Glazer: Down & Out in Beverly Hills; The Jason Whitlock Story

Well, the jury’s in…

Former Kansas City Star sports columnists Jason Whitlock is kinda, sorta employed. But just by a sports website, Fox Sports. This is not the big time spot the once powerful Kansas City Sports Broker once held.

Jason was THE MAN, on the Kansas City sports scene.

No doubt about that. But nearly a year after he left, silence.

You don’t see Whitlock. You don’t hear Whitlock. You don’t really read Whitlock… well, anywhere.

He’s never on radio except once in a blue moon when Nick Wright – who he doesn’t really like – brings him on for a segment or two.

On Jason’s last 610 Sports interview he told us he liked LA where he lives now. Because nobody bothers him there. Well – hello – nobody knows or cares who he is there. Duh.

Soooo…are you like me? Do you kinda miss the WHITLOCK?

Come on now, its kinda boring without him, isn’t it?  Sam Mellinger is a good reporter and a great writer but far too nice a guy to be the new Whitlock. For example the KC Star wrote almost nothing about Marty Schottenhiemer taking the head coaching post for a minor league football team.

Whitlock would have had a field day with that one.

The local sports schmo’s have made KU’s run at their second national title in four years a yawn.

Whitlock would have jumped on that wagon hard!
I think Jason has been punished enough.

NO Gates BBQ in LA. I know I lived there – BBQ sucks in LA.

I say BRING BACK WHITLOCK! BRING BACK THE CONTROVERSY, THE CRAZY WORLD OF JASON….We want you back Whitlock. Come home and get a decent job for Christ’s Sake. All is forgiven.

Are you all with me on this!?!?
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24 Responses to Glazer: Down & Out in Beverly Hills; The Jason Whitlock Story

  1. smartman says:

    Whit Locked Out
    Jason Whitlock is like herpes. He’ll always be around but is best when silent. He’s not that talented of a writer. His stock in trade is the race card. He made a decision and actions have consequences. No irony in the fact he can’t get another job at a daily print paper. His ego is bigger than his stomach and both are predictors of an unhappy and unhealthy future.

  2. Mark x says:

    … yeah, ditto, smartman …
    Glazer, no we’re NOT with you on this …

    Good riddance. The Fat Boy was good & I enjoyed reading him the first few years he was in KC. But his act got old fast. The last few years he was just soooo predictable and stale. Tired of the race card, tired of name dropping, and tired of the bashing everyone.

    A fat egomaniac is not a pretty picture. Obviously he has some serious mental issues. He needs to get both his head & his health under control. Until he gets some psychological and physical counseling it just a matter of time until he’s no longer around, permanently.

    He’s a pitifully person.

  3. Brian says:

    “NO Gates BBQ in LA. I know I lived there”

    There it is! Another article where you have to reference yourself. Who gives a fuck??!! We all are pretty well aware that Gates is a local thing. You saw the opportunity to insert a “look at me! I am awesome” moment. Nice job Glazer.

  4. bschloz says:

    Sport Takes
    Didn’t Whitlock pretty much quit?
    Boring…are you living in 1995? I get my sport takes from Hall- Harley-Smarty-Chuck-Kerouacjack and The Glaze.
    Now Take this…there will be a party tonight in Lawrence, KS.
    I expect Maria to bring us full video coverage.

  5. harley says:

    glazer are you serious?
    he gets more readers and exposure on fox than he got in the star. You’re wrong again.
    Thanks to bshcloz for the compliment but i am better than glazer in the sports analysis arena.

  6. Rainbow Man says:

    i 100% agree
    It is going to have to happen. I think JW has no choice… He will go broke living in LA without a big gig.

    The best thing would be for The Star and JW to have a truce… he takes his job back at lower pay… and picks up a couple of hours on local radio.

  7. MrOlathe says:

    Rainbow You are on to something
    Sports talk radio is at it’s best when there are 2 hosts who can, at times, take 2 sides of an issue. Not in a fake way like Mike and Mike. I mean for real. An MU guy and a KU guy. Or KU and KSU guy. But not like KK and Clinkscale because Clinks doesn’t stand for anything. Throw him in with Nick Wroght full time. Then that show might be entertaining. But as far as writing, I think his time has passed. He WAS interesting in the late 90’s. But not anymore.

  8. Java Man says:

    Golf Channel?
    The last time I saw Jason was on the Golf Channel. They were talking about the best golfers for the coming season and well the topic was coming around to Tiger Woods. It turns out that Tiger is black and they needed someone like JW to comment. A sad show it was.

  9. Literary Genius says:

    You have to actually read more than kcc …
    … In order to read Whitlock. His column is frequently linked on msn’s homepage. He’ll be on RealSports Wednesday as well.

  10. theKCeye says:

    Whitlock is available
    If you follow him on Twitter, he links to his columns on there. That’s one click… as opposed to two or three when you needed to go to the Star’s website to read him.

    I get why Whitlock rubbed some people the wrong way, but personally I enjoyed his work. I miss his take on the local scene, particularly the Chiefs, and I hope someday we get that back in some form or another.

  11. Hearne Christopher says:

    But, H Man, he already had the low-paying Fox blogger gig. What was implied at the time of his flame out at the Star was that he’d be expanding with Fox into TV and/or radio.

  12. John says:

    It has been boring…
    without Whitlock. Was he a great writer? No, but he made people think. That’s more then I could say about JoPo. He was a great writer, but he was a feature writer. He would write these long over-blown columns about unicorns, clouds Care Bears saying how nice a player or GM is. He won many awards but to be honest I never finished one column he ever wrote.

    Mellinger is boring. I hate to tell people that but he is. He’s liked by the JoPo crowd. He’s a good writer that is too nice and really is more style over subtence.

    Whitlock has presence has grown since quiting the Star. His columns have been great and recently he has started a podcast. His interview with Jay Marrioti was fantastic, I listend to it multiple times.

    I said it then and I’ll say it now, 610 sports should of hired Whitlock to be their savior. In stead they stick with Wright and we all know that wasn’t the smartest move.

  13. Dave Clark Five says:

    All right, already
    Goldstein, Goldberg, or whatever his name is, clearly can’t stand the fact that Whitlock has a real job, making real money, getting national exposure, while he’s typing away from his grandma’s basement in Olathe with a readership that doesn’t extend beyond his punk-ass buddies. Whitlock is gone, get over him, please. Every time you mention his name, you bare your JW envy for the world to see. Mellinger? Please. I’ve seen packages of Wonder Bread with more substance, bite and soul than he has. He’s just another white guy with whom the suits feel comfortable. Does anybody rush to the Star site to view this pabulum? John had it right; at least Whitlock made you read and drew a reaction from you. When I have read Mellinger, I’ve realized that the fool-proof cure for insomnia is before us.

  14. 10000 Doleacs says:

    He’s a national voice now, for whatever that’s worth (so is Skip Bayless, but does anyone really respect that guy’s work?). But he long ago decided to marginalize himself and he’s now only relevant if someone wants semi-unique spin from a black man on a racially-tinged sports issue.

    Didn’t he once say Ralph Wiley was one of his idols? Read Wiley’s Serenity Song or the bio he wrote of Eric Davis. Does anyone seriously think a hack like JW could put enough work in his trade to do anything like that?

  15. Monkey Man says:

    You All Dislike Him Cause He’s Black
    I used to listen to Jason on 810 and 610. My white friends, said he only has black friends on, if they aren’t sports stars. So people here didn’t like him cuase he is black for the most part. I know his money is short now, so yeah bring him back home. We miss you Jason.

  16. Bad Ass Jew, Berkowitz says:

    Enuough Whitlock
    Heres one you and I disagree on Glazer. I had my fill of this guy, Whitlock, and don’t miss him. You may be right, its kinda boring now, but so are our sports teams, none of them are very good. That inlcudes KU basketball, losers. Maybe you should step in.

  17. black barbie says:

    Yeah, He’s Black So you Hate him
    At least we had a black person on radio, not any more white mf bitches.

  18. cowboy says:

    Who lives in the basement? Hearne or You?
    What the hell was that comment? You work from your moms basement? Did he mean Hearne or you. Last I checked you two had nice homes I think? Whitlock should come down here and work, we have great BBBBQQQQ….tons.

  19. downtown davey says:

    Glazer you miss Whitlock? Do you miss Len Elliot too?

  20. Coo Koo says:

    Did Jason Have Any White Sports Heros? No!
    He was the racist, not us.

  21. J.P.Connolly Show says:

    Whitlock Needs to Stay IN LA
    Jason is where he needs to be, he will soon see how good he had it here in KC.

  22. spryngs says:

    Mellinger is no Whitlock…We miss the honesty.
    I would have loved to see Jason Whitlock cover the KU/Williams Fund scandal. The truth would have come all the way out. he KC Star and Mellinger are mealy-mouthed.

  23. Hearne says:

    You’re right Mellinger is no Whitlock…
    He’s no Posnanski either. What he is, is a breath of fresh air. No endlessly long, breathless writing exercises in overwrought, conjured up passion. And absolutely no pimping of the masses; button pushing for button pushing’s sake. What he does provide is extremely well-written, thought provoking columns with a bit of a brainy edge.

    It’s understandable that some readers miss the passion plays and the trumped up bravado. But don’t forget, Sam’s just getting started. And clearly he’s off to a good start.

  24. Hearne Christopher says:

    Whitlock was what you call a national voice before. He’s just writing more often for the Fox blog than he was when he had a real job.

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