Today: What Not to Where While KU Takes Elite Eight Tube Ride

The premise, both simple and lame…

Typical newspaper pablum for the masses. Masterminded by the Lawrence Journal World, which took it upon itself to hatch an activity guide for folks who could care less about choking down KU‘s 10 day march to its stunning loss to VCU in the NCAA tournament.

"Not a KU fan?" it began. "No problem, we’ve got you covered for what to do when the Jayhawks play."

"You’re in luck. We’ve got a rundown of everything happening in town during the game, so that you can keep yourself busy while you avoid the crimson-and-blue crew. Even better, we’ll update the list with each game the Jayhawks play. That way, you’re never without plans when invited to that millionth watch party."

The laundry list for losers ranged from bingo and dueling pianos to cooking classes to stitch and bitches.

"Yeah, right," cracked farawayhawk. "Count me in," added artwhore.

But the top honor for giving the newspaper a piece of their mind goes to frwent"

"And just why, pray tell, do we need this stupid Republican rag to suggest to us what we need to be doing at all, any time, any place, any day or time???? Do they think we are so completely indolent that we, as human people, need to have some wreched excuse for a media outlet here to coddle our mushy brains into what we should be doing while a bunch of college age men run around a wood floor in their underwear and drop a ball through a hoop?

"Does this paper really think that this is a town of people who are really that uninspired and not motivated by many, any occupations, motivations, hobbies, involvements???? And we pay good money for this sort of disregard and disrespect."

Next up: A to do list for fans who watched the KU calamity who can’t bear to watch the Final Four.









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  1. Kerouac says:

    Just as in that other battle, the VC wins again
    Virginia Commonwealth (i.e., any 22 guys from off the street) 71 – ku (i.e., ‘PU’ – the Big 12 version of the kcindy MIRAGE) 61

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