Glazer: Time for Kansas City Sports Fans to Sober Up, Get a Life

What have we learned from yesterday’s KU Elite Eight debacle?

Follow sports for fun or money, not to win titles. Kansas City just isn’t and never will be title town. We live in the Midwest, players think it’s boring here. Our media is weak kneed. And the city is way too conservative – do-gooders to the max.

So we don’t win much and nobody outside of here really much gives a damn.

Man, I remember how cool it was when I was in the gym in Vegas about seven years back. A couple guys were wearing Chiefs jerseys to work out in. We were at Caesar’s in the big gym, and I said, "Hey, you guys from KC too?"  And they said, "No, we just like the team and the jersey." 

One had Joe Montana on it the other Marcus Allen. It made me feel 10 feet tall when I said, "Oh, I am from KC, I know those guys." 

Yep, those George Brett and Otis Taylor shirts are pretty dull now. Faded, just like the 90’s Chiefs.

We haven’t been in a Super Bowl for nearly half a century and a quarter century for a World Series.  Maybe Bill Self won’t win another national championship. When we won the World Series did you think it would take a lifetime to win another?

How about those who were around 40 years ago for the Super Bowl Chiefs? 

Will it be a lifetime again now for KU?  Hope not.  Lets just have fun watching and enjoying the atmosphere at our stadiums or on TV.

WE just don’t have any big time winners to root for.

The Chiefs? Come on now. The Royals? Great farm system (again). KU, a long shot now for the near future, but they are about the only team that might get there before we all die.

So let’s all find something more important to bitch about.
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7 Responses to Glazer: Time for Kansas City Sports Fans to Sober Up, Get a Life

  1. harley says:

    nothing personal but i thought convicted felons were
    barred from vegas.
    7 years agon and theyre still wearing montana and allen cheifs jerseys? No way man…
    noone would be wearing a 10 year old jersey in vegas….is this another
    fairy tale you made up….comeon…ceasars wouldn’t let themin the gym…
    guys wearing 10 year old jerseys to work out in….
    glazer…you ‘re making more crap up…please stop it…ites embassing

  2. bschloz says:

    Get A Life….
    I’ll never forget the time I was coaching one of my sons 5th grade basketball team, a Mom came up to me to tell me that her pudgy little kid was going to miss the game on Sunday? I asked why and she explained that it was Chiefs Sunday and it was really big deal in their house….she shares with me that they all put face paint on sit around the TV…..Adios whatever..Get A Life.
    Pro and NCAA sports are pretty much corrupt from the get go…..its all about that name on the front of the jersey.
    What is it with trying to compare KC to major markets? We have always been and always will be a great underdog.
    This is a 1st class baseball market…1st class NFL market …1st class NCAA Football/ Basketball market….throw in some NASCAR and now Soccer.

  3. Harry Balczak says:

    How do 2 guys from Philadelphia
    Coached by a guy from Oklahoma choking in the elite 8, translate into Kansas City being a place no one notices or cares about. You clowns need to realize what you have here in KC. So what if the pro sports teams suck. Move into the 21st century Glazer. KC is one of the 15 best metro areas to live in, out of the entire US. No traffic, a urban infrastructure that cities much bigger would kill to have and amenities of a city much bigger, without having to deal with a much bigger population. Stop with the self hating hick town schtick.

  4. Cliffy says:

    I’ll prop up your argument Glazer. If, indeed, you are a “celebrity” as Hearne contends that also speaks to how lame this city is. Every time I think I’ve seen your worst piece you step up and surprise me again. Please stop trying to write.

  5. Johnny Utah says:

    could be worse
    As a KU fan, I’ve seen plenty of success. 7 final fours in the last 25 years, 2 titles, countless conference titles. Lots of winning and national exposure.

    Yeah, royals and chiefs have been disappointing. At least I’m not a KC-area Missouri fan. talk about backing a loser. Tigers who are Wizards fans at least got a ring in 2000…

  6. craig glazer says:

    Harley You Need to Travel More Bro
    Harley for who knows what point you are trying to make, so I would make up a story about guys wearing Chiefs t-tops/jerseys? As far as Vegas, person who needs to study more on attacks, Convicted felons are welcome in Vegas. As long as they are not currently on probation or parole, and that it is not included as such in the said agreement with the government that they may NOT go to Vegas. In my case it was not. In fact Harley of the pretend name, I went to Vegas during not only my parole and probation, but with my wife for our Honeymoon(we also went to LA and Mexico during the same trip), so yes it is fine. When you are on probation or parole, which I am NOT and haven’t been for 7 years now, you check in with law enforcement for a certificate, when I was there and on probation/parole I did that. You are limited to time there, a few days unless you have reason, a death, business etc…, I went to Vegas many times, for fun and business, I book some of the showrooms with people like Jimmy Walker. So thanks for your deep concern. AS for the rest of your rant, yeah its hard to believe that people had Montana or Allen garb 7 or 8 years ago! OK, right. They are hall of famers, did you forget.

    anyways I promised ot to respond to your stupid comments, forget that I have written several stories in the past of things I did in Vegas over the last couple decades. In fact I wrote most of King of Sting at Hooters Hotel in Vegas with Sal Manna in 07. I stayed there cause comic and friend Bobby Slayton, your favorite comic, got us a free room for a week, no I don’t recommend Hooters, not a wonderful place, just ok. But it was free and we wanted to hang with Slayton.

    You know pretend Harley and Cliffy, which likely is also you, my life is pretty outside the norm, thats why I am in the media and have alot of stories and knowledg when it comes to entertainment and often sports, which is entertainment. I have written many of these stories on this site, likely more to come….so if you don’t like it, don’t read it pretend guy. I have always been me on this site Craig Glazer, even when I commented before writing on this site. It means I stand behind my comments or stories. YOU DON’T, you have no guts no heart no credibility pretend Harley. Thats fine, but until you come out of the closet you never will. Thats on you Harley. You can drop the ‘oh I really like Glazer bullshit’ clearly you have some problem with who you think I am or am not. Is your whole life like that? Christ. You are entertaining though. Keep up the hate mail, its fun to read.

  7. Maureen says:

    Harley Come Out And Play
    Gosh Harley, Craig is right. Oh by the way Maureen is my real name. I spoke to Craig when he was out of town a few years back, promoting his book, that was when we dated. Once he was in Vegas. I don’t see the big deal? If the guy said people wore those shirts I’m sure they did, BFD.

    About your story Craig, I think you must be very hurt by KU losing to a nobody. We all are hurt, that care about KU AND KC. Like you we all want to be proud of where we live and come from, however I don’t think we throw in the towel. Trust me, Mister Craig, in a few years when KU or the Chiefs are on the verge of a big title, you will be on the edge of your seat pulling for them with the rest of us FANS.

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