Hearne: Will Nick Wright or 980 KMBZ Commandeer KUDL FM’s Signal?

What’s to become of one of Kansas City most esteemed local radio signals, KUDL-FM?

Parent company Entercom told key advertisers today it would announce the signal’s fate tomorrow. KUDL currently plays soft rock, targeted to women at 98.1 on the FM dial. However at noon today Entercom did away with its Gen X radio format at 99.7, changing it to The Point, playing "Today’s Best Music" and targeting women between the ages of 25 and 49.

There’s more…

KUDL morning host Tanna Guthrie – formerly of KY102 and 99.7KY – will leave KUDL and return to 99.7 in the afternoon drive. And former Mix 93.3 personality Kelly Urich will host morning drive on The Point (migrating from Gen X).

Urich surprised some Entercom advertisers during a conference call shortly before the changeover to The Point by telling them, "I have two passions, I love doing great radio and I hate Wilks Broadcasting."

Urich bailed from Wilks two years ago and sat out his year long noncompete running an online radio station before hooking up with Entercom’s Kiss FM which later became Gen X – both at 99.7 FM.

Leaving the unanswered question of what Entercom will do with KUDL’s 98.1 frequency…

From appearances it won’t be using 98.1 to target women, since Entercom says it wants The Point to be a super signal in that regard. And there’s already plenty of male-oriented rock signals in the market.

One insider guess is that it could use this week’s PR push on 610 Sports Nick Wright’s show to simulcast 610 on FM, as has been done in other markets. Another option would be to simulcast news radio 980 KMBZ, which while still a cash cow has been slipping in the ratings on the AM dial.

Stay tuned….

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14 Responses to Hearne: Will Nick Wright or 980 KMBZ Commandeer KUDL FM’s Signal?

  1. harley says:

    heres whats happening
    the wolf to am kmbz slot…..news talk 980 switches to kudl slot as fm talk rtadio station…….kudl disappears….610 stays
    where its at……..fm dial needs a news talk….

  2. craig glazer says:

    Both Rock Stars of Radio
    Tannie is so hot for a middle aged top notch DJ…I am glad for her, she is kind and talented, a rare combo…Nick is the shit, like I said he will be number one on radio and soon, most excitement since Dare….I said he would rule and now he does, Front Page KC Star, KK and Soren never ever did that…my hats off to both of these talented people.

  3. smartman says:

    NW Not Working
    Craig, don’t you mean Nick Wright “is shit”. How can you pimp for this guy. At first I thought he had some potential, that he’d find his voice and get it together. He’a TURD! Kids at Barstow say nickhead instead of dickhead. Even his alums are dissing him. I’d rather listen to Geri from Facts of Life read The Koran backwards through an Eventide 949 pitch transposer dialed up a few octaves to make her sound like Minnie Mouse on helium.

  4. Hearne Christopher says:

    You forgot to say what happens to The Wolf. It stays on FM as well? Otherwise you’ve got one empty slot on your theory

  5. GenXer says:

    Why did GenX radio fail?
    Simple…they didn’t play “gen x” music. Can you imagine young country 104 not playing young country? Or 98.9 the Rock not playing Rock? Well that is exactly what gen X did (or didn’t do). While Generation X encompases an entire generation of ages, the music most associated with Gen X is grunge rock. Gen X would have worked if they would have stuck to all types of music released from the 90s. Instead we were given Justin Timberlake and Christina Agularia….and not the stuff from the early 2000’s which would have BARELY fit. No we got stuff that was just a few years old. Basically rather then playing Pearl Jam, Old School Snoop Dog, and other 90s selections, we were given Mix 93.3’s format from 3 years ago. Very disappointed.

  6. chuck says:

    102.5–comedy radio all day.
    Funny stuff, listened to it all day yesterday on the way South.

    🙂 Funny stuff.

  7. harley says:

    hearne……can you read my post
    the wolf becomes am country station at 980..like old wdaf country…………
    please pay attention.

  8. mark x says:

    Nice one, Smartman …
    … “I’d rather listen to Geri from Facts of Life read The Koran backwards through an Eventide 949 pitch transposer dialed up a few octaves to make her sound like Minnie Mouse on helium.”

    … you do have a way with words…

  9. Tracy Thomas says:

    980KMBZ to simulcast on 98.1FM, the old KUDL slot
    Starting on March 30
    Must exactly simulcast all the time. Arbitron people meters (aka dog collars!) require it, so they would not be allowed to split coverage, say of an MU game on 980 and a KU game on 98.1.
    The public announcement will be today at 2pm.

    This is great news for KMBZ–it puts news talk on the FM dial, where the women listen. In other markets, the audience for women has gone up by 20 to 45% when news talk migrates or simulcasts on FM.

    And by staying on AM as well, they don’t have to send people door to door to change the buttons in older listener’s cars!!!

    Old habits die hard.
    Tracy Thomas 10:15am Thurs.

  10. Hearne Christopher says:

    Well said!

  11. Hearne Christopher says:

    Got it but what would then happen to the Wolf on FM? You forgot to say.

    Oh, and you were wrong. But nice guess, I guess.

  12. Tuesday says:

    That’s 2 clveer by half and 2×2 clever 4 me. Thanks!

  13. rkaldmimte says:

    BZFkld wdekcuygiiyb

  14. Shadrack says:

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