Today: Entercom To Blow Up Historic KUDL FM, Changes Format on 99.7…Again

"Today’s bright, contemporary music," Edwards said. "Bon Jovi for older listeners, Katie Perry, Taylor Swift, John Mellencamp. All the people the women of Kansas City tell us that they love and want to hear on one radio station…The music people have not been able to enjoy at the same time on one station."

Former Mix master and Gen X personality Kelly Urich will lead the charge in the morning drive slot with KUDL’s Tanna Guthrie hosting the afternoon drive.

Entercom head Dave Alpert described the Point’s lauch as, "Like no other in Kansas City history."

The Point will go jockless for one week with its talent lineup debuting March 31st after six days of promotion on all of Entercom’s local stations ranging from KMBZ 980 AM to 99.7 The Rock. The Point will simulcast on 99.7 and KUDL’s 98.1 for a full day next week prior to KUDL getting its new format.

So at noon today Gen X radio at 99.7 FM became The Point.

As for torching KUDL’s historic call letters," It’s not every day you get to create your own void and then fill it with one great radio station," one Entercom exec explained.

Not so fast, says a competing radio exec.

"That’s the 5th format for that signal in two years – they don’t know what they’re doing. And they’re blowing up KUDL right after it lost its main competitor Star 102 FM, and they just spent $100,000 promoting KUDL. And now they’re blowing it up?"

Entercom says it will announce its plans for 98.1 FM tomorrow.

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3 Responses to Today: Entercom To Blow Up Historic KUDL FM, Changes Format on 99.7…Again

  1. Super Dave says:

    Making Me Dizzy
    To many changes all the time if you ask me.

  2. JayBee says:

    Oh Sweet Jeebus…
    Another station that will blow and I will never listen to. Thanks for the warning!

  3. Dick says:

    Might wanna change that rotating GenX banner on your site!

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