3 IN 2011) KANSAS JAYHAWKS, BEACAUSE WE ARE WINNERS, unlike “other” teams around here…..you know??like teams without a coach, teams that losty in the 1st round…THAT IS CHOKING…..UNABLE TO WIN THE FRIST ROUND,,,,BUT DO THEY TALK ABOUT THAT HERE???? NOPE… it is called bias….. and it is sad, and makes this place unworthy journalism…oh well…no big loss.

    JUST LIKE WE HAVE BEEN FOR 22 YEARS IN A ROW!!! 22 TIMES IN A ROWMOTHRFUKCER!!! THAT ISTHE CURRENT NCAA REOCRD… WE WON A NTAIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP IN 2008….. what do you have to brag about? tiger christmas??….how fucking pathetic is that?…how sad your lives must be that theonly thing you cheer about is another team not winning….

  18. tigertimmy says:

    Unfortunatly there is a segment of MU fans that would rather see KU lose then MU win. It is pathetic. Personally other then the times KU has played MU, I have not watched 5 minutes of KU in any sport. I do hate KU (just as you red leggers hate MU). But I don’t typically watch things I hate. I think it funny they lost to VCU, but also would trade places with them in a heart beat. HOWEVER what made my year was MU beating KU in football. Beating your rival should be high on the list of making your year. KU losing never makes the top 20 sports moments of my year.

    So let’s make a deal, I will not assume all KU fans are dave mathews loving birkenstock wearing hippy fags, and you guys not assume all MU fans are so pathetic to conisder KU losing “Tiger Christmas” and better then MU winning.

  19. Rainbow Man says:

    Listen Nimrods
    Anyone who makes it to the Elite 8 is not an 11 seed anymore. They are a top 8 team. KU lost to a top 4 team. VCU also beat Painter (The New MU Messiah) and Purdue….a 3 Seed….. in the round of 32. I think VCU is a pretty good team.

  20. Rainbow Man says:

    Do you hear that beeping noise?
    It is the Purdue Brinks truck backing up Painter’s driveway. If MU really wants to shake things up… throw 2.2 Mil at Shaka.

    Now that would be interesting.

  21. jjskck says:

    Deal. Well put.
    (To hold up my end of the bargain, I will declare on the record: DMB blows, and Birkenstocks are for Peppermint Patty.)

  22. Hop says:

    I have a hard time believing that KU fan was ambivalent a couple of years ago when Mizzou was a good second half away from playing in the BCS championship. My guess is JOCO and Lawrence may as well have been Norman that evening…….either way it

  23. Brencado says:

    Classic meltdown by KU fans on this board
    WTF…chill out people. Jumping on MU fans for relishing in your loss. Get over it man. You guys are sick, getting this upset at what your rival fans think. You clowns are quick to jump on here whenever MU drops an easy one too. Here is a novel idea…how about winning in March rather than choking. My closet is getting too full with all of the Bucknell, Bradley, UNI and VCU gear. Oh who will it be next year. Also, let’s start taking bets on which Morris twin commits his first felony. I loved watching those POS’s crying. Asswipes.

  24. Sean says:

    I am confused exactly what have the Morris twins even done to get in trouble with the law? I must have missed this one. Oh yeah one other thing we win in March and every other time too, check the rafters in the Field house!
    Did you really talk about crying? I do recall some (I will use your word) crying ass wipes on a bench at the end of a 15-33 point blowout? Maybe you should thing before you type. Better to remain an idiot in silence then open up you mouth(type) and remove all doubt!

  25. KILLER says:

    “”My closet is getting too full with all of the Bucknell, Bradley, UNI and VCU gear””

    That mind set is a result of the worst professional sports ownership in the country. You poor non KU fan have nothing to fill your need to be part of W I N N I N G. It is tragic that the Royal and Chiefs are so bad.

    THE MIGHTY KANSAS JAYHAWK MENS BASKETBALL program is the only WINNING sports team in a 500 mile radius, and if, for some stupid reason, you can not jump on that bandwagon you are left to collecting one hit wonder school t-shirts. That is just very sad to me. I blame the Royals and Chiefs for this issues.



    Try puttting a winning team on the field and maybe I will be back, until then…….. I have other thing to do, and thank goodness I have my Kansas Basketball to look forward to…… I relish that there is a list of teams we did not win against in the NCAA tourney…IT SHOW WE WERE THERE!!!! which is more than non KU fans can say….. you poor bastards……

    I LOVE BILL SELF !!!!!!

    dave matthews? sandals? wtf are talking about ? I hate hippies

  26. KILLER says:

    PS I had a really good time
    When I see people wearing those UNI or Bucknell etc etc tshirts I smile….I like those guys, and i respect those schools. They played very well and they earned my respect, they won against a very very very good team. Those schools DID NOT get far after that, but for one moment hey had national attention, they won against KU, they did good. If KU can do that for them, I am fine with that. There is no shame in helping out others.

    Heck it made me smile last night when Jay Leno metnioned my Kansas team : ) yeah : )

    I have never been ashamed of how my Basketball Jayhawks have played. I really really watch, and IF they were weak or played horrible, I would not speak up. They never let me down, they may not win, but I am always proud of them. FOR INSATNCE-That come back the other day (comeing back fromdown 18 to only being down 2 points) WOW!, that was amazing, I am proud of the way those/my/our kids played, it was very entertaining, and isnt that the idea?

    Thanks again KU basketball, I had a really good time.

  27. KILLER says:

    I hope all of you watch tonight and root for CUas they dominate thier way through the NIT. They are playing with a vengeance for not being invited to the NCAA, I respect that……… Game starts at 8:00 CST


  28. jjskck says:

    I honestly don’t know of a single Jayhawk fan who went out for the express purpose of rooting against Mizzou in the Big 12 championship game that year. Really. I’m not saying it didn’t happen anywhere. I’m saying there were not organized watch parties set up for the express purpose of watching Mizzou lose.

    Seriously – explain it to us. We truly don’t understand why Mizzou fans (or, perhaps, just a vocal segment of Mizzou fans) put so much energy into watching us lose. We don’t understand buying T-shirts from another school.

    Does that not strike you as lame?

    If it’s truly some splinter cell of fans doing this, I’ll shut up. I think every fan base has a group they’d like to disown.

  29. Cliffy says:

    I have been to Big 12 Tournament sessions and witnessed kU fans cheering wildly for whoever Mizzou happened to be playing. And, I see nothing wrong with that. MU fans buy tshirts from another school to piss off guys like you. There’s nothing wrong with that either.

  30. Hop says:

    I’m sorry maybe I’m not a very good person or lame as you put it, but on Sunday night watching the local newscasts seeing shots of KU fan melting down after another season full of constant arrogance and self importance brought me a great deal of ironic satisfaction. I’ve personally never bought the mid-major school shirts that upset KU but when it happens again next year maybe I should reconsider if they are getting under your guy’s skin that badly haha.

  31. The Independent Rage says:

    Russell Robinson
    That’s an excuse I’ve not heard before: We lost because the other team didn’t have a big enough name! I have to hand it to him for creativity.

  32. jjskck says:

    common ground
    The [insert school here] t-shirts don’t piss us off, actually. We truly don’t understand why you would choose to wear another school’s shirt, and the only explanation we can come up with is that your own school’s accomplishments aren’t fulfulling.

    To let you in on a secret: we’ll never need to be reminded of Bucknell, Bradley, UTEP, UNI, and now VCU. They’re on our minds every March. Before anyone could say “Boston U – another ‘B’ school!”, we had already thought of it, almost reflexively. As cocky as we may seem outwardly, every KU fan feels the onset of impending doom every March.

    Here’s where I think we can agree:

    -Mizzou fans see Jayhawk fans as arrogant and entitled (I agree with that assessment, actually), so it’s supremely satisfying to see them come up short.

    -Jayhawk fans scoff at the fact that Mizzou fans have to live vicariously through other schools for a large portion of their sports joy.

    -We love our teams, defend our flaws, and take up for our fan bases.

    Fair enough? So I don’t have to keep checking this thread for responses? 🙂

  33. Cliffy says:

    “The [insert school here] t-shirts don’t piss us off, actually. We truly don’t understand why you would choose to wear another school’s shirt…”

    It obviously bothers you a great deal that MU fans wear shirts of schools that inflict embarrassing losses on you. If you really don’t understand why then you’re pretty dumb. Just drop the act.

  34. sheeesh, cliffy continues to be a classic mu fool says:

    no words needed for cliffy. what a dufusy. anyway,

    hey mu, how is your basketball program? oh thats right, you dont even have a coach and the (non)talent you may have had is leaving your in shambles(non)program and you know that no recruits will attend a loser school where the coaches continue to fail fail fail and then leave for better schools. here is a tip, that is no way to build a program. thank god you mu foolshave ku to talk about or you would have nothing.

    good luck with your nobody shirtt, what a joke.

  35. D Brandon says:

    squawk fan
    A lot of people bought Bucknell shirts, but I haven’t seen too many of the others. I think we got sick of dropping $25 every March after the Beakers crap the bed. Either way, I bore witness to many a KU fan getting riled up at the sight of a bright orange Bucknell shirt. Don’t pretend it doesn’t get to you.

    Their smugness would be absolutely intolerable if it weren’t so easy to get under their skin.

  36. Gilbert says:

    under our thumb… maybe… if we cared
    under our skin? are you kidding? sigh, this is just too easy.

    caring what an mu fan thinks or even kicking mu at this point is like making fun of Japan for having thier disaster, but hey, call me gilbert…… you poor poor deluded mu goofs, no basketball program, no basketball coach, you lost in the first round of the NCAA, and all you can do is buy shirts of nobody teams? how sad, how pathetic, I dont think you will ever recover, you are too far gone…… you offer coach 2.2 million Dollars AND HE HAS TO THINK ABOUT IT?????!!!! AHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

    dude, mu is a lesser than zero “nothingER school” than those nothing schools you bought tshirts for, at least those schools had a moment in the sun, mu is stuck in the dark, under a rock with no hope and you did not even bring a knife…… you have no hope, you should look in the mirror, you are seriously deluded and should seek professional help.


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