Glazer: Will Sly Be KC’s Guy? The Jury Is Out

I picked the winner of the mayor’s race, the Superbowl, and both NFL playoff championship games – not bad.

Now the question becomes, what kind of leader will Sly James turn out to be?

Mayor-turned-congressman Emanuel Cleaver, was probably the popular Kansas City politician in the past 30 years. He had the support of both the white and black communities. In this election Sly James was helped by the fact midtown voters were behind him, while the heavier white vote of North KC and the Ward Parkway corridor went to loser Mike Burke.

Sly was not an apple to the eye to most black voters.

James – who has a white wife – has not exactly been Mr. Help The Black Man Out in his speeches. To that end, he held his victory party at 18th & Vine in the wannabe Jazz District and Negro Leagues Museum. An area which has been a 100% failure and total waste of taxpayer dollars thus far. Money that should have gone to Westport, Brookside, Waldo and even the Plaza (like a cover for its popular tennis courts).

Instead to be PC we burned it up, we always do.
So will Sly address "white KCMO" the same way Cleaver addressed "black KCMO?" 

I met with Cleaver several times, did TV with him and more. But in the end, I felt his regime failed. As I’ve said before, Cleaver wanted to be everything to everyone, but after taking some hits by what he felt were white haters (the car wash deal being one), he seemed to get a bit down on white midtown events and needs.

We did not get much help from him on the Westport problems at that time. Even though we met with him and he promised to make his feelings known to the young black folks starting all the problems that never really happened.
Sly needs to mend fences first, then address both the business needs of KCMO and small business as well as helping to fix KC’s major midtown entertainment districts including the Plaza.
It’s an uphill battle that will take years as Baby Boomers drift into their senior years with Sly James as Mayor.

Eight years. Lets hope he can make some major changes for the good of our thread worn city.

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7 Responses to Glazer: Will Sly Be KC’s Guy? The Jury Is Out

  1. smartman says:

    Jive Talkin’
    Sly James might as well be Rick James BITCH. He talks more shit than Mr. Hankie The Christmas Poo. 1000 new jobs, improved schools, improved infrastructure, safer streets. All in four years. He’s great on the what not so much on the how. KCMO schools have been fucked for decades and Sly’s gonna make it all good. BULLSHIT! The majority of our problems with crime, unemployment, social ill’s, education or lack thereof in KCMO have to do with the breakdown of the family in the black community. Hell, the homeboys on Troost are already tellin’ Sly to get back on the porch. White families are fleeing KC faster then they did New Orleans during Katrina. For some reason I just don’t have a good feeling about him. He’s got that John Edwards vibe that just screams S L E A Z Y
    He’s Flavor Flav with a law degree.
    God is in the details Sly. Let us see some.

  2. chuck says:

    I love ya Glaze, but I picked the winner of
    the super bowl, the Packers, IN ADVANCE by 7 points, which is verifiable on this blog. I realize they won by 6, but any and everyone of you guys who picked wrong—I did not– are now sounding like the morons who claim to have picked the demise of CDOs and Lehman Bros. Your all full of shit–and as much as Herne or Glaze wants to bullshit—I PICKED IT ALMOST PERFECTLY, AND THERE IS WRITTEN PROOF ON THIS BLOG. One more time, I missed by one fuckin point–and I posted —ya know–fuck it—look it up.

    One more time– EVERYONE who had an opinion, about the NFL, was not even close to my prescience. Sorry, I know that sounds egotistical, but on this fuckin blog, yo better pony up for your accomplishments, or – catharsis, and Sam Peckinpah is lost.

    smartman–the man (Sly) just showed up, and has NO record to this point—-he is Mayor, fait accompli, so I am thinking, just me, that maybe before we cut his Achilles Tendon with enthusiastic and presupposed failure, based on subjective prescience, we, as a city, might shuffle that splenitic, lachrymose prediction, with an honest and fair evaluation, in real time accomplishment, or, lack thereof.

    The John Edwards Ad Hominem insult, is, at this point, at least to me, sounds, agenda driven, tea party, whacked out crazy train insults.

    What the fuck analogy, no diss, compares, at this point, to SLy and fuckin John Edwards??

    Policy? Personal life??? strippers??? drugs??? associations??

    What the fuck are ya talkin about??

    Just my opinion, and my opinion is like an asshole, eveyone has one, still, just my opinion—Lets lwt the fuckin guy take office and go to war for a few days, before we sacrifice his ass on the alter of failure and stupidity.

    What the fuck—It ain’t like his name is George fuckin Bush.

  3. chuck says:

    One more time
    Me, not Glaze, luv the guy, not Herne, love the guy, not Greg, love the guy—-ME.

    I know I sound like D Sanders—but gotta blow my own horn, even after picking the winner and the combatants ahead of time–

    Fuck this—one more time—I picked the winner of the AFC – NOT the NFC championhips, then picked the fuckin winner, by 10 days of teh Super Bowl by 7 points—-missed by ONE FUCIN POINT!!! Look it up on this blog.

    Love you guys—but fuck off.

    I was right, you missed.

  4. chuck says:

    One more time—read the proof
    on this blog—I do not know the MLB. fuck tennis, fuck Basketball, actually sports are stupid as fuck.

    Next year, if you are still reading this blog—I will tell you, in general, on a week to week basis, who should win games in the NFL.

    Or, you could read Glaze, who I fuckin love, but bends reality to his fame, or ck out the truth, from a guy who don’t give a fuck

  5. Markus Aurelius says:

    Cleaver stopped KC’s last great chance of tying KC together
    from the River Market to Waldo when he made his assinine “touristy frou-frou” comment about the lightrail starter line. If we had mass transit tying the central backbone of KC together people could AND WOULD freely move b/t the River Market and Waldo (including P&L, Freighthouse, CC, Union Station midtown, the off-shoot to 18th&Vine and NLBM, Westport and the Plaza) which would benefit all of these locations. Instead he killed the deal and claimed that we needed to move minimum wage workers from their residences to the fast food restaurants and retail shops in JoCo. Cleaver never understood development and was swayed by his base constituency to the long-term detriment of the city as a whole. I think Sly James knows different. Let’s hope he has the wherewithal to follow through.

  6. Gerald Bostock says:

    Clear as mud
    I guess the photo on the front page of this post is supposed to be a crystal ball, but it looks more like a bowling ball, which might explain why I lack confidence in your ability to predict the future. That said, I eagerly await some Final Four prognostications.

  7. black barbie says:

    Ha,Ha, We Got A Black Mayor
    Now you white folks will see what for, a black man is in charge. I’m glad. He is kinda nice looking for a fat man.

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