OTC: Kansas Looks To Battle Richmond / Mizzou Coaching Search Buzz


“I kinda think Kansas might roll in this one. It’s more of a feeling I’m getting from Kansas than anything. … I will tell you that last night I picked Duke and BYU, so what do I know?”
Jason King, of YahooSports.com, 610 AM
GH: Our last local team in The Dance and the only Big 12 team remaining takes on Richmond tonight at 6:27 PM (CT). Will they come hungry or play down to Richmond’s sleeper reputation? The experts are pretty certain the Jayhawks will not repeat the Northern Iowa loss in last year’s Sweet 16.
“I think Kansas just jams it inside (against Richmond).”
Doug Gottlieb, ESPN Radio
GH: Kansas will tower over the Spiders’, who are a poor rebounding team. I don’t see the Morris twins playing the game with their backs to the basket, though. That’s Thomas Robinson’s game. Look for the muscular T-Rob to have a big night in the paint.
“I guess if you’re a Kansas fan you’re somewhat nervous when you have a guy like Rick Pitino basically calling for an upset.”
Danny Clinkscale, 810 AM
GH: Nate Bukaty reminded Clink that Pitino also guaranteed a Notre Dame win. The guy you want picking your team to win is Sir Charles. He had Arizona last night and has been treating the Big East like they were a Snickers bar.
“I’ve already thrown up three times and I’ve had diarrhea for the last week.”
Bob Fescoe, on his concern as a KU fan about the Richmond game, 610 AM
“I think Kansas is the team that is feeling the pressure more than anyone. I do think locally, living in Kansas City myself, people are more critical of (Bill) Self (for his early tournament departures).”
Jason King, 610 AM
“We just try to grind teams down with our depth. Coach Self does a wonderful job of (rotating our players).”
Danny Manning, discussing the Jayhawks strategy in the NCAA tourney, 810 AM
GH: No coach in the country in my opinion is as successful as Self when it comes to recruiting great players and then getting them to understand not everybody gets to play 30 minutes a game. The depth that Kansas has this season is remarkable. Especially when you consider they lost Xavier Henry and Cole Aldrich early to the NBA. I can’t even imagine how tough it is for opposing coaches to game plan for KU’s depth.
“Josh Selby is 4-for-24 from the three-point line since coming back from his injury. This would be a nice game for him to come back and start hitting his threes. He can still shoot. I just think his shot has been a little flat.”
Tom Keegan, of The Lawrence Journal World, 610 AM
GH: Selby had one of the greatest debuts in Kansas basketball history. But he’s gone from being the answer to being the afterthought all in one half of a season. Read on.
“When we run bad offense, Josh (Selby) is still the best at going and getting his own shot.”
Bill Self, 810 AM
“You’ve got to give (Selby) credit for saying the right things but his body language doesn’t show the same things. I’m sure he’s feeling a little embarrassed even.”
Tom Keegan, of The Lawrence Journal World, 610 AM
GH: I like Selby. I root for him every time he comes on the court. I think he wants to help his team so much he tries too hard. In other words, he plays like a freshman.
“Anyone who thinks that is an absolute moron.”
Tom Keegan, of The Lawrence Journal World, on speculation that Bill Self will have trouble recruiting other top-tier high school talent due to Selby’s lack of playing time, 610 AM
GH: Neither Fescoe nor Keegan mentioned Nick Wright, but he is the only person in the media I have heard float this theory – and he’s done it quite often. I think Keegan would be a great guest to book for Wright’s show to discuss this difference of opinions.
“Mario (Little) is a player that a lot of people don’t understand how skilled he is.”
Danny Manning, 810 AM
GH: I think KU’s bench could have finished third in the Big 12 – and maybe second. They are that deep. But as Arizona showed last night, depth ain’t all that important in the tourney when you have Derrick Williams acting like Lebron playing school kids. Did you see that Derrick dunk on Duke live? Somebody call Chocolate Thunder on the planet Lovetron and tell him that slam needs a name!
“Gus Johnson is being completely underused by CBS. They don’t understand how great he is!”
Kevin Kietzman, on the popular mega-volume play-by-play guy, 810 AM
GH: USA Today surveyed their online readers and Johnson was the top choice with 35% of the vote. Jim Nantz was next with 24%, Verne Lundquist at 15%, Marv Albert at 11% and Kevin Harlan was last with only 5% of the vote. Harlan, who came in even below “None,” is last, that tells you how strong a field of PBP talent CBS/Turner has put together for the NCAA broadcasts.
Other results from the USA Today reader survey:
Favorite NCAA Game Analyst:
Bill Raftery 39%
Clark Kellogg 27%
Reggie Miller 10 %
Steve Kerr 10%
Len Elmore 7%
Favorite NCAA Studio Analyst:
Charles Barkely 38%
Seth Davis 16%
Greg Anthony 15%
Kenny Smith 13%
Steve Smith 3%
“I laugh when I pick up The Kansas City Star and see the picture of (Butler’s) Brad Stevens and he’s listed as a potential candidate for the Missouri job. I can’t even remember what sportswriter it was but I hope he wasn’t serious because if he was I’d have to check his credentials.”
Rich Zvosec, former UMKC coach and current college basketball analyst, talking to Bob Fescoe, 610 AM
GH: Who does Mizzou have a realistic chance to attract to replace Mike Anderson? They have money but do they have the intangibles to lure an already successful coach away from his team and fans?
“Now, would Matt Painter leave Purdue? It’s hard to fathom that that guy would leave Purdue — but if he did he’d be fabulous.”
John Sundvold, talking to Steven St. John and Nate Bukaty, 810 AM
GH: Painter seems to be the lead candidate in the minds of most fans. He is underpaid (if $1.3 million can be considered underpaid). But does a Purdue grad leave for Mizzou? Not likely.
“KOMU’s Chris Gervino mentions Oral Roberts’ Scott Sutton, Purdue’s Matt Painter and Dayton’s Brian Gregory as three on MU’s initial list.”
Dave Matter, of Columbia Tribune, Twitter
GH: Remember this; Mizzou’s last two hires were an assistant at Duke and the head coach at UAB. Not exactly big name grabs. Look for Mike Alden to look under a lot of rocks and come up with somewhat of a surprise. I’m thinking young, non-BCS conference and very personable.
“Missouri’s new coach should attempt to schedule Arkansas at Mizzou Arena next season. I’d pay to see the reception for Anderson.”
Mike DeArmond, Twitter
GH: Athletic directors should add this to a coach’s contract – you leave, we get to schedule a home-and home series with you and your new team for the next two years. Even the Wal-mart seats in Mizzou Arena would be full for that one.
“I love Buzz Williams too…”
Steven St. John, on Marquette’s coach as a replacement for Mike Anderson, Twitter
GH: Buzz has a $3.7 million buyout if he leaves? Those Jesuits are tough businessmen!
“There’s no reason you can’t make that call either. There is no reason you can’t call Billy Gillespie.”
Kevin Kietzman, suggesting Mizzou call Gillespie, despite his recent hiring at Texas Tech, 810 AM
GH: How can KK call Anderson every name in the blue book for leaving Mizzou and then suggest the Tigers raid Texas Tech for the coach they just hired? College sports makes grownups act like children – and worse.
“Ima baller baby all i need is a court with a ten foot rim, I’ll bring the ball.”
Marcus Denmon, Mizzou’s All-Conference guard, after Mike Anderson’s departure, Twitter
GregHall24@yahoo.com and Twitter / greghall24
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8 Responses to OTC: Kansas Looks To Battle Richmond / Mizzou Coaching Search Buzz

  1. lockednks says:

    UNI loss last year was in second round, not Sweet 16…

  2. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    Don’t overthink it, Alden.
    The answer is right in your backyard. Cuonzo Martin. If you want a Purdue guy, that’s the one you’ve got a shot at.

  3. bschloz says:

    I’m wearing my Sam’s Club special KU polo today…should be exciting weekend.
    Some really good games last night–FLA V BYU was great….watching Jimmer and support go up against the Gators was good TV.
    Were the BYU guys shooting “Set Shots” out there?…..Jimmer looks like a young Albert Brooks on steroids…when that little dude hit from 35′ , I about converted to Mormon.

  4. Tim says:

    KU lost in the round of 32 last year..
    …Not sweet 16
    Have a nice day

  5. smartman says:

    Name That Dunk
    I channeled my inner World B. Free and name that dunk the BADUNKADUNKALICIOUSTRON-OMG! For the white folks that’s bah-dunk-ah-dunk-ah-lish-us-tron-oh-em-gee, exclamation point

  6. MrOlathe says:

    Thanks GH
    For noticing KU.

  7. shut your face smartman says:

    no more predictions… ever!!!
    you are/were wrong smartman. be a man about it, and admit it, and then shut your fucking face smartman. you guaranteed that KU would NOT make the elite 8, you were wrong, now it is time to pay up and shut your KU hating mouth forever. you have no cred, you are full of shit, admit it and shut your fucking mouth forever.

  8. StephenKC says:

    Keegan on the air
    So Tom Keegan has landed a radio gig, huh? I’m not a fan of talk radio, so I’ll never hear him. But based on my observations of sports talk radio — lots of air time to fill, and lots of talking heads saying just about anything that pops into their heads — sounds like the perfect gig for Keegan. He’s been annoying the heck out of Journal-World readers for years because he does just that — writes just about anything that pops into his head, no matter how silly or irrelevant or outrageous. Even for a columnist, newspaper readers expect a certain level of factual basis in what they read. But talk radio? Nah. Maybe now Keegan can push his Notre Dame-and-Arkansas-to-the-Big-12 theory and get away with it.

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