Glazer: Elizabeth Taylor, The Queen is dead, Long Live the Queen!

Another big – in fact monster – star has passed away…

Elizabeth Taylor joins the long recent list with celebrities like Paul Newman and Dennis Hopper as, "Man, I can’t believe they’re gone" people.

The way Hollywood is today, it’s not likely there’ll be another Liz Taylor. Someone who literally owns the screen for decades as both a sex symbol and a great actress. I remember being in Miami, Florida as a little kid and my grandmother taking me to see CLEOPATRA with Liz and her husband Richard Burton. I hated seeing her die in the movie, but not so much him. Hah!

As I’ve said before, there are few movie stars that I didn’t meet, know or see in Hollywood during my 16 years there. And without doubt, Liz Taylor was at the top of my list, even though I only saw her once.

In 1982 I was in Malibu right on the water. My partner and I, Don Woodbeck, hung out at Alice’s Restaurant – the one from the movie and song of the same name. One slow night, it may have been a Monday or Tuesday, Don and I were at the small bar and sure enough, there seated near a window with her small group was Taylor. Even then she was a bit overweight and wearing a fur coat, although it was warm out.

Don and I were seated at the bar next to TV star Robert Conrad of  THE WILD WILD WEST and BA BA BLACK SHEEP. He was taken aback as well. Liz was with what seemed to be a boyfriend, drinking, eating and doing "party material" pretty openly. In 1982, being in LA abd her being a star made that kinda OK. They looked to be having a good time. The three of us came to her table and introduced ourselves. And she spoke to us briefly. Liz was very cool, but not real interested in making any new friends. 

Meaning us.

Woodbeck was killed in a gun battle a few months later. Don’t know what Conrad’s doing now. And I never saw Liz again. With all that said, she was very impressive, even at that time.

We lost a great one.

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12 Responses to Glazer: Elizabeth Taylor, The Queen is dead, Long Live the Queen!

  1. Gerald Bostock says:

    ancient history
    Elizabeth Taylor hadn’t made a good movie in 45 years or so. Living off fumes of her inability to stop getting married for a long time.

  2. Super Dave says:

    Conrad is in his or has to be 80

  3. Gerald Bostock says:

    Who’s restaurant?
    Also….Glazer clearly is not a movie historian or an Arlo Guthrie fan. There may have an Alice’s Restaurant in Malibu, but it was not THE Alice’s Restaurant. That was in Massachusetts.

  4. Super Dave says:

    Yes Who’s Restarant?
    I was going to let that slide till you said something Gerald and I am wondering same thing. I spendt time out there and don’t remember the place either. But I didn’t hang in Malibu so not a good source of info on that.

    I just did a search and it claims the resturant closed in 1995 due to storm damage. But it was just called Alice’s might have been cool in it’s days looked like a dump in pictures I seen.

    But place was so small I bet I have driven right by it and not even really noticed it.

  5. Cliffy says:

    (chuckle) This schtick of being a Hollywood insider is pretty funny (laughing at you, not with you). Robert Conrad? Really? I saw Liz in a restaurant once. Really? THE Alice’s Restaurant in Malibu. Really? Keep ’em coming!

  6. craig glazer says:

    I’m Not an Insider, I am part of that lifestyle
    Hey hateful Cliffy, I never said I was an insider,I am IN. You are not. Alice’s was a top,top,top hangout for movie stars who lived in Malibu. My partner Don Woodbeck lived there. I hung out on the beach. Maybe you heard of the COLONY was at Malibu, near Alices and Gladstones restaurant. Alice’s was the most famous. Yeah a joint, but so is the Palm on Santa Monica. Guys I got nothing to prove to you, it was I said it is and was. I never said it was THE RESTAURANT from the film, and yes I was very aware of Arlo Guthrie, the song and film. “You can get anything you want at Alice’s restaurant…just come on in around the back, just a half mile from the railroad track….” ok fuckers….anyways always a pleasure sharing with you people. PS. when you have reached my status than you can lay down smack, til then, please go jack off on one of my many ex girlfriends photos online..thanks.

    P.S. there two Alices restaurants one is still there in Westwood Village…the Colony is where there are private mulit million dollar homes owned by people like Larry Hagman,Michael Landon,Julie Andrews,Kris Kristofferson, Barb Striesand on and on….listen,learn,shut up

  7. David Freeland says:

    Glazer is l00 percent correct
    I own Woodside, I lived in Malibu. Alices was a major movie star hangout in the 70’s and 80’s. We owned Yesterdays in Westwood across from the other Alices restaurant.

  8. Gerald Bostock says:

    to the moon, alice
    I know writing is not your strong suit, but when you say “Alice’s Restaurant, the one from the movie and the song of the same name,” simple rules of English comprehension lead to the conclusion that you are claiming that this restaurant is the one on which the movie and song are based. You probably knew this was not the case, but you couldn’t help throwing it in because you were on a name-dropping roll and thought it might make you look smarter and cooler and more connected to the show biz. So, when someone calls you on it, you deny you said it, even though it is right there in black and white bytes a few inches above. It’s just that when you get obvious stuff wrong, it undermines the credibility of the rest of what you are saying (ask Hearne).
    Anyway, I’m glad you got to sniff the perfume of Elizabeth Taylor and the manly cologne–or was that battery acid–of Robert Conrad. I have been to Max’s Auto Diner on Wornall, which is sort of like Maxim’s in Paris, so I think we travel in same elite circles.

  9. smartman says:

    Somebody call ADT. There’s been an insecurity breach!

  10. Hearne says:

    Maybe Craig’s Alice’s was named FOR the movie and song?

  11. chuck says:

    Great story Craig. I love ’em
    There is mention from Gerald Bostock, Max’s Auto Diner. I knew the guy who started that place, John, great guy, and HE could tell ya some stories too.

    No where near Craig’s, but pretty fuckin funny.

    Just sayin…

  12. craig glazer says:

    I believed it was named for the song and film
    I see your point, I didn’t know that it wasn’t the restaurant in the song, sorry. I thought it must have been due to its age and status. I believe you about the location being in the east. However I took the person who said the place was a shack or didn’t exist to mean the story I wrote was bogus, it’s a true tale, not a big deal. It would have been nicer if I had partied with Liz, and picked her up and scored, not such luck. So I did think it was named for the famous song and story, I was incorrect on that one.

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