Glazer: Nick Wright Taking KC Sports Talk Radio By Storm!

Afternoon drive 610 Sports host Nick Wright has taken KC sports radio by storm.

A year ago everybody went round and round about Nick Wright’s survival and could he compete or beat Kevin Kietzman and Soren Petro on 810 WHB. I voiced my opinion as YES, he would survive and eventually win out. Now it seems he’s just about there!

Nick has that cool, hip-hop style – the good part. He’s young and full of energy. And I like that he’s surrounded himself with his own on-air mafia. In year one, with less "name" guests, no less. He used to have me on quite a bit, but now I have to stand in line. Unlike WHB, Nick did my book interview a couple times, and 610 had me on with my new Ali film last year, WHB didn’t but was kind enough to ask me to get them Frank Caliendo on the station.

Mean me, I set it up.

WHB was the only major KC radio to pass on both my book and the Ali movie. Just a personal note. So I guess I’m too bad a boy for WHB’s clean cut world now, but in the ’90’s I did KK and Petro a ton.
Nick now needs nobody’s help now. He has monster guests and local voices that matter.

He’s captured KC Star sports guy Sam Mellinger for his show – a great move. Nick’s befriended Chiefs Main Man Todd Haley, who is on all  the time, as well as many Chiefs players. Yes, WHB still has them on too, but not as much and not as inside. It’s clear Nick and Todd like each other and respect one another.

Nick’s about the same age as many of the Chiefs players and it shows in the interviews.

KK and Soren are the old stodgy guys now.

KK is too worried about K-State and Soren is never wrong, even when he is. "Here’s why that happened, it’s not my fault!" he tells listeners. When Nick misses he say loudly, "My bad, I suck. Don’t listen to my predictions." 

Hey, predicting is tough – if we all were better at it, we’d own Vegas and none of us do.
Nick’s ratings are climbing. He has the young listener and his show is growing. The guy is on the air all the time and he just really cares about his job at the 100% level. It shows. We feel it. He loves what he does.
Nick is a combination of Jim Rome and Johnny Dare. Nice.

And guess who the two most recognized voices in KC radio are by a long shot, Johnny Dare and Craig Glazer.

If either of us go into a store, restaurant or anywhere in this town, people always go, "Hey, I know you. I recognize your voice from….." 

And now in the third spot, NICK WRIGHT! 

I’m proud of Nick, he’s earned his stripes, so give him his just due.
Oh yes, he just made page one of the KC Star and the cover of INK magazine.

Not a bad start for year number TWO.

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40 Responses to Glazer: Nick Wright Taking KC Sports Talk Radio By Storm!

  1. MrOlathe says:

    this a joke right?
    Please tell us you are just kidding Craig. Really, this is a funny, ha ha article, correct?

  2. Rainbow Man says:

    Glazing Wright
    Not a huge fan of Wright… but… competition is a good thing and KK needs that.

  3. Sean says:

    Where the Cash
    How much is 610 paying you both to blow smoke up nick’s…nose? Craig the reason the didn’t pimp your book is because you were played out in the 90’s, go back to jail bitch.
    610 has sam because of the tie with the paper just like adam and other sports guys with the star. I would rather have National guys who will give an unbiased perspective.

    don’t let nick’s nose get in the way while he is paying you back for this…prison style

  4. Hearne says:

    Sports is such a polarizing topic
    You guys love to hate each other. Keeps everyone from playing out the ugliness in real life, right?

  5. Markus Aurelius says:

    wow, talk about sour grapes…..what was that you said….
    ….WHB wouldn’t interview you on their station? Sorry, Craig, despite your own feelings about the importance of your book and movie, not everyone is of the same opinion. Clearly, your judgment is clouded. Wright is terrible and the ratings show it. He’s certainly not taking KC Sports Radio by storm…..he’s not taking it by anything. Before long he’ll go the same way as Twibell and DA and Cowboy and Chris and Maas and Neil Jones and the rest of the wannabe’s that 610 throws out there. Eventually, maybe one of them will learn you actually have to work and research and prepare and then they’ll give KK and his metrosexual sidekick DC a run for their money.

  6. ChetG says:

    I knew you were over the top but I didn’t realize you were a
    liar. And I quote, “…guess who the two most recognized voices in KC radio are by a long shot, Johnny Dare and Craig Glazer. …And now in the third spot, NICK WRIGHT!” Show us your basis for this statement. I’ll bet my million dollar pension that you have NO basis for such a ludicrous statement. You’re as easy to read as a Dr. Suess book — pretty obvious that you want to prop up those that are favorable to you. Your mistake is that you think what you say on here is actually going to have some impact on Nick Wright’s popularity, or rather lack thereof.

    I’d love for you and I to head down to Westport, the Plaza and P&L and ask 33 people of all ages, genders and races in each location if they know who Nick Wright is — I’d take 10 to 1 odds that 10 or less of the 99 would be able to identify him as a local sports radio jockey.

  7. chuck says:

    Craig- your stories are the best–
    The fuckin Elizabeth Taylor shit–with as aside about Robert Conrad–Goddamn–they are fuckin GREAT!!

    Ok, we luv ya.

    “Nick’s about the same age as many of the Chiefs players and it shows in the interviews.”

    No diss,but the fact that your sports Woodward and Bernstien is suckin Nixon’s cock is a bad thing imo.

    His association with the “Playas” would be Pulitzer like if there was any content that didn’t include strippers, 8 balls (I am getting hard here…) and phoney circumstance related to guys makin 30K.

    Total bullshit—and that is actually ok, for his agent (Nick’s) and mother to promulgate.

    Gimme a fuckin break—If ANY, and I mean ANY fuckin human being interested in sports (ONE MORE TIME DUMBASSES), the scores of same, the predictions of same, the outcomes on a generl basis—-THE LAST FUCKIN THING THEY WOULD DO. WOULD BE (Seriously, its so fuckin embarrassing-duh…listen to an interview, with a coach or a player.) LISTEN TO AN INTERVIEW WITH A COACH OR A PLAYER!!!

    Tell ya what— put your hands down your fuckin pants dumbasses, cause that is the only way you will get ANY gratification from listening to an INTERVIEW!!

  8. harley says:

    please…please don’t write things like this…
    you are wrong again.
    Wheres black barbie dancing…is the mermaid stil around…wheres maria….thats what
    you know so stick to what you know best and leave the sports to those of us who can
    analyze and write based on facts not fiction.
    There is no movie…you’re not a celebrity….so move on to the next false story for this
    floundering kcc site.

  9. shecky says:

    Craig, you’re lying…
    Nick’s ratings are not going up. That’s pure fiction. Flat to down since he took over. Look it up.

  10. Ptolemy says:

    Who is this Nick Wright you speak of?

  11. Brian says:

    Beyond rediculous
    The guy sucks. The show sucks. This article sucks. Seriously, Nick Wright is annoying as hell with his wanna be gangsta persona. Can’t stand his show and looking at his ratings since launching last year it would appear most folks feel the same way. Another abortion of a column Craig. Good job!!!

  12. kctacoparty says:

    Wow. Just wow.

    Haley is on “all the time?”

    Saying “my bad” and “I suck” makes you a good radio personality?

    And I’ve lived in Kansas City my whole life and had never heard of Craig Glazer until you started writing this nonsense on KCC.

  13. kctacoparty says:

    Wow. Just wow.

    Haley is on “all the time?”

    Saying “my bad” and “I suck” makes you a good radio personality?

    And I’ve lived in Kansas City my whole life and had never heard of Craig Glazer until you started writing this nonsense on KCC.

  14. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    Wright is awful and his ratings blow.
    His wankster act will be shown the door soon enough.

  15. Bad Ass Jew, Berkowitz says:

    Berkowitz to the Rescue
    Craig you struck some gold here brother! So most of these readers are Nick Wright Fans! Not! I just love it that so many haters try and put you down with Nick as desert! P.S. Yes you are by far the most recognized voice in radio, period, no argument there by anyone, and that includes the haters Glazer. You should do more commercials for other companies sides Stanfords. I know you used too did your indictment in 01 kill all that? Guess you are the only ‘bad man’ in this town or on the air? To the guy who said you are so 90’s, I don’t think so, last I checked my paid for dvd’s, those are movies, your produced sports films and they are very good Glazer, were almost all 2000’s and yes I heard you on national shows about them, happy now?

    Saw Nick’s pix on the Star, read the story, interesting. He is certainly a young man on the rise in sports talk. I have listened to him,KK and Soren. It’s about a tie. I think KK is overall the best. Nick has spirit and energy, but his youth comes through sometimes too much like with the Whitlock interview, he was too eager to believe Jason. He’s getting better. Has fine guests now. Understand these attackers are all over 50 I would think, so too old for Mr. Wright. Conclusion: Nick has made a giant step forward, but the jury is still out. Good story Glazer, it hit home with many readers.

  16. Kellys man says:

    Glazer heres one I agree with you on
    I like Nick, I like Johnny Dare. You are still an egomanic douche bag who f..ks 20 year olds, drives sports cars and thinks you know everything about everything. Yeah I like Nicks show more than 810. So ok, I’ll give you that. Period.

  17. cowboy says:

    Glazer Might Be Right Here
    Wrights numbers are up. Thats why they gave him prime time at 610. He carries a 3-6 rating, so thats damn good. Dare goes 9-14, higher, KK is in the 4-8 and Soren 4-7, so Nick is closing in my sports friends. Craig was always a good guest, his thoughts and predictions were hate to admit, damn sharp. He posts good ones on this site. Check his calls, usually on the money, not always, nobody is perfect “Steelers for sure, I have inside information, Harley” come on dude who is the liar here? Not Glazer.

  18. Monkey Man says:

    Nick is Cool
    I’m a bit younger then most you guys. Nick is very good on his program. We younger men love the show.

  19. Radio Man says:

    Home run prediction
    We had a bet once a few years back, Glazer you said in the start of the year NO ROYAL would hit 20 home runs. I bet someone would. Damn if you weren’t about right, Sweeny in the last week hit his 21st to save me, but good call. Tough one. Nick is on the right track.

  20. Joe Cornia says:

    Don’t know Glazers!
    I read on this site that some people who comment say “I didn’t her of Glazer til this site was out.” Did you live under a rock? Gieco! Before I met Craig or Stan, I must have read a couple hundred stories on them from the Kansas City Star and Times, back in the day. This family has to have had more press over the last 4 or 5 decades than any in KC history. They always stay in the news. It used to be the Civellas, but now that is over. Stan was in for entertainment,his business ups and downs, of course for 8 years between two runs for KC mayor. Craig has been THE outlaw of modern times in this area, no argument on that fact I have ever heard. So you never heard of him or them? That doesn’t include the thousands of radio shows Craig and Stan did and do. Stan had his won show for a few years on KMBZ. Craig has done morning radio on several stations, most notably Johnny Dare(number one in the market) for a couple decades. As a comic I know this, in Vegas, Frank Caliendo, a weekly star at the Monte Carlo, does Craig’s voice in his act. Hello, thats national stuff. So you never heard of them huh. More important who the hell knows who YOU ARE?

  21. Rowdy roddy says:

    Funny Story
    About six years back, I worked at a convience store in Missouri. One night this guy came in, dressed well, kinda flashy, he bought some booze and mix, when he spoke I immediately recognized the voice of Johnny Dare! As he got into his car outside, I watched, it was a high priced sports car, I think a Ferrari, red, I relized it was Craig Glazer. He and Dare sound similar, I listened to the Rock. But I gotta tell ya, yeah the voice was a head turner. P.S. the babe was a killer, in the car, hah. I don’t think Nick’s voice is as well known as Dare or Glazer’s though. Not yet.

  22. Coo Koo says:

    T.J. Miller? The Movie Guy?
    Glazer is that TJ Miller from She’s Out of Your League film? I think it is. I have seen him in a couple other movies lately. Funny comic. Thats him right?

  23. downtown davey says:

    Glad You and Hearne Are Back at it
    Hearne, Craig, good stories, I see all the haters are back out, good job. I read this website for the comments, not the stories. Wonderful comments. Keep the ‘fun’ stories comin, we love them.

  24. Jenifer B says:

    You Just Want To Piss Us Off
    Craig you write this stuff to get our goat, right? Nick Wright is the best guy in sports talk? If you say so?

  25. Better Man says:

    Well You Asked For Glazers Two Cents
    Someone commented on Hearnes story that they wanted Glazers view on Nick. You got it. Me I don’t care either way. Its all just b.s. the games need to be played not just talked about.

  26. Cool Tool says:

    Hey Nick is Jumped On More Than Glazer
    Hearne you found someone haters love to hate more than Glazer. Good job.

  27. shecky says:

    Good Work Glazer
    I love the way Glazer posts comments under different names to make it look like others agree with him. Are we supposed to not recognize that’s what he’s doing? It was fairly evident after a poster repeated the well-travelled rumor that Craig is, shall we say, “modestly” endowed. The comments that followed were obviously written by him, regardless of the name assigned to them.

    I’ll give you this Glazer, you’re an entertaining dude. In the pitiful, feel sorry for you kind of way.

  28. Bad Ass Jew, Berkowitz says:

    Hey Shecky, I mean Harley
    Which of these imposters is Glazer? I need to know so I won’t even take them as seriously as I do you Harley. It’s my belief that you do this all the time, so you assume the man you hate, Glazer, does the same thing, right? Right. So who on this comment list are the fakes Harley, I mean Shecky. Prey tell.

  29. Black Barbie says:

    No Black Radio People
    Me, I don’ care for listening to sports on the radio. I like music only. How come there is no black person doing radio talk except on Hot Jams. Thats some real bullshit. I only listen to Johnny Dare to protect my self. He is white too. More black people play sports so why don’t you white people let us have a black person on radio for sports. Jerk ass bitches.

  30. Monkey Man says:

    Barbie Please
    You are a pretty girl, but please don’t comment here. Makes us all look bad. Thank You.

  31. Black Barbie says:

    You the Embarresing Person Monkey
    You mean you are a black man with that name Monkey? You the asshole not me, you shut the fuck up monkey person.

  32. shecky says:

    Bad Ass Jew, Berkowitz
    I’ll assume that was a rhetorical question, Berkowitz.

    Are you really that dense?

  33. Brian says:

    Yo Black Bitch!
    Shut your mouth or I’ll just have to fill it with my angry inch.

  34. Linda says:

    Anyone who is friends with the people who own Cookies by Design is a TOTAL LOSER in my book! Nick is a GEEK!

  35. Good Citizen says:

    Poor Nick
    Do any of these people call in? You poor SOB.

  36. joel wienberg says:

    All The Sports Shows Stink
    As for me a true Chiefs fan, I don’t like any of our local shows. Jim Rome is great though. I like Jack Harry, does that make me old?

  37. adog1010 says:

    KU, lets see if Glazer is right?
    Glazer, KU won’t beat Ohio State, sorry. They looked good tonight, but played a nobody, again.

  38. Cool Tool says:

    Nick You Draw Heat Brother
    Well this story proves people do have an opinion on the guy, huh.

  39. Merle Tagladucci says:

    Breaking News: Nick Wright’s nutsack seen dangling out of Craig Glazer’s mouth.

  40. Shamara says:

    Hes Gay?
    I don’t think Craigs a homo? Nah.

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